My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 67


“I’ll kill you!” While all the girls were screaming, Sun Xiaofeng’s eyes turned red. With a wave of his hand, the rubber baton on Zhang Li’s waist immediately jumped out and fell into his hand.

“Roar!” He then sent out a low cry. All the people in the room felt a sudden burst in their ears, followed by tinnitus (buzzing in the ears). This roar even made the mirrors in the surrounding walls cracked.

Su Ji was standing there, quietly watching Sun Xiaofeng’s strange skill. It appeared that she was indeed targeted by someone. This Sun Xiaofeng was obviously possessed by a ghost. Moreover, this ghost was not some ordinary low-level ghost. According to her estimation, this ghost’s level was almost at the level of King of Ghosts.

Although the crisis was imminent (originally: danger now morning or evening), but, as a Buddhist disciple, she had a rule to follow. Which was not to cast their skills in front of the outsiders. Although this rule can be bended a little if she was just to show it to just one or two people, she could not use her skills in front of this many students. If today’s matter were to spread out, perhaps Baotai Temple of Mt. Song would expel her from their school.

The King of Ghosts that controlled Sun Xiaofeng clearly didn’t concern Su Ji’s consideration. Like a nimble bird, his body soon swooped to Su Ji’s side. The rubber baton in his hand smashed toward Su Ji’s head.

Even if she cannot cast her spells here, but, as a ‘foundation building’ stage cultivator, with a single backward roll, Su Ji flexibly avoid Sun Xiaofeng’s heavy blow.

But, with the stare of Sun Xiaofeng’s intense red eyes, he already caught Su Ji with his other hand. Su Ji immediately felt that she could not control her own body and was then pulled toward Sun Xiaofeng.

“King of Ghost’s telekinesis!” Su Ji’s eyes were glittered with surprise. This kind of ability to control an object with one’s mind can only be used by a King of Ghosts. Compelled by the circumstances, Su Ji finally have to extend her wrist, revealing her Buddhist beads.

“Go to hell!” At this time, a shadow suddenly rushed in. With a flying kick, his body turned into a fierce wind. Sun Xiaofeng, who was controlling Su Ji’s body with his telekinesis, was kicked out before Su Ji could cast her incantation.

“Bang!” The King of Ghosts became a poor ghost. His body hit an adjacent shelf. Several pieces of sports equipment fell on him and buried his body.

Qin Chao lightly landed on the ground and looked at Su Ji somewhat nervously.

Are you alright?”

“Hump, if you came a little late, something will bound to happen.”

“Second Miss, second Miss!” Jiang Dong soon followed Qin Chao and burst into the classroom while carrying a machete with a murderous look, “Who dares to offend the second Miss, I’ll hack him to pieces!”

“Jiang Dong, what are you doing!” His appearance may scare a lot of girls, but some girls like his bravery. Thinking, ‘What a man! This is what a real man would look like.’ But, Su Ji was somewhat unhappy and scolded him.

“Put that machete away! This is the campus ground!”

“What kind of situation is this?” Zhang Li rubbed his shoulders and crawled up from the ground.

“Brother, you’ve done a good job. Thank You!” Qin Chao knows for sure that Zhang Li had blocked Sun Xiaofeng for a while. Otherwise, even if Jiang Dong’s Mercedes-Benz turned into an aircraft, he would not have been able to rescue Su Ji in time.

“He he.” Zhang Li giggled a couple of times. He felt relieved. As long as there is brother Qin, what matter that cannot be accomplished?

Hu Lili and Fang Wen were hugging each other. These two chicks were spooked. The usual fierce and agile Hu Lili was gone. She gingerly asked Qin Chao, “Qin Chao, what, what has happened?”

“Just a small mishap.” Qin Chao waved and said, “Zhang Li, close the classroom door.”

“OK! OK!” Zhang Li immediately went to the classroom door and shut it.

“Roar!” At this time, the ground shook. Sun Xiaofeng who was pinned down by the sports equipment, suddenly flicked his arms. From being buried, he was now stood up.

Even with blood on his forehead, he seemed to feel no pain. He just stared at Su Ji with his red eyes.

“This is far from good.” Qin Chao stood in front of Su Ji and whispered at her, “This is tricky. Is there any way to forced out the King of Ghosts from Sun Xiaofeng’s body? Otherwise, I may accidentally kill Sun Xiaofeng.”

“The last note of the ‘big six bright incantations’ definitely can bring this King of Ghosts out.” Su Ji confidently said to Qin Chao.

“Then, quickly said it!”

“I will not!” Qin Chao was thoroughly defeated by Su Ji. That Sun Xiaofeng suddenly extended his hands and controlled those heavy sports equipments in the room, which soon floated into the air.

Qin Chao was cornered. He cannot be sure if he can block these many attacks. Even if he can parry it one by one, it is far from good. What if one of it hit one of the students here?

“Soul binding lock!” Qin Chao summoned his unique artifact from the storage ring. With a loud hissing sound, like a flash of lightning, the chain immediately wrapped around Sun Xiaofeng’s body.

This soul binding lock was the preferred artifact when one is dealing with a ghost. After being tightly trapped, Sun Xiaofeng’s telekinesis suddenly disturbed. With a rattling sound, the several pieces of sports equipments that were floating in the air fell to the ground.

Everyone was relieved. Sun Xiaofeng struggled; his eyes were completely red now. Qin Chao stares at him. He didn’t know how long his soul binding lock would be able to hold him. If he cannot find a way to force out this King of Ghost, this matter will not end here.

“Let me chop him to death!” With a murderous look, Jiang Dong raised his machete and prepared to move.

