My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 62


“Do you still consider me as your sister?” Su Fei looked at her good for nothing sister and snapped, “I only looked away for a moment, yet, you are already in a relationship with this dubious person!”

“Sister, Qin Chao is not a nobody!” Hearing Su Fei’s words, Su Ji immediately put away her intoxication to the island of Java, and straightened herself to correct her sister, “He has saved me several times! If he is a dubious person, then this world does not have a good man!”

“Save you? How did he save you? By beating those punks?” Su Fei sneered, “If he didn’t bring you to this street, how could you encounter those punks? If not for Jiang Dong’s report, I would never have known that you would come to this kind of place!”

“Jiang Dong, who wants you to be meddlesome!” Su Ji immediately glared at the nearby man dressed in a suit. The later slightly stooped and lightly said.

“Second Miss, as the Steward of the Su Household, I have the responsibility to protect the safety of the two young ladies.”

“I don’t need your responsibility! I’m twenty years old; I can manage myself!”

“Nonsense!” Su Fei stared with her bulging eyes, “Come with me!”

“No!” Su Ji turned around stubbornly, leaned against Qin Chao and pouted.

“You want to come or not?” Su Fei also became mad. Although her sister has always been stubborn, she never goes against her in the presence of outsiders.

This son of a bitch Qin Chao! He’s a bad influence on her sister!

“If you don’t want to come, later on, I will not recognize you as my sister anymore!” Su Fei simply threw out her killer move.

“If you don’t want to recognize me, so be it!” Who knew that Su Ji would also harden her heart, “You’re clearly in the wrong here, elder sister. You can’t force me to change my mind!”

“Smelly girl, you’re very good! Your wings are hard now aren’t you!” Su Fei’s whole body is trembling with anger. Qin Chao can faintly see the moistness in her eyes.

He quickly pushed Su Ji, but this young girl was very stubborn. She would not admit defeat.

“Su Ji, go back with your elder sister.” Qin Chao can only sigh and gave the sisters a way out of their predicament.

“Why?” Su Ji opened her eyelids and looked at Qin Chao with her juicy big eyes, “If I leave, what are you going to do about that?”

She was referring to Qin Chao’s cultivation of ‘divine concentration’ stage.

“Don’t worry, I can still do it myself.” Qin Chao smiled and gave the no problem hand signal to Su Ji.

“Bad guy! You want to expel me? Humph, fine, fine, I will not care for you anymore!” Su Ji seemed to be angry at Qin Chao, she turned around and ran out from the pharmacy.

Steward Jiang Dong seemed to worry that something will happen to the second miss. He immediately went out to pursue her.

Su Fei spits out a gasp, then came close to the Qin Chao, and said, “I’m so disappointed in you.”

But then, Qin Chao’s few words incensed her half to death again.

“I am also very disappointed in you.”


After Su Fei left, there were only Qin Chao and the two clerks left in the pharmacy.

“Sir, do you still want…the anti-alcoholic drug?” A shop clerk asked.

“No need, thanks.” Qin Chao waved his hand and went out of the drug store.

The outside lights were dim. Qin Chao suddenly thought the night wind was exceptionally cold.

He looks at his lucky old bike, who still carried a cute girl just a moment ago. But now, there’s only this elder brother alone.

With Su Ji gone, Qin Chao suddenly felt empty and somewhat worried about whether this was a good decision or not.

Did he really fall in love with this young lady? Qin Chao shook his head, ‘Fell in love with what?’ The large gap between them is like the distance between Heaven and Earth. It was utterly impossible.

Qin Chao stepped on his bike and was about to leave. Suddenly there was a shadow before him that stood in front of his bike.

“You’re called Qin Chao, right?”

That shadow was precisely the man dressed in a suit, Jiang Dong. The man is tall and imposing. By looking at the callouses on his hand, one can already tell that he practiced Kung Fu.

“Tch….” Qin Chao was not in a hurry to answer. He took out a red river from his pocket and ignited it. Faint flames lit up the faces of the two men.

“Want one?” Qin Chao dispatched the cigarette case and offered it to Jiang Dong.

Without speaking, Jiang Dong pushed the cigarette box. Qin Chao couldn’t tell if this fellow doesn’t smoke or just disdain toward this cheap five yuan per pack, red river cigarette.

“From now on, please stay away from the second miss. If I ever see you approach her again, I’ll discount your legs.” Jiang Dong frowned and indifferently said to the cloud of smoke in front of Qin Chao.

“Oh, such a large statement.” Qin Chao put the lighter back in his pocket and without looking straight at Jiang Dong, simply said, “Today’s people tend to be too opinionated, not worrying about the consequences.”

Jiang Dong’s eyes suddenly flashed a murderous intent. He took a step forward while his right hand turned into a palm; His aim was to strike Qin Chao’s middle rib.

Baguazhang! The big nerd Qin Chao, who has read many books on martial arts, instantly recognized the move. This palm is very insidious. If it were to hit his middle rib, he would either be dead or crippled!

(TL note: Airbending in Avatar and its sequel Korra, is modelled on Baguazhang)

“Bang!” Qin Chao’s lucky old bike flew toward Jiang Dong after being kicked by Qin Chao.

“On!” Jiang Dong’s palm change direction to pat the bicycle.

A loud bang came from the bike; that pat made it tilt to one side.

