My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 390


“Why do I take them? it’s not like they broke the law.”

Since the chief was angry and could not direct his anger directly at the young master of the Iguchi family, he could only say this unhappily.

“Aren’t they evading taxes? Didn’t we already agree on that?”

Iguchi Aooka thought, you old fellow, I usually give you quite a few gifts, and now you want to ruin me?

“What tax evasion? This is a false accusation!” The chief could no longer hold back her anger and shouted, “The chief already called me personally, saying that they were framed. Do you want me to repeat it again?”

The director himself called?

Iguchi Aooka was startled, but at the same time, he started to mutter in his heart.

This Zhao Jingjing, how could she recognize such a high level person?

Could it be that someone was helping them from behind? No, I had to find out, who was the inexperienced one, to actually dare to go against our Iguchi Family!

if it were any other family, hmph, I will make sure that family completely disappears into the dust of history!

This Iguchi Aooka was thinking about a pretty beautiful thing. if he knew that it was a member of the Yasuharu Family that had settled this matter, he probably did not know what kind of expression he would have.

Now that the matter had been ascertained, the police officers had naturally withdrawn.

in front of the huge Renwu Guild Hall’s doors, the people had all left, leaving only Zhao Jingjing, Liu Dahai and the brothers who were lying on the ground.

“Liu Dahai, did you see that?”

Zhao Jingjing looked at Liu Dahai, her face filled with indifference and ridicule.

“My fellow brothers are all lying here, only you are standing here.”

“Junior Sister, I …” Liu Dahai’s words were just about to reach his mouth, but he was unable to say it. indeed, he was afraid. He didn’t even dare to fart when his martial brothers were beaten up.

“i will explain this to my father when he returns.”

Zhao Jingjing’s voice was especially cold, causing Liu Dahai to tremble a little.

“Senior Sister, what happened to Senior Sister?”

Just as the atmosphere became especially awkward, Qin Chao suddenly jumped out of a taxi. His face was filled with disbelief as he looked at his fellow apprentices lying on the ground.

“What’s going on with everyone?”

“Yamazaki, you came at the right time.” Zhao Jingjing didn’t even want to say a single word to Liu Dahai as she squatted on the ground and supported Fang Xiaohu up before waving her hand at Qin Chao.

“Come here, help me bring your senior brothers to the nearby Guild Hall, then i’ll find a car to take them to the hospital.”

“Alright!” Qin Chao immediately walked over and carried the senior brothers back to the Guild Hall.

“Yamazaki, you don’t know, our Guild Hall almost closed it off …”

When they brought the Senior Brothers back, and everyone started to wait for the carriage, Zhao Jingjing began to tell Qin Chao about what happened today.

“if not for that man in black, we would really be finished.” When Zhao Jingjing talked about the demonic Qin Chao, there was actually a look of worship in her eyes.

“That’s right!” He’s too strong! ” Fang Xiaohu also nodded excitedly, ignoring the injuries on his lower leg as he shouted.

“Yamazaki, you don’t know! That guy was too fierce! Such a thick anti-riot shield, that guy broke it with a single palm! Furthermore, even bullets cannot hurt him. I suspect that he is wearing a bulletproof vest! ”

“Fuck you!” The fellow brothers mocked, “How can there be such a powerful bulletproof vest that can even block so many Remington’s bullets?”

“Anyway, he’s very powerful!” Fang Xiaohu rubbed his head in embarrassment and then laughed heartily.

“Right, where did eldest senior brother go?” Seeing that Liu Dahai was not in the room, Qin Chao asked while acting dumb.

immediately, the warm atmosphere turned cold again.

Fang Xiaohu and the others did not speak any further. They all lowered their heads and secretly sized up their Senior Sister.

Zhao Jingjing, on the other hand, had a gloomy face, and her beautiful face was covered in frost.

“Yamazaki, don’t call that senior brother.” Zhao Jingjing’s voice was stern, “There will be no Liu Dahai in the future. if you call him senior brother, then don’t recognize me as your senior sister! ”

“Ah, don’t say that, Senior Sister!” Qin Chao immediately expressed his stance, with a hint of flattery, he said, “i am willing to always follow behind Senior Sister and learn Liu Clan Fist from her, and become a powerful Ranker like Senior Sister!”

“i’m not as good as you say.” When Zhao Jingjing heard this, her expression softened and she said to Qin Chao, “Besides, you are a newbie, there is still a long road ahead of you. You have to do it slowly, don’t become a fatty in one bite.”

After he finished, he took out some gauze and began to treat the wounds of one of his fellow disciples.

Fang Xiaohu secretly gave Qin Chao two thumbs up.

Qin Chao chuckled, rubbed his nose, and did not speak further.

“Ah, yes!” While holding the gauze, Zhao Jingjing suddenly slapped his leg, as if he remembered something.

“Ouch!” Unfortunately, what she patted was not her own leg, but the injured leg of her senior and junior brother. The poor person could only groan, almost crying from the pain.

