My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 285


Chapter 285 Brag

After graduating, his father Li Fumin arranged for him to be sent to the Criminal Police Brigade. As a result, when he was on duty, he assaulted a beautiful young lady who was standing on the street and caused a storm to break out.

It was also because of his father that Li Qiang was only expelled by the Criminal Police Department. As for whether or not the girl was the street girl Li Qiang talked about, no one knew.

After being fired, Li Qiang opened a clothing store. Thanks to his father, his business was pretty good. According to the information in the Liao family’s possession, this Li Qiang would often import some of the tail goods and then affix a name plate as a name plate to sell, making a huge profit.

With this, Li Qiang earned more and more money. Finally, with his father’s help, he borrowed a large amount of money from the bank and opened a shopping mall.

Absolutely upstart.

This Li Qiang almost killed Hu Lili back then, and he was Li Chao’s older brother. Naturally, Qin Chao needed to be on guard against these two brothers.

That was why he had investigated their information so clearly.

Even though they had a father who was the deputy director, the Liao family was extremely powerful. It wasn’t that difficult to investigate the matter between them. Furthermore, everything that Li Qiang did was filled with storms. It was simply impossible for Li Qiang to completely eliminate all traces of his doing.

Then he looked at the beauty beside Li Qiang. She was so young, she seemed to be a school beauty from some school. At this moment, the little bird was hugging Li Qiang’s arm with ease, rubbing its ample chest against it, causing Li Qiang to feel extremely pleased inside.

“Husband, I want to open a new 5th series of BMW…” The girl said coquettishly after rubbing herself for a few times.

“Okay, let’s take a look at the car, then we’ll buy it for you.” Li Qiang slapped the girl’s butt and smiled. “My little darling likes it, so I’ll buy it for you.”

“Husband, you’re so nice …” The beautiful lady immediately said, “I asked for two days of sick leave from school, then I will take good care of my husband these two days … …” Especially at night. ”

“Bastard!” Li Xue couldn’t help but curse when she heard this.

Since this girl was still a university student, she was willing to let the rich take care of her. Li Xue really didn’t understand what these girls were thinking.

Was material vanity and enjoyment really that important that made them abandon their self-esteem and become the playthings of those rich people?

This was truly an era where one should laugh at the poor but not at the same time!

Actually, Qin Chao felt this the most. His girlfriend, Yang Shan, who had been with him for so long, finally ran off with Fatty, who was driving the Nissan.

What could they do? Everyone had thought of a better idea. Who doesn’t want to drive a good car, stay in a big house, and eat a big meal in designer clothes!

Everyone was desperately trying to earn money, and their job was just to get better. Yang Shan Shan, in the end, is just an ordinary girl. She also had a strong need for material things.

Only Su Ji and himself, cultivators who had transcended the mortal world, would be able to free themselves from the entanglement of matter and become true Immortals of the Free and Unrestrained Universe.

Most importantly, they could enjoy an inexhaustible lifespan. No matter how much money a mortal could earn, they could only live for a hundred years. A hundred years later, they were dust.

Even though Li Xue’s voice wasn’t loud, that beauty still heard it when she called out slut.

The cute girl from a moment ago immediately exploded, pinching her waist as she shouted loudly.

“Who the hell are you calling a slut?”

“I scolded you, what’s wrong?” Li Xue wasn’t an ordinary girl either, having roamed the mall for so many years. She had seen quite a few of these kinds of tricks before.

Thus, she sneered and got out of the car to stand in front of the beauty.

There is a saying. Humans had to die, goods had to be thrown away!

It was fine if Li Xue didn’t come out, but when she did, she instantly overshadowed that beauty.

Although that girl was born beautiful, when compared to Li Xue’s seductive charm, she was still far inferior. When Li Xue walked out, Li Qiang’s eyes shone brightly, as if he was staring at a prey.

This sort of beauty was Li Qiang’s favorite type.

Beautiful, elegant, and with the character of an iceberg. Only such a female student would feel great when they were subdued.

Of course, Li Qiang would have been happier if the man hadn’t come out with him.

If he remembered correctly, that guy should be called Qin Chao! It was him last time that caused him to be so infuriated that he didn’t even have the mood to treat a beautiful lady to a meal.

Why did this fellow keep pestering them like a ferocious ghost!

Moreover, why were there always so many beautiful girls by his side!

Compared to this woman, what he had with him was nothing more than trash!

Seeing that her opponent was much prettier than her, the girl also lowered her momentum. She immediately hugged Li Qiang’s arm and cried out in a delicate voice.

“Hubby, look, this woman is bullying me.”

Who would have thought that Li Qiang actually shook off this girl’s arm. After that, he took out his name card and handed it over to Li Xue.

“Hello, beautiful lady. “I am the Chairman of the Xx Group. Li Qiang, I feel that it is fate to meet you. Can you give me face and have lunch together?”

