Union Of Enemies Chapter 6


In the morning at the hospital a group of nurses speculated about why Dr Lang was in a happy mood.

‘Sisters tell me, do you think it has anything to do with the pretty boy from yesterday?’ a nurse asked.

‘Perhaps. Didn’t you hear Doctor Lang and the pretty boy made plans yesterday? I think Doctor Lang definitely scored last night and that’s why this morning he looks deliriously happy,’ another nurse said.

‘No wonder Doctor Lang ignores the female staff,’ a nurse said and she cried hysterically.

‘The world isn’t the same as it was in the past. Not only do females need to compete with other females for the man of their dreams, but they need to compete with other males too,’ a disgruntled nurse said.

‘But I think Doctor Lang and the pretty boy make a beautiful couple,’ a brave nurse said and she quickly escaped the shower of daggers from her co-workers.

In the afternoon Zhen Lang sat in his office at the hospital, he twirled the pen in his hand and he thought about Gu Jing. He felt Gu Jing purposely avoided him in the morning, because she was still angry at him about what happened last night.

Zhen Lang put the pen down, took off his gla.s.ses, rubbed his eyes and he smiled. He felt it was a good feeling to bicker with Gu Jing.

Zhen Lang heard a knock on the door, he quickly put on his gla.s.ses and he stopped smiling.

w.a.n.g Shao Huang entered Zhen Lang’s office. She wore a tight black mini dress and her wavy hair was braided to one side. Her heels clicked as she walked to a guest chair in front of Zhen Lang’s desk. ‘I wanted to continue our conversation that was cut short yesterday. I hope I’m not bothering you during your lunch time.’

Zhen Lang looked at his wrist watch and he thought Gu Jing would be at the cafe with Peng Cheng Gui. ‘Miss w.a.n.g, if you don’t mind can we chat and eat lunch at the cafe opposite the hospital?’

w.a.n.g Shao Huang smiled seductively and she nodded her head.

At the cafe a waiter took Zhen Lang and w.a.n.g Shao Huang’s orders. w.a.n.g Shao Huang glanced at the menu of sweet desserts and she immediately closed it. ‘I’ll just have a gla.s.s of water with ice.’

Zhen Lang scanned the cafe and he saw Gu Jing sat with Peng Cheng Gui at a distance from him. ‘Can you come back later? I’m still indecisive.’

The waiter nodded his head and he took w.a.n.g Shao Huang’s menu back to the counter.

‘Do you want to discuss about Mr w.a.n.g’s banquet?’ Zhen Lang asked.

w.a.n.g Shao Huang nodded her head and she laughed daintily. ‘It’s a banquet but it’s more of a small family gathering. Since tomorrow’s a weekend, Doctor Lang are you free to attend?’

Zhen Lang didn’t get a chance to reply, w.a.n.g Shao Huang pleaded her case. ‘My granddad especially chose tomorrow for the banquet, because he hopes you can attend. He told I have to convince you to come.’

‘Often when I’m off duty the hospital calls me to come in for emergency surgeries. So even when I’m off duty I don’t drink alcohol, which is why-’ Zhen Lang said.

Zhen Lang didn’t finish declining Mr w.a.n.g’s banquet invite when Gu Jing in a flash appeared and she draped an arm around Zhen Lang’s shoulder. ‘Lang Lang, if you’re here, why didn’t you call me to have lunch with you?’

On the outside Gu Jing was smiling lovingly with Zhen Lang. But Zhen Lang saw the fiery daggers in her round eyes and he understood she was still angry about last night.

Zhen Lang’s eyes flamed the angry fire in Gu Jing’s eyes. ‘Jing Jing, you knew I was here.’

w.a.n.g Shao Huang sat opposite Zhen Lang and Gu Jing. Although Zhen Lang and Gu Jing could read each other’s gazes, to a bystander like w.a.n.g Shao Huang it looked like Zhen Lang and Gu Lang were gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Gu Jing gritted her teeth and she forced herself to smile sweetly to the point honey almost flowed out of her eyes. ‘My love, how can I not know where you are? It’s called a lover’s telepathic connection.’

Of course Gu Jing knew when Zhen Lang arrived at the cafe, because she spent the whole morning in the cafe cursing Zhen Lang!

Half an hour earlier…

Peng Cheng Gui watched her friend Gu Jing banged her forehead against the cafe’s table. Peng Cheng Gui didn’t know if she pitied the table or Gu Jing’s forehead.

‘Zhen Lang saw everything?’ Peng Cheng Gui asked.

