My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 304


“Grandmaster White Bird, the reason why we invited you out was to set up a barrier. Cangyun bowed and said politely, “As long as this Chinaman is trapped in the boat, you can leave the rest to us.”

After saying that, the two superior Ninja s bowed again at 90 degrees.


“Hmph, seeing as to the few beauties you’ve found for me, I’ll just force myself to act.”

The old man started rubbing the chest of the girl beside him again, but he said seriously, “I’m going to start now.”

“Ali Addo!” The two ninjas bowed in thanks.

“Chinaman!” One of them was inserted into the skirt of the girl on the right and the other was inserted into the top of the girl’s shirt on the left. The other one even said to Qin Chao, “You little Sina martial artist, to be able to alarm my White Bird to come personally, it can be considered that you didn’t live for nothing.”

With that, he took a white banner from the hand of the beautiful woman behind him and began to wave it in the air.

While shaking, he chanted some incantations that Qin Chao did not understand.

The air began to vibrate, and then a translucent membrane appeared on the side of the ship.

“This is my White Bird’s Divine Void barrier!” The old man smiled proudly and said, “With this layer of enchantment, no matter how strong the demons are, they won’t be able to escape. Chinaman, you little martial artist, it’s even more impossible for you to escape. If you are willing to surrender and hand over your cultivation technique, I can consider sparing your life. ”

“Sorry, not interested.” Qin Chao looked at the new barrier that appeared on the ship’s hull and only laughed coldly.

“Stubborn fool!” The white bird’s eyes were filled with anger, and the strength in her hand that was rubbing her chest increased by a few points, causing the beautiful student beside her to cry out in pain.

“Ya Lai Die! Ya Lai Die!”

The shout made Qin Chao want to go up and grab two of them.

“If I kill him, I will obtain the cultivation method from his soul.” The white bird waved its hand and instructed.

“Hey!” White Bird is a famous Onmyoji, its position in the island nation is extremely noble. Even the two superior Ninja s, Cangyun and ghost dragon, who had extraordinary strength, had to show respect to him.

The reason why he invited the White Bird God Kong this time around was to help them, when they had no other choice, to use the Soulsearch technique on Qin Chao’s corpse.

Only, they did not expect Qin Chao to be so hard to deal with. Even the poison, sound absorption array, and spirit seal were used. The other party was still full of energy and had killed all the Genin and escaped from the restaurant.

That was why the two of them brought the White Bird God Kong out and set up this barrier around it. It was so that they could trap Qin Chao and prevent him from escaping.

“You have no chance.” Cangyun laughed coldly and pulled out the Tai Dao from his waist, then his entire person suddenly disappeared into the air.

“Tsk tsk …” ghost dragon also laughed. He grabbed a large prawn with his left hand, put his right hand on his mouth, and suddenly shouted towards Qin Chao, “Fire Ninja Technique? Heaven and Earth Wind Fire Wheel! ”

Before each superior Ninja was promoted, they were all middle Ninja who cultivated in the Five Elements Arts.

This ghost dragon was once a Fire Ninja. As his strength grew, so did his weight.

A ball of golden-red flame shot out from ghost dragon’s greasy mouth. It was a big ball, with a radius of half a meter.

This ball of fire held onto the Flame Tail, and pounced straight at Qin Chao.

This was also a type of relatively special flame, but Qin Chao was unable to find any interest in absorbing it. This was because the quality of these flames was too low. Even if he was absorbed by the Nine You Ying Fire, he wouldn’t be able to raise his strength by even a little.

Qin Chao felt that using Nine You Devil Palm and Vajra Palm on these Japanese ninjas was an insult to his techniques.

“Evil King Sword!” He simply pulled out the Evil King Sword and held it in his hands, “Evil King Sword, I’m sorry for today, I need you to kill a few animals.”

The sword trembled, as if it was resonating with him.

Then, a sword slashed out. Qin Chao slashed the ball of fire in front of him into two pieces, and it exploded in the air.


The two superior Ninja s heard Qin Chao’s words. The ghost dragon was furious, chewing on his prawn angrily. As for the other white figure, she suddenly appeared behind Qin Chao and slashed at his neck with her great blade.

This strike was extremely fast, almost reaching the speed of sound. But to Qin Chao, it was still too slow.

Under the Nine Hell Demonic Hound’s guidance, Qin Chao was naturally quite sensitive to smell and sound. As a result, when Cangyun came to his back, he had already known it very clearly.

“Die!” He turned around and slashed with his sword. Black light flashed as he directly cut Cangyun’s body into two.

“Crack!” Unexpectedly, it was two wooden stakes that dropped to the ground.

“Body substitution.” Qin Chao blinked his eyes and thought of this move.

“F**k!” With a gust of wind above his head, Cangyun appeared out of thin air, and pierced down with his great blade.

Qin Chao dodged, allowing Cangyun to stab onto the deck. At the same time, he brandished the Evil King Sword again and cut the superior Ninja’s waist.

This time, the chop didn’t feel like it had hit anything. The body of the superior Ninja in front of him slowly turned illusory, and then, one Cangyun after another walked out from the illusory figure.

He had also seen this technique before on Chiyo’s body.

