My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 34


Love to watch. That is the nature of the people, especially watching other family excitement. As long as it’s not their own family excitement, it’s alway good to see a free drama show.

This Wang Yan sat on the ground crying, the onlookers pointing at her, like a visitor enjoying monkey at the zoo. The usually arrogant Tang Chuan, now rubbing his belly, tried to hide his ashamed face, but he did not know what to do.

He can only whisper apology in his wife’s ear, trying to coax his wife back home. But Wang Yan doesn’t consider her and her husband’s face anymore, she continue to sit on the ground and to cry loudly through the whole building. In some northern city, such wild woman can often be seen.

“What’s the matter, I just left for a while, is it new year already?” While changing his clothes, he hears a noisy sound coming from the outside, like someone who cries at a funeral, so he quickly come out.

A young man wearing blue uniform entered the scene, Li Na’s and Su Ji’s eyes immediately lit up. Wearing the same uniform’s color as Tang Chuan’s uniform, they looked just like a member of the same gang. The only differences are the two characters on Qin Chao’s uniform.

“Qin Chao, you son of a b*tch!” The Wang Yan, who had asked for a death just a moment ago, suddenly jumped up and cursed at Qin Chao, “you quickly bring back this shady woman from wherever she come, beware of infection, your thing will rot and drop!”

“Em….” Qin Chao scratched his head, confused, this Wang Yan is screaming like a madman.

“What happened to her, has she taken the wrong medicine?” Qin Chao asked the little Miss besides him, the later gave him a smile and said.

“Nothing, we’re talking about some academic problems, it doesn’t concern you at all.”

Then, this little beauty innocently leaning on Qin Chao’s body and sweetly said to that Wang Yan.

“The two of us are colleagues; we are decent people. You better take care of your husband, I heard many people taste are quite heavy, ***there is no need to use condoms, you have to always remind her.”

“What!” As if her whole body was struck by lightning, Wang Yan stayed there motionless. Her husband was silly, he hastily argued.

“What are you talking about, I always wore a condom every time!”

“Oh-oh-oh…” Su Ji smiled, the kind of smile that is familiar to Qin Chao, very similar to Rosy’s smiling expression. Qin Chao even wondered if Su Ji and Rosy were actually sisters?

The entire corridor uproared, everyone can understand the implication. This Tang Chuan did go to that kind of place. Moreover, he uses a condom as precautions.

“You’re shameless; you really went there!” This Wang Yan cried louder and got down to hit Tang Chuan’s beer belly.

“I’m done with you, divorce! Divorce!” After Wang Yan had hit Tang Chuan in the stomach, she went downstairs. Tang Chuan face was pale, this demand for divorce is really bad for his career.

Then, this guy immediately rushed to catch up with his wife. The onlookers also start to disperse, everyone excitedly discussing this. It seems there will be a juicy gossip for tonight.

Qin Chao understood this Wang Yan must be the one who provoke Su Ji. This chick is not a woman to be trifled with, even Qin Chao lose out to her, that Wang Yan couple, how could they be her opponent?

Su Ji releases Qin Chao’s arm; the latter has a mixed feeling about this. He coughed twice and said.

“You’re really something, other people calling you a bad name, but you’re not angry.”

“What’s the use to be angry?” Su Ji’s attitude shows up, said, “angry will only make them happy. Might as well calm, they smear me, I will discredit them, hmph, see whose ruthless.”

Qin Chao could not help but make a thumbs up; this chick is fierce. She deals with Tang Chao, a civil servant from prosecutor’s office, ruthlessly, as if a yellow paste appears in his trouser, i.e., sh*tting in his pants, a stain that cannot be erased for a lifetime.

“Who is this sister?” Seeing this, Li Na finally could not bear anymore, she walked from her house, and stood across from Qin Chao gege enchantingly, “Qin Chao gege, is this your friend?”

This little girl subtly investigates by deliberately not say the word ‘girlfriend.’ Instead, she uses the word ‘friend.’

Su Ji’s eyes narrow a bit, although Qin Chao is unaware, as a woman, she can tell that Li Na did not have a normal feeling toward Qin Chao.

“This is my colleague.” Although he wanted to say ‘this is my wife’, but Qin Chao did not have that courage and had to tell the truth.

But he didn’t notice, when he said this, Li Na was clearly relieved.

“I’m going downstairs to fetch my bike.” Although the bike is within his ring, he did not want to shock everybody, so he pretends to pick up his bike. “I’ll shout when I get it ready, and then you can come down, in the meantime you two can talk.”

Having said that, he went downstairs, pretending to pick up his bike.

At this time, Su Ji walks to the front of Li Na. This Su Ji is quite tall; her height is full 1.7 m (5′7″). While Qin Chao is 1.75 m (5′9″), but if she were to wear a high heel, she easily catch up to him. Fortunately, when he was in basic shape stage, Qin Chao’s body undergoes a transformation, he is now 1.78 m (5′10″). When they stood side by side, they really look like a couple.

