My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 63


At this time, Qin Chao has arrived at his apartment. Inside his home, his anger seemed to have dissipated.

Only the sofa remained in the living room. The TV had been moved to the bedroom and was ruthlessly occupied by Su Ji.

But now, in this apartment, there was only Qin Chao himself. Indeed, nobody hogs his TV, but that doesn’t prevent him from feeling empty on the inside.

This feeling was similar to the feeling when his girlfriend moved out.

Qin Chao’s heart was really aching. He pulled out a coke from the fridge, sat in the bedroom and turned on the TV.

The news that was being reported on the local TV is: A psycho killer flees into Suzhou city, the residents were advised to be cautious if they were going to travel at night. There’s a list of missing people and there was a prize for whoever that can find a missing person and report it to the police. A low rent apartment complex has just completed on the southern side of the city, the public were excited and expressed their thanks to the government for the help. And so on.

The more Qin Chao watched, the more annoyed he became. The beautiful news anchor was usually very lovable, but now Qin Chao had a sudden impulse to beat her up.

He turned off the TV, drank the coke, and layed down on the bed.

This bed still had a hint of fragrance that was left by Su Ji.

After wallowing for a while, the soft bed suddenly sunk a bit, a familiar scent drifted into his nose.

“Rosy?” When Qin Chao opened his eyes, sure enough, it was her. The devil woman, clad in leather clothes and pants, was lying on the bed beside him; Her figure was very tempting. But Qin Chao didn’t find the least bit interest in her.

“Yo yo, innocent man! Why don’t you look at me?”

At the same time as she was teasing Qin Chao, Rosy also lend her delicate hand, touched Qin Chao’s chin and turned his face to look at her.

“Sorry, I’m not in a good mood tonight, I don’t want to talk.”

“Oops, let me guess why you’re in a bad mood.” Rosy smiled, floated up and sat down on top of the TV. Her index finger lightly taps her lips.

“Unemployment?” Rosy made a guess, “No, your job as a security guard was secure. So, it must not be about unemployment. Let me think…Em, If it’s not about your career, then…Did your aunt (period) come? Wrong! Men shouldn’t have that. Em, Yes! It should be about a woman.”

Rosy snapped her fingers, “Bingo! I think my guess is correct this time. There seems to be less personnel in this room. Moreover, that person is very important to you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Qin Chao, who was covered in cold sweat, buried his head in the pillow, “She just temporarily lived here, there’s nothing between us.”

“But, this person, who has no relationship with you, is being besieged by an individual from the devil sect and will soon die.”

“What!” Qin Chao swished jump from the bed and grasped Rosy’s hand, then nervously asked, “Where is she? What happened? Take me there!”

Rosy smiled a teasing smile. Her face was brimming with a smiling expression, but there was a hint of desolation in her eyes.

“Renjia was just joking. Didn’t you just say you have nothing to do with her? Why do you care so much about her safety?”

“Because, because…” Knowing that Rosy was just joking, Qin Chao was relieved, sat back on the bed and hung his head “After all, she is my colleague. I should be concerned about her.”

“Are you going to lie to the kindergarten children with that childish lie?” Rosy pursed her lips, fall from the TV and walked to the front of Qin Chao. “If you want her, expend some effort for it. Come, make a wish to me. As long as you make this little wish, all these can be changed. You can always be together with Su Ji.”

“No, I will not make that wish to you!” Qin Chao hesitated for a moment, but he quickly shook his head, “I’m going to rely on my own abilities to make all the people look up to me. As long I have the power, who can look down upon me!”

After saying that, Qin Chao suddenly crossed his legs on the bed and no longer spoke.

Rosy blinked her beautiful eyes. She knew that this man was revolving his qi so that he can enter his small universe.

“Such a frustrating client.” Rosy shook her head and sighed. She took one look at Qin Chao and snapped her fingers. A black enchantment instantly enveloped him.

“I can only help you this much. Come on, I hope you can live up to your own words.”

With that, Rosy’s figure turned into a black smoke and slowly dissipated from this room.

Qin Chao himself sunk into his mini universe. This mini universe has become increasingly diverse, no longer just a vast expanse of whiteness. It already turned into mountains and rivers. There were also birds, insects, and fishes.

But these things lacked spiritual qi (Life Force/Reiki). Qin Chao has been steadily making progress toward the ‘divine concentration’ stage. What he really wants to do now is to observe the appearance of the great Devil God Luo De. So that he can have a strong skill base for his future cultivation path.

‘Luo De! Your uncle! What kind of bird-head exactly is your appearance!’

Qin Chao yelled a voice toward the same dark clouds that were previously hanging over him.

The sky seemed to feel his anger. The dark clouds immediately rolled with a black lightning.

“Come on! Strike me! If you can’t strike me to death, I want to see what kind of appearance you have! Luo De! Are you a woman? Is that why you’re afraid to be seen by me?”

Qin Chao screamed; The black lightning striked down from the sky.

“Ah!” Being hit by the lightning made Qin Chao suffer intense pain. His pores opened, his hairs stood up; He looked like a Thunder God. But he forcefully endured this Lightning strike.

