The General Wants to Hug and Sleep Chapter 5


Chu Zhu Yu has repeatedly think all over again of her plan, whether she is really too naïve or not?

If he is an ordinary man, perhaps her chance to pregnant the baby is so easy, but the person is Xiao Zhi, the person who being afraid of the enemies and others. The auxiliary name as big general of the country, and the well-known person who doesn’t like women.

“Only to bear his child… ah~, it seems to be extremely hard things to do.

The hardest thing is, even at the same residence, she never even once see the general by her own eyes, not to mention how will she seduces the general!

If want to say, inside the residence, there are many maids that more beautiful, youth, if really want to seduce, those maids even have bigger chance than she!

When the night comes, Chu Zhu Yu is preparing her bed for sleeping, at the moment she wants to sleep, raise her head, she sees someone black shadow, doesn’t know since when has been standing near to her bed.

That person as before wearing the black cloth, his long hair is pitch black but not same like yesterday night because he doesn’t wearing Yu Guan, instead loose down his hair. The gentle soft facial features appear to be so sparkling under light.

It was the beautiful man who made her back ached for the whole day!

“You, the rapist still dare to come here!” when they come to meet face to face, her eyes is red, Chu Zhu Yu wasn’t think anymore, she grabbed the pillow and thrown toward him!

“Rapist?” Xiao Zhi relaxed catching the pillow, that pair of eyes beautifully shining with wondering look.

“You are the same with other types of men, women enemy!”

“And then?”

“Simply to say your beauty appearance tend to look timid and downcast but inside you are a wolf.” She keeps on cursing him, until she suddenly rushing in front of him and kicking his leg, plus howling—give me back my innocent!

Xiao Zhi lowered his head, after a while he spoke : “This is the first time someone said like this to me.”

“If you wanted to admit you are wrong, I could forg…”

His corner of mouth lifts and relaxed smiling, in the middle of night, his laughing voice is so clear, at the moment Chu Zhu Yu looked dumbstruck. The high mighty fairy seems to be fallen into the ordinary human world.

“You are so interesting, very different compare to the others.” His hand holding the string of prayer beads, smiling looks at her.

OMG! He seems doesn’t make any introspection!

“You… you…” Chu Zhu Yu inhale her breath, “Today you aren’t coming for admitting your fault, if not, why you come today?”

“Drinking tea.” He said as if it is something naturally.

Spitting blood! “My place isn’t tea house!”

“But I want to drink tea which brewing by you.” He looked so serious when spoke. That pair of sparkling eyes, staring at her with seduces aura.

Chu Zhu Yu just for a moment, she feels her saliva drooling down, “Cannot.” She begins not to look at his pair of eyes. This kind of eyes, really could affect her decision.

“Why?” he seems not to understand.

Leaning his body, Xiao Zhi looked at the person in front of him, he doesn’t understand why she shows angry face, the others women looked at him always shown admiring expression but she just exception.

He comes closer to her, so close till Chu Zhu Yu can clearly see his eyelash. Yesterday when he hugged at her, it because he acupuncture her, she couldn’t even to move and see him clearly. And now when she able to see clearly, nothing she can say except this man indeed good looking.

“That’s because… because…” wanted to die, under his intense staring, she even difficult to speak but stammered. Quickly, she steps back few step, she firmly said : “Shortly say, it can’t.”

He observes her for a moment, frowning as if he examined and inhale his breath, “Even I never did it before, but from the way that person told me, I think it reliable.”

Hag? She starting not to understand what he said, suddenly she feels that his face slowly become bigger and closer, then…


Her face turns red because her lips is pressing by his lips.

Very soft lips, giving amazed sensation, Chu Zhu Yu feels all her blood is focusing on her lips now. Her lips feeling hot, while that kind of hot feeling releasing from his cold lips.

Is this kissing? She… she… she has living for eighteen years old but being kissed by someone she even didn’t know who his name!

For moment, he finally released his lips from her lips.

“And now, you can brew me a tea.” He showed serious looked, not even slightly shown that he is trying to hara.s.s her. Moreover he even looked alike refined scholar who entering the tea house who had paid the bill and waiting for his tea to be served.

Chu Zhu Yu is dazzling, confusing and staring sharply to the man who kissed her, what he said, he means… “You are kissed me, only asking me for brewing tea?” her voices raise couple octave,

She even growling out.

“Are you angry?”


“Someone ever told me that as long as I did like just now, girls will do as I said.” He confidently said.

Who said, she wants immediately get that person to be killed! Chu Zhu Yu p.i.s.sed off.

“Didn’t I kiss you enough for long time?” Xiao Zhi is trying bend down his body, seems to re-try his action once again.

Oh no, isn’t once enough?! “Wait… wait… you, you really serious only want to drink tea?”

He stopped and nodding his head.

“Hm… I will brewing tea for you but you are prohibited to do something “stupid”. She walks quickly and rushing to take out all her tea set.

Time, Xiao Zhi finally can enjoy the tea he wish to drink, while Chu Zhu Yu non-stopping glaring at him drinking the tea, his way drinking the tea is very elegant and indeed he is good looking man. As long as she looked at him, she doesn’t feel tired.

