My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 381


That night, Qin Chao used all kinds of methods against the people from the Yasuharu Family. If they still did not surrender, Qin Chao reckoned that he would massacre everyone here tonight.

“We surrender, we surrender …”

With the Grand Elder dead, the rest of them had no reason to continue. All of them kneeled down, and bowed towards Qin Chao.

So what if they didn’t submit, even the Shikigami was taken away by them, these people were just a bunch of trash now.

It would be better to submit to him. At least the Shikigami could take it back, and the Yasuharu Family would be a first-rate family.

“Very good!”

As the spokesperson for Qin Chao, when Cherry Yasuharu saw this scene, she immediately said excitedly, “Then I declare that from today onwards, Qin Chao will be our Lord patriarch. Who wouldn’t support it? Come out and let me take a look! ”

After Cherry Yasuharu’s words fell for half a day, everyone below knelt down, silent as cicadas in the winter.

F * ck, who would dare to make a sound?

Even if he was slightly dissatisfied, he swallowed it back into his stomach.

If he stood out now, wouldn’t he be courting death?

That beautiful mysterious woman was still standing in front of the Grand Elder’s corpse!

If she were to make a move, then the brain that he had been hoarding for decades would be gone too! This Yasuharu Family, no matter who led them, as long as he could survive it, it was fine.

“It seems that all of you have agreed.” Qin Chao nodded, then said: “Since everyone is so generous as to invite me to take this position, then I will not be courteous anymore.”

Invite you? Pui!

Some of the Grand Elder’s trusted aides couldn’t help but feel resentment.

How shameless are you? We didn’t invite you here, you clearly came uninvited! Look at this house, it’s filled with blood, and you’re the one who started a massacre!

However, Qin Chao did not care what the others thought, being thick-skinned was his biggest characteristic.

He very impolitely sat on the patriarch’s seat, then looked at the people kneeling on the ground, and said with a smile.

“We’re all on the same side now, rise.”

“Thank you, patriarch …” Just as they were rising, they suddenly saw Cherry Yasuharu, who was behind Qin Chao, glare at them unhappily.

“Lord patriarch, we do not dare!” A somewhat quick-witted elder hurriedly said, “Today, we have eyes but did not recognize Mount Tai. Since we have offended the master, it would be better for us to accept the punishment.”

“Is that so …” Qin Chao thought to himself that it was weird that these islanders actually liked to talk while kneeling. But let them be.

“Alright, I have a few things to announce to everyone.”

Qin Chao organized his thoughts, and said, “Firstly, Cherry Yasuharu will continue to be the acting patriarch. When I’m not around, she will be my spokesperson. Don’t think that if I’m not here, you can ignore my orders. “Hehe, the beauty beside me can walk around Earth a few times in an instant.”

Qin Chao said, and pointed to Xiao Bai who was standing to his left.

After fusing with the Nine You Poisonous Spider, Xiao Bai’s ability now had one more attribute of spatial movement. Therefore, Qin Chao was not speaking empty words.

The people kneeling below shuddered, they had also experienced Xiao Bai’s capabilities.

Not to mention teleporting, he didn’t even use his blade. With just a wave of his hand, his huge head fell off.

This ability was indeed terrifying.

And the adults at home were even more powerful. Without even moving their bodies, with a flick of their fingers, the two super bodyguards’ necks, which were as hard as steel, were broken.

The cultivators of the continent were so terrifying that the Black Dragon Society would actually provoke them time and time again. It was simply an idiot’s act!

“Secondly, the Yasuharu Family continues to cooperate with the clan of Gozen and Iguchi Families. However, if Black Dragon Society makes any movements, you must notify me in time. ”

“Lord patriarch wants us to be spies?” Cherry Yasuharu asked.

“That’s right, it’s very likely that you will be chosen as the vice president. I’ll be counting on you then, Baiying.”

“Rest assured, Lord patriarch, I will definitely complete this mission.” Cherry Yasuharu also bent down, but was pulled up by Qin Chao.

“Cherry Yasuharu, even though you have pledged your allegiance to me, I am still unable to completely trust you. But I don’t want to treat my own people unfairly, so I’ll give you this sword. It can also become your power. ”

With that, Qin Chao waved his hand, and a Silver Lotus Sword appeared in the air.

Cherry Yasuharu had seen this treasure sword before, it had once beaten ghost general Shura into a miserable state. Now that the patriarch had bestowed it to her, she was extremely excited.

Qin Chao thought, in the Island Country, there should not be anyone who could defeat the Silver Lotus Sword.

Even if there was, when the Silver Lotus sword shattered, he would have felt the danger and appeared beside Cherry Yasuharu in time.

“Everything else is fine for now. Arrange a room for me. I need to rest.”

Qin Chao couldn’t think of anything in a short period of time. Originally, his mission was to get rid of Mutsumi Yasuharu, but taking control of the Yasuharu Family was a convenient thing to do.