“Come on! Again!” Qin Chao roared. The sky didn’t hold back; it rewarded Qin Chao with a big black thunder strike.

This time, the pain is doubled. Qin Chao couldn’t help but cry out. Then came the third strike and the fourth strike. The pain is getting more and more distinct. Qin Chao wishes he could die now.

Under the intense barrages of lightning strikes, Qin Chao finally began to think about retreat.

‘What am I doing? Why do I stubbornly wanted to look at Luo De? Relying on my natural born devil body, even if I don’t see that great Devil God, my future path will still be incomparably bright.’

‘Why must I insist on enduring this….?’

Qin Chao’s mind was blank. But his mind quickly emerged out a woman’s figure.

“Husband!” The woman with blue eyes and full of smile was playfully holding his arm and shouting out this famous heartwarming term.

But soon came another girl that resemble the previous woman and separated them.

“Qin Chao, you don’t deserve my sister. It’s best for you to leave her.”

Li Chao also stood before him and coldly said. “You’re nothing but a small security guard.”

“What do I get with being together with you?” Another beautiful woman appeared. Even though her face is glistening with tears, there was a firmness in her eyes, “If I marry you, what is our future? To not be able to eat? Qin Chao, don’t joke yourself; Love is not child’s play! You are a waste, and I don’t want to marry a waste!”

“I’m going to show you all….” Still under the barrage of thunder strikes, Qin Chao suddenly stood up and bellowed, “I, Qin Chao, am not a waste! Ah!”

This raging shout, contain an overwhelming force within it. It unexpectedly stopped the unceasing lighting strike and even broke the dark clouds in the sky.

Qin Chao’s body swished, flew, and plunged into the cloud.

At this time, an enormous black figure suddenly emerged behind the cloud.

The man’s body was covered with black scales and his eyes glittered with green light. He was floating in there, like a great majestic God. The dark clouds and lightning around him were forced aside by his imposing manner.

“Roar!” That figure snarled. He seemed to ridicule Qin Chao.

“So what! Go to hell!” Qin Chao returned the shout. His body transformed into devil state and leapt up. He made a fist with his right hand and threw a punch to that airborne Devil God.

“Die! Die!” The fist immediately pounds the chest of that huge Devil God. As if hitting on an iron plate, Qin Chao’s whole body trembles.

Soon after, that dark shadow suddenly turned into large chunks of black smoke, and roared into his body.

Before Qin Chao understood what was going on, his body was ejected from the mini universe with a big plop sound.

“Bang!” When his consciousness returned, the enchantment that was left by Rosy can’t even withstand it, his body flew out in the air and crashed into the wall behind him.

Wang Yan’s abusive shout immediately transmitted back from the wall.

“What kind of sound disturbing me in the middle of the night? Courting death aren’t you!”

Qin Chao ignored Wang Yan’s rage. He looked at his hand with a somewhat pleasant surprise.

I visualized Luo De! I really did visualize this great Devil God!

With this power increase (originally: Like a tiger that has grown wings), his future cultivation path is limitless!

“Su Ji, wait for me. One day I will get you back! Hahahaha…hahahaha!” Qin Chao could not help but laugh; The laugh that drifted far out in the sky.

Surprisingly, no one scolded back at him. Perhaps the neighbors felt that Qin Chao was crazy. Who would dare to provoke a madman?

Qin Chao couldn’t repress his joy. Without feeling the least bit sleepy, he quickly fished out the ‘nine secret law’ book from his storage ring and started practicing the ‘divine concentration’ stage according to the method inside the book.

He is now a third level devil, ‘devil intelligence’ (see chapter 14 for the power level reference). He was no longer a novice in the cultivation realm. When the time comes, after he passes through the ‘foundation building’ stage, he can proceed to train the ‘divine ability’ stage.

By that time, he will be able to practice magical spells. If he continues to strife toward reaching the ‘Devil God’ stage, he can help Su Ji achieve the ‘divine ability’ stage.

When the time comes, the both of them will become a couple of free and unrestrained deities. Wouldn’t that be great!

Thinking about this, Qin Chao’s emotional state continue to fluctuate. He flipped through the page after page of the ‘nine secret law’ book.

“It’s not good to practice when you’re in such an excited state.” Rosy suddenly appeared, sat on TV, and said to Qin Chao, “But still, I must congratulate you for breaking through the ‘divine concentration’ (third) stage.”

“Thank You.” Qin Chao said laughingly, “All these time you have been helping me, but I have not properly give my appreciation. Rosy, you mean a lot to me and I am very grateful to you. ”

“Hey, why are you saying such things…” For the first time ever, Rosy’s face suddenly blushes. She coughed twice, then suddenly said, “But this cannot prove anything. ‘Foundation building’ (fourth) stage is the crucial step that distinguishes between the mortal and the cultivator. Can you enter the ‘foundation building’ stage? Getting through the ‘foundation building’ stage is the most significant step.”

“I believe in myself. Just like you said, I will become a Great Devil God.”

“Correct, you’re going to be a Great Devil God.” Rosy smiled, “But don’t forget, Su Ji was still in danger. That Yanluo sect’s guy, Zhuo De, is still eying on your little beauty.”

“Rosy, tell me about the Yanluo sect, how much do you know?”