My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 351


“Know your sister.” Qin Chao said in disdain, “I want to stay and kill you.”

“F * ck!” The smile on Black Wolf’s face stiffened, he felt as if he had been played by Qin Chao.

“F * ck, a retard, why are you acting like a chicken!” A delinquent picked up a brick from the side and threw it towards Qin Chao who was standing on the phone booth.

Seeing the brick flying towards him, Qin Chao just casually waved his hand.

The brick suddenly turned around and smashed towards the dumbstruck little hoodlum.

This little hoodlum didn’t have Qin Chao’s ability. With a loud bang and a blood-curdling scream, the little hoodlum held his forehead and fell into the snow.

The brick directly cut a hole in his forehead, and fresh blood dyed the snow red.

The surrounding people were also shocked, thinking, could this Qin Chao have some kind of magic? How did he change from throwing bricks back?!

“Catch everyone!” Black Wolf was also secretly shocked, but he was the boss; Therefore, he shouted loudly and pulled out a knife from his coat.

That blade reflected the moonlight in the dark night, and it was so bright that it was terrifying.

“Alright!” The surrounding hooligans also drew their knives. It seemed like they had come prepared tonight.

“I hate killing people …” With a leap, Qin Chao jumped down from the two metres tall phone booth. When his feet stepped on the ground, a white snowflake flew out, forming a white mist that floated beside him.

Those hooligans fought their way forward and rushed in front of him.

All of these people wanted to kill Qin Chao, and then take who was behind them.

“But I have to kill people …” Qin Chao shook his head, and then suddenly stretched out his hand.

Those hooligans who were running wildly suddenly felt their bodies become sluggish, as if they were stuck in a wall and could not move at all.

Qin Chao, on the other hand, was extremely indifferent. He slowly extended his other hand and flicked his finger at the little hoodlum who shouted the fiercest.

“Ka ka!”

A strange scene occurred. The little hooligan’s head spun 360 degrees, as if it had been hit by a sledgehammer. His neck was instantly fractured.

When he turned around, his eyes were already devoid of life, but there was still a proud smile on his face, making him look very scary.

“What, what is this!” The people beside him were all flabbergasted. Each and every one of them trembled in fear.

What method did this man use to kill a person with just a flick of his finger?

Moreover, in such a strange way!

“Alright, next.” The little hoodlum died, as if he had nothing to do with Qin Chao. His gaze moved blandly to the next person.

“Ah!” One of the hooligans realised that Qin Chao had seen him, and his body immediately went numb, almost peeing his pants.

“Don’t, don’t kill me!” the little hoodlum begged, crying, but it did not make Qin Chao soften his guard.

In Qin Chao’s eyes, these people were already no different from dead people.

He stretched out his hand and clenched it into a palm.

“Bam!” A crisp sound rang out. The delinquent’s head was like a watermelon that had been blown apart, turning the floor red and white.

Some of the lackeys nearby immediately vomited, while some even fainted from fright.

Qin Chao snorted, if not for the fact that cultivation techniques could not be used on normal people, he would have killed the Shadow-split Sword and sent all of them into hell.

Now, he could only slowly kill them one by one.

“Ah!” When a little hoodlum saw that Qin Chao had noticed him, he was immediately frightened to the point of crumbling. Urine and shit flew out of his crotch.

Qin Chao frowned, this person was too dirty, and made him feel very unhappy.

“Stay away from me.” Qin Chao swung his hand, and the person’s figure directly flew out, falling into the snow at the side. The pure white snow had also been dyed yellow.

“Boss, I beg of you, please let us go …”

These hooligans were all cowards. Seeing Qin Chao being so fierce, all of them were so scared that their legs turned to jelly.

Qin Chao shook his head, and said, “Now you know how to be afraid? Why didn’t you think of letting Long Bei’er go just now? Since you want Long Bei’er to die, then you must die now … ”

After saying that, Qin Chao clenched his fists.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Explosions sounded one after another. The heads of those hooligans exploded, and they all fell into pools of blood.

This area of snow had directly turned into a river of blood.

Black Wolf was stupefied. He never thought that this man called Qin Chao, would actually be so terrifying!

He did not know what methods he used to crush the heads of all the hooligans at such a distance!

When he saw the last subordinate’s head explode, he was so shocked that he almost peed his pants.

However, he was someone who had seen much of the world, so he kept calming his emotions.

“Alright, the small fish and small prawns have all been prepared. It’s time for the main course.”

After Qin Chao got rid of these people, he did not even blink his eyes as he turned and looked at Black Wolf, laughing coldly.

Black Wolf trembled, this smile was too terrifying, it gave him the urge to kill himself immediately.

But he held back and shouted loudly.

“F * ck!” Don’t think that just because you used this demonic technique, you will scare me! ”

Black Wolf said as he pulled out a black gun from his waist.

Qin Chao squinted his eyes. This spear was too familiar.

“Motherf * cker, you’re so awesome! You’re so arrogant again!” That guy in Black Wolf’s hands had also calmed down a lot as he pointed at Qin Chao’s head and shouted loudly.

