My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 423


– Dealing with the enemy in one move

“Eight!” Toru Saijo immediately roared out, “Where did you run from, to the point of destroying the sacred competition!”

“Destroy?” Qin Chao raised his eyebrows and then let go of Toru Saijo’s hands in slight disgust. He rubbed his hands on his own Martial Clothes and said, “The match between you and Senior Sister is over, I am your opponent for the next round.”

“No way!” Zhao Jingjing immediately jumped up from the ground and pulled Qin Chao’s arm, saying, “Yamazaki, you are no match for this person, quickly get down there and let me handle this! Worse comes to worse, I will die in this arena! ”

Seeing Zhao Jingjing’s unrelenting look, Qin Chao suddenly started laughing.

He held onto his Senior Sister’s hand that was drenched in cold sweat as he spoke.

“Senior sister, I said that I will protect you.”

Zhao Jingjing suddenly grabbed onto Zhao Jingjing’s little hand. It was as if her hand had been electrocuted, and immediately walked over.

She stood there in a daze, looking at the boy in front of her who was originally very familiar but now seemed somewhat unfamiliar.

“So, you can just stand behind me!”

As he said that, Qin Chao put Zhao Jingjing behind him without any explanation.

Zhao Jingjing had a complex expression on his face as he looked at the increasingly tall figure in front of him.

Once upon a time, this boy couldn’t even take the most basic horse stance.

Once upon a time, the boy was clumsy and did not even have the right gestures.

But now, he was able to stand alone and protect himself?

If he could, he had not even trained in martial arts for a month, and he could not even beat her, how could he be Toru Saijo’s match?

If he couldn’t, then how could he have casually received Toru Saijo’s punch just now?

Or could it be that Toru Saijo decided to go easy in the end and did not want to injure him?

Humph! How is that possible!

Without waiting for Zhao Jingjing to understand, Qin Chao had already raised his hand towards Toru Saijo.

“Hold on tight, I’ll take care of you so that I can smoke.”

Qin Chao’s words infuriated Toru Saijo.

What did this fellow mean!? Settle yourself and smoke? He was too arrogant! Who was he? He was the champion of the island nation’s martial arts competition!

How could a mere beginner be a match for him!

“Eight!” “Go to hell!” Toru Saijo’s dignity had been challenged, so he took the initiative.

He took a big step forward, at the same time punching towards Qin Chao’s face with his right fist.

It was that terrifying punch again!

This time, the hidden force on the fist was even more violent. As he struck, the air exploded with a crackling sound.

Even Zhao Jingjing who was standing behind Qin Chao felt the hairs on his body stand up. This punch was so strong! It was definitely not something a human could withstand!

“Yamazaki, dodge it!” Zhao Jingjing started to have a strong anticipation. Yamazaki had followed his father’s practice for a long time, so he must dodge this punch!

But she was desperate.

Because Qin Chao did not dodge at all, that fist strike was like a violent thunderbolt, and amidst Toru Saijo’s fiendish laughter, it landed on Qin Chao’s face.

“Bam!” The sound of a heavy collision caused everyone’s heart to beat wildly.

Zhao Jingjing covered his mouth in shock, restraining himself from tearing up. As for the other disciples, they couldn’t bear to look aside, as if they were afraid to see Qin Chao’s head explode.

“Hahaha, this time this kid is dead for sure!”

“That idiot, actually came to challenge Toru Saijo, he’s courting death!”

The disciples of the Shin Budo all started to gloat.

Iguchi Aooka also laughed out loud.

“This idiot, a beginner actually dares to provoke Toru Saijo, he’s simply courting death! Renwu Guild Hall, you have lost two matches consecutively, who’s next, who’s going to throw their lives away? ”

Iguchi Aooka’s attitude was extremely arrogant, but he quickly turned pale.

Because the Qin Chao who was hit in the head by the fist, slowly moved a step back, throwing away the cigarette in his mouth that was a little twisted.

“F * ck, I’ve been blinded by a good cigarette for nothing.”

Looking back at his face, it was clear to see that he wasn’t injured at all!

As for Toru Saijo, his face was covered in cold sweat and his punches continued to tremble.

Not only was the punch that he had just thrown with all his strength not able to harm Qin Chao in the slightest, it had even shattered his hand bones.

Noo Aooka who had his eyes closed all this while suddenly opened his eyes at this time, his small eyes releasing a strange light, staring straight at Qin Chao.

“If you only have this little bit of power, then you will lose.” Qin Chao laughed as he imitated what Toru Saijo had said to him before. Following that, he slowly walked in front of Toru Saijo.

“Pa, pa, pa …” The footsteps were light, but in Toru Saijo’s ears, it sounded like gongs and drums, causing his heart to start beating faster.

“Impossible, it’s impossible for me to lose!” Toru Saijo lowered his right hand, let out a sudden crazed roar, and suddenly kicked towards Qin Chao’s chest.

This was Toru Saijo’s other ultimate attack. His strength was extremely strong and with this kick, he could break a man’s chest.

But then, Qin Chao suddenly moved.

