My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 61


At this time, a man dressed in a suit on the nearby stall took out a cell phone from his bosom.

“Big Miss, I saw the second Miss together with a stranger in Dong Street. Yeah, Okay, I got it.” The man hung up the phone and continued to eat his snack as if everything was alright.

Qin Chao didn’t know that someone has found out the whereabout of him and Su Ji. He slowly eliminates the mutton chop in his hand methodically. At this moment, he realized something. In this world, sometimes making blind concessions cannot solve the problem. Might as well counter violence with violence, beat the opposite party until the other person cowed.

Certainly, without the backing of one’s own strength, then this would just be empty talk.

“Shop owner, give, give me another six bottles of beer!” Su Ji was drunk. This young girl waved and yelled at the stall owner.

“Don’t drink anymore, teacher Su, you already drank a lot.” Qin Chao was somewhat regretful; he didn’t expect that this young girl Su Ji, although she loves to drink, she didn’t have enough alcohol tolerance.

“No, no, today I want to decide who’s the better, better one among us!” Su Ji wanted to compete with Qin Chao to determine who has the more alcohol tolerance. But, looking at Su Ji’s drunken appearance Qin Chao was helpless, ‘Are there no Buddhist cultivation methods that can help reduce the alcohol effect?’

“Bro, brother, do you still want the liquor?” The stall owner stood there and nervously asked.

“No, we can’t drink anymore, thank you.” Qin Chao politely said.

At that time, four minivans came from the other street along the Songhua river and stopped in front of this small street stall. Then, with the sounds of sliding doors, the more than twenty local bullies jumped out of the cars. With machetes and iron bars in their hands, they slowly gathered around Qin Chao; They were emanating an aggressive atmosphere.

The people around them immediately ran away. Those bullies didn’t stop them because their purpose today was only for one person, Qin Chao.

“Oh, it’s finished! They’ve come….” The stall owner was frightened and shrunk himself behind his stall. He didn’t even dare to take a peek.

“Shop owner, don’t hide like that, grill me two more mutton chops please, your’s is delicious.” Qin Chao said after finishing the mutton chop in his hand.

“Brother, you, you give me a break okay? I can’t offend these people ah.”

“You do your business; they’ll be gone in a moment.” Qin Chao waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I will pay the tab.”

The shop owner had no choice but to stand up. He picked up two lamb chops and carefully placed them on the charcoal grill. He was afraid to lift up his head and can only secretly sweep the situation with his peripheral vision.

“Brother Long, that’s the guy who plays tough guy!” A small fry pointed his finger to Qin Chao, who was eating heartily, to their leader.

“Damn it, after hurting my brother, you still dare to sit and eat skewered meat here!”

The man called brother Long roared. Qin Chao thought that this sound was familiar. So, with his mouth still holding the skewered meat, he turned around.

Oh boy, this black mink fur, isn’t he the nouveau riche Zhao Long?

“Oops, turns out it’s Mr. Zhao.” Qin Chao chuckled, “What about it? Do you have the skill to come and eat this skewered meat?”

Originally there was a cigarette in Zhao Long’s mouth, but upon seeing the person who was sitting there was Qin Chao, the cigarette suddenly slipped and fell out of his mouth.

“Brother Long, brother Long, what happened?” The nearby small fry who knew that his brother Long always acts arrogant and domineering hastily asked when he saw that Zhao Long has become silent, “Brother Long, say the word. Our brothers are itching to kill this kid.”

“Yes, yes…” Zhao Long suddenly woke up. There are about two dozens brothers on his side; How could this many people not beat this one guy?

Especially since there are more than ten of his brothers who are holding the gleaming machete, leaving him at ease.

Hmph-hmph, isn’t there’s a saying:, ‘even if someone is skilled in kung fu, that someone is still afraid of a kitchen knife!’

“Damn, I already let you go at Antony Hotel moments ago, now you’re looking to find trouble for me again.” Zhao Long clenched his teeth and talked until his mouth became frothy, “Boy, you’re going to regret this when you’re in hell. Brothers, kill him! And then, bring the girl next to him to my car. After I taste her, you guys can take turn in pleasuring her! Hahaha!”

Then, he quietly took two steps backward.

“Leave it to us big brother, don’t worry!” These few people, seeing Su Ji’s marvelous charm, almost halted their steps. Zhao Long’s talk already make their animal blood boiled.

“I don’t want to go to hell…” Qin Chao shook his head. At this time, a small fry tried to become a pioneer; he moved forward and flashed an ASP tactical baton to smashed down Qin Chao’s head.

If this stick was to hit its target, the resulting concussion would probably not be small.

The hardness of this ASP tactical baton is matchless; it can even break cement bricks, much less a human head.

But, how could Qin Chao let it hit its target?

“This stick is quite nice, let me play with it.” Qin Chao suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed the moving tactical baton. With a bang sound, the web between the thumb and forefinger of that small fry’s hand shook, it was as if his hand smashed into an iron panel.

Meanwhile, Qin Chao threw out his leg and kicked that punk’s body. This ‘pioneer’ small fry came and went in a hurry. He called out pitifully; His body was thrown out more than ten meters away and hit one of the minivans.

These punks were shocked. But, relying on their numerous machetes, especially their greed toward the beauty, together they came shouting toward Qin Chao.

