My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 427


Black List of the Underworld

After a person died, although their position would be the same as before they died, they would be in two different spaces. Beside Qin Chao, although it was still an empty training ground, the color in his eyes was mainly black and white.

As expected, in the corner of the training field, there was a gloomy Underworld’s gate.

No wonder his senior apprentice-sister died, and his soul was taken away so quickly.

On the door to the Underworld, there were carvings of the eighteen levels of hell. Every level of the criminal law reminded the newcomers that this was not a good place.

Qin Chao was fearless as he walked towards the five meter tall gate. He had gone to the Underworld before, and even Lu Pan could be considered his friend, there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

However, before he could enter the door, two black lights suddenly lit up on top of it. Following which, two ghost cops s with forks in their hands appeared in front of the door.

“Who’s here!”

The two ghost cops s looked fierce, “This is the door to the Underworld, other than the dead spirits, no one else is allowed to enter!”

One of the tall and skinny ghost cops said as he held a steel fork.

Hell, he wasn’t supposed to be on duty today. As a result, the door to the Underworld seemed to have been affected by something and a sudden movement occurred.

He quickly put down his vacation and ran over to check the situation.

Sure enough, the moment he appeared, he felt a powerful Sun God’s power.

Cultivators! It turned out to be a cultivator.

Don’t these damned cultivators know to abide by the predetermined laws of heaven and earth?

As cultivators, they couldn’t interfere with the normal operation of nature. It was only natural for people to live and die from old age. They could not interfere in the life or death of mortals! Otherwise, it would cause a natural disturbance, and the consequences would be unimaginable!

Just as ghost cops wanted to cross his trident and warn him. Who would have thought that the moment he saw that person’s face, these words would come out of his mouth.

“Where did this wild ghost come from? Get the hell back to where you came from!” The rookie beside him did not hold back. Gripping his steel fork, he roared angrily, “If you don’t scram, I’ll send you to hell 18 times over!”

“I’m going there.” Qin Chao was a bit impatient, his tone carried a bit of anger.

Before the new ghost cops could lose his temper, the tall ghost cops beside him slapped his face.

“Fuck you, how can you talk to Master Qin like that!”

After giving the ghost cops a slap, the fellow changed his expression and looked at Qin Chao respectfully. He bowed and said, “Master Qin, I’m sorry, but this guy is a newbie.

Qin Chao was wondering why this fellow treated him so well.

However, when he took a closer look, he immediately understood.

Oh my god, wasn’t this the ghost cops that he had beaten up in the First Hospital, in order to save the wife of a man who had accidentally jumped off a building?

However, since they were familiar with each other, things were much easier.

“Since you know me, then let’s clear the way. I want to go.”

“Aiya, Master Qin, this time won’t do.” The ghost cops looked a little troubled as he said, “The higher-ups have already ordered that no one is to go through the back door and take the damned soul from the Underworld. This is a disturbance of the natural laws, I have no choice but to obey. ”

“I am the devil magic learner, the laws of the world are things that I want to destroy!”

Qin Chao was enraged, his senior sister was still waiting for him at the side of the Underworld, he did not have time to accompany the two ghost cops s.

“But Master Qin, I was just messing around, you see …”

The ghost cops looked at him pitifully. If it was a normal situation, Qin Chao would have just let it go.

But this time, it would absolutely not work.

He immediately waved his hand and used his willpower to push the two ghost cops s to the side.

“Get lost, I’m going in myself!”

Just as the two ghost cops s were thrown aside, Qin Chao instantly charged into the large gates of the Underworld.

The world of black and white instantly disappeared before his eyes.

Qin Chao then came to the familiar place once again. In front of him was a crooked stone path, and below it was a bottomless abyss.

Other than the stone paths, there were also countless black chains connecting the two to the Underworld.

A lot of dead souls walked towards the Underworld along the Road to River Styx with heavy footsteps and iron chains tied around them.

They had come to the Underworld to atone for their sins, to wash away the sins they had left behind in their previous lives. After they were cleaned up, they would enter the Six Paths of Samsara, be reborn, and begin a new life.

“Senior sister, wait for me. I won’t let you die!” Qin Chao’s feet stepped on the uneven ground of the Road to River Styx as he muttered to himself. However, just as he was about to step forward, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.

“I knew you would.”

The figure looked at him coldly, as if he were a corpse.

But Qin Chao did not get angry, because he was familiar with this dead person.

“Li, you came to welcome me?”

“No, I came to stop you.”

Li Li said and waved his hand. The piece of Road to River Styx behind him suddenly emitted a rumbling sound. A large part of it had caved in and was broken into two.

“Li, what do you mean by this!” Qin Chao’s face suddenly turned ugly. This old friend of his, what was he planning to do?