He suddenly raised his left hand, and struck out with his palm towards Toru Saijo’s kick.

“Dragon rises from the Sea!”

“Bam!” Another loud sound rang out, and everyone’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

Qin Chao then displayed the starting move of Liu Clan Fist, Dragon Breaks the Seas. However, this simple palm strike had actually sent Toru Saijo flying like a broken kite.

This flight of his was very far, past the two disciples who were seated on either side of him, and directly slammed into the ground outside the arena.

“Hua!” This time, all of the Shin Budo disciples were in an uproar, as they shouted towards Qin Chao.

“Heavens, Toru Saijo actually lost!”

“The West City Lord was sent flying? How was this possible! “Who is that man?!”

“Your majesty the Emperor! I must be dreaming! ”

Iguchi Aooka’s face was also pale white, as he looked at the man in front of him in disbelief.

He … he should only be able to learn martial arts less than a month ago!

Why, why could he defeat Toru Saijo?

“Tsk tsk, that’s too weak …” Qin Chao patted his hands, as if he had just done an ordinary little thing, and said, “Is there no one else in Shin Budo? To actually send such trash on stage, I am not interested in fighting. ”

Qin Chao’s words had undoubtedly aroused their anger.

The disciples of the Renwu Guild Hall behind him were all dumbstruck as well.

“Oh my god, when did junior brother become so powerful!”

“He sent Toru Saijo flying with a single punch! “My god!”

Zhao Jingjing also covered his mouth, unable to say anything for a long time.

She had originally thought that after her defeat, Renwu Guild Hall would be done for.

He hadn’t thought that this Junior Brother of his, who he had always held a low opinion of, would have such a shocking and powerful palm strike!

“He doesn’t have any skills…” The Zhao Qingshan who was originally silent finally opened his mouth again, “He completely relied on his strength … Innate divine strength … This is innate divine power! ”

“Ba Ga, you dog from Renwu Guild Hall, let me take care of you!”

“Let me show you the power of our Shin Budo!”

“Kill him!” “Kill him!”

On the other side, the Shin Budo disciples were like wolves and dogs, wanting to bite Qin Chao to pieces.

And at this time, Noo Aooka suddenly waved his hand, and these disciples immediately quietened down.

“You have so much strength!” Noo Aooka looked at Qin Chao and slowly said, “But your skills are indeed not that great. Let me advise you, withdraw from Renwu Guild Hall and follow our Shin Budo. We will unleash all of the God Power in your body, allowing you to inherit my mantle and become the number one of our island. Otherwise, if I were to make a move, your power would probably be crippled. ”

When the old man spoke, he didn’t feel that his tone was arrogant at all.

“You’re only a kid with a gun right now, so you can’t bring out the power of this gun. However, I’m different. I’m a grandmaster at the Strength Conversion stage. I can defeat you with a wave of my hand. So, I advise you to take care of yourself, and throw yourself in our Shin Budo, as that is your only way out. ”

“I say, Noo Aooka.” Qin Chao didn’t think much of it. He took out his cigarette and slowly lit it up, then threw out the diesel engine. He laughed as he said to the old man, “I’m guessing you must really admire turtles.”

“That’s right!” Noo Aooka nodded, “Turtles and cranes are very sacred. This is the sacred relic of our island nation. ”

“No wonder, you old dog, you’re just like a turtle.” Qin Chao blew out a smoke ring, and laughed without caring about Noo Aooka’s extremely smelly face, “When Elder Liu Renwu was still alive, you were hiding in the shell. When the old man is gone, you’ll be back. Fuck, do you think there’s no one left in Renwu Guild Hall? ”

When Qin Chao said this, it made Noo Aooka’s face turn green.

“Brat, pay attention to your tone! You are an islander, you are not a Chinaman! ”

“Sina f * cking force!” When Qin Chao heard these two words, he could not help but be enraged, and scolded loudly, “Fuck, do you think I am willing to be an island dog! I have the glorious Chinese blood on me, if you bring up the words Sina again, I will break your dog legs! ”

“Bagdad, lead the way!” Suddenly, he pulled out a Tai Dao from the hands of a disciple beside him, and thrusted towards Qin Chao.

Shin Budo did not only cultivate fist and foot techniques, he also took a fancy to the way of the sword. What Noo Aooka was most proud of was also the way of the sword, especially the “God Killing Blade Slash” that he had created, it was incomparably powerful.

Especially Qin Chao’s words, it made him extremely furious, and he immediately pulled out his blade, wanting to kill Qin Chao.

“Dead! Dead!” This old man had a lot of strength in his hands, when he stabbed out with the blade, Qin Chao could feel the Sword Qi on the blade.

In the end, he was still an expert at strength conversion. His attacks were indeed extraordinary.

This time, Zhao Qingshan could not hold it in any longer and stood up to shout loudly.

“Noo Aooka! As a Zongshi realm cultivator, what ability do you have to bully a junior? Let me deal with you! ”

With that, Zhao Qingshan leaped forward, at the same time throwing out a punch, directly striking Noo Aooka in the face.

“Master, how can I bother you with such a small role?”