My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 348


Seeing how powerful Qin Chao was, Li Qiang had already started to retreat. But after suddenly hearing Luo Xi’s words, his perverted nature once again defeated his reason, and his lower body was only fit for his upper body, as he patted his chest and said.

“Don’t worry, beautiful lady. I will definitely take you away!”

Qin Chao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This Luo Xi really liked making trouble.

“Qin Chao, don’t think that you’re invincible just because you can fight.” Li Qiang said as he took out his own cell phone, “In this society, there is law.”

Damn, Qin Chao almost vomited blood. God damn it, when did your Li Qiang ever lecture about the law?

“Luo Hao, am I Li Qiang? I met a criminal at Anthony Hotel. Bring him over and help him. ”

After making this call, Li Qiang’s mouth had a pleased smile, and coldly looked at Qin Chao.

“Wait a minute, we’ll see what you say when the police arrive.”

He pointed at the hooligans on the ground, “These people were beaten by you, the witness and evidence are all here, you’re in trouble.”

“The police?” Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, “Just look for him, I don’t believe that the police are unreasonable.”

As he said that, Qin Chao sat on the chair and poured himself a cup of 82-year-old red wine. In any case, it was Li Qiang who invited them.

Li Qiang looked at Qin Chao’s relaxed appearance and said.

“Hmph, let’s see how long you can continue being proud of yourself.”

When Luo Hao received Li Qiang’s call, the alarm came out extremely quickly. In less than ten minutes, at Anthony’s hotel, the sound of police cars could be heard.

Some of those who enjoyed watching the show leaned against the window to take a look. Man, two police Ivecos, parked there, a dozen cops in dark blue uniforms clattering down from above.

Luo Hao brought his subordinates to the third floor. Looking at the delinquents lying on the floor, she frowned.

“What’s going on?”

“Luo Hao, you’re here.” Li Qiang greeted.

“Brother Qiang, where is the criminal?” Luo Hao immediately went forward with a flattering look on his face.

This Luo Hao had always been Li Fuming’s trusted aide. His relationship with Li Qiang was not bad, he wanted to borrow the power of the Li family to climb up the ranks.

If Li Fuming transferred to the province one day, wouldn’t he be able to successfully take over the elder’s position and become the Public Security Bureau’s Deputy Chief?!

The Deputy Chief of the Earth City, that authority was quite impressive and there was a lot of oil.

Therefore, when doing things for Li Qiang, Luo Hao would also do it with all his might.

He seemed to have forgotten how he had sworn to the badge the moment he had put on his uniform.

“That’s him.” Li Qiang sneered, and pointed at Qin Chao who was sitting there and slowly sipping his red wine.

“It’s you again!” Luo Hao had a deep impression of this person. Last time, she had captured him because of Li Chao. But unfortunately, he had some relations with the Su Clan, and was finally released.

But this time, you have offended Li Qiang. Heh heh, you have offended two people from the Li Family. If you don’t get ripped off, I, Luo Hao, will not be your captain anymore!

“Oh, isn’t this Captain Luo?” Qin Chao also saw the man in police uniform, and killing intent flashed past his eyes. This kind of person was simply the scum of the police force. The enmity between him and her was not small. Let’s not talk about the matter of him framing her, let’s take the matter of him killing Fang Hua then as an example.

It was just that one shot from him had hit his shoulder and almost caused him to die in the ice-cold river.

However, Qin Chao was no longer the Qin Chao of before, so when he saw this so-called Captain now, he did not feel the slightest bit of fear.

“You are in my hands again, let’s see who can save you this time. Come with me. ”

As he said that, he took out his handcuffs and spoke to Qin Chao.

“And if I don’t want to go with you?” Qin Chao seemed to not take Luo Hao seriously, as he said that leisurely.

“You want to resist arrest?” Luo Hao said with a dark smile on his face.

“Rejection? “Not really.” Qin Chao waved his hand, “It’s just that, you don’t have that much authority to capture me.”

“Not that powerful?” Luo Hao laughed loudly, “What rights do you need to capture a mere commoner? Qin Chao, oh Qin Chao, are you thinking too highly of yourself? ”

Qin Chao did not say a word as he took out a certificate from his chest pocket and slapped it on the table.

“Do you know him?”

Seeing Qin Chao taking out his ID, Luo Hao was shocked. But if you looked carefully, you would have never heard of this certificate. And you called it “Seventh Section”, did you think that you were a department that specialized in dealing with aliens?!

“You must have a lot of nerve to lie to the police.” Luo Hao sneered again and again.

“False evidence?” Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, “It seems like your level is still too low. You don’t even recognize this thing. Since you don’t know him, let your Chief come. ”

“You, a little Qin Chao, still want to meet with our Chief?” Luo Hao’s face turned cold, “I think you’re thinking too much! “Hurry and follow me back to the police station, or else I’ll send you a rejection arrest!”

“Add it, as you wish.” Qin Chao didn’t mind. Back then, Li Baishan had told him that he was from the Seventh Section, and that even the organizations were working for him, let alone the small police.

