The General Wants to Hug and Sleep Chapter 21


The storm finally pa.s.sing. But Chu Zhu Yu still not satisfied with Xiao Zhi and keep on haggling.

“If the situation is stabilized and all the bandits have captured, you shouldn’t treat me as if I am criminal, lock me up, not letting me go out.”

“This…” Xiao Zhi hesitated.

“Hm, I will love you, but if you don’t control my freedom, I will more love you.”

“….” The general blinks his eyes left and right, for long time, finally he nodding his head.

Chu Zhu Yu is smiling alike the fishy cat, “Hi hi, I have know that you are the best person. But… hm, Jue Qing, I still have thing to tell you.”


“I… I…” she ‘I’ for couple times, finally she realized that, it hard to speak honestly because it need huge courage.

“o?” he calmly waiting for her next words.

Chu Zhu Yu closed her eyes, with hard beating heart, “Actually, when I entered the general residence, I had a purpose.” This matter sooner or later, he will find out so rather than that time comes, it better for she to tell him by herself now.

“I knew it!” Xiao Zhi seems not to be surprised.

What? She feels disbelieve and wink her eyes couples time, “You knew it?”

He nodded.

“How could you know it?” she even thought that she had perfectly conceal it from him.

“The time when you and I went to the Avalokitesvara temple, I aware that you might know Chu Mu Cai, so that, I asked someone to check it out for me, I finally knew that you actually are Chu Mu Cai Biao Mei (Female cousin), you are the owner’s daughter of Yue Xin Tea House.” He spoke so casually.

Chu Zhu Yu stupidly wide opened her mouth, Heaven! That time, he… he actually had known it!

“Do you know what my purpose entering the general residence?” She asked.

“Don’t know.” he shook his head.

“You don’t even know my purpose entering the general residence and still dares to make me stays? Don’t you afraid that I might be that being asked by someone to kill you? Or I might someone who is coming to revenge?” Chu Zhu Yu is nagging and asking, in this world, there are so many people who wanted this Xiao General’s life.

“But you are not.”

“….” She speechless.

“Don’t you feel curious about my purpose entering the general residence?”

“I am not curious.”

Only that three simple words makes she lower her head, even she is getting closer to explain her bad “intention”, but suddenly she doesn’t feel want to say anymore, “You really sure that you love me?”

“Of course.” He widen his hands, pulling her close to his bosom, “No matter what your purpose are, I don’t even care, if you need for my help to accomplish it, I will help you to do so.”

His voice brushed into her ears, her black hair is blowing because the wind, and touch her face. Chu Zhu Yu face beet red.

Well, even both of them have been together for such long time, but still her face is so easy get red and her heart beat fasten.

“Don’t… don’t get too close to me!” she can’t resist to protest. She can only blame that he has so good looking face, while she is someone who can’t resist the beauty.

“If I really absolutely have to get close?” his face even closer to hers, his nose tip touches her nose tip.


Chu Zhu Yu feels that her face is extremely hot, her nose hard to inhale or exhale the air, his black shining eyes, his smooth skin, his straight nose, the pinkish pale lips, all let her…

Her nose, suddenly there is kind of warm things flowing out, dripping unstoppable.

Chu Zhu Yu looked the changes expression of Xiao Zhi, she wipes her nose. On her hands, it is warm blood stain.

My G.o.d, won’t it be true, she even has nose bleed?

“Raise your head up.” Xiao Zhi busying.

“O… alright.” Chu Zhu Yu immediately raised her head up, trying to make an explanation : “People are so easily to have nose bleed, My nose bleeding absolutely not because dumbfounded and mesmerized by your beauty and bleeding…”

After she spoke, she carelessly bite her tongue, this doesn’t mean she admitted her guilty.

“I know.” He puts his hands to hers and examining her pulse.

“You really know?”


“Oh… it good then.” She spoke with kind of guilty tone. Her head starts dizzy, is it because the nose bleeding? Her eyes become heavier.

All her body seems to lose all the energy, she can’t endure and close her eyes.

Really want to sleep…

This well known doctors of Cong Zhou, this time is sweating lots because examining Lady Chu pulse who is remain unconscious.

Longer the pulse being examined, the ugliest doctor expression, and more sweat he has.

After the doctor finished examining the pulse, he kneeling in front of the general, terrified : “Xiao Min (a person of certain occupation address themselves) only knows Lady Chu is being poison, but regarding the poison types, Xiao Min skill is limited, unable recognized.”

Xiao Zhi facial expression sudden darken, walking until the edge of bed, looking to the unconscious Chu Zhu Yu.

Her corner of eyes, her ears is starting to bleed. Being poison! When she got poison? In this general residence, all the food that she ate, all the water she drank all have been tested, except…

Suddenly, Xiao Zhi remembered the days when Chu Zhu Yu was in Tea House, “Someone!”