To think about it, only types of her who could tolerate his behavior. If it changed to another high missy, in the earlier they might get suicide!

“Why you looked me on that way?” Xiao Zhi takes a glance to Chu Zhu Yu, slightly narrowing his eyes.

She suddenly has remembered something after being watched by him.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t you know who I am?” He was bit surprised looking at her.

She rolled her eyes. He never told her, how could on earth she knows. Frankly speaking, the status and someone background is identified from the bright color they wear. Only monks and guards who will wear black clothes.

Two times she met him, he wore black, think about it, he might a guard. Chu Zhu Yu guessed his status.

He thought a moment and moves his head “ Jue Qing, you can call me Jue Qing.”

Geez… She doesn’t even interest in knowing his name, but who could tell her, how the situation turn to be like this?

This time when he finished his tea, she directly and straight forward asking him to go back.

But who know he is hugging on her and directly bring her to bed, saying that hug her, he will be able to sleep. Does he think she is a toy?

“Let me go!” Chu Zhu Yu widely opened her eyes, even though he only hugging on her, even both of them are still wearing the clothes, but—- “ Wei, doesn’t you know, if you act like this, I can make report to the court!”

“No one of the court will take the report.” He doesn’t even loosen his hand.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Whatever it is, I really sure.” He absolutely confident, half of his body already lying on her bed.

“Only you, who are so soft, hugging at others my hand always loosen up.” Very soft body, compare to others women, yours is different.

Based on what he said, makes her on fire, “Did you hug many people before?”

“It’s not like too many. Only a few before.”

“…….” Perhaps he is recidivist! “You can’t sleep by hugging onto me! If being seen by someone, how they would think about me? Let say if I be drown by them, being ghost, I won’t let you off!” Chu Zhu Yu threatened him. But with his soft voice, all the “fierce” atmosphere destroyed.

“No one will dare drown you.” His head closer to her shoulder near armpit. Desperately, he wants to smell the scent radiating from her body which mix between tea scent and her body fragrances. “This is so weird, as long as I hugging onto you, it eases me to get a sleep.”

“Even though you are not hugging me, you still can sleep!” she gives him her fist, pressing to his body but he felt it as if a ma.s.sage. Xiao Zhi even sleep more comfortable, until he sense Chu Zhu Yu facial expression darken.

“Can’t sleep.” He tries to close his eyes and rub his head in her chest, “For other people, sleeping is very easy thing to do but for me, it real hard thing to do. Even when my mind is blank, I stopped to think for moment, still, I am very sober.”

That kind of feeling no one ever understand, even the court doctor, Doctor Yu who came and made diagnosis and giving treatment for him, didn’t heal his sickness.

“Shi Fu, why the others are so easy to get sleep while I really hard to sleep.” When he was fifteen years old he ever asked his Shi Fu (teacher/sensei), that person is the famous Zen master, Hui Wu.

“There is a thing, for those who hard to accomplish but for you it really piece of cake.” Hui Wu Shi Fu calmly said : “Jue Qing, as human there is time we lose and also have time gain something, losing and gaining is very natural.”

During that time he had thought for seven days full.

“Even though I want to exchange all I have for the simple possession of ordinary people have, for example sleep, I can’t do it.” Xiao Zhi said. Maybe the way he said, there is slightly gentle sorrow tone in his voice, gradually Chu Zhu Yu stopped struggling from him.

“Do you know? There was a time I broke my own hand, just wanted to know, whether I could sense the pain or not so I could unconscious and sleep.”

She felt as if there was something heavy pressed on her, “ And then?”

“Still be able to sleep, even I hardly hit until it broke, I still conscious and no way to get sleep.” He hugged her even tighter.

“Which one… of the broken hand?” Chu Zhu Yu wanted to know.

“Do you want to know?” Xiao Zhi lifting his head, looking at her.

His black hair moves and slowly slipped to back of his shoulder, cheeks, the forehead which strands of hair obscured his eyes, for moment, she wants to act impulsive by putting away those hair and see his pair of eyes.

“Want… to know.” She licking her dry lips.

“It was left hand.” He smiles.

She gazed to his left hand which being block by his sleeves, see nothing that unusual, “Is it still hurt?”

“Not hurt anymore. It has been healed for long time.” He comes closer and stick his face to her, “Do you know? At time when I drank your tea, kinds of your body scent which makes my body relax after smells it, at the moment I realized, hugging on you makes me drowsy and want to sleep, how happy I am.”

That kind of happiness, no word could describe, since then, he feels be born again, or like finding the most valuable treasure, searching without ending but accidentally found it. Let he understands the original treasure actually easy to obtain.

“Zhu Yu, you should stay beside me, will always company me sleep, won’t you?” he murmured softly, his eyes was actually hazy. The way he spoke, once sound commanded, once sounded expecting and last beseech.

This… how can be agreed! Chu Zhu Yu wanted to refuse. But, looking at his eyes, no words split out from her mouth…