“No!” Qin Chao and Su Ji voiced their objection at the same time. Sun Xiaofeng did not have any relationship in this mess. If they want to get rid of the King of Ghosts, they cannot kill this ordinary person.

“Second Miss, don’t worry, I’ll be quick. This guy will not feel the slightest bit of pain.” Jiang Dong chuckled twice. Without consulting anyone, he went to Sun Xiaofeng’s side.

But, when he reached about a meter distance from Sun Xiaofeng, Jiang Dong felt an enormous force impacting his body. Making him awkwardly fly out upside down and fall to the ground.

“Damn! Such an evil force!” Jiang Dong was a bit silly.

“He still has ample power to protect his body.” Qin Chao frowned, thinking, ‘Indeed worthy to be named King of Ghosts. Even though he’s been imprisoned by my soul binding lock, he still has some power left. I’m afraid in a few moments he will have the ability to break this soul binding lock.’

Come to this, there is only one method left.

“Rosy! I want to make a wish! Force-out this King of Ghost from this boy’s body!” His loud voice reverberated in this classroom. Everyone looked at Qin Chao with a somewhat puzzled look, thinking in their heart, ‘What kind of ghost name did he call? Who is this Rosy?’

The one who stood on top of a nearby building, Zhou De, hung a trace of disdain sneer on his mouth.

“This guy is crazy. Who does he think he is? Did he think he can solve his problem just by shouting out?”

But, at this time, a sound came from the classroom door. It was a thumping sound. Making everyone in the room became alarmed.

“Who is it!?” Zhang Li, who was guarding the door, shouted out a voice.

“Express delivery for Mr. Qin Chao!” A sweet voice resounded from the door. Qin Chao’s eyebrows jumped. He waved to Zhang Li and said.

“Let her in!”

Qin Chao has given his order. Zhang Li dutifully opened the door. Only to see a beautiful woman with a voluptuous figure, who dressed in green uniform, came in. With a package in her hands, she simply walked to the front of Qin Chao without consulting anybody.

An X express delivery inscription was printed behind her pretty uniform.

“Please sign here.” Qin Chao really admired Rosy’s COSPLAY abilities. He signed down his name and then accepted the package.

After saying, “Thank you for using X express delivery.” This beauty then left under the stunned look of the onlookers.

At the classroom door, she suddenly smiled at Zhang Li.

“Handsome boy, you are good. Why don’t you leave me your number so that we can have a dinner tonight?”

“I…I….” Zhang Li was a less than 20 years old guy, where would he experience this kind of parade? He was suddenly speechless and red in the face.

“He he, such an innocent guy. See you next time!” With that, the beautiful woman left this classroom with her fragrant smell. She also did not forget to close the door.

“Who is that fellow?” Su Ji, the woman who was born with 6th senses, awakens and warily asked Qin Chao.

“Don’t mind her, she’s just an express delivery courier.” Qin Chao has no time to explain. He ripped open the package and pulled out an honest to goodness silver flashlight from the inside.

“What is this! I wasted a wish just to get this flashlight?” Qin Chao’s whole body trembled, he cannot help but rage, “Damn it! Is this broken toy supposedly be able to blind the eyes of this King of Ghosts?”

After saying that, Qin Chao pushed the flashlight’s button, making it shine. He then illuminated Sun Xiaofeng with it.

“Ah!” To Qin Chao surprise, Sun Xiaofeng uttered a painful cry; His body began to tremble. The soul binding lock seemed to have sensed something because it automatically detached from Sun Xiaofeng’s body and returned to Qin Chao’s hand.

When the pain reached its limit, Sun Xiaofeng suddenly sent out a deafening roar. Then, a black shadow jumped out from his body. With a whistling sound, it flew into the air. It was as if it wanted to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Qin Chao came to his senses and pointed the flashlight at the black shadow.

“Aw!” As if being burned, under the illumination of the beam, that shadow continually twisted its body, and then dropped to the ground.

“Soul binding lock!” Qin Chao threw his soul binding lock and tightly bound that shadow. Turning his back on the girls, Qin Chao bluntly walked over toward that shadow. Then he pierced the shadow with his beastly arm.

“Rest in peace!”

That shadow sent waves of screams. It constantly twisted its body. But, like a greedy monster, Qin Chao’s arm unceasingly absorbed its soul’s power.

Soon, the mighty King of Ghosts was thoroughly sucked dry by Qin Chao. Not a single waste was left behind.

Meanwhile, on the roof. Zhou De spewed out a mouthful of sweet blood from his throat.

“Damn it! Failed again….” Zhou De’s face was filled with despair, “Even the King of Ghosts has been taken away….No, I have to quickly find a cemetery and devote myself to cultivation for a while.”

After that, with a quiver, he slowly walked towards the stairs.

A black smoke suddenly flew from the sky and fell in front of Zhou De. It then turned into a man’s figure.

This man has thick eyebrows and big eyes. An eerie air surrounded his face.

“Sect leader!” Zhou De shivered and quickly knelt down in front of this man.

“You failed three times. Do you think you can just escape after disgracing your sect?” The man’s voice was cold. As cold as the winter’s wind. Making Zhou De shudder.

“Sect leader, sect leader, please give me a chance!” Zhou De’s voice was shaking. It seemed that his fear has gone deep into his bone.

“A chance?” That sect leader raised his eyebrows. He suddenly shot out his palm, which had a trace of radiant black light at the center of it.

The palm hit Zhou De’s body, in which, his muscles immediately started to rot. After only a moment, what was left of Zhou De was his fine white skeleton. The sect leader then collected it into his arms.

“Just avenged it with your soul and corpse.”