“Yes!” one of the guard replied.

“Immediately send out people to find those who work in Xing Yuan Tea House, bring them all!”

“Yes.” The guard replied.

Xiao Zhi raised up his fingers, gently tried to find out her breath, even it weak at least she still breathing. On this way, he is ensuring himself that she still alive.

Before, she still able joking with him, but now her facial expression is such white pale, lying on bed. If yesterday, when he brought her back from the Tea House, made the diagnosed of her body…

“Zhu Yu…” he bent down, his fingers cross her facial feature, “Believe on me, won’t let you wait too long, I will let you awake!” And those people who poisoning hers, no matter what will happen, he won’t let them live!

“General please spares my life! General please spares my life!” The miserable voices, the unstoppable crying sound from inside the room. Many types of the instrument for the torturing being applied, if he could, uncle Fa just wanted to choose fastest death penalty!

“So, will you make a confession of your crime?” Xiao Zhi sitting on the big chair, starting to ask uncle Fa and his eyes radiating murdered glaring.

“Yes, yes! This lowly confessed… confessed!” uncle Fa hurried answered, “ This lowly, originally was working in Luo Yang city as the Tea Master in Yue Qin Tea House, because lose in gambling, so I owed so much money, that day… that day when I was in gamble house being forced to pay my debt, there was a woman who came and helped me to pay my debt, letting me to come to Cong Zhou tea house and on the days I become very famous in Cong Zhou It would lure Zhu Yu to come and visit, before I was employee who worked in Yue Qin tea house whom the owner daughter is Chu Zhu Yu. That woman told me that on the day Zhu Yu come to visit, I should put small bottle of drug to hers tea.” Although he tries to give many of explanation but all incomprehensible, even his heart wasn’t at ease and worried, putting a bottle of drug which he understood very well that might not any good things, but once he thought about the debt being settled, even he might get some amount of money, he put his courage to do it.

“Do you have any hatred towards Zhu Yu?” Xiao Zhi asked.

“No… I don’t have.” That time during he worked at Yue Qing Tea House, both of father and daughter were treating him not bad.

“So, how could you that cruel!” Xiao Zhi expression cold for moment.

“This… this lowly was being threaten, all was that woman fault!” Uncle Fa just put all the blame to the stranger, a woman that he even didn’t know who her name is.

“Which woman? Is she?” Xiao Zhi slender finger pointing, his finger pointed at the woman who was at other side in that room, who was covered with dripping blood and being dragged up.

Uncle Fa was looking for a while and scared, he murmured : “Looking at the figure… it, it seems similar! But this lowly never looked at the woman front face because she always wearing bamboo hat.”

“You guys don’t… capture, capture wrong person, the good citizen.” That woman crawling on the ground, very difficult to open her mouth.

“Good citizen?” Xiao Zhi glaring at that woman, “ If you really a good citizen, why you were such hurried pa.s.sing the city borderline, letting my soldiers chasing you for two days and finally being captured.”

“I went… went out from city, it wasn’t against law…”

“But the place you aiming to go, it was Luo Yang.” Xiao Zhi glared that woman, his voice stay calm and said : “If you still shut your mouth this tight, won’t to admit your crime, believe on me, I have so many ways to dig out things from your mouth.”

That woman eyes expressing a fear, hesitated open her mouth, trying to suicide by biting her tongue, but her action has been antic.i.p.ated by the guard.

“Block something on her jaw.” Xiao Zhi commanded.

“Yes!” heard something being snapped, that woman mouth has block, her mouth won’t close, she even couldn’t suicide anymore.

“If you still don’t want to say out whom the master mind behind this, even the death will only be the extravagant wish of you!” Xiao Zhi gently waving his hand inside the torture chamber, inside the chamber, it only could hear the sound of torture instruments and the painful sobbing voice.

From Cong Zhou heading to Luo Yang, a group of people go by horse carriage and walking.

No one knows, among the people, there is one of the great general of the country, Xiao Zhi within the group. He left the fifty thousands of soldiers in Cong Zhou, he only brings Liu Shan the military officer and some of elite soldier as guards, secretly back to the central city.

On his embraces, the unconscious person was wrapped carefully with the thick and warm blanket made from fur, because of her state of unconscious, her forehead was frown and wrinkle to express the pain.

Xiao Zhi lower his head and looks closely to Zhu Yu who is embraced by him, carefully to shield her with his body from the winds, “Zhu Yu, I know that you are in pain currently, please bear with it, alright?”

But the unconscious Chu Zhu Yu not even able to answer back. From the seven apertures, it has been five apertures that bleeding.

Every drips of her blood that bleed, just makes his heart even pain. Her life as if slowly by slowly weaken and vanish, only her weak pulse and breathe that let him knows, she still alive.

The horses which tired and exhausted were starting to throw-out the white foam from its mouth.