Qin Chao also didn’t hold back anymore. With the powerful ASP tactical baton in his hand, he randomly wandered among those punks. From time to time, he used the stick to hit the joints on those punks body. Each time the baton moved, one of the punks immediately cries loudly, then lies down and sways back and forth on the ground.

A punk with a machete moves to Qin Chao’s back and slashes down Qin Chao’s waist.

If that big machete can cut through Qin Chao’s waist, his little life cannot be guaranteed anymore. One can see that these punks were already in their bloodthirsty mode.

But, without looking back, Qin Chao reflexively flew his leg like a Fuchsia. That small fry has no choice but to be kicked upside down and land on top of the nearby grill stand. The fiery red charcoal immediately fell on his body, making him scream ‘hot, hot,’ like a slaughtered pig.

In less than two minutes, the two dozens punks that were brought by Zhao Long already lay on the ground. None of them managed to crawl up.

After playing with the ASP tactical baton, Qin Chao started to appreciate its usefulness. It even has a wolf logo printed on top of it. In any case, this is not a cutting tool; He then gathered it into his body.

“Are the mutton chops ready yet?” Qin Chao turned back to ask.

“Yes, it’s ready…” The stall owner looked silly; he hastily handed out the mutton chops that were still partially cooked.

“These were not completely cooked; there were still traces of blood in it.” After taking a bite, there are bloodstains on his lips, “but still, it’s good.”

Seeing this scene, Zhao Long leans against the van while his legs are shaking.

“Boss Zhao, why don’t you sit down and have a drink?” Qin Chao jokingly said to Zhao Long while patting the chair next to him.

“No, no, this was just a misunderstanding. Next time we, we meet, elder, elder brother will treat, treat you to give you an apology.” Zhao Long’s words are somewhat agile. The wailing brothers on the ground was a big stimulus for him.

In the past, Zhao Long also crisscrossed the seven streets using his machete. But, his valor was just an ordinary human’s valor. The man opposite of him was simply a monster in human skin!

Moreover, time has worn down Zhao Long’s courage and bloodthirsty character. His wife, his child, and his family business makes him cling for his life.

“Well then, I suppose I shouldn’t occupy boss Zhao’s time any longer.” Qin Chao pretends to touch his pockets, saying, “Oops, I forgot to bring the money. Oh, what should I do.”

“Let me, let me pay the bill!” Zhao Long gingerly walked over and tossed 200 yuan to the shop owner. Afterward, he miserably looked at Qin Chao.

“Little brother, with this, can the misunderstanding between us be considered over?”

“Hehe…” Qin Chao sneers; Scaring Zhao Long and make him shivers again. “Boss Zhao, today’s matter can be considered finished. But afterward, you must keep your brothers on a short leash. There are certain people that you cannot provoke.”

With that, he picked up the drunk as a skunk Su Ji, put her on the bicycle seat, then pushed the bike away.

Qin Chao didn’t notice the man in suit that watched him for a long time at a distance has also paid the tab and secretly followed him.

“Drink…I want to drink…” Su Ji didn’t seat on the bike quietly and almost fell several times. Thanks to Qin Chao’s quick eyes and nimble hands, she didn’t.

“This chick, if you can’t drink, why would you insist on drinking.” Seeing Su Ji’s dead drunk appearance, Qin Chao has no other choice. He needs to go to the nearby pharmacy and buy some medicine to cure her drunkenness.

Thinking about this, Qin Chao parked his bike and supported the drunken Su Ji by the arm to walk toward the pharmacy.

There were two on duty store clerks. They were sitting on the chair with face filled with weariness.

Looking at their dazed appearance, Qin Chao felt funny. ‘What if someone wants to buy an aphrodisiac, but they mistakenly give out birth control pills, wouldn’t that make them the laughingstock?’

Thinking of this, he casually shouted.

“Give me a box of birth control pill!” At once, Qin Chao suddenly wants to slap his big mouth. Fuck this brain, why were the words that came out of his mouth birth control pills, instead of anti-alcoholic medicine?”

Suddenly, the two shop assistants were awake and vainly tried to catch a glimpse of Qin Chao.

“Birth Control? How about just let it happen?” Then, a joking voice sounded from behind Qin Chao.

Qin Chao was frightened by this voice. He turned and saw a woman, who was very similar to Su Ji, coldly folded her arms and looked at him through her glasses.

“Director, Director Su?”

“Yo! In your eyes, do you still consider this Director Su?” Su Fei’s voice was unusually cold. Beside her, there’s also a good looking man, dressed in suit, with height approximately 1.8 meters.

Seeing his eyes, Qin Chao knew that the man’s imposing manner is not ordinary. But when he looked at Qin Chao, there was a hint of disdain in his eyes.

“After taking my sister away, you still want to buy birth control pills?” Su Fei coldly said, “Qin Chao, I never would have thought that you turned out to be this kind of person.”

“Sorry, I came here to buy anti-alcohol medicine. Just now, I spoke incorrectly.”

“Very funny, you think I would believe it?”

“Believe it or not, that’s up to you.” If this is the previous Qin Chao, he would indeed try very hard to explain. But, the current Qin Chao, his voice has gradually cooled down.

Su Fei initially thought that Qin Chao would try to explain himself. She didn’t expect he would reply with just a few words, making her follow up words stick in her stomach. Moreover, the opposite party’s eyes gradually turned cold; it made her a bit uncomfortable.

“Sister?” At this time, Su Ji somewhat sobered up. She holds Qin Chao to steady herself. When she saw Su Fei’s grim look, she cannot help but to be stunned