My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 393


The “Wild Mountain Hotel” was a famous five-star hotel in Sapporo. its name was well-known, and many local families liked to dine here.

it wasn’t because the food here was that delicious, but because this place was a place where they could display their glorious status.

“Senior Brother, wouldn’t it be a little too extravagant for us to come here to eat?”

Zhao Jingjing did not know that iguchi Aooka was actually here to pay for the restaurant, and was thinking for him, “We are from a small business, we can just find a place to eat.”

“How can that be!” Liu Dahai said with an expression that said it was hard to refuse a favor, “i am going to apologize today, so of course I have to find a good place. Otherwise, it would seem like I don’t have any sincerity! Come on, Junior Sister, don’t worry about saving money for Senior Brother today. Anyway, we’re risking everything we’ve got, so let’s just forget about the money! Even if the Guild Hall goes bankrupt, we can still slowly rise again! ”

“Yes, Senior Brother is right!” Zhao Jingjing nodded his head, satisfied with his senior’s attitude.

Since his eldest senior brother had already said so, as his junior-apprentice sister, she naturally didn’t want to embarrass him anymore. She immediately lifted her leg and walked into the resplendent and luxurious hotel.

There were also many people eating in the hall. All of them had arrogant looks on their faces, as if they were people of importance.

in fact, Qin Chao knew how many people there were who only earned a little money a month and then came here to eat the cheapest thing in the world just to fawn and show off.

Towards such a person, Qin Chao could only say that he was just pretending.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” A beautiful waitress immediately came up to welcome him and said enthusiastically.

The waitress was quite pretty, but her legs were a bit apart.

in Qin Chao’s heart, tsk tsk, it was unknown how many times he had been exposed to the unwritten rules.

“Yes, my surname is Liu. I have an appointment in the chrysanthemum hall.”

“Oh, Teacher is in the box, right?” The waitress nodded and led the three of them upstairs.

Chrysanthemum Flower Hall… Qin Chao felt a chill after hearing it.

Damn, this name was too domineering. When he thought about this name, Qin Chao immediately thought of some bad things.

Thus, he could not help but ask the waiter who was leading the way.

“Beauty, other than the chrysanthemum hall, what other hall is there?”

“And Peony Hall, Rose Hall …”

Well, the other names were quite romantic. it was unknown whether Liu Dahai was retarded or what he was thinking, but he actually chose to come out of such a place.

Or could it be that this fellow has a bad habit?

Qin Chao suddenly came up with a very strange idea. Heavens, could it be that this guy had some special hobby, wanting to drink his wine and then seduce him?

Qin Chao started to sweat profusely again. He reminded himself to be more careful, he must not fall for this brat’s trap!

“The three of you have arrived.”

The waitress brought the three of them into the room.

The interior was beautifully decorated. There was a large french window beside the table, making it look especially bright.

From the window, one could see the night life of the island country outside.

The three of them sat in their seats, the waiter immediately took out the menu and said to Zhao Jingjing.

“Junior Sister, I know there are a few specialties here. Senior Brother, please order some.”

Liu Dahai said this because before they came, iguchi Aooka had already set a price with him.

The standard for this meal must not exceed fifty thousand yen. After all, iguchi Aooka’s own pocket money had basically gone to buy this Zhao Jingjing’s first night.

After it passed 50,000 yen, iguchi Aooka decided not to pay, and let Liu Dahai pay for himself.

Since he was the one who paid, Liu Dahai naturally cared about his money and refused to let go of the menu.

“Wow.” Zhao Jingjing did not mind, she did not want her Senior Brother to spend so much money.

“That’s good then!” Liu Dahai was instantly very happy. He opened the menu and ordered four of the cheapest dishes, which immediately attracted the disdain of the waitress.

The one with son of a bitch and even had a very elegant box, yet in the end, he only ordered four dishes. F * ck, what are you pretending for? This room alone costs 20,000 yen, you really can bear to spend it on your face.

“Sir, are you only going to order these four?” if she had too many dishes, this waitress could earn a commission. Therefore, she asked this question.

“No need, no need, just give me some wine!” Liu Dahai was afraid that he would lose face in front of Junior Sister, and said deliberately, “Today, we are mainly here to drink, to drink.”

“Yes, eldest senior brother is here to treat us to wine, so we have to order some good dishes!”

Qin Chao suddenly opened his mouth and spoke, as he grabbed the menu from Liu Dahai’s hands.

“Eldest Senior Brother, as your Junior Brother, I have never come to such a high-end place before. Would Senior Brother not be willing to order two good dishes?”

“Huh?” Liu Dahai’s hands were empty, and when he discovered that the menu was already in Yamazaki’s hands, he was immediately startled.

“Yamazaki, what do you mean?” Zhao Jingjing glared at Qin Chao, “Eldest senior brother has always been a very generous person. Furthermore, we are all brothers from the same sect, how could he be stingy? “Come on, we’re all brothers in the future, you’re not allowed to say these kinds of words.”

“Right, right, right. We’re all brothers!” “Just order whatever you want to eat!”

Hearing Zhao Jingjing’s words, Liu Dahai could only cover his face and say.