“General, the horse seems not able to hold on.” Liu Shan said.

“Try to make it till the next boarded, then changes the horses!” Xiao Zhi said calmly.


Three days three night of the vigorous running, tiring so many good horses, only for the woman on his embraces…

Inside the splendid palace, the Tenth Princess Dai Rui Qin is lying on the couch, but couldn’t sleep. It because of her waiting-maid who taking care the matter hasn’t come back for several days, the latest news that brought by the trusted pigeon, wrote that all the matter had been taking care, she was heading to Luo Yang. Counting the days, she should have arrived, but…

Don’t know what is happening, Dai Rui Qin feels distract, tonight the moon is especially dim, as if gives a signal something might happen.

“Lai Ren!” she raised her body up.

“Does the Tenth Princess have any orders?” The maid who guarded for the night shift asking.

“Go and light up the lantern.”

The maid obeys the order, she takes candle and light up the lantern, but she doesn’t back for long time.

“Someone! Quickly come!” she impatience shouting.

Silent steps closer to her, one piece of red candle rolling near to her feet.

“Ah!” Dai Rui Qin surprised, she raised up her head, looking at the cold mountain face expression, “You… how can you get in?”

Xiao Zhi—- this is the man that she ever expecting and look forward, even before, she ever asking countless time, letting the maid to call him to this splendid palace, all were being rejected by him. But now, he even comes without speaking… entering here.

At the moment, many of thought appeared. Dai Rui Qin works hard to show that she is so composed. The General that should be in Cong Zhou now, he is inside the palace in Luo Yang. Does he have already known it…

Suppressed her panic expression, She suddenly laughing, she trying to develop gentle soft lady like, “Doesn’t know what makes the Xiao General comes at this late of night?”

“The antidote.” Xiao Zhi said that two simple words.

Dai Rui Qin heart was on panic, even her face was mask with fake smile, “I don’t understand about this topic, what antidote?”

“Since I could enter your splendid palace, naturally I have investigated and known all the things.” Xiao Zhi cold expression.

Her smile face expression, slowly by slowly dim, “If I scream out loud, you guess those the people inside the palace will see you, the general Xiao who came at this late of night, what will they think about it?” moreover to the extend, he even can’t escape from the Emperor palace.

“You won’t have this opportunity.” He has the bloodthirsty on his eyes sight, that kind of eyesight which showed only for accomplish the mission, even he willing to do it at any expenses.

Meets people killed people, meet the Buddha killed the Buddha.

“Don’t you.. really dare…” remaining half of the sentence, she even not able to speak out. The dignified of the country great general, does he really able to ma.s.sacre inside the palace?

“There is no harm for you in trying.” His cold expression didn’t have any change.

She hate to see that face, this face of his that makes her to grow unrequited love for him, makes her to taste the greatest frustration and humiliation in her life. She even changed to so wicked till wanting to destroy his peaceful, wanting to see him lost his sanity!

“Why you are so sure that I must have the antidote?”

“The maid that you asked to poison has already admitted.”

“But she didn’t know one thing.” Suddenly Dai Ru Qin laughing, “The drug, it doesn’t have any antidote, hahaha—-”

The laughing voice suddenly vanished, Xiao Zhi fingers had grabbed Dai Rui Qin neck, “You said?”

“The drug has no the antidote, on the entire world, there is no the antidote for the drug!” she succeed to see the changes of his expression, but it even makes her more envy and envy, why, how important the existence of that woman inside his heart?

“As long as it is poison, there must be have the way to antidote, you must be know the way!” he pinch his fingers even deeper, makes her hard to breathe, her face turn to be purple.

“You… k eke (cough voice), if you straggle me, you will never know anything.”

He looks a glance to her, to loosen his fingers.

Dai Rui Qin body weaken till fall to the ground, gulping and breathing, very long then said : “The drug, it true there is a way to detox it, but the way is—- one life compensate to others!”

“What do you mean?” he narrowed his eyes.

“Xiao Zhi, don’t you say that you love that woman? So just trade your life for hers! Hahaha! If you want to save her life, the only way is letting one’s who has extremely high martial art to pull through all the poison on hers onto your own self, if the poison isn’t pull through complete, afraid both of you will die. In this entire world, the people who have high martial art aren’t many, luckily you are one among them. While the only way of pull through the poison is—copulate (s.e.xual intercourse)!” Dai Rui Qin insane laughing and glaring Xiao Zhi, “ Hahaha, at the end if her life is save but she will losing her virginity, while you the person who save her, will die. She is woman, who won’t be able together with you, while her future because of you, she will live in widowhood!”

Does between two persons only one who can live? Xiao Zhi hang down his eyes lids, as if be lost in thought of something.

