My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 306


“Have you forgotten? My body isn’t even afraid of bullets. Qin Chao’s body shook and that Chiyo’s palm immediately became numb. She took out her Tai Dao and stabbed it into the deck beside her.

She also fell on his butt, lying there as she looked at Qin Chao in fear.

“Why, why can’t I hurt him even after I became a middle Ninja!”

“I already said that I can give you a chance to kill me.” Qin Chao slowly walked towards Chiyo. Every step he took on the deck seemed to ring a bell in Chiyo’s heart.

“But you have disappointed me greatly. You are still … “Weak …”

“Protect Miss Chiyo!”

No matter what, Chiyo Misaki was the big miss of the clan of Gozen. The ghost dragon immediately roared out loud, and at the same time, he spat out a ball of flame from his mouth.

Without even turning his head, Qin Chao’s arm swung the Evil King Sword, chopping that flame into two.

At this time, a few balls of water suddenly burst out from the ocean, and line after line of water figures charged towards Qin Chao.

“Alright, come and die together then!”

Qin Chao threw the Evil King Sword into the air.

“Shadow-split Sword! Descend!”

This time, he used the Shadow-split Sword to cover himself.

The Evil King Sword and he were related by blood and flesh, so the sword images that were separated could not hurt him at all.

The Water Ninjas were in dire straits as they were nailed to the deck one by one by the sword shadows. They were unable to move and quickly lost their blood and died.

Seeing these middle Ninja die so quickly, cleanly, even their eyes were a little red.

Training a middle Ninja would take a lot of time. He did not expect that after the Black Dragon Society sent out so many Genin s, they were all killed by Qin Chao.

Even the life and death of superior Ninja Cangyun was uncertain.

Black Dragon Society’s losses this time were too great. Cangyun was in charge of the operation, so even if he did not die, he would need to go back and cut his own stomach.

If anything happened to Chiyo Misaki, his ghost dragon would be cut into two as well.

Thinking up to here, he transformed into a white figure, and rushed to Chiyo’s side like a gust of wind.

“Where do you think you’re going!” However, Qin Chao sensed the ghost dragon’s stealthy approach, he immediately turned around, retrieved the Evil King Sword from the air and slashed towards him.

“Ninja Devil Method? Devouring Demon! ”

The ghost dragon didn’t hold back and immediately released his own Ninja Devil Method.

A huge long-haired monster drilled out from his body, with a big, bloody mouth, and started swallowing Qin Chao whole.

“Trash!” Qin Chao waved his Evil King Sword disdainfully.

“Evil King Waning Moon Killing Technique!” The black crescent moon drilled into the mouth of the monster. It actually split the monster into two from its mouth.

“Pfft!” ghost dragon spat out a mouthful of blood, but the moment the Devouring Demon appeared, he snatched Chiyo Misaki back and returned to the White Bird Divine Void’s side.

“This man … this man is too terrifying …”

The Onmyoji that he had placed his hopes on, was now like a fool, drooling as he spoke.

“Master White Bird, we can’t do it anymore. We still need to rely on you!”

ghost dragon endured the pain and said to the foolish Onmyoji.

Because it wasn’t completely vaporized into the world as a sacrifice, even though the devouring monster was cut into two, it still had a trace of life left.

Therefore, ghost dragon was only gravely injured, he wasn’t as miserable as Cangyun.

However, this injury was not light either. He was probably lucky to be back in Japan. He would also need to recuperate for ten days to half a month.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” The old man suddenly laughed again, clapped his hands and said, “I almost forgot, we still have a strong helper!”

“Oh?” Qin Chao stood on the deck, and upon hearing these words, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “It’s already this far, you still have a backup?”

“The wisdom of the Black Dragon Society is something that a martial artist like you can never imagine!”

The white bird laughed wildly. He suddenly stood up, bit his tongue, and spat a mouthful of blood on a paper man in his hands.

“Go, my most powerful Shikigami!”

After the paper man was drenched in blood and thrown into the air, it began to twist madly.

Then, it quickly swelled up, and traces of flesh and blood grew out. Very quickly, a five meters tall humanoid beast with three yellow eyes appeared in front of Qin Chao.

He had six arms, and each arm held a machete.

In terms of aura, there was a clear difference between the Shikigami this time and the previous time. It looked like this was indeed the old white bird man’s ultimate trump card.

“Is this the trump card of your Black Dragon Society?” Qin Chao could not help but mock him, “It’s just that its size is a little too big.”

“Hehehe …” The old man was not angry, but asked slowly, “Chinaman, do you know that there is a genius in our Black Dragon Society? He had been blessed by the God of Heaven Dog, and had the Shikigami s ever since he was young. Only 20 years old, and he is already the number one expert of our Black Dragon Society. ”

“I am not interested in the boring history of your Black Dragon Society.” The Shikigami held his big blade and slashed down with one arm. Qin Chao held onto the large blade in one hand, and the Evil King Sword in the other, cut off the gigantic arm.

