My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 405


– He Again

“Ba Ke, where are you running!” Just as Qin Chao ran out of the two streets, a Genin wearing dark blue clothes suddenly flew out from the shadows at the side and stood in front of Qin Chao.

That pair of eyes inside the hat looked at Qin Chao as if she was looking at a dead man.

This man must die.

And that woman, she was a member of the Iguchi Family … This cannot be moved. Let the master of the imperial palace deal with it.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” When Huizi, who was in Qin Chao’s embrace, saw this wretched Ninja, he couldn’t help but scream.

Qin Chao patted her back, telling her not to be afraid.

“Run? Who said I was going to run? ”

Qin Chao hugged Huizi, and stood in front of the ninja.

Looks like the people of clan of Gozen did not recognize him, otherwise, they would not have sent a Genin to chase after him.

“You’re about to die and you’re still being stubborn.” The Ninja sneered. “Die.”

“Huizi, go to sleep for a while.” Qin Chao’s hand pressed onto Huizi’s body, pinching her large artery, causing her to instantly faint from the loss of blood.

At the same time, he stretched out his other hand while dragging Huizi with one arm.

“Clang!” The knife that the Ninja stabbed at him with, was instantly caught by Qin Chao’s two fingers.

“What!” The Ninja was shocked as he stared at the Tachi in his hands in shock.

He subconsciously pulled twice, but found that the knife seemed to be gripped by a pair of iron pincers. No matter how he pulled, he could not pull it back.

“How, how is this possible!”

The Ninja was a little foolish.

Even if Iguchi from the Iguchi family were to come, it would be impossible for him to use two fingers to catch a Genin’s Tai Dao!

“You, who are you?” The Ninja looked up at Qin Chao who was taller than him by a few heads with his small eyes.

“The person who killed you.” Qin Chao gave him a death smile, and then let go of his Tai Dao, and gently pinched his palm.

“Ka ka!” The bones in the ninja’s neck immediately emitted a crisp breaking sound.

He didn’t even have the time to scream as he fell headfirst onto the ground, dead beyond belief.

“Lil ‘White, help me take care of her. I’ll be back soon.”

Qin Chao moved Huizi who was in his embrace to the side and the air immediately fluctuated. Then, a woman dressed in black appeared out of thin air and held Huizi in her arms.

After Qin Chao handed Huizi to Little White, he immediately changed into the Wind Robe on his Sumeru Ring finger and transformed it into a demon. Then, he bent his knees on the spot and with a bang, he leapt into the night sky.

After all, they were in the Island Country, Qin Chao did not want to reveal his identity, nor did he want to show off his ability to wield the sword.

With this leap, he leapt over 500 meters and landed on the roof of a building.

This was a teaching building that stood outside of Emperor Qing’s High School. Standing there, one could clearly see everything within a thousand meters of it.

Qin Chao stood here, searching for traces of his senior sister.

“Go to hell! Dragon King Separating Heaven Palm! ”

Zhao Jingjing was a martial artist, so he ran very fast.

However, the speed of the Ninjas was even more strange. Lying prone on the ground, their legs jogged up like the wind, and they quickly caught up to Zhao Jingjing.

“Tsk tsk, you won’t be able to escape today. Obediently return with us!”

The golden-robed middle Ninja chased the fastest, as his entire body formed a golden shadow in the air.

If it were not for the fact that he had brought back a corpse, his young master would not have been happy. He would have long ago turned into a saber and flew forward, piercing through the woman’s chest.

A ninja chased after Zhao Jingjing, threw out a chain and wrapped it around Zhao Jingjing’s waist, forcefully pulling her back.

Zhao Jingjing was furious, he formed a palm with his hand, and struck at the chest of the ninja. (TN: Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja = Ninja))

This ninja had just witnessed the power of Zhao Jingjing’s palm strike, so he immediately jumped backwards in an agile manner, avoiding Zhao Jingjing’s Dragon King Separating Heaven Palm.

“Lock her up!” After middle Ninja gave his instructions, four or five ninjas immediately flew over. Everyone held onto the chains in their hands, and then looped it around Zhao Jingjing’s body.

In an instant, Zhao Jingjing’s body was wrapped in chains, preventing her from moving.

“Hahahaha!” Seeing Zhao Jingjing’s miserable state, the middle Ninja could not help but burst out laughing, “See, this is the power of a Ninja! Woman, obediently follow me back to meet young master! ”

“To hell with your young master!” Zhao Jingjing was enraged as she suddenly grabbed onto the chain tightly with her hands. Then, she borrowed the power of the chain to jump up.

At the same time, one of her slender thighs stomped on the chest of the ninja closest to her.

“Pfft!” The Ninja’s chest was caved in from the kick. He was carried by the iron chain, and his feet left the ground. He was sent flying once before lying heavily on the ground again.

One hit kill!

The most ferocious technique in the Liu Clan Fist, was also a leg technique, the Divine Dragon Fighting the Heavens!

With this kick, the Ninja vomited blood and died.