“Go, capture him.” Luo Hao thought, so he decided to go all out. He waved his hand, and a few policemen walked over, wanting to beat Qin Chao down.

“Lie down!” These policemen were in a good mood every day, and they trained a lot in capturing anything. All of them stepped forward and held down a few of the joints on Qin Chao’s body.

Normally, it would be a piece of cake for him. Even if the other party was a 1.8m tall, muscular man, he would still be subdued.

But Qin Chao was like a statue, sitting steadily on the chair. A few policemen had pulled out of the milky way, but they still could not shake him.

“A bunch of trash!” When Luo Hao saw this scene, he could not help but get angry. Good boy, so you even practiced.

He personally walked over and kicked Qin Chao’s leg.

Qin Chao did not dodge, and allowed Luo Hao’s kick to land on his leg.


The Diamond Sutra was not for show. Even the attacks of the God Power Stage experts could not cause any damage to Qin Chao. Moreover, he was just an ordinary mortal.

Luo Hao felt that his kick had struck an iron board, the pain from his leg almost felt as though it was going to split open.

He resisted the pain and sat down on a nearby chair.

“Damn, are you still hiding iron in your legs?” Luo Hao did not believe that a person’s leg could be this tough, and shouted.

“Stay away from me.” Qin Chao was annoyed by the few policemen. His body shook like a black bear shaking a louse, causing the few policemen to be blown away with a bang, falling to the side.

Seeing this scene, Li Qiang was secretly shocked in his heart.

Good heavens, it was fortunate that he still retained some rationality just now. He did not attack, but instead called for Luo Hao and the others. Otherwise, when this Qin Chao was so powerful, he would beat him to the ground floor.

“How dare you attack the police!” Luo Hao squinted his eyes and said fiercely.

“Attack the police?” Qin Chao smiled, “If I wanted to kill you, you would have died long ago.”

As he said till here, Qin Chao couldn’t help but turn and glance at Luo Xi.

This little girl was currently resting her chin on her hand, watching the show with a smile on her face.

F * cking hell, what kind of demon was this?! How could he not be worried?! He had caused so much trouble for his father. How easy is it for me to make a wish!

“Still trying to argue!” With a flip of his hand, Luo Hao pulled out a handgun from’s waist, pointed it at Qin Chao’s head and said loudly, “Follow me, otherwise I will shoot!”

“Okay, shoot.” If it was anyone else who was faced with the black muzzle, they would definitely have some influence over the situation.

However, Qin Chao was a complete exception; he had faced this kind of situation who knows how many times. If a single gun could injure him, he, Qin Chao would have died thousand times over.

Qin Chao said as he extended his hand out and grabbed the 54 gun in his hand.

Luo Hao was shocked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just helping you.” Qin Chao held onto the muzzle of his gun, and placed it on his own forehead, “Come, open fire at this place, one shot, and you’ll be able to take care of me. Come, Captain Luo, shooting and killing is nothing to you. ”

F * ck, I met a fierce person!

Luo Hao’s hands trembled slightly.

He could either scare him or beat him up. But if they did shoot him, it would be different!

He, Luo Hao, did not have that much power either.

Just then, Li Qiang, who was at the side, suddenly looked over and made a throat-slitting motion towards Luo Hao.

Luo Hao was startled, Li Qiang’s intention was to silence them by killing!

Damn it, you, Li Qiang, don’t have anything to do, but in this hotel, with everyone watching, what can I say when I, Luo Hao, shoot and kill people!

At that time, in order for you, Li Qiang, to protect yourself, you would throw me away like a pawn.

Although this Luo Hao is bad, he is not stupid. He held onto the spear and pointed it at Qin Chao’s head, but he started to hesitate.

“Captain Luo, what are you doing!” Just then, Ai Xiaoxue walked in with a few policemen. When she saw Luo Hao pointing his gun at Qin Chao, she was immediately shocked.

Heavens, this Luo Hao doesn’t care about life!

As one of the witnesses who had seen Qin Chao display his might on the train back then, Ai Xiaoxue knew what kind of abilities he had.

At that time, even though there were so many bandits around with guns, Qin Chao still managed to clean them all up one by one. The bullet landed on his body, but nothing happened.

He could even drag an entire derailed train back into orbit!

Was he a human?

Because of this, Ai Xiaoxue even specially checked Qin Chao’s records. The organization’s reply to her was only three words.

Seventh Section.

Seventh Section… After hearing these three words, Ai Xiaoxue finally understood why Qin Chao was so powerful. The people of the Seventh Section were all monsters. However, their lives were too short. It was said that in one mission, they died cleanly, and only the director of the Seventh Section remained.

Looks like this Qin Chao was someone who had just joined the Seventh Section. He had this kind of strength as well.

As for Luo Hao, he seemed to be an idiot as he actually pointed his spear at Qin Chao.

If this Qin Chao got angry, she could kill him with a finger. Furthermore, he won’t be held responsible, because he’s from the Seventh Section and has the immunity to kill!