My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 291


Someone once said that he would rather believe in the world than believe in the man’s lousy mouth.

Shi Xin knew these words. But she was a woman and at the same time had to believe in something else.

That is, no woman does not like the sweet talk of a man. Girls are sensitive animals, you may not need to do anything, just say a few sweet words to them, they can be moved to life and death.

This was a girl. If they fell in love with a boy, they would do whatever they wanted.

The boys, on the other hand, would think about it a lot.

Therefore, when Jiang Lei was attracted by Alice, he completely forgot about Shi Xin and happily fell onto the bed with her.

Previously, Shi Xin still felt guilty in his heart because of a little affair with Qin Chao, and felt that he had let down his boyfriend, Jiang Lei.

But he hadn’t thought that Jiang Lei would be even more thorough. He actually went to bed with his good friend and beat him up!

His heart ached. Go ahead, after this slap, we won’t owe each other anything!

Shi Xin closed his eyes, waiting for Jiang Lei’s palm to fall.

At this time, the surrounding people suddenly let out a cry of surprise.

Following that, a loud sound was heard, causing Shi Xin to widen his eyes.

He only saw the man from Qin Chao, the man who had caused her soul to be distracted, standing in front of him.

As for her boyfriend Jiang Lei, he lay far away on the ground and was in extreme pain.

Alice also covered her mouth in surprise as she watched the sudden appearance of Qin Chao.

“Sure, you’re really a man. You actually hit a woman.”

Qin Chao looked at the Jiang Lei lying there with a sneer, wanting to stomp this guy to death.

However, after he said this sentence, Qin Chao suddenly felt a little perturbed.

Beating up a woman … It seems like he had done this kind of thing quite a bit himself …

And the previous thousand generations … With Shen Qing … …

Cough cough, he coughed dryly twice, diverting his attention to stare at Jiang Lei.

“You, you dare to hit me!” Jiang Lei covered his swollen face and glared at Qin Chao.

He, Jiang Lei, had grown up under the love of his parents, and could do whatever he wanted. His parents couldn’t bear to hit him, but this man actually dared to take action!

It was one thing for Shi Xin to beat her up, but no matter what, he had betrayed her. If he got beaten up by her, it would be considered as compensation.

But what did this man think he was?

“Why can’t I hit you?” Qin Chao sneered, “Do you think your face is made of gold?” “You even beat up a weak girl. Not killing you is already a show of mercy.”

Qin Chao wasn’t joking. The lives in his hands were more than just one or two. He even dared to kill Fang Hua and Liangliang, a mere Jiang Lei was nothing to him.

“How can you hit someone!” Alice screamed back, “You’re too savage!” Before I came here, I thought you were a good person! I’m blind. ”

“You are indeed blind.” Qin Chao looked at her coldly, “He even took over the man of his good friend.”

“This is our business, what does it have to do with you!” What right do you have to hit someone!? ” Alice did not stop and helped Jiang Lei up while shouting at Qin Chao.

“Little Xinxin, it’s fine if you don’t want a man who attacks his own woman.” When Qin Chao saw Shi Xin’s trembling body, he hurriedly stepped forward and hugged her shoulders, giving her some strength. “I don’t have three-legged toads. There are plenty of men with two legs.”

“What a shameless Shi Xin!” When Jiang Lei saw his ex-girlfriend being hugged, he was still a bit jealous in his heart. He couldn’t help but mocked coldly, “I thought you were so pure, but it turns out you had a wild man outside too!” “Ha, I, Jiang Lei, don’t owe you anything this time!”

“Jiang Lei!” “Nonsense!” Shi Xin was so angry that he started crying again. Seeing how Shi Xin was crying, Qin Chao became angry in their hearts.

A pretty good girl, how did she end up with such a boyfriend?

“Jiang Lei, I think you don’t want to live anymore …” Qin Chao turned around and looked at Jiang Lei, cracking his bones.

When Jiang Lei saw the expression of Qin Chao, he couldn’t help but take two or three steps back.

Just a moment ago, he had been sent flying by the palm of Qin Chao. Now, the left side of his face was so numb that he didn’t feel anything at all. This man’s strength was terrifying. Did he train to be a loose fighter?

“What’s wrong, who beat him up?”

At that moment, three uniformed policemen walked in. Seeing the police, the onlookers naturally made way for them to enter the encirclement.

“Comrade Police Officer, it’s that man!” He hit my boyfriend! ” Seeing the police was like seeing a backer. Alice immediately pointed at Qin Chao and shouted.

Qin Chao fixed their eyes on the policewoman in front of them, and their hearts were at a loss for words.

F * ck, do I have such fate with her? Why is it her again!

“Haha, what a coincidence …” Ai Xiaoxue laughed as well. “I can really touch you wherever I go …”

Alice, Ai Xiaoxue … These two little girls with the surname Ai gave her such a headache.

Of course, Alice and Ai Xiaoxue would never be able to compete. Iris, she’s a woman who thinks with her chest.

“What, you hit someone again?”

“That’s right!” He hit him! “Look at my boyfriend, his face is swollen!” Alice pulled Jiang Lei to her side and pointed at his face.