“Qin Chao, you have violated the laws of this world.” A hint of awkwardness flashed across Li’s eyes, but he still said resolutely, “The higher-ups already know that you took several souls from the Underworld. Not only have you been blacklisted, even Master Lu Pan received punishment because of this. Right now, you need to become a lowly Ghost Division in the Elysium city, and you will only be able to return to your original position after a hundred years. ”

“Lu Pan was punished?” When Qin Chao heard this, he felt somewhat ashamed in his heart. He didn’t think that taking a few souls with him would cost so much.

“Actually, one or two souls being taken away isn’t really a big deal.” Li seemed to have seen through Qin Chao’s doubt and said, “This matter can be suppressed by Master Lu Pan. However, the woman you took away last time was originally a palace maid from the Heavenly Court who combed the Holy Mother’s hair. As a result, once, she accidentally broke Holy Mother’s Yellow Jade Bracelet and was punished. She was thrown into Human Realm to undergo ten lifetimes of reincarnation. ”

“Damn, this Holy Mother is too overbearing, just a comb …” Qin Chao curled his lips.

“That comb is a celestial item …” Li was a bit helpless as he explained, “Even your ‘Great Bodhisattva Hands’ is unable to match up to the ‘Great Bodhisattva Hands’ …”

“Eh …. “So precious …” Qin Chao was speechless.

“That palace maid, she had just reincarnated for four lifetimes. In the end, Holy Mother suddenly wanted to make a hairstyle, but discovered that other than that palace maid, no one else could do so. As a result, she wanted to recall the palace maid’s soul and report back to the Heavenly Court. You brought her back to the Human Realm directly, which made her extremely angry. ”

Qin Chao was speechless once again, he had no idea that the person he took away so casually had such a great background.

He couldn’t blame the society … Qin Chao could only make things up for himself.

“Thus, the higher-ups issued an order to blacklist you. Once you step into the Underworld, you will be strictly monitored. You will definitely not be allowed to take away any souls! ”

“Humph!” This daddy wants to take my soul away, I want to see who among you can stop me! ”

As he said that, Qin Chao’s body suddenly lit up with a golden light. This was the power of the Vajra Scripture as well as the power of the demon arhat.

“Qin Chao, I know you are demon arhat, but even a little ghost cops like me cannot be your opponent.” Li’s face was filled with helplessness, as if he was feeling pity for Qin Chao. “There are not even that many people in the entire Underworld who can be your match. But that, too, they thought of, so they sent the commissioners. ”

“Commissioner?” Qin Chao blinked his eyes, “What commissioner?”

“He …” Li Jun’s already ugly face became even paler. “His name is … “No one dares to bring it up…”

As he was speaking, above them, in the sky that was covered by skeletal clouds, a sharp laughter suddenly rang out.

The skulls that were coiled around his head all started to wail as if they were feeling something, twisting and turning into their own shapes.

“He’s here ….” Li Li’s body could not help but tremble.

Following his words, the sky seemed to be torn apart. Then, a golden light shone out from the black hole in the clouds, and with a bang, it landed on the Yellow Springs Road in front of them.

“Hualala!” A lot of the rocks on the Road to River Styx had been shaken off and fell into the bottomless abyss below.

Then, the golden light gradually dissipated and a golden sword appeared on the path to the Yellow Springs.

Seeing the sword, Li Li’s face changed drastically as he staggered back several steps.

Even Qin Chao could feel that there was a powerful force emanating from the treasured sword.

This power … So huge… It was even scarier than the old Luo De in his body.

“Heavens, how could it be this guy!”

At the same time, Luo De’s voice sounded out. The overweeningly old man’s voice was now filled with fear.

“Kid, run!” If you don’t run now, you’re going to die here! ”

“Humph!” If Luo De didn’t say this, Qin Chao would think about it. However, the old fellow’s words immediately stirred Qin Chao’s competitive spirit.

“If he doesn’t die, I’ll give it a try!” Qin Chao’s eyes flashed with fighting spirit, “I can even defeat Zombie King, today I want to see how the people above and below are like!”

“Damn it!” Are you crazy? ” Luo De shouted, “This is someone from above, his strength is already above the flying cultivation realm! Even if you are the Great Devil God, you are not his match! ”

“Is it true? I want to compete!” Qin Chao’s voice was filled with determination, “Retreat without a fight, this person will be the devil in my heart for the rest of my life!”

After saying that, the golden sword that had been stabbed into the wall suddenly took the shape of a human figure. That person was clad in a golden robe with the sleeves of arrows. He was exuding a heroic aura as he squatted there. After he transformed, he stood up.

His hair was long and tied in a bun. What was stuck in the bun was a small golden sword.

“You’re not bad.” After that man stood up, he looked at Qin Chao with a smile on his face, “Not bad, you actually didn’t turn around and escape after seeing me, Luo Nie, come here!”

The man had his arms crossed, looking extremely narcissistic when he spoke, and with Qin Chao’s following sentence, the corner of his mouth twitched twice.

“Luo Nie? Who is Luo Nie? “