My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 7


“Who!” Qin Chao turned around and subconsciously punched out. The present Qin Chao, could absolutely knock out any person with this fist. But, that person, actually stretched out her own white finger, gently touched Qin Chao’s fist and stopped it in its track.

“Ai, in front of a beautiful woman, how could you be so violent.”

Qin Chao then saw clearly that person’s face. He saw her wearing tight leather pants that wrapped her body enticingly. Her chest was big, the largest one Qin Chao has ever seen on a woman. A full E size is not an exaggeration. Hanging on there, like two papayas.

Her waist was very thin, a standard Devil’s small waist. It was a waist that would be desired by most men. If on the bed, the way this *** sways could absolutely take a man’s life.

Her *ss curled upwards, it could be the best *ss in existence. And her chest echoing a popular Devil figure. Her two straight legs were wrapped in leather pants, showing a trace of wildness.

Looking at her face, with a tassel-like pupil, lead one to have an exciting thought. Qin Chao’s whole body was tingling. That eye was a light green color while her hair was jet black. Perhaps this woman was also mixed-race?

“Who are you? ” Dealing with a beautiful woman made Qin Chao’s wariness ease a lot. If the world’s saleswomen were are all beautiful, sales would certainly be a lot better.

“Oh ……You, this afternoon we saw one another, now you already not recognize me, it’s really irresponsible ……”

The woman put down Qin Chao’s fist, smiled and looked at him. Charming him with a touch.

Qin Chao sniffed with his nose, then his brows suddenly jumped.

“You’re the security guard that held me this afternoon?”

“He he….do you have a dog nose?” This beauty made a gesture with her hand, and then as if there’s some sort of magical power, the overturned sofa, rolled itself, back to the original position.

“Who are you?” Qin Chao was stunned; he felt as if he was in a magical dream.

“My name is luósī yī dé qiàn; you can just call me Rosy. I am a devil from hell.”

“What?” Qin Chao froze for a moment, then bit his tongue to feel pain, “Do not joke, there is no such thing as hell.”

“Alas, having natural magic body, you don’t even believe in hell……”

Rosie says, while her body bonelessly fluttered forward, suddenly pressuring Qin Chao’s body. Startled, Qin Chao stepped back and hit the sofa. Then, his breathing caught a whiff of refreshing fragrant; unexpectedly he was holding Rosy’s body and they both fall on the couch together.

He held Rosy tightly in his arms, feeling the fullness of her breasts, causing his blood to flow opposite of his head. Under this assault on senses, Qin Chao’s lower head could not help but awaken.

Rosy felt the little changes on Qin Chao’s body, and laughed flirtatiously, “Oh, really dishonest man. You are already on the threshold of acquiring a true cultivation, to be able to practice it you must not mess around. I worked hard, really hard before obtaining this quota to do business with you.”

Then, she saw that Qin Chao was still somewhat in a daze, and quickly took a chance. Her sweet lips kissed Qin Chao’s mouth.

Feeling her soft and sweet lips, Qin Chao’s brain doze off.

‘I, I’m not dreaming.’

“OKOK!” after kissing Qin Chao, Rosy happily jumped, then sat on the back of the sofa. With her face flushed, she smiled and said, “Contract is reached, from now on you are my client! Come on, now I vow …… ”

Before she finished, Rosy’s brow suddenly wrinkled . She looked up, her mouth cursed.

“Darn it, already said my client, never thought this shameless man … …”

Then, she lowered her head and showed a smile to Qin Chao, and said sweetly, “I have a little matter to take care of, my little darling, wait for me to come back!”

Suddenly, she remembered something, her palm producing a very ancient looking book then put it in the front of Qin Chao, “These -Nine Secret Laws, you receive it first, it will be very useful in your practice, hehe.”

Then, she leaned against the wall in the room. Her body gradually disappeared in the wall, as if she melted.

“Remember, your soul is mine!”

“Smack!” a thunderous sound was heard, that’s the sound of Qin Chao giving himself a big slap.

“Cr*ap! really hurts, it’s really not a dream!” Qin Chao shouted twice, jumped up from the sofa, “Really is the devil? A beautiful devil? F*ck me, who’s going to believe this!”

The room still smelled of Rosy’s body fragrance, reminding him just how true things were.

Moreover, his hands still held that ancient book, titled “Nine Secret Law.”

Qin Chao acted like a crazy man; he circles around the room while muttering, “It must be because of bad feng shui, this room is being haunted…haunted…..”

That devil woman also said that he was born with a natural devil body…what if this is true, previously the sound in his head also said the same thing. Ever since that night, he had changed a lot. His appearance changed, his body also changed….

“You are already in the threshold of acquiring true cultivation…” Rosy’s voice, has been stuck in his ears. Qin Chao’s head already became mush. He simply could not think anymore, he simply tossed up the “Nine Secret Law” book casually and dived onto bed. ‘I do not understand, simply do not want to!’

So, when he appeared in Guangyuan School the next day, even though he’s without the mummy bandages, he showed up with a two big black eyes.