Li Na’s height is a bit short, only 1.6 m (5′3″), a full head shorter than Su Ji.

“Little sister, you’re really cute! Which middle school are you studying at?”

“I’m a high school student! Not a little sister!” She was suddenly angry, making her chest out, holding her head high, Li Na looked at Su Ji. But the other is actually smiling, she did not seem to care about her retort.

She compares her breasts and Su Ji’s but found out that she was smaller. Li Na was discouraged, but she still firmly said, “Hmph, I’ll get my Qin Chao gege back!”

Su Ji laughs heartily. Looks like this Qin Chao is quite popular. Complaining still being a bachelor every day, even though there is a lovely sister next door, looks like he doesn’t even realize his own attractiveness…

However, Su Ji also feels a little jealous. She doesn’t speak, just touches Li Na’s hair, then turn around to walk downstairs.

“I wouldn’t throw in the towel either!” After taking a few steps downstairs, she suddenly turn around and made a fist to Li Na. Li Na made a face; it appears their confrontation has just begun.

“Hurry up, we’re late!” Downstairs, Qin Chao is sitting on his bike, waving at Su Ji and said, “Missy, I’m afraid of a wage cut!”

Unbeknown to Qin Chao, because of him, on the corridor, the two women had opened the prelude to war.

“I know!” Su Ji runs up, put her arm around Qin Chao’s waist, and sat on the back.

“Rides quickly!” Su Ji suddenly cried out, “I dreamed this bike can fly yesterday! Qin Chao, let me see you flew this bike!”

“Then keep on dreaming!” Qin Chao secretly rolled his eyes, thinking ‘it’s actually not a dream’. He quickly pedals his bike toward the general direction of Guanyuan school. In broad daylight, with a beautiful woman on his back, he doesn’t dare to cycle on top of the roofs.

He rides on the road like normal people and arrives at the school gate 20 minutes later.

By this time, the securities are inspecting the students who were late. Qin Chao is grinning, thinking in his heart, ‘these brats, although it’s too early to starts the inspection, they’re really quite responsible’.

“Just pass through, I know a shortcut!”

Su Ji quickly patted Qin Chao’s back, pointing at one corner wall.

Su Ji can be said to be a local bully here; Qin Chao rides the bike, following Su Ji’s direction, riding on one side of the corner. He discovered that this part of the wall is quite short, someone can get over the wall by using something like a support.

“Help me, I’ll go over first and then you!” Su Ji said, she jumped out of the bike and waved at Qin Chao.

“Can you do this?” Qin Chao looked up at this wall, although it’s not too high, the height is full 2 meters (6’6.7”). For a girl, it’s quite difficult.

“This is nothing!” Su Ji dismissed Qin Chao’s concern, “I’m a student-athlete in my college! Come on, don’t dawdle!”

Qin Chao is helpless; he put the bike against the wall, and then he knelt down and put his hands on his lap.

“Ready, here I come!” Su Ji is pleased, she jumped up by stepping on Qin Chao’s hands, the red clothes lightly fluttered, she easily climb on top of that wall.

Then she rolled over and flexibly leap the wall, making Qin Chao stunned. This girl must be very naughty as a child, climbed all over her house and uncontrollable.

“Su, Teacher Su?” Qin Chao did not know, on the other side of the wall there was someone who was also stunned.

“Oh, director Wang.” The one who was stunned is exactly the electric baton Wang; this guy is wearing a security uniform and clutching a standard electric baton. Foolishly looking at Su Ji jumped down from the wall.

He was depressed, today he wanted to stop the students who jump over the wall, unexpectedly he caught a big fish, a mermaid. This Su Ji, although on the surface she is just a college teacher, after all, she is Director Su’s sister, at the same time, she is also an Honorary Director, untouchables.

“Careful, careful, the surface is slippery.” Electric baton Wang respectfully said to Su Ji, bowing his head.

“Wait a moment, there is another one.”

Just then, at the other side of the wall, Qin Chao has put his bike into his ring, after that he bent his knees and jumped, passing over the full 2 meters (6’6.7”) high wall in this one jump.

Suddenly a dark figure jumps down, scaring this electric baton Wang. His heart is secretly delighted, finally caught a student, he will get some credit, perhaps even get his old position back, kicking this boy Qin Chao out of his office.

As the saying goes, ‘one must not call a person during the day, one must not call a ghost in the evening’. He just spoke Qin Chao’s name, that person suddenly appears in front of him.

“Student, pull out your student id for my inspection……D*mn, why it’s you?”

Electric baton Wang is completely silly, he squat in this spot for hours today, only to catch these two people. ‘One is Director Su’s sister, a gym teacher, the untouchables.’

‘The other one, from when he enters the school’s gate…Wrong! He did not enter from the school’s gate, just when he succeed in finding this bastard kid’s fault, he currently is his boss…F*ck, probably untouchables too.’

“Not bad, I just stopped by to inspect, you’re really diligent.”

Qin Chao coughed twice and patted Electric baton Wang on his shoulder, “young man, good job, our security department really appreciate it.”