The Reluctant Bride Book II Chapter 68


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‘Behave,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Qiao Tan Yuan pushed Quan Zheng Hao’s arm off her shoulder. To her, he was annoying but to outsiders like the agent, they thought he was playful.

‘I am behaving,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. He wrapped an arm around Qiao Tan Yuan’s shoulder again. ‘I listen to everything you say. You told me to buy a home so I’m buying a home. When you tell me to work, I work. How can I be better behaved?’

Qiao Tan Yuan pushed Quan Zheng Hao’s arm off her shoulder again.

‘Whether you buy a home or work has nothing to do with me,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Wife? Qiao Tan Yuan would need to be mentally challenged as Quan Zheng Hao to be his wife.

‘Wife, don’t be angry,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘I’m sorry I was busy working today, and I couldn’t take you shopping. I promise I don’t have a mistress. I was really late coming home last night, because I was working overtime. If you don’t believe me, you can come to my company and check the security footage. There’s nothing shady about my relationship with my secretary either. Don’t be angry at me anymore.’

‘Mr Quan, do you need to go to the hospital?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked.

Qiao Tan Yuan was certain Quan Zheng Hao was mentally challenged.

‘Why would I look at another woman when I have a beautiful wife?’ Quan Zheng Hao asked. He hugged Qiao Tan Yuan. ‘Believe me, there’s only you in my heart. I promise I don’t have a mistress.’

Qiao Tan Yuan dug her fingernails into Quan Zheng Hao’s hands, and she smiled at the envious agent.

‘Um, you have a beautiful wife but you flirt with every woman you see,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘Do you think that’s good behavior?’

‘I wouldn’t dare flirt with another woman,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. He was scared of the fierce Qiao Tan Yuan’s fingernails that were killing his hands. ‘Wife, believe me.’

‘OK, I believe you,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. She pinched Quan Zheng Hao’s cheek hard. ‘Can we go home now?’

Quan Zheng Hao feared his hands would fall off before he returned home. Qiao Tan Yuan was indeed a th.o.r.n.y rose.

‘OK, let’s go home,’ Quan Zheng Hao said.

Qiao Tan Yuan kept smiling at the agent. She was about to turn around when someone pulled her away from Quan Zheng Hao, and hugged her from behind.

Qiao Tan Yuan turned her head around, and saw Gu Jiao Wu glaring at Quan Zheng Hao. Why was Gu Jiao Wu at the apartment complex? Did Gu Jiao Wu want to buy a home?

Quan Zheng Hao recognised Gu Jiao Wu from the press conference. He sensed Gu Jiao Wu wasn’t an ordinary man.

‘Let go of my wife,’ Quan Zheng Hao said.

Gu Jiao Wu narrowed his eyes at Quan Zheng Hao. He wouldn’t let Qiao Tan Yuan marry someone like Quan Zheng Hao. He led Qiao Tan Yuan outside, and away from Quan Zheng Hao.

Quan Zheng Hao ran, and stood in front of Qiao Tan Yuan.

‘Wife, are you going to leave me here stranded?’ Quan Zheng Hao asked.

Qiao Tan Yuan was stuck between her ex-husband, and an annoying unwanted suitor. She freed herself from Gu Jiao Wu, and stood far away from Gu Jiao Wu and Quan Zheng Hao.

‘Wife, let’s go home,’ Quan Zheng Hao said.

Qiao Tan Yuan ignored Quan Zheng Hao, and walked outside.

The agent didn’t know which of the handsome men Qiao Tan Yuan’s husband was. But she hoped Qiao Tan Yuan would decide to buy an apartment.

When Qiao Tan Yuan reached her car, she was angry to see Quan Zheng Hao dared to open the pa.s.senger door.

‘Mr Quan, have you joked enough?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked. ‘You can find your own way home.’

‘Joke?’ Quan Zheng Hao asked. He braced his chest, and acted heart broken. ‘I’m truly wounded. I wasn’t joking before.’

‘Quan Zheng Hao, don’t waste my time,’ Qiao Tan Yuan warned. ‘Go find your own way home.’

‘If you’re going to be charitable, you should be charitable to the end,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘If you’re kind enough to drive me here then you’re kind enough to drive me home too.’

‘You-’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Gu Jiao Wu stood next to Qiao Tan Yuan, held her waist and glared at Quan Zheng Hao.

‘Gu Jiao Wu, why are you here?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked. She pushed Gu Jiao Wu’s hand off her waist. ‘Are you buying a home here?’

‘Buy a home?’ Gu Jiao Wu asked. He glanced up at the apartment Qiao Tan Yuan inspected. ‘Do you want to move out?’

‘None of your business,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

‘That’s right,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘We’re getting married, and buying a home to live together. Our marriage bed would fit nicely in our new home.’

Marriage bed? Gu Jiao Wu wasn’t pleased to hear the words coming out of Quan Zheng Hao’s mouth. He was unhappier Qiao Tan Yuan was keeping her distance from him. Did Qiao Tan Yuan think he would let her find Xiao Bao another father?

‘Wife, if you liked the apartments we saw, I’ll buy two floors and turn it into one apartment to make a higher ceiling,’ Quan Zheng Hao said.

‘I’m not-’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

‘Are you his wife?’ Gu Jiao Wu asked Qiao Tan Yuan.

Gu Jiao Wu couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen Qiao Tan Yuan for a couple of days, and she eloped with a man like Quan Zheng Hao.

‘Who I marry has nothing to do with you,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said to Gu Jiao Wu.

Gu Jiao Wu pulled Qiao Tan Yuan into his chest.

‘If you want to find step-dad for our daughter then you need to ask me first,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

Quan Zheng Hao realised Gu Jiao Wu was Qiao Tan Yuan’s ex-husband who wouldn’t let go of her even though they were no longer married.

Quan Zheng Hao pulled Qiao Tan Yuan out of Gu Jiao Wu’s embrace.

‘You must be Qiao Tan Yuan’s ex-husband,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘You two are divorced. Who she chooses to be with has nothing to do with you.’

Gu Jiao Wu couldn’t stand to see another man holding Qiao Tan Yuan.

‘Let her go,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

‘She’s my wife,’ Quan Zheng Hao said. ‘What right do you have to tell me to let go of her? If you hug my wife again, I’ll give you a beating!’

Qiao Tan Yuan couldn’t stand Quan Zheng Hao. But she was curious why Gu Jiao Wu was acting jealous. She didn’t push Quan Zheng Hao away immediately, because she wanted to see what Gu Jiao Wu would do after being provoked by Quan Zheng Hao.

Gu Jiao Wu wanted to make Quan Zheng Hao wish Quan Zheng Hao didn’t provoke him. He pulled Qiao Tan Yuan back to him with one hand, and punched Quan Zheng Hao’s face with his other hand.

Gu Jiao Wu held Qiao Tan Yuan protectively against his chest. She didn’t expect him to actually hit Quan Zheng Hao.

‘I didn’t hit you but you dare to hit me,’ Quan Zheng Hao said.

End of Chapter Sixty-Eight

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