“But you’ll know soon enough.”

When the white bird finished speaking, Qin Chao suddenly felt a strange power from behind him.

This force was like an atomic bomb that had suddenly detonated. Its power quickly spread out, giving him no time to dodge or defend at all.

“Bam!” The huge force hit his back. An unprecedented pain made Qin Chao’s vision go black, but he quickly regained consciousness.

The Diamond Sutra dispersed this power into the air.

If he had not learned the scripture and reached the second stage of the Vajra Skyscraping, he would have lost his soul in one move!

Who was it?

Qin Chao’s body was flung out, he was in the air, and when he turned his head, he was stunned.

An Qing stood there with a cold expression. In her eyes, there seemed to be a tinge of sadness, a tinge of apology.

Behind her stood a huge giant with wooden clogs.

The giant was wearing a black daoist robe and a red mask of anger.

His nose was quite long, reaching half a meter out of his face.

The giant man had his hair loose, and his body was brimming with great power. In his right hand was a black octagonal copper rod.

This is the Tengu. An Qing’s Shikigami.

“Very good …” Blood trickled down the corner of Qin Chao’s mouth, “An Qing, you lied to me …”

As his voice fell, Qin Chao’s body had already fallen into the ice-cold ocean.

“Double Snow Yasuharu! Chase after him and kill him! ” When the white bird saw Qin Chao being thrown into the water with just one move, it shouted excitedly.

However, before he could get excited for even a second, a column of water suddenly exploded in the sea water. He saw the figure of a man quickly flying into the sky while stepping on a black sword and then disappearing into the clouds.

“Double Snow Yasuharu! Why didn’t you chase after him! ” Although the White Bird Shen Kong was not that powerful, his status was not low as he shouted at Double Snow Yasuharu.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have absolute confidence that I can take down this man.” When An Qing spoke, she was already acting completely differently with Qin Chao.

Now she was like an iceberg, standing there, each note like falling ice and snow.

“As a Onmyoji, you should try to capture that person at all costs!” Hundred Birds gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“It was your people who misjudged his strength.” Double Snow Yasuharu did not think that he would move and continued to speak coldly, “Furthermore, if I leave, all of you will die.”

After saying that, she waved her hand.

The Heavenly Dog Giant jumped into the sea, reached out its arms and picked up the huge cruise ship so that it wouldn’t sink into the water.

If Double Snow Yasuharu left, this cruise ship would sink into the ocean.

Since it was related to his life, the white bird old man no longer spoke. He stared at Double Snow Yasuharu with a gloomy face.

Humph, what are you pretending for, one day, I will make you groan in my hands!

“ghost dragon, head over to the headquarters and explain the situation.” Double Snow Yasuharu controlled his Tengu and headed towards Japan, “If you want to capture Qin Chao, you need to invest more manpower. At the moment, we still can’t estimate the man’s true strength, so we need to observe. So I suggest you not attack him in the near future. ”

“Got it!” ghost dragon swallowed a mouthful of fresh blood, nodded his head, and then disappeared from the deck.

“Very good.” After Double Snow Yasuharu finished speaking, he sat cross legged on the deck, peacefully controlling her Heavenly Dog Shikigami.

At this time, Qin Chao was in the air, observing the ship Tian Wei.

In fact, he had the ability to sink the cruise ship. With a single move of Evil King Half Moon Killing Technique, even if it was a giant oil tanker, it would still be pierced to pieces.

But Qin Chao still did not make his move. Firstly, he was wary of the strength of that dog, and secondly … Chiyo and An Qing were both up there, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Hehe, Qin Chao is laughing at himself. If there comes a day when Qin Chao dies, he would definitely die at the hands of a girl.

Qin Chao shook his head and retracted all the energy in his body. The poison in his body had not been resolved, and now that he had suffered some internal injuries, he needed to find a place to properly treat it.

Qin Chao controlled the Wind-riding Sword, and his entire body transformed into a gust of wind, disappearing into the sky, and flying towards the coastline in his memory.

Above the sea, there was no real direction to be found.

Qin Chao flew blindly for half a day, unable to find where he came from.

When he went back to look for the cruise ship, he also realized that the Heaven’s Might ship was no longer in sight.

Oh my god! Qin Chao wailed, he had actually gotten lost!

On this boundless sea, not a single boat could be found. Qin Chao could only look at the sun and judge the direction.

The Weilian city was to the west of the sea. Since it was morning, he had to fly with his back to the sun.

Qin Chao took a deep breath, increased his speed with all his might, and flew in the direction he wanted to go.

Fortunately this Wind-riding Sword was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, Qin Chao had already flown far away. Although he could not see the land, he could vaguely see a large cruise ship.

He wondered if the cruise ship’s radar would scan him while he was flying in the air.

Qin Chao thought for a while before putting away the Evil King Sword and sinking into the ocean. He was like a nimble beauty … Cough cough, the fierce male fish, approaching the cruise ship.