My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 409


His own ability was willpower. In the Elysium city, all the ghosts and wraiths who had tried to rebel against him died under his hand.

Although this Spirit King called Auron King was not the strongest amongst all the Spirit Kings, his willpower was very strong. Many of his opponents, the Spirit King, had also died under his will, and in the end became a tonic for his strength.

This point made Auron King extremely proud.

Now, using the food he fed, Auron King climbed up to Human Realm. Seeing the bold man in front of him, he used his own willpower.

As long as he strangled this man, he would be able to grab onto his soul and absorb it into his body. This would increase his strength.

The power of the soul was extremely powerful, especially the souls of living people.

Otherwise, the Auron King would not raise human food. While devouring their flesh and blood, he was also corroding their soul energies.

As soon as he climbed onto the Human Realm, he immediately sensed that the man on the opposite wall had such a powerful and captivating soul. Just like the turkey food placed in front of him for Thanksgiving, Auron King started to drool.

Thus, he couldn’t wait for this man to die!

However, after pinching it for a while, the Auron King was stunned.

What happened in his imagination did not happen. That human man was still sitting on the wall, leisurely smoking his cigarette.

The Auron King started to guess, could it be that after he climbed up to the Human Realm, his mind’s power was no longer effective?

He grabbed a piece of the wall beside him. “Bang!” With a “peng” sound, the wall was immediately shattered.

Weird, he’s still here!

It was still that powerful mental strength. Why did it lose its effect on that man?

Maybe he was just daydreaming and his willpower was not pure enough.

Thinking of this, the Auron King laughed twice, “Hehe, human, die!”

As he said that, he pinched Qin Chao again.

In the end, Qin Chao was still safe and sound. He sat on the wall with his legs crossed and looked like he was teasing Auron King as he puffed out a smoke ring.

“How could this be?” Auron King opened his eyes wide, unable to believe what was happening before his eyes.

His hand continuously formed hand seals, but it seemed as if they had lost their effectiveness. No matter what he did, he was unable to display the ability of his thoughts.

“Are all the people living in the Elysium city are idiots?”

Qin Chao’s indifferent words caused Auron King to jump in fright.

“You, how did you know about the Elysium city?”

“Hehe, that idiot Ghost King Heartless, is he still alright?” Qin Chao asked again, almost making the Spirit King lie on the ground.

Who is the Ghost King Heartless! He is the supreme king of the Elysium city!

The man in front of him had actually opened his mouth to insult Ghost King Heartless!

Could it be that he and Ghost King Heartless were existences at the same level? How could there be such a terrifying fellow in the Human Realm?

“You, who exactly are you?” The Auron King tried his best to look less scared as he dared to ask.

“Who am I? “I’m sorry, but a little pawn like you has no right to know.” Qin Chao said as he gently waved his hand.

“Bam!” The Auron King’s huge body was immediately sent flying, smashing against another wall, and then falling onto the ground.

“Will!” “It’s actually such a powerful willpower!” Auron King exclaimed as he slowly crawled up, covered in blood, “How could there be such a strong expert in Human Realm!”

“The news from the Elysium city is too far behind.” When Auron King raised his head, he realized that the strong man was already standing in front of him. At the same time, the man’s arm turned into a black claw. Five sharp fingers pierced into the man’s head.


In the eyes of the Auron King, a black pearl appeared.

“Demon, Devil Core!” The Auron King had given up all hope. This was a Devil Core that could swallow souls!

Before he even had the chance to scream, his soul had already been instantly torn into millions of pieces and then swallowed by Qin Chao into his own body, strengthening his Devil Core.

Very quickly, the Auron King’s huge body started to shrink again, in a blink of an eye turning back into the appearance of the ghost Ninja.

However, the ghost Ninja’s head had five holes in it, so he wouldn’t be able to live.

“Hu!” The vitality in his body had become much stronger, allowing Qin Chao to feel comfortable.

Especially since his willpower had increased by quite a bit, it seemed like he was getting closer to the legendary Big Idiodynamic Method.

He waved to a car beside him, and the sturdy Toyota SUV was crushed into a lump of discus.

Not bad, it did become a lot more powerful.

It seemed that he had to absorb more of these Spirit Kings.

Qin Chao casually threw ghost Ninja’s corpse to the side, then patted his hands.

“Qin… Mr. Qin, are you alright? ” Potato by the side was dumbfounded by what he saw. This was simply another level of battle! No wonder the people of Seventh Section were spread about like this!

Even the ghost Ninja that he thought was invincible, and the one that was left behind by the Ghost Possession, was not even a match for a single move from Mr. Qin!

Terrifying, this was the true terror!

Compared to the Mr. Qin, those Godly Horses and ghost Ninja s were just trash!

“It’s fine, you can rest assured now.” Qin Chao said to his own people while smiling, “Oh right, what kind of mission did you carry out today, how did you offend this group of fellows?”

