My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 69


The two people with daggers were slowly approaching Qin Chao and Su Fei. Su Fei, who only saw such scene on TV, was shivering all over while hiding behind Qin Chao.

“Swish!” One of the killer’s figure suddenly rushed. In a flash, he arrived in front of Qin Chao and waved his dagger to Qin Chao’s neck.

Like a scorpion wagging its tail, this strike is fast and hard. Qin Chao felt coldness on his neck, like being pricked with a needle.

“Bam!” Qin Chao quickly grabbed the killer’s wrist and with a kick, the killer flew and hit the top of the nearby van.

The other killer took this opportunity to attack. He went around the back of Qin Chao and stabbed Su Fei with his dagger.

Qin Chao quickly turned around and, while holding Su Fei with his arms, rotated his right leg to do a side kick. The killer’s dagger flew out of his hand and pierced the wall above his head.

The killer was also forced back a couple of steps backward. He looked at Qin Chao with a somewhat astonished look.

“Who are you?” Although her face was crimson, Su Fei, who still in Qin Chao’s arms, did not forget to loudly ask the two killers.

But the latter did not respond her question. They were just signaling each other with their hands.

Then, the two people put away their daggers and then drew PPK pistols from their waistband. With their hands, they pointed the black muzzle toward Qin Chao and Su Fei.

Su Fei felt silly. She didn’t expect the opposite party would be able to come up with this type of firearm. It seemed like the other side came from a professional organization.

Qin Chao’s reaction was quick. After being shot by Luo Hao’s type 54 pistol, Qin Chao was very sensitive toward firearms. As soon as the opposite party drew their guns, Qin Chao quickly ducked his head, pulled Su Fei with him and hide behind an SUV.

“Bang!” An assassin fired a shot. The bullet hit the SUV’s window, making its glasses break. Su Fei cried out in alarm. Qin Chao hugged her in his bosom, leaving the broken pieces of glasses fell all over himself.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you out of here.” Qin Chao whispered in Su Fei’s ear.

Although Su Fei was already a veteran in the business world, she is still a woman. As soon as she heard Qin Chao’s words, she quickly became quite. She looked at Qin Chao’s determined face with a somewhat foolish look.

Qin Chao took a couple of deep breaths. As a divine concentrations stage cultivator, coupled with telekinesis ability, Qin Chao believes he will be able to make an escape with Su Ji from the two killers attack.

Although the two killers steps were light, they cannot escape Qin Chao’s ears. With his divine concentration stage attention, he can even feel the two people’s breath.

The two assassin came toward the SUV from two different directions.

When they came close, Qin Chao suddenly stood up and sent out his foot; He heavily kick the top of this SUV.

With a thud, the car immediately flew and directly hit one of the killers. The other one was taken aback by this.

Without any delay, Qin Chao took this chance to run out of the underground parking lot. Behind them, the killer fired several shots, only to hit the top of the various cars as Qin Chao used the other parked car as the barrier between them and the killer.

The killer that was knocked down by the SUV awkwardly climbed up and picked up the pistol on the ground. The two men then drove their black Citroen out of the parking lot to pursue Qin Chao and Su Fei.

“They chase us!” Su Fei exclaimed after seeing the lights coming out from the parking lot.

“Don’t worry, they won’t catch us.” Qin Chao rushed to the spot where he parked his bicycle. He stretched out his hand to wrench apart the bike’s lock and then put Su Fei on its crossbar.

“Sorry for this inconveniences, but it would be dangerous if Director Su sits in the back.” Qin Chao stepped up on his lucky old bike and pushed its pedals;

The bike immediately accelerated at such an alarming rate. Su Fei felt her body was violently pulled back and suddenly crashed into Qin Chao’s bosom.

Qin Chao was already speeding away on the road with his bike.

The black Citroen hit the roadblock at the entrance to the campus and roared out of the school. It tightly followed behind them.

“Bang, bang, bang!” One of the killers poked his head out and fired several shots at Qin Chao. But, aiming inside the speeding car is difficult. All the bullets missed its target.

At this time, drizzle suddenly started to float from the sky. With Qin Chao’s hurtling speed, these raindrops are like an ice hockey. It gave Qin Chao dull ache all over his body.

Su Fei was clearly in a bad state. She tightly pressed her, now became somewhat purple, lips.

“Hold tight!” Qin Chao suddenly turned his bike and into the adjacent farm field. After it had rained, this farm field was slightly muddy. But it could not hold down the bike, which was quenched into an artifact by Qin Chao. This vehicle able galloped up and race through the field.

The black Citroen also followed down after them. This time, the car didn’t have such good performance as the bike. After entering the farm field, the car fell into a depression from time to time, making it immediately slowed down.

Seeing the bike went further and further away, the driver finally gave up their hunt. He stopped the car and slapped hard at the steering wheel.

“Damn it! Fucking Damn it!”

“Report to the superior. The other party has an expert that above our level. We need to change the tactic.” The other killer said dismissively. It was as if he already considered Qin Chao and Su Fei to be dead.

“No one can escape from the Skeleton’s assassination. No one.”

Like a black beast, this black Citroen starts up and slowly headed back to the street.

