The Reluctant Bride Book II Chapter 159


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Love child.

w.a.n.g Tu Ya offered to hire a chef to cook healthy meals for Qiao Tan Yuan. Gu Jiao Wu declined. He loved to cook meals for Qiao Tan Yuan, and watch her eat his cooked meals. Qiao Tan Yuan didn’t need a house husband, she loved to eat his cooking because they loved and understood each other. She didn’t think there would be a day he would love her and dote on her.

Qiao Tan Yuan walked to a children’s clothing shop near Gu Jiao Wu’s office. She rubbed her stomach, and smiled. She, Gu Jiao Wu, Gu Ting Ding would be a happy of family of four soon. Gu Jiao Wu told her that he didn’t care if their second child was a boy or a girl as long as she had a safe delivery.

Qiao Tan Yuan looked at children’s clothing. It was too soon to buy children’s clothes so she walked to a men’s clothing shop to buy clothes for Gu Jiao Wu.

On the way out of the men’s clothing shop, a little boy who looked around four years old b.u.mped into Qiao Tan Yuan and he fell on the floor.

‘Little friend, are you OK?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked.

The little boy looked at Qiao Tan Yuan like he was about to cry. She was startled his eyes looked similar to Gu Jiao Wu’s eyes.

‘Xiao Bao, didn’t mum tell you not to run?’ Li Lam asked. She helped Xiao Bao up, and turned to look at Qiao Tan Yuan. ‘h.e.l.lo Mrs Gu.’

Qiao Tan Yuan remembered the woman who looked like Chu Da, but she couldn’t remember her name.

‘Miss have we met?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked.

‘No,’ Li Lam said. ‘We have b.u.mped into each other occasionally, but I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself. Mrs Gu, you can call me Li Lam.’

Qiao Tan Yuan hesitated before she shook Li Lam’s offered hand.

‘h.e.l.lo Miss Li,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

‘Mrs Gu, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take Xiao Bao and leave first,’ Li Lam said.

‘Miss Li, are you this little boy’s mother?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked.

‘No,’ Li Lam said. ‘This is my big sister’s son.’

‘Miss Li, this little boy isn’t Chu Da’s son,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘Chu Da couldn’t have children.’

‘Mrs Gu, you knew my big sister was sick,’ Li Lam said. ‘Do you feel guilty separating my big sister from Mr Gu?’

‘Chu Da chose to leave,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

‘Mrs Gu, you chased my big sister away before big sister could see Mr Gu one last time,’ Li Lam said. ‘Mrs Gu, do you own a conscience?’ She looked at Qiao Tan Yuan’s round stomach. ‘Mrs Gu, how can you live happily knowing you stole my big sister’s happiness?’

‘What right do you have to judge me?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked.

‘Because I was with big sister during her final days,’ Li Lam said. ‘I witnessed how much she suffered before she died.’

‘Miss Li, ask yourself if you’re insulting me on behalf of Chu Da or is it because you love my husband but he rejected you,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Qiao Tan Yuan remembered the way Chu Da looked at Gu Jiao Wu on the night of Tong Shang Wen’s thirtieth birthday party.

‘Because of my big sister,’ Li Lam denied.

‘Miss Li, if you’re going to lie at least make it believable,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘Chu Da is an orphan, and she died of ovarian cancer. I don’t know why you look like Chu Da, but I’m certain you love my husband. You thought my husband would love you because you had plastic surgery to look like Chu Da.’

‘I… I don’t love him,’ Li Lam said.

‘Your heart knows the truth,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said.

Qiao Tan Yuan knew Gu Jiao Wu loved her. But she wouldn’t let someone who looked like Chu Da affect her relationship with Gu Jiao Wu.

‘Mrs Gu, stop acting like you’re someone innocent,’ Li Lam said. ‘You wronged my big sister. You have no right to be happy.’

Li Lam thought it was unfair Qiao Tan Yuan wronged Chu Da, but Qiao Tan Yuan got to receive Gu Jiao Wu’s love.

‘Yes, I wronged Chu Da,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. She wasn’t someone who was easily intimidated by someone else, Gu Jiao Wu was her exception. ‘But it’s between me and Chu Da. You have no right to insult me. Miss Li, don’t delude yourself. My husband hates fake goods.’

It was a warm day, but Li Lam’s hand that was holding Xiao Bao’s hand was cold.

‘Miss Li, you don’t understand my husband,’ Qiao Tan Yuan said. ‘If you understood him, you would know he loved Chu Da for who Chu Da was as a person, he didn’t love Chu Da for her face. You have Chu Da’s face, but you don’t have Chu Da’s heart. You can’t compare to Chu Da. If I was you, I would stay away from Gu Jiao Wu.’

Qiao Tan Yuan didn’t understand Gu Jiao Wu in the past. But she understood him before she accepted his proposal. She understood he drew a clear line between love and hate.

‘Mrs Gu, are you threatened by me?’ Li Lam asked. Although she knew Qiao Tan Yuan said the truth, she didn’t want to lose to Qiao Tan Yuan. ‘Are you scared if your husband spends time with me, he’ll give into temptation?’

‘Do you honestly think you can tempt my husband?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked. ‘I don’t know where you found this little boy. If he is Chu Da and Gu Jiao Wu’s son, I’ll make him take responsibility and acknowledge his son. But Miss Li, don’t mistake me for a fool.’

End of Chapter 159

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