The remaining Ninjas were all activated, every single one of them threw out their chains, a total of 10 Ninjas tying Zhao Jingjing’s entire body up in the chains. With this, Zhao Jingjing was completely unable to move.

“Bagdad, lead the way!” middle Ninja was furious. Two of his subordinates were injured and one was dead.

“I’m going to kill you!” In any case, that person didn’t care about how virgins were not, and this middle Ninja simply went all out, stepping forward to tear Zhao Jingjing’s sweatpants.

“Die!” Just as Zhao Jingjing was about to bite his tongue in anger and commit suicide, a furious roar suddenly sounded out in the night sky, just like the roar of a dragon or a tiger.

The earth trembled from the impact.

The few Ninjas were startled and their eyes widened.

He saw a black shadow rapidly descending from the sky like a falling meteor.

“Crap!” The middle Ninja let out a strange cry as his entire person suddenly transformed into a great blade. Like a stray dog, he hurriedly retreated.

His speed seemed to be a bit faster. The black figure had already landed beside the Ninjas with a “hong” sound.

The earth shook and the air roared.

A wave of air spread out in all directions, and the stone tiles on the ground also flew up and collided with each other.

Two of the Ninjas were hit by the air current and were sent flying. They fell more than ten meters away and crashed into the ground.

As for the middle Ninja who had transformed into the great blade, even though the body of the blade flew out very quickly, it was not completely out of the range of the wave.

The stream of air collided with his body, and the grand sabre immediately flew out horizontally. Then with a clang, it stabbed into the center of a tree in front of him, and the sabre’s blade directly penetrated through the two foot thick tree trunk.

“It’s … It’s him again …” The sudden appearance of this figure caused the chains on Zhao Jingjing’s body to lose control and fall to the ground.

However, Zhao Jingjing himself seemed to have been restricted as he stood there dumbly, looking at the man’s back.

This man wore a black windbreaker with flaming patterns, had red hair, and a pair of beast-like claws. He looked like a devil who had crawled out of hell.

His face was also wearing a mask of scales. No one knew what kind of face was beneath the mask.

His strength, had deeply enchanted Zhao Jingjing.

If only he himself had this kind of power. At that time, he would be able to support the Renwu Guild Hall and let the Liu Clan Fist grow in prestige.

“Roar!” Qin Chao faced the sky and roared.

It was as if the shout had torn the night apart. The stars in the sky were somewhat dim, as if they were afraid of this man’s strength.

“All of you will die.” Qin Chao said to the ninjas of the island nations.


Zhao Jingjing’s eyes lit up, this man actually spoke Chinese. Is he Chinese?

That’s great, he’s Chinese. I must acknowledge him as my teacher!

“Ba’e, it’s the Chinese pig!” middle Ninja turned into a human and jumped down from the tree. He glared at Qin Chao and said, “Everyone forward, lock this man up!”

Two of the ninjas could not get up, but the rest of them were still fighting.

They moved quickly on the ground and then wrapped the chains around Qin Chao’s body.

Qin Chao also did not move an inch, allowing the ninjas to do whatever they want around him.

“Ah, don’t get entangled by them!” Zhao Jingjing saw that the chains on Qin Chao’s body were increasing in number, and he started stomping his feet anxiously.

“They’re just clowns.” Qin Chao said lightly, “It’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Hearing the man’s words, Zhao Jingjing, who was initially extremely anxious, suddenly quieted down.

She felt so magical. A girl like her had such a strong sense of trust in a boy. Moreover, it was as if he wouldn’t be worried even if the sky collapsed in front of him.

“Hahaha, what a shameless boast!” The middle Ninja didn’t have this kind of feeling, he only felt that the Chinese pig was bragging.

“Lock him up, let’s see what kind of bullsh * t he’s using!”

The moment those words were said, the Ninjas’ speed became even faster, and in the blink of an eye, they transformed into a few black shadows that circled around Qin Chao.

Very quickly, other than his head, Qin Chao’s body was completely shackled.

Chains were wrapped around his arms, legs, and waist.

“Hahaha, did you see that?” After Qin Chao was locked up, the middle Ninja immediately burst out laughing again, “This is the price for going against the mighty Ninja! Little beauty, watch carefully how I tore this Chinese pig to shreds! ”

With that, he turned into a blade, bringing a sharp glint, and pierced towards Qin Chao’s head.

A cold light exploded in the night sky, scaring Zhao Jingjing, who repeatedly cried out in alarm.

Although the man had blocked so many bullets with his body that day, he must have worn some sort of high-tech protective suit!

Right now, the knife was stabbing towards the head. In this place without any protection, wasn’t that person about to die?

Zhao Jingjing’s heart jumped, but Qin Chao sneered disapprovingly.

“Stop.” When Tai Dao suddenly rushed in front of him, Qin Chao finally made his move.

He easily lifted up his right hand and dragged the three Ninjas into the air.

With the sounds of chains clattering, Qin Chao’s right hand grabbed the sharp edge of the Tai Dao.

When the blade was pressed against his palm, not a drop of blood came out.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Qin Chao used a bit of strength, causing the Tai Dao to immediately release a terrified sound.