“Mr. Qin, my mission was supposed to be absolutely confidential. But since you are a member of the Seventh Section, I don’t mind speaking directly with you. ”

He found a corner, leaned against it, and lit a cigarette for himself.

“Mr. Qin, I was originally in charge of monitoring the Sky Emperor of the island countries. According to the insider information, the Heavenly Emperor of the island nation also had a lot to do with the God-making plan. So, I came to Tokyo three days ago to spy on the Emperor. And today, the emperor had paid a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine! I was watching from the top of a nearby building. In the end, they were discovered by the ghost Ninja and chased all the way here. ”

Potato Shrugging his shoulders, “However, Mr. Qin, I did not expect you to be so fast. I remember you should still be in Sapporo.”

“You don’t need to think about these things. Just tell me how the mission is going.” Qin Chao was too lazy to explain these things to an ordinary cultivator.

“Ah, alright.” The potato naturally didn’t want to make Qin Chao unhappy, so he hurriedly continued, “Based on my observations these past few days, I discovered that the Sky Emperor was in his palace, frequently meeting with a mysterious man in black. I suspect that this man in black is someone from the Black Dragon Society. Because according to the news, the God-making plan is precisely in progress. ”

“Black Dragon Society…” Qin Chao thought for a moment, then said: “How about this, Potato, you go back first and tell Liu Chang, I will take over this mission. You cannot deal with the ghost Ninja beside the Sky Emperor, I am the only one you can deal with. ”

“Alright, then I’ll be counting on Mr. Qin.”

Since the people of the Seventh Section wanted to take over, potato music was not allowed to follow through. He had already seen how powerful the Mr. Qin was. As long as he was present, this mission shouldn’t be too difficult.

Qin Chao urged the potato to leave quickly. The potato naturally did not hesitate as its hurried body gradually disappeared into the night.

When Qin Chao saw that his figure had completely disappeared, she took out her cell phone and dialed a number for Cherry Yasuharu.

“Master, do you need anything from me?” You’re calling me at such a late hour, are you trying to find me … ”

Cherry Yasuharu’s voice revealed an indescribable charm.

Qin Chao’s heart skipped a beat. He suddenly remembered that this was not the time to be flirting and scolded. He secretly cursed at the little demon girl and immediately asked her the main question.

“Bai Ying, don’t cause trouble. I have something to ask you.”

“Master, do you have anything else that you don’t understand?” “Don’t you know very well where there is a mole on Bai Ying’s body …”

This Cherry Yasuharu was definitely a rare beauty, causing a fire to rise in Qin Chao’s lower abdomen.

“Alright, if you keep making trouble, I’ll get angry.” Qin Chao could only say coldly, “I asked you to investigate the matters concerning the Black Dragon Society, how is it?”

“When the Patriarch asked about the Black Dragon Society on the phone, he was really merciless …” Qin Chao could almost feel that from the other side of the phone, Cherry Yasuharu was pouting.

Initially, this girl was afraid of him, but after interacting with him for a long time and understanding his personality, her words became more unbridled.

“Why wouldn’t I have the heart to investigate the Lord Patriarch’s matters?” I was chosen as the vice president by the mysterious Black Dragon Society president. But I haven’t seen the man yet. Right now, he is the clan of Gozen’s representative and has always been giving me, the vice president, the task to do. However, I’ve managed to get some information regarding the matter. ”

“Speak, you’ve done well in this matter. I’ll give you a reward when we get back.”

“I don’t want any rewards, I want the Patriarch to love me dearly …”

Qin Chao was speechless once again, this demoness, was killing more and more people.

“Alright, don’t be so cold. I’ll just continue.” Cherry Yasuharu seemed to be laughing secretly, as she continued, “Other than the President of this Black Dragon Society, there seems to be another mysterious elders group. It was said that everyone in elders group was an expert, with extraordinary strength. Furthermore, the president himself seems to be restricted by the elders group. ”

“Hoh, such an interesting thing actually happened.” Qin Chao could not hold back and laughed, “Black Dragon Society, looks like I really have to investigate this properly. Bai Ying, if I kill the Sky Emperor, would you be unhappy? ”

“Kill the Emperor?” Cherry Yasuharu who was on the other end of the phone seemed to be surprised. But very quickly, he smiled again, “Then let’s just kill him. What does that rotten old man have to do with them? One dead, so many of his sons and grandsons have died. ”

“Alright, then I have something big to do tonight, hehehe …” Qin Chao was suddenly a little excited.

“Oh god, my lord, you really want to …” exclaimed in his heart, to kill the Sky Emperor, only the Patriarch could do such a crazy thing!

“Master, you have to think twice! There are many experts protecting His Majesty the Sky Emperor! ”

“Rest assured, in front of me, your master, what kind of experts would there be?” Qin Chao laughed indifferently. This was not a continent where the eight great sects dominated, but an island country supported by the three great clans.

So what if Qin Chao was afraid!