“F * ck, in front of laozi’s gun, all the demonic arts are f * cking useless!” “You better behave, or else I’ll shoot your head off!”

Black Wolf swallowed his saliva. Although he was calm, his words were just a bluff. With the spear in hand, Black Wolf’s marksmanship was not very good.

Especially in the darkness of the night, as Black Wolf was able to see very closely himself, even he was somewhat blurry when he looked at Qin Chao. If a single shot did not hit the opponent, it would be disastrous for him to escape.

It would be better to scare him a little, and then find a chance to kill him!

“Long Bei’er, come over here!” Black Wolf tilted his gun and pointed it at Long Bei’er, shouting, “Hurry up, or I’ll shoot you to death!”

Long Bei’er glanced at Qin Chao, and the latter gave her a comforting look.

Thus, Long Bei’er smiled and said.

“Black Wolf, don’t you know how to repent?”

“Motherf * cker, your elder is regretting his decision!” Black Wolf shouted, “Get over here right now, or I’ll shoot!”

“Then shoot.” Long Bei’er tilted her body and actually hid behind Qin Chao.

Black Wolf was shocked, and immediately pointed the gun at Qin Chao, “Fuck, what are you two doing, hurry up and get Long Bei’er over here! This daddy has a gun in his hand, are you blind? ”

“Are you blind?” Qin Chao said indifferently, “Do you think that thing will work for me?”

As he said that, Qin Chao slightly raised his hand.

“Don’t move!” The Black Dragon’s body trembled and immediately shouted, “Put your hand down! “Damn it, if you dare to lift it, I’ll beat you to death!”

Qin Chao did not mind, “What are you afraid of, I’m just smoking a cigarette.”

As he spoke, he pulled out the engine and the cigarette, and was about to light them up.

“Fuck, can’t you hear me?” Black Wolf was enraged, he felt that Qin Chao was purposely taking this chance to kill him.

In fact, he misunderstood Qin Chao. With Qin Chao’s capabilities, if they wanted to kill him, they wouldn’t even need to raise their hands.

It was just a gun, Qin Chao was not even afraid of a rocket launcher, what more a bullet.

“Motherf * cker, you’re courting death!” But Black Wolf did not think that way, he faced Qin Chao’s direction and pulled the trigger.

“Clang!” A crisp sound came out, Black Wolf stared wide-eyed.

Although he is short-sighted, he is not blind.

He could clearly see that under the light’s protection, Qin Chao placed the cigarette in his mouth, extended his right hand and caught a golden colored warhead between two of his fingers.

To the current Qin Chao, it was simply too easy to catch a bullet with his hands.

“This, this is impossible!”

Black Wolf was crazy, he pulled the trigger multiple times.

The gun was only filled with 5 bullets, and they all screamed as they flew towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao didn’t have any intention to catch the bullets either. With a wave of his hand, the five bullets immediately stopped in front of him and landed on the ground with tinkling sounds.

Black Wolf was completely dumbstruck.

‘Is the man in front of me, is he really human? ‘

Let alone him, even Master Si was not his match!

Oh my god, this time, what kind of person did Master Si offend!

“Don’t, don’t kill me …” Black Wolf’s snot and snot all over his body as he threw away his gun and then kneeled in the snow, begging Qin Chao, “I, I was forced to do this as well!”

He cried, then desperately kowtowed towards Long Bei’er who stuck her head out.

“Miss Long, please forgive me! I, I was also forced to do this by that bastard Chen Si! He … he captured my family and threatened me to kill them if I don’t kill you! ”

“Black Wolf, do you really think that I, Long Bei’er, am an idiot?” When Long Bei’er saw that he was no longer in danger, she walked out from behind Qin Chao.

“If you don’t kill me, you can be the person in charge of the west region? Black Wolf, you are quite ambitious and greedy. Now is the time for you to pay the price. ”

“Miss Long, Miss Long, don’t be like this, don’t kill me!” Black Wolf’s head, which was bleeding profusely in the snow, continued to cry and beg, “I’m willing to be your dog, you heartless dog! I, I can help you get rid of that bastard Chen Si, I still have use for it, please don’t kill me! ”

“Really?” Hearing that it could kill Chen Si, Long Bei’er also hesitated.

Right now, Chen Si was living in seclusion, it wasn’t easy for him to find a chance to kill Yue Yang. Could it not be, first leave Black Wolf’s life, and then lure Chen Si out?

Even though Chen Si was his own brother, he killed his father.

The hatred of his father for his death was irreconcilable!

“That’s right, that’s right!” I am willing to work for Miss Long! ” Seeing that there was hope, Black Wolf was immediately overjoyed.

Damn it, wait until I escape and find Master Si, pay for a killer to get rid of you bastards!

“Bam!” Before he could finish thinking, Qin Chao had already crushed his head.

“Eh?” Long Bei’er blinked, she did not know why Qin Chao killed this man.

“If you want to kill Chen Si, he does not need help.” Qin Chao replied indifferently.