Xiao Xue looked at it and almost laughed out loud.

“Good heavens, this Qin Chao is truly ruthless.” The left side of his face was swollen like a pig’s. If he only looked at the side, his mother probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

“Captain Ai, how do you think we should deal with this … …” After dragging Qin Chao’s Fu and Xiao Xue to quell the Guangyuan School case, they were named captain. So, the two policemen behind her asked.

The appearance of the prisoner had already been provided by Qin Chao. Even now, the entire Su Nan City was still searching for this person.

According to teacher Su Ji of Qin Chao and Guangyuan School, this man was a cult member who used this terrifying method to spread his cult teachings.

Eliminate the Demonic Sect! This was the responsibility of the police!

However, he didn’t expect that after just a few days of separation, Ai Xiaoxue would run into Qin Chao again.

This could be considered as … An evil fate?

“Leave it to me.” Ai Xiaoxue waved her hand and then said to the surrounding onlookers.

“Everyone, stop looking! Spread out!” When she was finished, the two policemen began to disperse the crowd.

When the police came to chase them away, even if they were unwilling, they gradually dispersed.

It wasn’t a dead man, anyway, so it wouldn’t be interesting to watch.

“Comrade Police Officer!” Jiang Lei’s eyes lit up when he saw Ai Xiaoxue. He covered his left cheek and said to Ai Xiaoxue, “My name is Jiang Lei. I’m the son of the Ministry of Culture’s Jiang Yidong.” “Now that I’ve been beaten up like this, you guys have to give me an explanation!”

If it had been any other policeman, he would have turned pale with fright. If even the Minister of Culture’s son was beaten, then the case was serious.

But Xiao Xue was an exception.

This woman, though a policeman, was a special kind of policeman. In the police force, she didn’t even care about the director’s face, let alone a minister of culture’s son.

Moreover, she hated people who relied on their family’s connections to act cocky the most.

“Officer Ai, quickly take me away.” Laughing, Qin Chao raised its wrist and held it in front of itself.

“Go to the side and find you later.” Ai Xiaoxue gave Qin Chao a beautiful supercilious look. This beautiful policewoman’s eyelashes were especially beautiful, and her supercilious look was also very beautiful.

She turned to Alice.

“Is this your boyfriend?”

“That’s right!”

“He was beaten by that man?” Alice pointed to Qin Chao.

“En!” Alice nodded.

“Who can prove it?” Ai Xiaoxue asked again.

“They …” Alice turned around, dumbfounded.

The crowd that had gathered earlier had all dispersed. There was not a single person present.

“I can prove it!” Alice pointed to herself.

“You are his girlfriend, proving that you are not strong enough.” Ai Xiaoxue shrugged her shoulders. “It seems to be a private dispute. Well, we police are not unkind. You said that he slapped your boyfriend, so just let him slap you back. ”

“Huh?” “This?”

Alice and Jiang Lei were dumbfounded.

Qin Chao stood there, but who would dare to slap his face!

His strength, not to mention Jiang Lei, could even be fanned by three people tied together!

“Don’t cause trouble for me in the future!” Only then did Ai Xiaoxue turn around and glare at Qin Chao. “If you dare to attack anyone again, I’ll lock you in!”

“Thank you for your trouble this time.” Qin Chao nodded at Ai Xiaoxue, watching the slender figure of the policewoman disappear from his line of sight. He then turned around and said to Shi Xin.

“Little Xinxin, it’s all right, let’s go.”

“Hmm …” Shi Xin nodded with teary eyes, and was about to go upstairs while being hugged by Qin Chao.

“Stop!” Alice shouted loudly. This little girl’s body was trembling and her anger soared to the sky. The hidden bitterness in her eyes could engulf the entire office building.

“You’re not allowed to go anywhere!” “If you hit my boyfriend, you have to give him an explanation!”

“How about we forget about it …” Jiang Lei pulled Alice and said carefully.

Although he also harbored resentment in his heart, he did not want to offend this guy from Qin Chao.

From the looks of it, this person was no ordinary person.

Although he, Jiang Lei, didn’t have much ability, he still had this bit of insight.

“No!” “You’re the son of the Minister of Culture, and you’re a sports student!” Why doesn’t he have any guts at all! He hit my boyfriend, for what reason! “I can’t take it anymore. I have to get it back today!”

“Nutjob, don’t bother with her. Let’s go.” Shi Xin was also a little tired. He didn’t want to see the two of them again. He held onto the hand of Qin Chao and was about to head upstairs.

“No, you’re not allowed to leave!” In high heels, Alice ran over and grabbed Shi Xin’s arm, “You are not allowed to leave, you must apologize to me!”

“Alice, do you have to make such a ruckus?”

Shi Xin knew this good friend of his very well, and she loved vanity. Now, her boyfriend, who had just arrived, was slapped in the face by Qin Chao. This made her very uncomfortable.

It was worse than slapping her in the mouth. Therefore, she would definitely get back at this place.

However, Shi Xin was very tired, and she didn’t want to see them. When he saw them, his heart ached.