Gu Jing lifted her head and her face burned with anger. ‘No! He said there were two underwear in the bathroom, but it was just a diversion tactic for him to escape. I went back to the bathroom and checked properly if I was wearing underwear, I did wear underwear! It just slipped down my thighs when I was kicking.’

‘Then why are you angry? Don’t tell me you’re angry because he didn’t see everything,’ Peng Cheng Gui said and she munched on a fried potato chip.

‘You…’ Gu Jing said. She shoved fried potato chips into her mouth to calm herself down. ‘I’m angry because I can’t believe I was so gullible. He’s lucky he ran away fast last night or I would have skinned him and used his bones to make soup.’

Peng Cheng Gui burst into laughter. ‘What soup would you make?’

‘Don’t underestimate me or I’ll…’ Gu Jing said and she fisted her hands because she saw Zhen Lang entered the cafe.

Peng Cheng Gui turned around and she saw Zhen Lang at the door. ‘Is that Zhen Lang? Is the pretty girl his girlfriend?’

Five minutes later…

‘That’s right, my love,’ Zhen Lang said. He wrapped an arm around Gu Jing’s waist and he pulled her onto his lap. He leaned close to her ear and he spoke in a husky voice. ‘My love, what do you want to eat?’

Gu Jing shivered and she wanted to throw up her fried potato chips.

w.a.n.g Shao Huang was stunned. The pretty boy on Zhen Lang’s lap was the same pretty boy who made plans with Zhen Lang yesterday.

Gu Jing’s free hand picked up the menu on the table. Her other hand was on Zhen Lang’s thigh, it was busy clawing his thigh. ‘Lang Lang are you treating me lunch today?’

‘Of course, my love,’ Zhen Lang said. He pulled Gu Jing closer to his chest and he helped her opened the menu. ‘Last night you made me very happy. Today I need to feed you until you’re full.’

Gu Jing gritted her teeth because Zhen Lang’s fingers dug into her waist. She didn’t bother to look at the menu and she blindly pointed at a dish on the menu. ‘What about this one?’

‘If it makes you happy, it’s ok. Order another dish,’ Zhen Lang said and he gripped Gu Jing’s waist tighter.

Gu Jing rotated her fingernails on Zhen Lang’s thigh. ‘Ok, what about his one?’

Zheng Lang shifted his legs from right to left several times. ‘That one tastes good. Do want to try other dishes too?’

Gu Jing’s fingernails dug into Zhen Lang’s other thigh. ‘What does this one taste like?’

Zhen Lang wrapped his arm around Gu Jing’s other waist and his fingers pinched her waist. ‘Tastes good. What do you think?’

The waiter’s forehead was sweaty, he wrote down a list of dishes the handsome pair of male lovers ordered and he couldn’t believe they wanted to add more to their order.

‘What about the banquet?’ w.a.n.g Shao Huang interrupted.

Gu Jing let go of Zhen Lang’s thigh and she looked at w.a.n.g Shao Huang. ‘Will there be alcohol?’

Zhen Lang loosened his grip on Gu Jing’s waist and he laughed. ‘That’s right. Mr w.a.n.g is hosting a banquet tomorrow and they’ll be serving high quality vintage wine. My love, do you want to come with me tomorrow to taste some wine?’

Gu Jing’s selective ears only heard ‘wine, tomorrow wine.’

Zhen Lang turned to face w.a.n.g Shao Huang and he smiled politely. ‘Tomorrow, Jing Jing and I will be attending Mr w.a.n.g’s banquet.’

‘Tomorrow? Why do I have to go with you-’ Gu Jing said.

Gu Jing didn’t finish her objection, because a group of waiters brought several plates of food onto the table. ‘Gentlemen, here is your order.’

Gu Jing saw a sea of colours, soft b.u.t.tery and fruity dishes. ‘What is this?’

The waiter recited the handsome pair of male lovers’ order. ‘Gateau cake, profiteroles, macaron tower, floating island, fruit tart, creme brulee and chocolate croissant.’

Gu Jing’s head spun. Zhen Lang picked up a fruit tart and he fed Gu Jing. ‘My love, you ordered these desserts. I remember you love these desserts to death.’

Gu Jing opened her mouth and she definitely loved each sweet bite to death, because she was angry to death she couldn’t throw up the vile creamy b.u.t.tery and sugary sweetness.

Gu Jing smiled sweetly but on the inside she cursed Zhen Lang, since the dessert fiasco she cut sugar out of her diet. But Zhen Lang purposely ordered desserts!

Gu Jing used all her strength to rip Zhen Lang’s shirt. Two b.u.t.tons flung off Zhen Lang’s shirt and she forcefully lowered her head.

End of Chapter Six