My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 86


“Ahem….” Seeing the expensive suit, Qin Chao could not help but coughed, thinking, ‘Damn, this suit is too expensive. Its value is the same as the value of my whole wardrobe combined.’

“What’s wrong? You don’t like it?” Seeing the hesitation from Qin Chao, Su Fei began to look for the suit’s shortcomings, “This color was indeed a bit unsophisticated, it doesn’t accentuate the male aura of the wearer at all. Miss, please bring me that black one.”

“Okay.” The saleslady immediately folded this clothes and then took down the black one from the shelf. The price tag of this Western-style leisure suit is 6999 yuan.

“This one is good, why don’t you try it.” Su Fei said to Qin Chao.

“This….” Qin Chao was still a bit hesitant. He was afraid to reach out and pick up the suit. Although he has the courage to kill individuals, toward this suit, he….could not afford it.

“What’s the matter? You still don’t like it?” Su Fei blinked her eyes and then said to the saleslady, “Sorry, please bring back this item….”

“No, no…” Qin Chao hurriedly waved his hand, “Actually, they’re all kind of nice…”

“Then why don’t you try?”

“These….prices are a bit too high….They’re almost worth my two months salary.” Qin Chao corrected Su Fei’s misunderstanding.

“Oh, you mean this?” Su Fei smiled, “I forgot to tell you that as you have been transferred to the Blue Shield Security Company as a senior security, your monthly salary was not 4000 yuan; It was 6000 yuan now. Also, there will be a bonus every time you are on a mission. For example, you were now on a field mission to Guangyuan School, so, in addition to your bonus, you will receive at least 8000 yuan monthly income. Em, this income can be considered the same as the income of a young high-level senior executive.”

“Ah….it turned out I have this much income now….” Qin Chao’s two eyes glittered with ¥ signs. But then he thought, ‘Hell, this 8000 sounds like a lot, but I still don’t even have a penny now.’

“Big boss, you must not arrears my wages okay? Otherwise, this future executive will probably starve to death.”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Su Fei gave Qin Chao a supercilious look, and then stuffed the suit into his hands, “Quickly try it! We’ll be going to a VIP cocktail party; these clothes can still be considered as low-quality goods.”

Qin Chao was defeated. He didn’t expect that this expensive suit will still be considered as low quality. The wealthy people are not wearing clothes anymore; Instead, they all wore loneliness.

After being urged by Su Fei, Qin Chao finally brought the suit into the dressing room and changed his stained security uniform.

When he came out, whether it be the saleslady or Su Fei, their eyes were all lit up.

This young man appearance, compared with his tattered and sorry state in the security uniform just a moment ago, was completely different.

The saleslady’s eyes were full of stars; she thought, ‘This pretty boy (gigolo) did have quite a value. But, he is too expensive; His asking price is 8000 a month. My monthly salary of 3000 plus commissions will not be enough to support him.’

‘Better to ask him if he wants to support me instead.’

While the young saleslady was daydreaming, Su Fei’s heart was palpitating with excitement. It was as if there was a jumping around rabbit inside her heart. When Qin Chao, who usually never dress up, changed his outfit to this Western-style suit, he suddenly became like a different person.

If tonight’s banquet doesn’t ask for someone’s identity, other people would certainly assume that Qin Chao is a wealthy young master.

Qin Chao’s handsome figure was standing before them with a smiling lip that has a trace of wickedness within it. Especially because his body gave off a kind of wild aura that was really different than an ordinary man.

“Not bad, not bad.” Su Fei nodded her head repeatedly. Like an excited little girl, her long hidden shopping desire suddenly sprouted out, “This one, that one, and this one…em, that one too. Saleslady, bring them all here and let him try them all.”

“Yes!” The face of the saleslady suddenly lit up with delight; she thought, ‘Yes, I’ll have large commission today! This pretty boy, even though he is a gigolo, still give some contribution to the society!’

After trying two more pieces of suits and four or five trenchcoats, Su Fei finally satisfied. Especially the black trenchcoat. When Qin Chao wore it on his body, he seemed to somewhat resemble Keanu Reeves.

Too bad, if he wears this black trenchcoat at tonight’s cocktail party, Qin Chao will become too conspicuous.

“Change back to the previous suit.” Su Fei finally said after admiring Qin Chao’s look in the black trenchcoat, “This one is more appropriate as my Housekeeper’s outfit.”

Then she turned to the saleslady and said, “Wrap this two as well as all the previous one.”

“Okay!” The saleslady was ecstatic. Without saying anything further, Su Fei gave the saleslady her card. When Qin Chao came out of the dressing room after changing his clothes back to a Western-style suit and saw the large bag, his two eyes almost jumped out of their sockets.

“You’ve got to be kidding me; you purchased all of that?”

“Of course, this purchase is only natural.” Su Fei said, “Sorry, I was usually busy working every day, so, I rarely go shopping to buy clothes.”

“The way you buy clothes is really powerful….” Qin Chao felt a bit dry-mouthed. The total cost of these clothes is approximately 30000-40000 (~ 5000 USD) yuan.

“Come on, take the clothes and throw it into the car first.” Su Fei was very pleased to see the new look from Qin Chao. With such a powerful and handsome man by her side, not only her heart was comfortable, but she also have a ‘face’ in front of outsiders.

After Qin Chao and Su Fei have walked away for quite a while, the saleslady was still immersing herself in the joy of having a huge commission. Afterward, she suddenly remembered that she forgot to ask for that guy’s phone number.

