The Reluctant Bride Book II Chapter 73


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Side Story

Fei Yan Niao lied to Cheng Yi about receiving a lucrative contract. Fei Yan Niao gave the mission to Cheng Yi. The mission was for Cheng Yi to kill Zheng Jia Ju.

A second chance.

‘You’re being unfair,’ Du Lei Xin said. ‘Yes, big brother mistreated you in the past. But can’t you see he’s changed?’

‘I can see,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Qiao Tan Yuan admitted Gu Jiao Wu had changed a lot. He didn’t disrespect and underestimate her like he did in the past. He didn’t look at her like he hated her guts, and he wasn’t cold toward her. But she was frustrated he changed for Xiao Bao’s sake. She would rather he looked down on her than cared about her because of Xiao Bao. He wouldn’t want to be with her if Xiao Bao wasn’t in the picture. She didn’t want the empty t.i.tle of Mrs Gu again. If Gu Jiao Wu didn’t love her, he wouldn’t hesitate to divorce her after he secured custody of Xiao Bao and she would be left with nothing.

Du Lei Xin could neutrally see Gu Jiao Wu’s perspective, and Qiao Tan Yuan’s perspective because he wasn’t in the eye of the storm with them. Perhaps Gu Jiao Wu hadn’t figured out what was in Gu Jiao Wu’s heart. But it would be a better outcome if he didn’t interfere in their love life.

Du Lei Xin parked the car, and Qiao Tan Yuan opened the pa.s.senger door.

‘Tan Yuan, if big brother is willing to take the first step, it means in his heart there is you,’ Du Lei Xin said. ‘In the middle of you two is yours and big brother’s daughter. If you still love big brother, give him a second chance. If you don’t love big brother anymore, forget I said anything.’

Qiao Tan Yuan stood where Du Lei Xin’s car parked for a while before she walked into the Qiao Mansion.

‘Tan Yuan, where were you last night?’ Mrs Qiao said. ‘I called and texted your phone. But you didn’t pick up or reply. Even if you’re not worried about me worrying about you, you should think about Xiao Bao.’

‘Mum, how is Xiao Bao?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked.

‘Last night aunty gave Xiao Bao a bottle of milk, but she didn’t want to drink,’ Mrs Qiao said. ‘Xiao Bao cried herself to sleep.’

‘I’ll go see Xiao Bao now,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Mrs Qiao held Qiao Tan Yuan’s hand to stop Qiao Tan Yuan walking upstairs.

‘Xiao Bao is still sleeping,’ Mrs Qiao said. ‘Explain to me where you were last night.’

‘I…’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

‘Did Lei Xin drive you home?’ Mrs Qiao asked. ‘Tan Yuan, what are you doing? One minute it’s Shen Cheng, and the next minute it’s Lei Xin. What do you want?’

‘Mum… it’s not what you’re thinking,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘I’ll go upstairs to see Xiao Bao.’

‘Tan Yuan…’ Mrs Qiao called.

Mrs Qiao sighed. She wasn’t in charge of Qiao Tan Yuan’s heart, and could only support Qiao Tan Yuan’s decision.

In the nursery, Xiao Bao was awake and was happy to see Qiao Tan Yuan. Qiao Tan Yuan breast fed Xiao Bao, and played with Xiao Bao until midday. Then Qiao Tan Yuan drove to work in a spare car.

When Qiao Tan Yuan walked into her office she was annoyed to see Quan Zheng Hao. If she didn’t give Quan Zheng Hao a lift, and if Quan Zheng Hao didn’t provoke Gu Jiao Wu then nothing would have happened between Gu Jiao Wu and her last night. She would have cursed Quan Zheng Hao if she didn’t feel guilty about Gu Jiao Wu punching Quan Zheng Hao’s face. A bruise was visible on Quan Zheng Hao’s face.

‘Mr Quan, what are you doing here?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked coldly.

‘I came here to receive my reward,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. He put Qiao Tan Yuan’s car key on the desk. ‘Yesterday I looked after your car, and cleaned your car for you too. How are you going to thank me?’

‘You said you drove my car,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘Your reward is you got to drive my car free of charge.’

Quan Zheng Hao put a palm over his heart, and looked pitiful.

‘How can you be so cold blooded?’ Quan Zheng Hao asked. ‘Yesterday I received a punch because of you.’

‘You shouldn’t have joked I was your wife then you wouldn’t have been punched,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

‘I called you my wife the whole time we were looking at apartments,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘I didn’t hear you protesting.’

‘Mr Quan, I don’t have time to joke,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘I have work to do. You should go-’

‘Go make money for Qiao’s company,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘Between us isn’t there anything else to talk about besides work?’

End of Chapter Seventy-Three

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