The General Wants to Hug and Sleep Chapter 14


Misfortune Of Love

The horse carriage has been three days moving, Chu Zhu Yu is lifting the curtain of the horse carriage, looking at outside through the carriage’s window and slowly they are getting closer with the City wall. Above the city wall, hanging two words “Chang Ping” not “Cong Zhou”.

“Are you sure coming to Chang Ping won’t be problem?” Chu Zhu Yu who is sitting inside the horse carriage, asking Xiao Zhi.

“Rebellion, sometime it better to arrive late rather than come early.” His hand holding the scripture book, even he has already memorized all the verses of the scripture into his heart. The 50000 soldiers had been sent to Cong Zhou, under Liu officer lead, while his real intention is using three thousands elite soldiers under his command. Not for Cong Zhou, but to pa.s.s through Chang Ping, then to Cong Zhou, this purpose is for investigating who is the master mind behind of Cong Zhou rebellion.

Chu Zhu Yu doesn’t understand the army or battle field matter, she just excitedly looking outside from the carriage, she non-stop talking : “ Later on when we arrive at Chang Ping, I want to go to tea stores and have looking around, the best tea in Chang Ping is black tea, doesn’t know this time will encounter what type of good tea….”

“Zhu Yu?” Xiao Zhi closed the scripture book, through Zhu Yu lift the carriage curtain, looking at the outside sky, “Do you want to meet my Shi Fu?”

“Your Shi Fu?” She thinks for moment, he is big general Xiao’s Shi Fu, does he— “Do you mean Zen Master Hui Wu?”

“Shi Fu is in the Buddha temple located near in this center of Ping Chang, since we are here, go to visit him is alright.”

“I can see Zen Master Hui Wu?” Chu Zhu Yu excited. She excited because the person she wants to meet is the Zen Master Hui Wu who is hard to see even the emperor, himself. Zen Master Hui Wu is retreating so he won’t meet anyone.

“Of course you can.” He smiles, “ Since you are the person I have decided, let my Shi Fu to meet you is ought to.”

All the way talking, the horse carriage entering Chang Ping city. The second day, Chu Zhu Yu finally meet the most well-known Zen Master who is the life legendary, talked by many people in the world. Amiable – looking, is her first impression. White, a white eyebrow, that pair of kind eyes, filled with the kindness and wisdom. But other than his thin physique, she envisaged no different.

As folks said, Xiao Zhi is one of the Zen Master Hui Wu favorite discipline, they also said, The Zen Master Hui Wu gives all his martial art power to Xiao Zhi, the folks also said, Zen Master Hui Wu doesn’t accept any discipline after Xiao Zhi and retreat, this time even harder to find Zen Master Hui Wu compare to the high level Xiao Zhi….

Countless of folks said, finally she able to meet Master Zen Hui Wui because Xiao Zhi relationship with him as Shi Fu and discipline, not because his big general status, but at this moment, a person in front her who is Buddha pract.i.tioner, has glaring at her with big small eyes (carefully to observe).

“Is she?” Hui Wu eyes staring at Chu Zhu Yu, looked alike the infinite laser eyes.

“Yes.” Xiao Zhi gives very certain answered.

“Are you decided?”


“Does she know?” Zen Master Hui Wui still looked at Chu Zhu Yu, as if he doesn’t slightest missed or leak out.

“Didn’t know.” Xiao Zhi shook his head, Chu Zhu Yu feeling strange. What they are talking, what… she, regarding what.

“Are you sure to let her knows?”

“Absolutely no forever.”

With a firm tone, Zen Master Wu Hui in hale deep breathes, “Jue Qing, I have thing to talk with you privately, coming in.”

Then, he takes the lead entering to the room in the center of temple.

Xiao Zhi gives a signal to Chu Zhu Yu “wait for me a moment”, then he entered the room with his Shi Fu.

Zen Master Hui Wu moves closer to Xiao Zhi when they are in the room, sitting, he said : “since you have made your decision, as your Shi Fu, I couldn’t say much, but as Shi Fu I would like to remind you, in this life, there is always misfortune for people and yours is called as Misfortune in Love. In this world if you never fall in love, you will always safe, but if you fall in love, afraid…”

“Will I die?” Xiao Zhi frowned his eyebrow, but does not show afraid expression. “If in this life time, I can’t get what the most important for me, there is no difference between die.”

“You fall in love with a girl, she might your misfortune, you will die because of her, don’t you regret?” that years, he did pry heaven secret, the prediction turned to be his most favorable discipline biggest misfortune in his lifetime is Love.

“If because of her, I die, I think there is not a problem.”

“If she knows that he is your misfortune, harm you, will she still stay beside you?” Hui Wu as if looking thorough his discipline. He ever thought that his cold character of his discipline won’t ever meeting love barrier. But human just praying while G.o.d decided, Not loving doesn’t means can’t love, once fall in love it only goes deeper.

“She won’t never know.” Xiao Zhi holding the prayer bead tightly, one by one. Holding the prayer bead in his hand has been his habit, “Even though she knows, I won’t ever let her go.”

Clearly flowing water sound, this is the normally interior of the Zen, Xiao Zhi stood up, while The Zen Master Hui Wu shutting his eyes and chatting mantras, and the door closed.

Love, this word, some people could obtain but some might never thoroughly understand even for the entire life time.

Either Loving is good or being heartless is good, in this world no one could explain it clearly.

Chu Zhu Yu is standing at outside the room, between the April, the weather still cold, she is slightly shrink her body, rubbing her hand each other to create warmth.

Suddenly, he saw Xiao Zhi walking out from the room, but she didn’t saw The Zen Master Hui Wu, “What’s happen, Why The Zen Master Hui Wu doesn’t come out with you…”

Another moment, her body is hugged and being warm inside his bosom, his strong arm tightly rein her body as if broke her bones, he hugged her to the point she can’t breathe.

“It uncomfortable, don’t hug me this tight, I can’t breathe.” She protested.

He, as if reminding her scent, just hugging her tightly, on her ear, he continuously said: “I won’t let go, whatever will happen I won’t let go!”

“What happen? You faster released me?” His sudden acted makes her feel insecurity.

His body stiff, slowly raised his head, staring at her “Zhu Yu, in this life, I won’t let you go.”

Perhaps his eyes glance too serious, his earnest expression, she said : “I don’t understand, my appearance is so average, can’t do martial art, maybe the only skill I have, brewing tea, that’s all.”

“I also don’t know, the beginning, it was your tea scent that fascinated me, then tea that you brewing taste so good, hugging you, I feel so much comfortable. With the lapse of time, I don’t want those things being replaced by anyone. Just wanting to drink tea that you brew, sleeping by hugging you, it makes me happy. Then, your voice, your laughing sound, all I want, just solely monopolized you. I come to realized, I have fallen for you.” Xiao Zhi is sincere said, even she might his misfortune in love, but he can’t let her go.

“But… but there are lot of girls who likes you?”

“But they are not I want, even many people love me, nothing to do.” All the feeling he has, all is only for her, impossible to share it with others, even slightest. So… “Zhu Yu, you love me, aren’t you?”

Chu Zhu Yu is stupidly looked at Xiao Zhi, can she really loves him? This person is a man who acknowledge by people in the world as the G.o.d of War.