In her lament, this beautiful saleslady began to calculate how much the commission that she will receive.

Meanwhile, Qin Chao, who was carrying a large shopping bag, was standing beside Su Fei inside the elevator, which was slowly descending to the first floor.

Seeing Qin Chao’s concerned face, Su Fei could not bear but laugh.

“Look at your worried face. These are your employees outfit; Remember to wash it.”

“You’re the boss, but your treatment of your workers is too good.” Qin Chao lament.

“You’re worth the price.” Su Fei said.

“Ahem, It seemed like I already been sold out.”

“Go to hell! Even if you want to sell, I don’t want to buy it!” Su Fei’s anger almost made her vomit blood; she thought, ‘Just as I’m beginning to have a favorable impression of him, he immediately started to blab his mouth again.’

“Oh! Beautiful girl!”

When both of them have just walked out of the stairs, a blond haired foreigner in an upscale black trenchcoat suddenly appeared before them. This foreigner is a young and good looking man. It’s just that, his skin was paler than a normal human, and his eyes were slightly redder than usual.

He spoke jerkily in Chinese; He seemed to praise the beauty of Su Fei.

“Beautiful! Very attractive!” Then he pulled out a digital camera from his body and focused it at Su Fei.

Su Fei quickly blocked her face with her hands to stop him from taking her photograph.

Qin Chao also took a step forward and stood in front of Su Fei.

“No-no, no photos!” Qin Chao repeatedly shook his head to this big-nosed foreigner, “Please don’t harass us. Do you understand?”

“Friend, don’t be so heartless!” That foreigner held out his camera and said with a bit paparazzi-like, “I just want to take two pictures as souvenirs!”

“You want to take pictures? Sure!” Qin Chao put the bag in one of his hands and pointed his other hand at the celebrity posters that was taped on the wall beside them, “See that? Take her picture as much as you wish!”

“Pfft…” Su Fei can’t help but laughed, ‘This guy is so wicked. What kind of trick is this?’ She thought.

“Friend, don’t be like this. This is just a photo, a photo!” The foreigner still refused to give up. Moreover, he seemed to want to take a step forward, “I want to take a selfie with a beautiful woman. Yes, just a selfie!”

“NoNoNoNo!” Qin Chao wagged his finger and very seriously said, “Do you know who this is? She is the biggest star in China. If you want to take a photo of her, there is a charge!”

“Charge?” The foreigners stared with his big blue eyes, “So, there is still a charge!”

“Of course!” Qin Chao said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch! If you want to take a selfie with such a beautiful woman, we naturally have to receive some money! You see, I am her manager. Anyone who wants to take a photo of her must have my permission first!”

“How much do you charge?” The foreigner really took out his wallet, which seemed stacked with a large amount of red renminbi.

“Em, yes, our fees are very reasonable.” The corners of Qin Chao’s mouth turned into a grin, “The current market price is 50k renminbi per photo, but that’s only a body photo, not a face photo. Since you’re a foreigner, we’ll give you a 5% discount, so, you just have to pay 47500 renminbi.”

“Friend, you’re joking, right?!” The foreigner finally realized that Qin Chao was playing with him.

“Yes, I was kidding.” Qin Chao immediately withdrew his smile and coldly said, “In China, casually taking someone else’s photo is an impolite behavior. Now please move aside, don’t stand in our way.”

“I only want to take a photo; that’s all.” The foreigner was still trying to explain.

“Next time bring your wife here. I also want to take a photo of her!” Qin Chao can’t help but shout. He then reached for Su Fei’s hand and went outside the Mall.

This was the first time a man pulled her hand (Except for her brother). Su Fei’s face immediately became red, and she followed him from behind without saying a single word.

When the two people left the Mall, the foreigner’s face suddenly turned into a cruel sneer.

“He actually protected her in such thoughtful ways.” The blonde foreigner suddenly licked his lips and said, “Let me play games with you then.”

After that, he left the camera behind and walked out of the Mall. Under the cover of darkness, he patted his pair of black wings and chased away the silver Mercedes-Benz E300.

“Sister, sister! They’ve gone!”

“I know, I know!”

Inside the Mall, Hua Niang was pulling her sister around the mall; They went upstairs and downstairs. Whenever she saw a beautiful dress, this big-breasted-with-the-face-of-an-AV-star girl immediately tried it. No matter what clothes she tried on, they’re all very attractive.

Moreover, they also seemed to carry some money. As an immortal cultivator, although they are a demon cultivator, they still have the industrial backing of their outer court disciples. But what made Bai Jiaojiao really at a loss was, no matter how many stores they entered, no matter how many clothes Hua Niang tried, Hua Niang never pulled out even a single penny. She just tried the clothes, changed back into her original dress and then walked away.

Seeing the despise and angry glance of the saleslady, Bai Jiaojiao felt embarrassed.

“Sister, you have to, at least, purchase one or two items!”

“Buy for what?”

“Of course to wear it! Don’t you like it?”

“Liking it is one thing, but wearing it is another matter!” Hua Niang sternly educated her martial sister, “This dress is a backless dress with just a few loose threads that hold its front. This type of clothes, how can I wear it outside? It’s not respectable!”

“Clearly, no matter what you wear, your big chess will always stand out….” Bai Jiaojiao rolled her eyes, “Sister, they’ve gone away. If we don’t follow them now, we’re going to lose them!”
“Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot our real task! Let’s follow them….Ah! This dress is so cute! Can I try it?”