When He Comes And Close Your Eyes Chapter 13

Bo Jinyan wakes up at 10 o’clock every morning. Not earlier, not later. As usual, he gets out of bed and gets ready for a new day.

He is wearing a grey colour long-sleeved cotton PJs. Again, walking around barefooted. He actually does not like wearing shoes.

(then more descriptions about how nice his feet is?! and his perfect body proportions, and his fair complexion and handsome facial features. Ok, we get it. Every part of his body is perfect…)


The first ten minutes after he wakes up, he is still in his “sleepwalking” mode. He stands in front of the mirror, squeezes the tooth paste on his toothbrush and starts brushing. The usual morning routine. The numbers found under Sun Yong’s bed surfaces to his mind. He still has no idea what those numbers mean.

Coffee, toast, jam. He has the same food for breakfast every day. This is because he doesn’t like wasting his time on preparing food. But as he bites into his toast, he can’t help but remember the fish dumplings Jian Yao brought him to eat. Maybe he should learn how to cook that dish. He likes it so much he is prepared to ‘waste’ more of this time on it.

After breakfast. He gets changed and starts work. He goes through some case files sent to him from the US. His phone beeps. It’s Fu Ziyu: “Hi.”

Fu Ziyu senses from his greetings that he is in a good mood: “I heard that you solved the ‘killing machine’ case?”

“Of course.” Bo Jinyan smiles :”A simple textbook case, except there’s still some loose ends to tidy up.”

Fu Ziyu is impressed: “ No wonder you are so highly regarded amongst the FBI. Mr. Criminal Psychology Professor / Detective.”

“…… Jian Yao.” Fu Ziyu continues. “Are you giving her the same pay as the a.s.sistants you employed in the US?”

“Ah, up to you. You can decide for me.” Bo Jinyan is studying a homicide file at the same time.

Fu Ziyu says: “Ok. I am also looking for a new a.s.sistant for you from the university. Preferably a graduate from school of psychology. I wonder if I can find someone that specialises in criminal psychology….”

Bo Jinyan stops what he is doing.

“Wait.” He cuts off Fu Ziyu sentence: “Why do you want to replace Jian Yao?”

Fu Ziyu laughs: “…… I want to replace her? Come on, Professor Bo. Are you out of your mind? Or am I missing something here. She is a language student. She does not have the qualifications required for the post. She helped you for this one of case because it was urgent and we had no time to look for anyone else. Besides, she is graduating soon, and will be moving to B City. She has accepted a job offer there already.”

Bo Jinyan thinks for a moment. His tone is somewhat contemptuous “Obviously you are the one with the problem. She has gained experience from working with me on this serial killer case. And she can fish. I don’t want to change to a different a.s.sistant. As for her work, just ask her to breach the contract. How can a common tedious boring office job compare with my a.s.sistant position? She will make the right choice.”

Late afternoon. In a coffee shop in town.

Jian Yao and Li Xunran are sitting by the window. Even though there’s only three days till the New Year, neither of them has the usual excitement that comes with this festive season.

It’s been a while since they are able to catch up with one another. Li Xunran has been very busy.

Jian Yao puts a spoon of sugar into her coffee and stirs it around: “Is the work on Sun Yong’s case finished?”

Li Xunran lights a cigarette: “Yeah. This guy died too easily. Ten lives…”

Both are silent for a moment. Jian Yao asks: “Has anyone cracked those numbers yet?”

Li Xunran shakes his head: “Not really. Since Sun Yong has mental problems, these figures are likely to be casually written after his fantasy. They probably have no specific meaning.”

Jian Yao nods.

They chat for a while. Li Xunran asks: “When are you heading back to the university?”

“Fifteen January.” Jian Yao replies, “Then I will start my internship in a company in B city.”

Li Xunran smiles: “Let’s celebrate. Order a bottle of wine. You worked as Bo Jinyan’s a.s.sistant and helped solved a difficult case. Your dad would have been proud of you.”

Jian Yao thinks about her father.

– Yes, he would have been proud of me.


After dinner Jian Yao goes to the villa. Every time she tries to finish off the last bit of the translation, there’s some sort of interruption. She is determined to get it done today.

After she is done, Jian Yao walks upstairs to that first room with the whiteboard. Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa reading.

Dark shiny hair. Symmetrical facial features. His signature black suit.

– He’s a lot more attractive when he’s not talking. Thought Jian Yao.

Bo Jinyan raises his eyebrows slightly, then goes back to read his book.

Jian Yao turns around. The whiteboard has some numbers on it.



25, 484




136,729,16 ”

These are the numbers found in Sun Yong house.

There were more than one group of numbers – mattress, floors, window frames, ceiling …… some were hiding in places not easily found. They were all scribbled by Sun Yong with his own blood.

Jian Yao studies them for a moment and goes over to sit down next to Bo Jinyan: “I’ve finished translating the file for you. Is there anything else you want me to do?”

Bo Jinyan lifts his eye from the books to look at her: “No.”

“Fish? I can go fishing.”

“That’s not urgent.”

Presumably, the refrigerator has not been emptied out yet.

She sees all the doc.u.ments scatters around the room. He must be busy. She stands up: “Ok. I am leaving now. Keep in touch. Goodbye.”

Bo Jinyan looks up: “You can continue to work for me.”

Bo Jinyan find a doc.u.ment from the table and pa.s.ses it to her.

“This is a contract Fu Ziyu drafted. You will find that the terms are extremely good for someone with your level of experience.” He goes back to reading his files again.

Jian Yao is surprised. It’s an employment contract for a duration of three years. The terms and pay are similar to her previous contract, except for one additional term – to take care of Bo Jinyan’s diet. She a.s.sumes this means fishing. The pay is much better than she expects.

This is like an endors.e.m.e.nt from Bo Jinyan. Jian Yao is extremely pleased.

“Just sign on the bottom of the doc.u.ment and fax it to Fu Ziyu, he will organise the rest.”

Grateful and touched by his offer, Jian Yao says: “Thank you Bo Jinyan. I really did not expect this. Thank you for thinking so highly of me. But I have accepted a position with a company in B city. The internship starts after the New Year holidays. I am sorry, but I can’t accept this job.”

Bo Jinyan puts his cup of coffee on the table.

Jian Yao smiles at him.

Bo Jinyan smiles back: “Fu Ziyu says woman likes to worry about irrelevant things. Looks like he is right again. You can breach their contract. I will pay for any compensation required.”

She never thought about a career in the criminal investigation. It’s alright to do it for a few days, but to continually be in that sort of harsh environment is a different story. She still prefers a calm and stable life.

“I do not intend to breach the contract. This is my first job, I cannot lose my integrity. Besides, I have no desire to pursue a career in your field. But thank you so much for the offer.”


That night, Fu Ziyu calls Bo Jinyan: “Hey, no sign of the signed contract yet. Did you forget to send it to me?”

Bo Jinyan: “How can you expect me to remember such trivial things?”

Fu Ziyu: “But… isn’t she heading back to school soon?”

Bo Jinyan: “Maybe.”

Fu Ziyu is getting a little agitated: “You were the one who insisted I had to have the contract ready for you by today. You said it’s a no brainer and she will sign it straight away. I spent hours on it last night…”

Then he pauses…”Wait a minute… Did she decline your job offer?”

“Click~ !”

“h.e.l.lo… Hey, how dare you hang up on me, Bo Jinyan…”

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