“i still don’t understand chief’s last words.” Zhao Jingjing started to think, “He said that I am friends with the Police chief? it’s impossible. I’ve never seen the so-called police chief, so how could he be a friend? Does the chief Constable know me? impossible, I am not some big shot … ”

Zhao Jingjing shook her head repeatedly, unable to think of anything.

Qin Chao couldn’t exactly tell him that it was he who ordered the Yasuharu Family to step in and settle the matter with the police, right?

He could only speak carelessly.

“Maybe our Master is awesome. After knowing the chief of Police and finding out about this, we can settle this matter!”

“My father?” Zhao Jingjing thought for a while, “Maybe it’s possible. Could it be that he had already returned here? “No, he called in the morning and said he wouldn’t be back in Sapporo until next week.”

Zhao Jingjing did not understand, so she did not say anything else and helped Zhao Jingjing to treat the wounds of her juniors.

Not long later, the car drove over. Two people carried the dozen or so people into the car and rushed towards the hospital.


At this time, in the villa of the Iguchi family, Iguchi Aooka was giving off a temper as a young master, ruthlessly slapping Niaoci Lang in the face.

“Didn’t you say that the police had already informed us? Furthermore, you gave the chief idiot two million yen! Fuck, I has these two million yen, I can directly buy all the experts in the clan, wouldn’t it be better to tie Zhao Jingjing up and bring him back! ”


Niaoci Lang’s face was swollen from the slap. He was a big bald man to begin with, but now, he seemed to be carrying a big white bun on his neck.

“it’s my fault, please punish me, Young Master.”

“Punishment, will punishing you work?” Iguchi Aooka gave Niaoci Lang a kick in the face, and grinded his teeth in anger, “Punishment you, you think you can help me deal with that barbaric girl Zhao Jingjing?”

“Actually, young master, I have another idea in mind!” Even though that Niaoci Lang looked five big and three thick, in front of his young master, he did not even dare to breathe loudly, and only spoke in a low voice.

“Method?” What can a hairless fellow like you do! ” Iguchi Aooka curled his lips in disdain.

“Young Master, look.” Although Niaoci Lang’s limbs were well-developed, he was not a simple-minded person. He very quickly came up with a method that moved Iguchi Aooka’s heart.

“Young Master, this time, although I didn’t let the Renwu Guild Hall fall, I didn’t let that Zhao Jingjing brat …”

“Pah!” A big, crisp mouth.

“Young Master, I was wrong, it was Miss Zhao Jingjing. Although I did not let Miss Zhao Jingjing follow you, at the very least, that fellow, Liu Dahai, was completely isolated from the Renwu Guild Hall. ”


“Pah!” Another big mouth.

“i, Iguchi Aooka, want to fuck Zhao Jingjing, not that man Liu Dahai! Niaoci Lang, do you think you and I share a common hobby? ”

“Please calm your anger young master, please calm your anger young master!” Niaoci Lang’s face burned in pain, and she spoke in a low voice, “Young Master, you misunderstood me. I mean, we can get Liu Dahai to do something for us. Young Master, you can see that Liu Dahai is obviously a greedy villain. “As long as you pay him a bit of money, he can do whatever he wants…”

“Oh? “You mean …” No matter how dumb this Iguchi Aooka was, he understood what Niaoci Lang meant.

“That’s right, Young Master. I want to use this Liu Dahai to lure Miss Zhao Jingjing out, and then drug her! I’ve heard that the Chinese are all very chaste. As long as young master had sex with her once, she would follow you wholeheartedly! “At that time, if you don’t want to fuck me, you can fuck me however you want …”

“Pah!” And it was a big, loud mouth.

“Eight!” Iguchi Aooka said angrily, “Speak more civilized for me, young master. I am a man of character, don’t f * * king embarrass young master!”

“Yes, yes, young master, I was wrong!” Niaoci Lang was depressed in his heart. Seriously, you can’t say anything, and you can’t say anything either… Following Iguchi Aooka was really something difficult to do …

Sigh, if only I could follow Miss Iguchi and do things for her!

Miss Huizi was gentle, beautiful and kind … [Tsk! Tsk! How great would it be if I liked women, but I have a different way of doing things. Women can’t satisfy me …]

Actually, the young master is not bad looking… if only the men of the island were so chaste. He was willing to lower himself to Young Master, and then force himself on him …

Tsk tsk, then the young master will be able to follow me with a staunch heart.

Sigh, what a pity that this is all just fantasy. Even if he could make the young master fall over, he could only do it sneakily. Many times, even after the young master woke up, he only felt a slight pain in his anus, but he could not remember how many happy things had happened between them.

Young master, do you know that when you were having fun with those ugly women, I was always in the corner, silently waiting for you.

Niaoci Lang suddenly had the urge to cry. When Iguchi Aooka, who was fantasizing about how he had bewitched Zhao Jingjing, suddenly realized that Niaoci Lang was touching his tears, he couldn’t help but get angry again. He raised his hand and slapped him.

“Ah Ga, what are you crying for! The young master is about to have a good time, damn it, let me have a good time! ”

“Hey! “Hey!” Niaoci Lang felt wronged and nodded repeatedly, but he secretly thought in his heart.

Young Master, one day, you will be mine.