My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 360


“Captain, there’s nothing we can do. We can only take out the Rail Canon s to kill it.” Seeing the dejected Luoji Tojo, one of the aides reminded him.

“Rail Canon… the Rail Canon … ” Luoji Tojo sighed, “Sigh, for now, I can only use it.”

Rail Canon s, this was the newly developed secret weapon of the Ocean Self-Defense Forces. The reason why Luoji Tojo did not want to touch it was because he did not want to smash the robot into pieces. Thus, there was no longer any value in researching it.

But now, it was no longer a question of whether he should study it or not. If he continued, his Self-Defense Forces would be completely annihilated. At that time, what he would accept would not be honor, but the rage of the Maritime Guard.

“Track 1, run for it!”

The aide-de-camp received the order and immediately passed down the order.

“Track 1, run for it!”

“Track 1, run for it!”

After the order was passed down, the entire flagship began to operate. On the deck of the flagship, a sliding door was suddenly opened, followed by a huge black machine gun emplacement. The muzzle that was originally only two meters long but was three meters thick suddenly extended forward. Pieces of barrel after pieces of barrel shot out, finally reaching a length of over six meters, gently aiming and swaying back and forth.

“Track 1, run as fast as you can and prepare to charge for the countdown!”






“Track 1 has finished charging. Prepare to fire!”

At this time, a display screen suddenly appeared in front of Luoji Tojo. On the screen — it was a trained target, automatically aiming at the fishing boats and robots that were constantly attacking the warships.

At the same time, a small switch appeared on his left hand side, revealing a red button.

This was the starting button for the Rail Canon.

Luoji Tojo suddenly became nervous. His left hand was covered with sweat as he lightly placed it on the button. His eyes suddenly narrowed as he stared at the constantly changing sight on the screen.

The fishing boat puppet was still unaware of the huge threat it was facing. Instead, like a child, it used the free cannon on its arm to shoot down a warship.

Soon, he had taken out four of the warships. In the blink of an eye, he saw the flagship carrying a strange cannon on its back.

“What an ugly ship. Let’s get rid of you first.” The puppet said and was about to charge forward.

Luoji Tojo was shocked by his words, and immediately pressed the button on his left hand.

“Boom!” The entire flagship was pressed down by the recoil of the cannons, directly sinking into the sea. A streak of blue fire shot out like lightning and struck the fishing boat puppet’s chest.

“Bam!” The body of the fishing boat robot exploded into pieces. Even though it was not blown to smithereens, the blue flame still burned brightly, turning it into charcoal very quickly.

The only thing that wasn’t damaged was a pink makeup box. It directly jumped out from the flames, turned into a meteor, and disappeared into the boundless night sky in the blink of an eye.

Of course, no one had noticed this small makeup box.

Seeing that the fishing boat robot had been broken, Luoji Tojo heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at the wreckage of the ship on the sea and suddenly wanted to give himself a slap.

F * ck, laozi was so full, why did I go and mess with this damn robot! This time, the fox did not catch him and got into trouble!

Regardless of whether or not this Luoji Tojo had thoughts to go through with it, Qin Chao did not know about the farce that just happened in the ocean.

Qin Chao observed in the sea. This was a small pier, and there was not a single person on the shore. Only then did he jump out of the water and gently landed on the dock.

After drifting on the sea for quite a few days, the moment he finally stepped onto the land, he suddenly felt extremely safe.

At this time, a shooting star suddenly flew out into the sky, quickly flying towards Xi.

Qin Chao squinted his eyes, and was about to stretch his hand out to deflect the attack.

However, Xi stopped him and said, “It’s okay, it’s my magic tool that’s back.”

With that, she opened her fingers and easily caught the falling light.

Qin Chao looked carefully, what a guy, isn’t this the makeup case that made him lose face that day?

Heh heh, but at that time, I was only at the early stage of the Divine Abilities. But now, he was using the Nascent Soul Stage, so getting rid of this puppet shouldn’t be a problem.

“Wuwuwu. Big sister, I was bullied so badly.” When the makeup case landed in Xi’s hands, it suddenly cried loudly.

Qin Chao was shocked, thinking, damn, this magic tool knows how to speak!

But then he thought, doesn’t my Ying Yang Bell know how to speak too? Maybe, Xi’s treasure also had some soul sealed inside as a weapon spirit.

“What’s wrong?” Xi held onto the makeup box and asked indifferently.

“I was playing very well, but a strange cannon suddenly appeared on a boat in that island nation. Then, with a blast of the cannon, it shattered my body.”

“It can even shatter a body that is protected by Essence …” Xi nodded, “Looks like the technological progress on this island is very fast.”

“A cannon that can penetrate elemental energy?” Qin Chao rubbed his nose, and could not help but ask, “How many layers of vitality did you leave behind?”