He looked at the people kneeling on the ground and sneered. Then, he opened his right hand and released the Shikigamies.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as they felt that they had made a trip to hell.

Seeing this scene, Cherry Yasuharu thought in her heart. Sure enough, she didn’t follow the wrong person back then. Thinking of this, and hearing Qin Chao’s words, she immediately said.

“Alright, let’s report to Master patriarch about the Yasuharu Family’s assets together.”

Afterwards, he brought Qin Chao to the best room in the villa.

Qin Chao thought as he sized up the luxurious manor.

He was already a patriarch of Yasuharu’s family, so he could be considered a very rich person.

Although he was previously the honorary chairman of the Dafa Group, that place was still Liao Shasha’s business after all.

But it was different for the Yasuharu Family.

“Bai Ying, my assets can be considered as being as rich as a kingdom now, right?”

“Lord patriarch, you are being too reserved.” When Cherry Yasuharu heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh. She turned her head and gave Qin Chao a coquettish glance before saying, “Our family’s assets are not simply as simple as that of a country. I will report to the Lord of patriarch first. Tomorrow, there will be a special lawyer signing the inheritance agreement. ”

As she said that, Cherry Yasuharu took Qin Chao to walk left and right around the courtyard of the villa, and then walked in front of a huge, castle-like building.

The luxury of the villa exceeded even the clan of Liao that Qin Chao used to live in.

In the end, they were all from the same island. They were all rich people, and they all enjoyed themselves.

“Lord patriarch, please.”

The gates of the castle were suddenly opened by a row of beautiful maids, revealing the interior.

“Master, welcome back.”

A group of sexy and exposed maids stood at both sides of the room, bowing and greeting Qin Chao.

When they lowered their heads, their chests immediately revealed deep gouges.

Qin Chao looked at the endless valleys, and in his heart, he felt as if he was reading < Golden Armor of the City >.

Damn, this previous master, Mutsumi Yasuharu was too perverted!

Recalling the island people’s habit, Qin Chao couldn’t help but take another glance at these beautiful female servants. It was likely that they had all been played by that old fellow Mutsumi Yasuharu before … Tsk tsk, what a pity.

“Lord patriarch, this will be your home from now on.”

Cherry Yasuharu smiled at Qin Chao.

“The house is too big. It’s not safe to live in.” Xiao Bai sized up the vast inside of the ancient fortress, and said the last few words.

“Xiao Bai, you are no longer a professional killer, you are now one of my, Qin Chao’s men.”

After Qin Chao finished speaking, he suddenly felt that this sentence was a bit ambiguous.

Sure enough, Xiao Bai also noticed the unfathomable meaning behind his words, and her charming face started to turn red.

Mr. Qin’s mouth is so good … He even said something that would make people blush with their heartbeats.

Actually, Qin Chao did not say that on purpose, it was just something that he casually said.

“Master patriarch, our Yasuharu Family’s most important business is the import and export of electronic products.” Cherry Yasuharu said as she took out a small notebook from her chest and opened it.

Damn, isn’t this acting patriarch too overdoing? She hid the notebook in her chest.

Qin Chao’s eyes almost popped out, but Cherry Yasuharu did not seem to care, and continued to flip through the book. “Other than this, the family also has many business models of the island countries. Our name is also Yasuharu Group. For fixed assets, it’s no less than trillions. However, even with liquid assets, there were hundreds of billions of them. It can be said that one third of the island’s economy is supported by our family. ”

“So, so strong?” Qin Chao only knew that the Yasuharu Family was very rich, but he never thought that they would be rich to this extent.

“Of course, what other reason would Lord patriarch think that the Great Clan Elder and his son are fighting for this position with all their might?”

Cherry Yasuharu smiled lightly.

He became a billionaire all of a sudden?

Qin Chao was slightly dumbstruck.

But before Cherry Yasuharu could finish speaking, she flipped open the book and continued.

“When it comes to grey sources, our family actually still deals in arms. This was the second economic source of the family besides the import and export of electronic products. patriarch need not worry about the issue of breaking the law, because half of the members of the Parliament of the Island are from our family. ”

Qin Chao was completely shocked, he only felt that tonight’s killing business was worth it.

There were a lot of people who became rich overnight, but there was not even a single person who was able to become like Qin Chao!

“In that case, Bai Ying, I want the family to investigate something.”

Qin Chao had not forgotten his mission to the island State, so he suddenly asked.

“Please speak, patriarch.”

“Do you know that there’s a secret base in the island, researching genetic modification?”

Hearing Qin Chao’s words, Cherry Yasuharu’s body instantly trembled.

“Master patriarch, what you are saying is … God-making plan? ”

“What, God-making plan?” Qin Chao was startled, why did this island nation have such an interesting name?