“Oh, young man.” A more than 40-year-old security guard, immediately urged, “Don’t let yourself be too indulgent, you must exercise self-control. I in those years are very romantic, the playing field…… ”

“Ai, you’re terrible!” Cute security leader comrade Chen Yingyang snuggle up, and “gently” applied a hot towel to Qin Chao’s eyes, “If you need somebody, you can just look for me. I’m not the same as those evil women; I’ll be gentle….”

After that, he even threw a coquettish look at Qin Chao, making Qin Chao frightened and caused cold sweat to pour out of him.

When Chen Yingyang saw that the mummy bandages that wrapped around Qin Chao’s head were gone, revealing a chiseled face, made him love Qin Chao more.

“Ahem … …” that electric baton Wang coldly looked at Qin Chao, has been thinking since last night, since I can’t kick you out of school, within the scope of official duty, I can always order you around.

“Qin Chao, it’s your turn to be on duty today, stand guard.”

Qin Chao looked out of the window, it’s raining outside, he frowned, looked at electric baton Wang, “It’s raining outside, you’re telling me to stand guard?”

“Qin Chao, don’t be too arrogant!” electric baton Wang slapped the table with his baton, hard, pumping himself up, “You took the school’s money, don’t you think it’s just letting you sitting and eating around this security building! So what if it’s raining, no one’s to guard when it’s rain? You ask all the security here, which one who’s never stand guard when it rain?”

“You ……” Qin Chao gnawed his teeth; he could not tolerate the smug look of that electric baton Wang. He suddenly stood up, which scared electric baton Wang, making his plump *ss fell on the chair, his face pale.

“You, you, you, what do you want!” he touched his electric baton, setting its output to the max, pointing it at Qin Chao.

“What else.” Qin Chao said with a crooked smile, “I’m going to stand guard!”

After saying that, he got out of the security room, and walked into the drizzling campus.

Rain is always a little cooler in the fall, making Qin Chao slightly nervous. Surprisingly, Qin Chao do not feel this autumn’s chill. His body was permeated with warmth, which made him feel very comfortable.

“Electric baton Wang, one day I want to clean up your ass.” Qin Chao muttered, standing next to the gate of the school. It was after class time, many students walked out with two or three groups.

Qin Chao understood what it meant to be in a university, especially a 3rd rate university. All you had to do was simply to follow the routine. Have a partner, get out to find a room. If you wanted to change partners, you would find another room.

Qin Chao once had a girlfriend, but afterward, she ran out with a wealthy classmate. At that time Qin Chao really loved that girl, and couldn’t bear to take her out to a room. The result was, he had to see her being spoilt by that guy…. Seeing this pairs of teenage boys and girls putting their arms around each other, Qin Chao can not help but feel somewhat sad.

“Do not run!”When he sighs with emotion, suddenly he hears a sound of commotion. He take a look, only to see an overweight kid puffing hard to run outside of school. Behind him, a large crowd of students seemed to be chasing that overweight kid.

“Damn, how dare you molest my girlfriend, you’re seeking death! ”

That overweight kid ran very slowly and soon was caught up by the group of students. One of the students had dyed blue hair, and was wearing branded clothes. He slapped the overweight kid in the face, causing him to fall down to the ground.

That overweight kid cried in pain, like a pig, the students around him were kicking and hurting him, while he only curled up on the ground, wet, and protected his face.

The other students, pretended to ignore what happened besides them, only looking at that overweight kid with a sympathetic look, no one dared to intervene.

“Dare to mess with my woman, I’ll let you remember it for a long time!” That blue-haired student suddenly kicks, he jumped and smashed his two feet on the overweight kid’s face.

Qin Chao can not bear anymore, he just want these student’s fight to stop. He was going to make a move; suddenly he remembered Chen Yingyang’s words.

Don’t make a decision, the most important rule is, do not be noisy. Thinking about this, he hesitated.

And this time, a beautiful figure, moving from the corner of the classroom building. Seeing the students fighting here, Director Su Fei wrinkled her brow but said nothing.

“Let you touch my woman, I’m going to waste you!” That blue-haired student becomes more aggressive; he picked up an iron bar, it seems he intends to break that overweight kid’s leg.

“You guys, enough!” Qin Chao couldn’t bear anymore, immediately rushed forward, pushing that blue-haired student.

Immediately, the surrounding crowd of students looked at Qin Chao with a different look. Perhaps with a scared look, perhaps a look that somewhat takes pleasure in other’s misfortunes.

“Who are you?” That kid looked up, with a frown staring at Qin Chao, “You dare to disturb my things, what the hell are you, ah?”

“I am the school’s security guard.” Qin Chao coldly talked back, and then push a few other students, picked up the overweight kid and start patting him because he was covered with mud. The overweight student’s nose apparently was kicked, because his nose was bleeding. His eyes swelled up and ruptured, dripping with blood. Afraid that his wounds would become infected by the mud, Qin Chao said.

“Come on, follow me to the security room. ”

“Who’s the one who permitted you to leave, I’m not letting you go!” That blue-haired student roared. Suddenly several students next to him moved, Qin Chao was surrounded.