“It’s this again!” Qin Chao to the side shrugged their shoulders, these young masters couldn’t do anything new, they always invited him for a meal.

Eating, eating to the end, wasn’t it also for bed!

Such a scene appeared in Qin Chao’s mind.

Li Qiang took out his name card and said to Li Xue.

“Hello pretty girl, my name is Li Qiang.” “It’s fate to know each other. Let’s have some face at noon and go to bed together!”

Damn, this is evil.

“Sorry, I already have an appointment.” The other party was the chairman of the ‘X’ Corporation. As a smart manager of the business department, Li Xue naturally didn’t have to go against him. She just smiled and waved her hand.

“I see.” Li Qiang didn’t insist. If this kind of girl was too good at fighting, then he wouldn’t be able to muster up any interest.

“That beauty, can you leave a contact information? Don’t waste our fate.”

“Sure.” Maybe there will be a chance to cooperate in the future. Li Xue took out her name card and passed it to Li Qiang.

Doing business was simply setting up behind the scenes. Although Li Xue hated people like Li Qiang, if the other party was able to take care of her business, leaving a contact number wasn’t a big deal.

But if you want to go to bed with him like that girl, you’re just dreaming.

“You two, the configuration and procedures have been completed. You can come and pay.”

At this time, Li Mingwei also came back with the car keys and procedures.

“Please follow me to the car.”

“Young Master Li, please follow me.” The employee quickly added. He looked at Li Mingwei with a mocking gaze. Hmph, little girl, I’ll make you my girlfriend. If you don’t, I’ll beat you to death in this shop.

The four of them walked towards the garage. The shop assistant’s status in the shop shouldn’t be low. They made a call and all the formalities were done.

When they got there, the two cars were already parked there.

Mazda 6, red car, like a fire, is really not bad.

But it was a far cry from the white BMW 5 next to it.

Outside the garage is the road, and you can drive the car.

The beauty beside Li Qiang sat up excitedly and started playing with the car.

“Come quick, hubby, let’s go for a ride!”

As the beauty spoke, she gave Li Xue a provocative glance.

“Hmph, a person who opens his own door, even if he has the face to talk about me, he wouldn’t take a piss and look in the mirror!”

Li Xue coldly snorted. She walked to her car and said a few words to the girl.

“Indeed, I can’t compare to you.” Indeed, I can’t compare to you.

Behind him, Qin Chao was sweating profusely. This Li Xue was indeed a strong woman. Her words were sharp enough.

“You, you …” The beauty was so angry that she could not say a word. She almost vomited blood while sitting inside the BMW.

“This kind of girl is really incurable.” Having paid the bill, Li Xue coldly sat in the car and said to Qin Chao.

“It’s just a society like this. What can we do about it?” Qin Chao shrugged, “There are too many female university students who are being kept.” “In many places, the female university students have clearly marked their prices and sold them as merchandise.”

“If I had such a daughter, I would definitely strangle her directly.” Li Xue said, and started to heat the car.

“Gentlemen, if anything happens to the car, you can come back to me.” Li Mingwei said to them as he stood beside the car.

“Alright.” Qin Chao nodded. He glanced at Li Mingwei and said suddenly.

“Let me introduce you to a deal.”

It occurred to him that Suki had said something about her father wanting to buy her a car. Since he was going to buy a car anyway, he might as well take care of Li Mingwei’s business.

“Thank you, sir.” Li Mingwei nodded gratefully to Qin Chao.

“Tsk, what are you so happy about? It seems like you can introduce a lot of business.” The employee beside them pursed his lips and looked at them with disdain.

“Jiang Dong?” Qin Chao took out a mobile phone, made a phone call. With that year’s appointment, there was no way for him to contact Su Ji directly. “Let me introduce you to someone, he’s from the 4S store on Xx Road, his name is Li Mingwei. You tell Su Ji that if you buy a car, you can find her here and tell her what I told her. ”

Putting down the phone, Qin Chao broadcasted another two.

One was for Rumbel, the other for Leesha.

Heavenly Dragon Corporation and Dafei Group also knew how to buy cars, right? If I let them buy it from Li Mingwei in the future, I don’t believe her results will be worse!

After making these three calls, the employee was dumbfounded.

In Su Nan City, who didn’t know the name of Su Ji, Long Bei’er?! As for that Liao Sha Sha, the daughter of the Big Hair Corporation, he had more or less heard of her.

This man was really fake. He actually called them? What a joke, it must be a joke!

Li Xue, who was listening from the side, was dumbstruck. She knew all three of them. Qin Chao actually knew them, and their relationship was not ordinary?

No wonder even Chairman Chen had to be his brother…

Remembering his call, he went to find his friend in the Mercedes.

His identity was indeed extraordinary.

“I’ve lived for so many years, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone so arrogant.”

Li Qiang leaned against his BMW, lazily smoking Zhonghua, and said, “Su Ji, Long Bei’er, Liao Sha Sha, who do you think you are, can call them?”