My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 85


“Why don’t you accompany Su Ji? Why do you want to follow me?” At the entrance to the Auditorium, Su Fei was looking at Qin Chao, who glued to her like a chewing gum, with a frown.

“I am worried about your safety.” Without knowing why, Qin Chao always felt that he owed something to this beautiful principal. So, he had to smile apologetically and said, “There were two groups of killers that were sent out by the Skeleton to deal with you two. I already dealt with the one that was sent out to kill Su Ji. Regarding your assassin group, however, I was still somewhat worried.”

“Didn’t you already killed those five killers?” Su Fei was shocked when she noticed the several traces of bloodstain on the ground. ‘What kind of fight did this man experience outside the Auditorium just now?’ She thought.

‘According to what Chu Shan said, all of those five men have firearms. They recovered three type 54 handguns, three Uzi SMGs, as well as ten red fire prevention’s axe (Author: The rest were too graphic to describe).’

“I found it somewhat strange, but, these five men didn’t seem like a Skeleton’s killer. According to the skeleton’s style, it is highly unlikely that they would send out such fool like these five men.” Qin Chao told her his judgment.

“You don’t need to worry. I already have my own bodyguard.” With that, Su Fei pointed her finger at the more than ten men in black bodyguards who stood around her.

“Relying on them? They can’t even handle a few Japanese students. I don’t trust them.” Hearing the words from Qin Chao, the bodyguard’s faces were suddenly red. To be honest, after watching the previous martial arts contest, these bodyguards were also thoroughly admired the ability of this man, Qin Chao.

If only Qin Chao could speak more tactful, that would be even better.

But the matter is of vital importance right now, so, Qin Chao could not afford to be more tactful. The only thing that he want right now is to find a way to protect the safety of Su Fei.

“I do not need you. I still have Jiang Dong!” After that, she pulled her fighter-type Housekeeper before her to demonstrate his quality to Qin Chao.

“I swear to protect the safety of big Miss with my own life!” Jiang Dong immediately said.

Qin Chao just chuckled a couple of times and then took a glance at Jiang Dong. The later quickly lowered his head and quietly took a couple of steps back.

“Jiang Dong, you!” Seeing this scene, Su Fei did not know whether to get angry or not.

“Director Su, when did I annoy you? You seemed to hate the way I look.” Qin Chao was somewhat puzzled about Su Fei’s reluctant, so, he asked her this question while he touched his nose.

“Hmph, who wants to hate you!” Su Fei rolled her eyes, pushed the glasses on her nose and looked at the man in front of her. She felt somewhat difficult to breathe.

‘You! You already got Su Ji, why on earth you still want to get close to me?’ Su Fei thought.

“Director Su!” Qin Chao’s complexion was somewhat cold, “Now is not the time for jokes. Do you forget how powerful the Skeleton is? They are not just professional; they also have some powerful weapons (such as the werewolf). Against the Skeleton, your bodyguards cannot guarantee your safety. Only by surviving this crisis will the Skeleton be frightened, making them stop threatening your security for some time. Then we can think about other approaches.”

Su Fei was panting. She found out that once this man gets serious, she could not refuse him anymore.

“Fine….So be it….” Su Fei suddenly felt exhausted. She waved to Jiang Dong and said, “Jiang Dong, lead the bodyguards to protect Su Ji. Qin Chao alone is enough here.”

“Yes, big Miss.” Jiang Dong with a bunch of bodyguards turned around and walked away. Jiang Dong felt like crying, ‘His grandma! With just a few words from Qin Chao, big Miss, who seemingly always put her trust in me, immediately sent the bodyguards and me away….’

Moreover, the most hurtful thing to him was when she said that Qin Chao alone is enough. All these professional bodyguards felt inferior to this one little security guard.

Ahem, they are indeed inferior to Qin Chao. What Qin Chao is capable of, even if other people did not recognize it, Jiang Dong can fully attest it. He saw with his own eyes when Qin Chao displaced a heavy car just by kicking it. And just now, Qin Chao dispatched the five vicious fire-armed killers all by himself. Although he was slightly injured, it cannot hide his enviable strength!

“Come, you ought to know how to drive a car, right?.” Su Fei said while she dug the car keys in her bag and stuffed it into Qin Chao’s hand.

“Sure.” Qin Chao nodded, “I once drove an Audi A6L.”

As soon as he said this, Qin Chao realized his mistake. He cursed his big mouth, ‘Damn, talking about revealing own secret! That car is none other than Fang Hua’s car! Fuck! It’s like I’m being possessed by a devil (infatuated), spouting out anything that comes to my mind.’

“You’re bragging.” Who knew Su Fei did not believe what he said, “You now work as my bodyguard as well as my driver.”

“Yes! Big Miss!” Qin Chao mimicked Jiang Dong’s manner of speaking, saying, “Where are we going?”

“I have to attend a cocktail party this evening.” Su Fei lightly said, “But you cannot go to the party with this appearance. First we’re going to Jinhua Mall to change your outfit. They open their store 24/7 there.”

“Ah? Want to buy clothes? Can’t I just use this outfit?” Qin Chao was thinking ‘I don’t even have a penny in my wallet.’

“Do not joke, this is a VIP cocktail party.” Su Fei rolled her eyes.