“Not much. Probably just two levels.” Xi replied.

“Two layers …” You have the strength of the God Power Stage, an Essence Level that even ordinary bullets cannot penetrate. ” Because Qin Chao had almost lost to puppet techniques and body substitution, he specially went to Hu Ke to study it.

It turned out that this puppet could turn its master’s elemental energy into a barrier to protect it from harm.

To use elemental energy to directly create a barrier, that was something only someone with a straight forehead could do.

“I’ll slowly study these things in the future.” Xi waved her hand, “I can only send you here, I still have to go back and find that smelly Daoist Priest to report on your mission.”

“How do you get back?” Qin Chao could not help but ask, “That snake head was even killed by us.”

“Fly back.” Xi waved her hand and the makeup box floated at her feet. Then, it slowly enlarged and turned into a huge makeup box that was one meter wide.

“Damn.” Qin Chao was depressed in his heart, “Why didn’t you let me just fly here? Darned Li Baishan, you forced me to come here as a boat, to suffocate this father here.”

“That smelly Daoist is just bored like that, don’t worry about him.” Xi comforted Qin Chao, and said, “Your mission this time, is quite thorny. Although your goal is to destroy the secret base, Li Baishan still doesn’t know where the secret base is.

Xi sat on the makeup box and floated in front of Qin Chao, reminding him.

“Since you are here, the organization has already sent people to pick you up. The person nicknamed ‘Air stewardess’ is the person in charge here. ”

So I’m here on the island with someone to help me.

Qin Chao was slightly relieved. If he didn’t rely on others, he would have to rely on himself to find a needle in a haystack on the island. Who knew how long it would take before he could destroy the base?

He also did not expect that the organisation’s power would be able to infiltrate all the way here.

The person in charge, the “flight attendant”, had a very interesting code name. Who knew what kind of person it would be … Well, a girl, I hope.

“She is your in-charge, here, responsible for teaching your Japanese. Before you learn Japanese, she won’t let you go out and take action. ”

“Huh?” Qin Chao rubbed his nose, “Why?”

“Because the organization will arrange an identity for you. If your Japanese is unable to do so, then this identity will not be high enough to be broken.”

“What kind of identity will he give me?”

Qin Chao was a little curious.

“These, when you meet that person, she will contact you.”

After Xi finished speaking, she took out a piece of paper and waved it in front of Qin Chao.

“There’s a string of numbers on it. It’s her contact number. You can contact her later.”

After saying that, the slip of paper burst into flames.

Afterwards, Xi took out an exquisite apple phone from her clothes and threw it over to Qin Chao.

“This is your number from here. If you have contact with the flight attendant, use it. The other calls will not be answered by the flight attendant. ”

“It seems to be very serious …” As Qin Chao fiddled with the Apple phone, he sighed in his heart.

Alas, how much I wanted an Apple phone back then, but I couldn’t afford it.

Now that I have no love for the phone, this Apple phone is right in front of my eyes.

Qin Chao flipped through it twice and then put the phone back into his pocket.

“This has always been a very serious matter. You have to take it seriously.” Xi suddenly became serious and warned Qin Chao, “You heard what I said to you just now. Even though it wasn’t a barrier that I created 100%, it was still quite terrifying. Don’t be careless, and don’t underestimate any one of your opponents. ”

“I know …” Qin Chao felt warmth in his heart, he could feel the concern Xi had for him.

Would a person without a soul know how to care about others?

“Are you worried about me?” Qin Chao asked.

“Me? “Care about you?” Xi turned her head, and said, “Hmph, I was just afraid that you wouldn’t be able to complete the mission. I am a Corpse Ji without a soul, how would I know how to care about others? ”

You really don’t have a soul? However, Qin Chao felt that it was extremely strange. He suddenly had a strange thought. Could it be that another soul had already emerged within Xi’s body?

Only, she herself and Li Baishan had not noticed it?

Impossible. He quickly rejected the idea. Who was Li Baishan, a genius Taoist. If Xi really had a soul in his body, how could he not know?

“If you finish the mission, come back early.” Xi slowly flew into the air while being carried by the makeup box, “I’ll be waiting for you in the continent … Your little lover is also waiting for you on the continent. ”

These words made Qin Chao’s heart itch. Why does it feel like you are pairing yourself with my lover?

Suddenly, he thought of a problem and shouted loudly before Xi could fly far away.

“Hey!” You still haven’t told me what my code name is! ”

The person in charge’s code name was the flight attendant, so he should also have a code name. Heh heh, I’m very curious.

“Your code name is … condom …”

Ah? What? What the heck!

Curiosity, Qin Chao wanted to directly smash his head to death! Why was he curious about this?