“Mmm mmm mmm, Senior Sister, it’s my fault. Then, I won’t be polite with Eldest Brother anymore.”

Qin Chao laughed as he opened up the menu, and then chose a few of the most expensive dishes and said to the waiter.

“Beauty, don’t look at our eldest senior brother with that kind of expression. Humph, let me tell you, our eldest senior brother is very generous, spending money is not a bit vague! You are not allowed to look down on him, do you see? We will order a few hard dishes right now! “This, this, this, give me two plates as well!”

“Okay, okay!” Although she was scolded, but she had raised her own contribution points. The waitress was full of smiles and nodded at Qin Chao.

“Ah?” Two plates each? ” Liu Dahai’s heart thumped.

He had noticed these dishes earlier, none of them seemed to be less than ten thousand yuan!

Damn, this Kato Yamazaki is really willing to f * * king give up on that. Could it be that he wants to eat all of his contributions?

“Hehe, I’m sorry, eldest senior brother. I can eat better. I need to eat my fill before I can have the strength to carry out the devilish training, to help our Guild Hall gain glory! ”

“Yes, Yamazaki is right! Senior Sister will support you! ” Zhao Jingjing was extremely happy as he clapped.

“Yamazaki junior brother, well said, you are truly worthy of being a member of our Renwu Guild Hall!”

Liu Dahai laughed heartily, his heart was in so much pain that it was about to drip blood. He scolded himself as he looked at the waitress’s pen and scrawled on it.

son of a bitch, you must have a godly memory. Did you remember everything just because of what he said?

Actually, how could that waitress remember it so quickly? She just casually scrawled on it in the end. in any case, she could tell that the person called Yamazaki didn’t remember ordering any dishes. He only ordered those that were expensive.

“Alright, that’s enough!”

Liu Dahai calculated that it definitely exceeded a hundred thousand yen, and it hurt his heart to death.

“Right, right. The main reason why we came here today was to drink wine. That’s about it!” Qin Chao also waved his hands, and said to the waiter, “There’s enough food, come to the bar!”

“Right, right. Drinking. Drinking is the main thing.”

Only then did Liu Dahai’s face look better. He thought to himself that he had nearly five million, and that it was only a one hundred thousand deal.

“Mm, what’s your best wine?”

Unexpectedly, Qin Chao’s last sentence caused his heart to thump loudly once again.

F * ck, did you come to take me down today?

“Ya, eldest senior brother’s expression is a bit ugly. Am I going too far?”

Qin Chao looked at Liu Dahai innocently.

“Didn’t Eldest Brother say that there was no need to be courteous? How about I pay for the meal? “As long as eldest senior brother is happy.”

Liu Dahai was overjoyed at this good word, and immediately said it out loud.

But Zhao Jingjing’s single sentence, was immediately stuffed into his mouth.

“Yamazaki, look at you!” Zhao Jingjing was a little dissatisfied, “Don’t worry, our big brother here still has some money. At worst, I can just help him pay for it. it’s your eldest senior brother’s treat today, how can we let your youngest junior brother pay? ”

“Yes, your senior sister is right … I can afford it. ” Liu Dahai’s face was pale, and he had to keep laughing.

Damn it, I is screwed today. Yamazaki, damn you, just you wait. Your chrysanthemum flowers will definitely not be preserved today, I will let Niaoci Lang kill you!

And Zhao Jingjing, you little b * stard, you forced me to bleed! Today, I will see how Sir iguchi will make you bleed!

After thinking about it, Liu Dahai bit down on it and swallowed it, then pointed at the menu and said, “Click, click hard!”

“Alright, since the eldest senior brother has already said so, I can’t lose face for the eldest senior brother.”

The moment Qin Chao said that, the waitress picked up quickly.

“Sir, our most expensive wine is Lafite from 82 years old. it costs 600 thousand yen a bottle.”

Six hundred thousand yen per bottle!

Liu Dahai wanted to bite off his tongue. F * ck, what is this wine made of? Gold!

Six hundred thousand yen per bottle. With such a large amount of money, a damn pretty girl would be able to sustain it for over a year!

F * ck, it only takes a few mouthfuls now for something that feels good for a year. it’s not worth it.

Kato Yamazaki, you should be someone who knows how to live, you definitely shouldn’t agree to drink this kind of wine … Otherwise, I really am going to die…

“Good!” Only with this kind of wine can you be worthy of our eldest senior brother! ” However, Qin Chao slapped his thigh and laughed out loud, “Eldest senior brother, come, drink wine is good! Waiter, get me a box! ”

“Pah!” Liu Dahai immediately fell down from his chair.

must have heard wrongly with regards to son of a bitch!

One box! F * ck, it’s a box!

A bottle costs six hundred thousand, and this box cost at least six million!

Damn, just drink I to death!

“Ah, I’m sorry, sir. We don’t have that many here. We only have two bottles.”

The waiter was in a difficult position.

When Liu Dahai heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“if that’s the case, then …”

“Alright, two bottles is two bottles, we will take them all!” “Damn it, I can’t even stand drinking!” Qin Chao curled his lips, and said something that made Liu Dahai want to pass out.