Fearful that his vehicle would be damaged, he moved forward to catch the bike. Qin Chao quickly held the bike that was just about to fly out on its handlebar and steadied it on the ground.

He also sat down on the vehicle and coldly looked at Jiang Dong.

“No wonder you have such a big tone. You turned out to be a successor of Baguazhang.”

“I only scratched the surface, but it should be enough to beat you.” Jiang Dong sneered, and suddenly dashed. Seems like he would not be reconciled until he sees Qin Chao become a cripple.

“Then let us compare our superficial knowledge.” Qin Chao refers to his superficial knowledge in Kung Fu. When they had leisure time, Qin Chao and Su Ji would study the books about combat and martial arts together.

Su Ji has told him that all the upright sects disciples are forbidden to kill a mortal. Although for the devil sects this rule is optional, nevertheless, they never use their spell to kill an ordinary human, because this would incur the heaven’s punishment.

Therefore, Qin Chao has pondered over various combat techniques and came up with his own fighting style. Especially after entering the realm of cultivation, his body meridians and muscles have been reshaped, making it easier to learn these martial arts.

“Ha!” Jiang Dong burst out a shout, stepped sideways using Bagua movement and arrived on Qin Chao’s side while simultaneously launching a palm strike toward Qin Chao’s waist. But, Qin Chao suddenly reached out his hand with lightning speed and swept aside Jiang Dong’s palm, then threw out his foot; He kicked Jiang Dong’s chest.

As the saying goes, ‘the hands are for opening the door, while kicking others rely on foot.’ Jiang Dong didn’t expect Qin Chao could execute such a counter attack, so, this kick hit squarely on his chest.

Even though Jiang Dong’s body was really solid because of physical exercise, he still flew upside down three to four meters away and fell awkwardly to the ground.

Qin Chao was a cultivator that soon to enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage; His strength cannot be compared with ordinary human. Even if Jiang Dong learned some Baguazhang Kung Fu, he is still not his match.

“How is this possible?” With a dusty face, Jiang Dong crawled up from the ground. His previous immaculate suit appearance now was battered and exhausted.

That ‘condescending look from a Master toward a layman’ aura also vanished into thin air. It was now replaced with a somewhat panicked look.

“Where did you learn your Kung Fu?” He shouted, “Why do you want to be close to the second lady? Say it!”

“This have nothing to do with you.” Before Qin Chao even finished his cigarette, Jiang Dong was hit and lying on the ground by him

“Who the hell are you?” Jiang Dong was unwilling to let go and then asked, “I’m the Steward of the Su Family Household. The safety of the two ladies is my responsibilities.”

“I’m just an ordinary small security.” Qin Chao stubbed out his cigarette, and coldly glanced at Jiang Dong, “And put away your high-sounding words. When Su Ji was in danger, I never saw you appeared next to her.”

With that, he stepped onto his bike. Before he left, he didn’t forget to throw down a few words.

“Also, you do not have qualifications to protect her.”

Jiang Dong watched him leave while still sitting on the ground. He was speechless for a very long time.


At this time, in one of the corners of Suzhou city. A covered in cold sweat pale skin man, with one arm hanging softly on the side, pulled out his phone and dialed a number using his other hand.

“Sorry, I failed again. The target does have a cultivator by her side, and I’m not his match.”

“I’m surprised, I actually heard the word failed from your mouth again.” The tone of the man on the phone was icy cold and with a hint of anger, “Is this the custom of your Yanluo (King of Hell) sect’s members? Failed the mission again and again?”

“Don’t worry, I will initiate my final assassination attempt. This time, I will not fail again.”

After that, Zhou De turned off the phone. He looked at the sky; A thick murderous intention drifted deep inside his eyes.

“It seems that I have to use the King of Ghosts once again.”


Meanwhile, in Las Vegas.

A man in a white suit was sitting on a leather couch, with an arm around an enchanting woman on his side.

“Mr. Su, the Mainland killer failed again. Are you really going to give them one more chance?”

“Humph, it would be an insult to my intelligence if I gave them another chance.” The Mr. Su patted her on the ass and said, “It’s all because that son of a bitch Shen Dong, who introduced me to this Zhou De guy. He assured me that this Zhou De is a professional assassin. Damn, professional my ass! His price is also exorbitant. Mary, give me the Skeleton contacts. This kind of thing should have been given to an International Assassin organization. I don’t believe that Zhou De.”

“Good, Mr. Su, I wish for your immediate success!” That enchanting woman twisted her waist and rolled into the arm of Mr. Su.

“Haha, you little witch, your mouth is really sweet! Let me have a taste; I want to know if it was Honey!” Mr. Su then began to kiss and fondle her, really comfortable. However, his eyes actually flashed a trace of coldness.

‘Cultivator? Such nonsense. If you’re unable to kill, then just admit it, no need to find such an idiot excuse. Wait until I hire the Skeleton. With them and Zhou De on the field, I wouldn’t need to worry anymore.’

‘Su Fei, Su Ji! I don’t believe your luck will continue to increase!’

After the sexual intercourse, Mr. Su fell into a deep sleep. At this time, Mary turned over and lightly stepped down from the bed. Her naked body stood on the balcony and dialed a number from her phone.

“Leadership, Zhou De has been abandoned by Su Yao. Yes, understood. Leadership, don’t worry…”