“But…but…I….” Qin Chao was embarrassed to admit that he didn’t have the money. Every time the words were on the tip of his tongue, he became depressed and repeatedly swallowed it back to his belly.

Su Fei was not able to see through Qin Chao’s dilemma. She covered her mouth, laughed a bit, and then resumed her light tone of speaking.

“Looking at your cheap appearance, you don’t need to pay it.”

“I, I’ll pay you back….”

“Don’t tell me such nonsense, this is just the staff’s outfit. You’re now the temporary Housekeeper of Su Fei. Therefore, I’m responsible for your outfit.”

“Yes! Big Miss!”

“Don’t act like Jiang Dong!”

“Yes! Big Miss!”


The two people then went to the underground parking lot and, soon, came out in a silver Mercedes-Benz E300.

When the Mercedes drove out of the campus, a black figure suddenly appeared at the top of the nearby campus building.

That figure is a foreign man who wore a black trench coat. Under the moonlight, his appearance is very bizarre. He looked at the moving Mercedes-Benz and muttered (in English).

“This security guard is really cautious. I sent five men as a decoy, but he apparently has seen through that.”

After that he suddenly smiled, “Too bad, I initially wanted to finish this task gracefully. Looks like I have to get sweaty this time. However, this girl is really pretty. If not for this task, I really want to turn her first…hehe….”

After that, he opened his pair of black wings from behind his back, flew up, and soon vanished into the night.

The man did not know that, at the top of the Auditorium, two people were watching at him.

Bai Jiaojiao was playing with her sword and then deeply looked at Hua Niang and said. “Sister, that man have gone after them.”

“Mm, I know.” Hua Niang nodded, “I never thought that there would be many dark creatures that suddenly appeared here. As early as a century ago, wasn’t there an agreement that the Western dark creatures cannot set foot in the land of China? Why did they suddenly appear now?”

“Sister, that’s an old agreement. They may not care about that anymore.” Bai Jiaojiao said.

“It doesn’t matter; rules are rules. As a member of the cultivation’s realm, we have the responsibility to enforce this rule.” Hua Niang said and then waved her hand, “Jiaojiao, let’s follow him.”

“Yeah!” Bai Jiaojiao is someone who loves to join the fun. Her master said that her disposition is a thriller seeker. Bai Jiaojiao then turned into a ray of white light and flew in the direction of the previous flying man to chase him.

“This Jiaojiao, always impatient.” Hua Niang shook her head and then turned into multicolored rays of light and went after them.

Qin Chao did not know that he was being targeted these many people. Right now he was a driver to big Miss Su Fei. Driving the Mercedes-Benz E300, Qin Chao felt bursts of emotions. He thought, ‘A good car is a good car! Compared with my uncle’s Xiali, the difference in quality is huge!’

If you bought two inflatable dolls, one of them worth 100 yuan, and the other 1000 yuan. The experience will be utterly different.

Soon they drove into the city and stopped at the parking lot of Jinhua Mall.

The two people then get out of the car and went to the Mall with Qin Chao always glued next to Su Fei. Without knowing why, Su Fei suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction. If only this man would always be by her side, that would be much better.

“Try to avoid the crowds. There would be a problem if someone, who are targeting you, hide between the crowds.” Qin Chao did not forget to remind Su Fei as they entered the Jianhua Mall.

“There would not be many people in the mall in time like this.” Su Fei laughed.

This Jinhua Commercial Building is a comprehensive shopping mall. Altogether, there are six floors. Each floor has its own style. The display of many luxury cars in the first floor’s hall is the most eye-catching one. The one which attracted Qin Chao’s interest is a Cayenne.

It seemed like it happened just a couple of days ago when he rode with Su Ji to compete in a race with a Cayenne. The result of that race was, of course, their spectacular win. However, regarding the fate of the Cayenne’s driver, Qin Chao did not have the interest to know.

Almost everything was sold in this Mall. But, they were all high-quality items. One of the of items are clothes; there are several thousands of them. All of them were branded. But, Qin Chao still prefers his non-branded clothes compared to these thousands of designer clothes. His clothes were nice and cheap. Although the quality is not that good, it’s still comfortable to wear.

There were also quite many cafeterias in this mall, making Qin Chao, who, in addition to his increased appetite, was drained because of the previous fight, could not help but feel a little hungry.

Unfortunately, they did not come here to eat, but to buy clothes.

“Qin Chao, come here. Try this one!” Since entering the Mall, the eyes behind the glasses of Su Fei were unceasingly shined. She pulled Qin Chao toward a high-quality men’s wear shop.

The beautiful shop attendee immediately brought out the clothes that were recommended by Su Fei. When Qin Chao saw the price, he was shocked, ‘my goodness, it’s 5000 yuan!’

“Ahem…this clothes….”

“Sir, this clothes is perfect for your size. Look at your broad shoulders, it’s the typical coat-hanger type. This suit is an Italian brand, its quality is guaranteed, the model is also fashionable. This suit would certainly satisfy you. Come, give it a try.”

Although Qin Chao wore a tattered security uniform, the shop attendee can recognize the high-quality clothes of Su Fei in a single glance. Therefore, although she gave Qin Chao her best smile, her heart have a different thought. ‘Clearly,’ she thought, ‘this guy must be this woman’s gigolo.’