Using the field as a shortcut, Qin Chao rode his bike and quickly pulled into the urban area. Now, even if there is a killer, they would not openly attack.

“Alright. It saves now.” Riding on the urban area street, Qin Chao finally felt relieved, “What could possibly make your two sisters repeatedly under attack?”

“I don’t know…” Su Fei suddenly became gloomy, “Perhaps it was father’s business rival.”

‘If this were your father’s business rival, they would have kidnapped you instead.’ Seeing Su Fei, Qin Chao held these words in his stomach.

“You hide in my place for a while.” Without knowing where to go, Qin Chao had to take Su Fei to his apartment.

The bike soon arrived at Qin Chao’s apartment building. After parking the bicycle, Qin Chao led Su Fei to the dark corridor on the third floor. Although Su Fei is a capable woman, she is afraid of the dark. She tightly holds Qin Chao’s sleeve while following behind him.

Qin Chao, himself, secretly wanted to laugh. He pulled out the keys to open the door and then showed his 40 square meters (~430 square feet) home in front of Su Fei.

“Sorry if this humble place of mine is making Director Su laughed.”

“No, this place is good.” It turned out Su Fei did not shun what she saw. Instead, a cozy look flew out of her eyes. She pointed to a long red sofa and said, “Can I take it?”

“Of course, of course. Director Su, please.” Qin Chao hastily replied. How could he refuse?

“You don’t need to call me Director Su here.” Su Fei showed her rarely showed smile toward Qin Chao, “Just call me Su Fei.”

This smile made Qin Chao a little dumbfounded. If Su Ji’s smile makes Qin Chao feels warm, then Su Fei’s smile makes Qin Chao feels amazing!

“Ahem, well, Su….Su Fei, you sit here for a while. I need to go out to do something.” Qin Chao takes off his security guard uniform while simultaneously takes his black leather coat from the wall.

Hearing Qin Chao wanted to leave, Su Fei was suddenly afraid and asked, “Where, where are you going?”

“I’m going to address those two assassins.” Qin Chao gave Su Fei his smile, making the latter stunned.

“No! It’s too dangerous!” Su Fei quickly stood up and pulled up Qin Chao’s sleeve. She was flustered like a lonely little girl. “Better leave this matter to the police. We can just safely wait here.”

“Rest assured. For them, I’m the dangerous one.” Qin Chao evoked a somewhat crooked smile, making Su Fei’s heart cannot help but sped up.

Her eyes became misty. Her memory flew her a decade back. At that time, she was still a little girl. She was behind his brother, pulling his sleeve all day long.

“Brother, walk slowly. I’m scared.”

“Little Fei, you were already big. Don’t you feel shame that you still afraid of the dark.”

“Don’t ridicule me brother….I really am afraid.”

“Then stay close. It’s alright. Brother is really strong. I’ll definitely protect you, little Fei.”

“Brother!” Su Fei suddenly blurted out. Only to discover there was nothing that her hand could hold on. When she recovered, Qin Chao’s figure was no longer stood in front of her. The entire room is empty.

‘Who exactly is this man?’ Su Fei sat back on the couch. Her eyes become somewhat hazy. In her memories, there is one particular incident that stood out, which is when Qin Chao kicked the SUV.

‘Could human have such extreme strength?’

However, she finally understood why Su Ji likes him. When she was by his side, in her heart she felt so…free from worry.

Without knowing what the girl was thinking about, Qin Chao, who is riding his lucky old bike, stood on top of a ten-story building.

“Rosy!” Qin Chao gently spits out this word.

“Whop whop whop!” A military grade helicopter suddenly flew in the sky. Its searchlight immediately focused on Qin Chao, scaring him.

At this time, that helicopter dropped a rope ladder. A woman dressed in a WWII German military uniform gently jumped down the rope and then enchantingly stood across from Qin Chao.

This female’s figure is voluptuous. Her qualities are outstanding. This time, wearing WWII German military uniform, her heroic spirit was even more stood out.

“Rosy, do you need to stage such a big scene every time you appear?”

“He he, wasn’t this very amusing?” Rosy chuckled. With a wave of her hand, the military grade helicopter immediately turned into a plume of black smoke and disappeared without a trace.

“It’s already late, why would you call Renjia? In hell, Renjia was very busy.”

“What were you busy about?”


“…..” Qin Chao was speechless. After a while, he said, “Beauty, considering that I already make a wish, could you do a small favor for my sake?”

“Hehe, you always like to bargain.” Rosy laughed while covering her mouth, “Making a deal with you was such a big loss.”

“Just tell me if you want to help me or not.” Qin Chao’s thick skin face blushed.

“Fine, Renjia will help you out.” Rosy thrown Qin Chao a flirtatious look, “But, Renjia was very curious. All this time, you never want to make a wish that would benefit you. But, when it comes someone else, you were not even hesitated to make a wish. You’re one strange human.”

“Thanks for the praise. You’re also one strange devil.”

“Humph, do you still want my help?”

“Yes! Of course.”

After saying that, with a wave of her hand, a GPS navigator suddenly appeared in Qin Chao’s hand.