“Water Ninja Skill? “Shadow Clone Technique!” Cangyun laughed, and all the other clones laughed along with him. As if every single one of them was their real bodies, Qin Chao laughed until his head hurt.

However, Qin Chao knew in his heart that these were merely Cangyun’s projections in the air, made using the water vapor.

“These are all useless.” Qin Chao held onto the Evil King Sword, and sneered: “I know which one is you.”

“Are you trying to scare me?” More than ten Cangyun spoke at the same time, “My shadow clone has no flaws! Just wait for your body to be dismembered! ”

As he said that, the ten over superior Ninja s jumped over.

“The sword is like a long rainbow, the shooting star is like a swift shadow, a Rainbow Sword!” Qin Chao was not afraid either, and immediately swung out the first form of the Troop-tranquilized Sword Method.

The Evil King Sword released a streak of black light and directly pierced through the body of a ninja.

“Bam!” The bodies of the other Ninjas turned into smoke and disappeared into the air.

Cangyun’s body fell from the sky. He held his stomach and looked at Qin Chao in fear.

“Why, why did you find me!”

“Idiot.” Qin Chao summoned his Evil King Sword and floated beside him. “How long have it been since you last washed your feet?

“F**k!” This Cangyun was both afraid and angry, he shouted loudly, “Chinaman, you angered me! Come out, White Tiger! ”

The expert ultimate skill of the superior Ninja, the Ninja Devil Method!

“You’re dead meat!” Cangyun shouted crazily, “When this move comes out, it will shock the world and make the gods cry! If it wasn’t for the fact that my lifespan is about to be damaged, I really wouldn’t be willing to use it. But now that you have angered me, I will kill you in one move! Use your flesh and blood to feed my White Tiger! ”

As this fellow cried out, a huge White Tiger with golden eyes emerged from his body and roared.

When Qin Chao saw the White Tiger coming out, he himself was extremely excited.

“That’s great, I’m just waiting for you to release this White Tiger!”

The treasure sword in Qin Chao’s hand also felt its master’s excitement as it released waves of dragon roars.

“White Tiger, tear him apart!” Cangyun controlled the White Tiger Spirit Body and bit towards Qin Chao.

“Come at me!” In order to catch the White Tiger spirit body, Qin Chao didn’t hide it anymore. He allowed the Evil King Sword to float on his left and right while he went to receive it, his left palm turning as white as jade.

“Aooo!” The White Tiger suddenly turned into a shadow, causing Qin Chao to subconsciously dodge to the left.

“Bam!” With a loud sound, the deck was blasted apart.

This White Tiger Spirit Body, what a fast speed.

At the same time, a faint layer of frost had formed on the deck.

It seems like this White Tiger is also a water type animal.

His speed and attributes made Qin Chao even more excited.

“Are you afraid? Trembling!” Cangyun was bleeding, but he kept shouting, “Let my White Tiger tear you apart!”

With that, the White Tiger turned back into a shadow and pounced towards Qin Chao again.

“Nine You Devil Palm!” The Nine You Ying Fire formed three balls of flame in the center of Qin Chao’s palm, and ruthlessly struck out.

It was all for killing in one hit! Therefore, Qin Chao did not hold back at all, and released 120% of his strength.

“Bam!” His palm that was pure white like jade collided with the White Tiger. The huge tremors caused the entire ship to sway.

The White Tiger let out a blood-curdling screech as it was sent flying into the deck. The spirit passed through the boat and went into the sea with a bang.

The entire ship began to move into the water, sinking bit by bit.

“A bunch of idiots! Quick, get the people below to repair the ship! ” The white bird didn’t have the heart to let these beauties drown, so it quickly shouted.

“Hey!” ghost dragon immediately ordered, and a few Ninjas disappeared from the deck.

“White Tiger!” Cangyun did not care whether the boat sank or not, he only felt an intense pain in his chest.

This White Tiger was connected to his soul. If the White Tiger was injured, it meant that he was injured himself.

Now that the White Tiger had been struck into the ocean, it was unknown whether it was dead or alive.

Qin Chao was not done yet, he threw out the Evil King Sword towards the gap.

“Rainbow Sword, go!”

The Evil King Sword turned into a streak of black light and separated the seawater. In the blink of an eye, it caught up to the sinking White Tiger.

“Boom!” The sea raised bubbles as the Evil King Sword nailed the White Tiger Spirit Body to the bottom of the sea.

The white tiger struggled for a while, then a strange magic array appeared beneath its body.

“The powerful beings that live in the Nine You Hell, listen to my summons!” Qin Chao also started to recite the Nine You Summon Method technique, “Nine You Evil Tiger, appear!”

“Roar!” An astonishing roar suddenly came from the sea.

The white tiger spirit body immediately turned into ashes, while the array formation carved by the Evil King Sword was extremely dazzling.

Cangyun, who was on the boat, immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell into the pool of blood.

With the White Tiger Spirit Body killed, even if Cangyun still had a breath of life left, he probably wouldn’t be able to live for long.

“Roar!” The sea seemed to tremble a little as well. This third level of the Nine You Hell had finally revived. Qin Chao was ecstatic. With a wave of his hand, he released the Summon Method and let the Nine You Evil Tiger retreat.

To deal with these Japanese, he did not even need to use the third level of the Nine You Summon Method!

The Nine Serenities Demon Hound was enough!