“Xiao Zhi, do you really willing to sacrifice yourself in order to save her life?” Dai Rui Qin asked. Even if a man really madly in love with woman, but really will lose life, he might hesitate… while she, even if she killed, it also can find a scapegoat.

Xiao Zhi said nothing, sweep away Dai Rui Qin with his eyes, his slender five fingers hold tight, loosen up, until he back to himself after he vent the anger, then he turn his back and went out from the palace.

She surprised, “you want to go? Don’t kill me?” she thinks that he might not spare her life.

“Zhu Yu dislike I killed the Emperor family, so I won’t kill you, but… you still will bear the consequence, I heard recently they need a princess for the He Qin* (feudal dynasty attempt to cement relations with the rules of minority nationality in borders area by marrying daughter of imperial family to them), perhaps you are suitable.” He said before leaving.

He Qin?! Dai Rui Qin just feeling weaken all over her body, finally sitting on the ground. Generally the princess who goes for He Qin, from ten, nine of them won’t have any good luck. Does this is the consequence she must bear?

While the one who is guarding the outside of the palace, Liu Shan, he is kneeling near to Xiao Zhi feet.

“General, you won’t think to use yourself for antidote the poison, will you?” all the conversation inside the room, he had heard it.

“Yes!” he turned his body, Xiao Zhi has flied out, and even his shadow not seen in the darkness.

Misfortune in love! Misfortune in love! This is her misfortune, but also his misfortune too. He understood, the misfortune in love that his Shi Fu said, actually what it is!


At the deep heavy dark of night, perfectly silent, the sound of door being pushed so clear in ears.

Xiao Zhi silently, walking without any sound inside the room, steps by steps walking to the edge of the bed.

She— still lying at the bed, pale white face, the dripping fresh blood from her five apertures, her forehead sweating lots.

“Zhu Yu.” Xiao Zhi raised his hands, takes a piece of silk clothes, slowly wiping her sweat and the oozing thin blood, “You won’t able to hear me, I clearly understand, you are losing your five apertures sense, unconscious for many days, hearing nothing, but…”

Xiao Zhi puts down the silk clothes, took off his Yu Guan, open his waist belt, undressed himself. The thin lean body slowly covered on the weak and pale delicate body, he stroking her face with affection, just wanting to fancy like this for the lifetime.

“Zhu Yu, if you wake up later on, knowing that your virginity is losing because of me, will you be angry?” he murmured, taking by himself, his big hands opened her robes.

Gradually her skin is exposed in front of his eyes, his skin and hers are concentrated sticking together.

He lower his head, kissing her eyes, kissing her lips, his hands constantly rubbing onto her skin, makes her body warm up little bit.

Yearn for this fragile body, even in coma condition, but he even yearning for her! He kissed more and more deep, gradually he moves to her neck, constantly sucking and leaving a red hickey on her.

His breathing more and more rough. That black of pair eyes has already steeped with l.u.s.t.

She is his bosom, her hands doesn’t have any energy, hang on the bed side.

Both of them are emitted intertwine together, just alike the equivocal between love and desire.

She on his licked and kissed, her body slowly warm up, the white pale face changes rosy pink, appeared to be little bit pinkish.

His eyesight changes to rapacious looking at her face crimson, “Zhu Yu, don’t you know? at the beginning I only have myself, Shi Fu, The emperor, the citizens just as the t.i.tle for myself. Shi Fu had told me, my character is extremely cold, if this cold character can be stay still for my entire life, it isn’t such a blessing. But I met you, meeting you the only misfortune in love for myself in this entire life. Misfortune? Yes it is misfortune but I still could choose. I don’t save you, you won’t be my misfortune. But I just letting you to become my misfortune.”

He never knows, actually for others, he able to give up his life. He sadly licked her lips, his hands touching her bottom, “It will little bit pain, please bear with it.”


Xiao Zhi gently kissed Chu Zhu Yu mouth swallow her groan, force the internal energy within her body and turn quickly, pushed a little, letting the toxin out from her body and pull through it into his own body.

Longing, in the middle of periphery life and death, repeatedly struggling, depravity, that night inside the room there were continuously voice of let out breath of man and coa.r.s.e voice of woman.

Until the dawn comes, Xiao Zhi is wobbling walking out from the room.

“General!” Liu Shan kneeling outside the door, he was guarding for a night.

“You find someone that can carefully serving and taking care Zhu Yu.” Xiao Zhi face white pale, his lips changes pale.

“Yes!” Liu Shan followed the command, even he sees the drips by drips blood falling on ground. Looked down at the dripping blood, only to realize that the eyes corner of Xiao Zhi is oozing blood, two tears of fresh blood, “General, your eyes…”

“There is no harm.” He waving his hands, “Don’t tell Zhu Yu, it was me who antidote hers.”

If she knows, she surely will cry, he doesn’t want to see her drops any tears, it only will let him more pain compare to his current condition.