My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 283


Chapter 283 Buying

Sunan City, a Japanese restaurant.

Li Xue, wearing her professional attire, sat there with dignity.

Opposite her sat two short Japanese men.

One of them was wearing a Daoist robe, and there was a ruckus on his lips. It was Yamamoto Michio.

At this time, this old man looked at Li Xue as if he was very clear on his words, but there was a trace of lust in his eyes that was well concealed by him.

The Japanese man beside him seemed to be one of his subordinates. He continuously poured wine, dishes, and food for Yamamoto to serve him.

“Mr. Yamamoto, thank you very much for giving us the chance to advertise this Heavenly Eagle advertisement. You can leave the list to us.” As Li Xue spoke, she picked up a glass of sake and said, “I, Li Xue, am here to thank Mr. Yamamoto. Don’t worry, our company has a very good reputation, I promise that I won’t disappoint you.”

As she spoke, Li Xue finished the cup of sake in one gulp.

The cup was small and the sake of wine wasn’t strong, so even if she drank it all in one gulp, Li Xue wouldn’t feel any discomfort. Compared to the day of Qin Chao, the amount of time spent on drinking two and a half cups of wine was far too small.

“Director Li, there’s no need to be so courteous.” Yamamoto waved his hand and said righteously, “The reason I gave you this advertisement was because I believe in your company’s capabilities.” “But today, I didn’t invite Miss Li to a drink to talk about this.”

“Oh?” This time, Li Xue was a little surprised. She blinked her beautiful eyes and asked, “I wonder what else Mr. Yamamoto is looking for me for?” “I feel that since everyone is so happy today, why don’t we take advantage of this time to sign the contract and then discuss the details of the advertisement.”

“Miss Li!” Yamamoto waved again, saying, “I know, you Chinese like to talk about work at tables.” But I’m sorry, I don’t like it personally. Drinking meant drinking. Let’s not talk about work first. “The reason I’m looking for Miss Li today is to talk about you, Miss Li.”

“My own business?” Li Xue faintly felt that something wasn’t right, but she still wore a faint professional smile on her face as she asked, “Mister Yamamoto is really warm-hearted. Don’t you know what you care about?”

“Since that’s the case, I won’t beat around the bush and just say so. “Miss Li, I’ve always felt that with your intelligence, working for the Heavenly Eagle Company is a waste of your talent!”

Yamamoto finally said his purpose, “I hope Miss Li can come to our company.” “Our Di Yang Corporation is also a multi-national enterprise with strong capital. If you come to our company, you can get better treatment and better development!”

Are they trying to dig me up for a job?

Li Xue’s heart skipped a beat. At the moment Yamamoto finished speaking, she did have a little bit of hesitation.

Seeing Li Xue lower her head as if deep in thought, Yamamoto Michio smiled complacently as he played with the exquisite wine cup in his hand.

To come to Di Yang, this was a huge temptation. Yamamoto thought to himself. It was just a small advertising company’s business manager. It was very easy to bribe her.

And this woman was so beautiful, hmph, that if she had a little more, she would climb into her own bed.

It was a pleasure to listen to those beautiful Chinese women under her.

In fact, this time, the Black Dragon will be the launch of the invasion of Su-Nan City’s several major financial groups. In order to take over the economy of the north, the Black Dragon will also use some ruthless medicine.

However, Yamamoto Michio was a very steady person. He wasn’t in a hurry to take a bite out of the Heavenly Dragon Corporation.

The Heavenly Dragon Corporation was too huge, and Long Tianzheng was very shrewd. If he went to bite the Heavenly Dragon Corporation, not only would he not be able to move Long Tianzheng, he might even be countered.

It was better to first recruit some of the smaller companies under Long Tianzheng. These small companies all had some odd shares in the Heavenly Dragon Corporation. As long as he gathered them all together, he would have the capital to challenge the Heavenly Dragon Corporation.

The food must be eaten, one bite at a time, bit by bit.

As for Li Xue, at this moment, her thoughts were filled with thousands of thoughts.

To be honest, the Japanese Di Yang Corporation was a company that many people were so desperate to enter. The Japanese company was wealthy and wealthy, and its staff were well-off.

But Li Xue always felt a little uncomfortable working under the Japanese. Li Xue would not have accepted that they would have Chinese employees kneel to them on a whim.

How could I, Li Xue, kneel to my parents? How could I possibly kneel to you Japanese.

Furthermore, if that guy from Qin Chao knew that he had been stolen by the Japanese, he would definitely laugh at him.

Thinking of this, Li Xue resolutely raised her head and said to Yamamoto Michio.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Yamamoto, but I can’t agree to your request.”

“Oh?” Yamamoto Michio was not surprised. Instead, he continued to sit on his wine cup, slightly raising his eyebrows.

The assistant wearing a black suit beside him quickly said.

“Miss Li, don’t be in such a hurry to refuse.” He knelt there and slowly said to Li Xue, “This time, our Di Yang Corporation is very sincere in inviting Miss Li to join us.” “After you arrive, the position of the head of the company’s business department will be yours.”

The head of Di Yang Company’s business department! The right to this position was much higher than the rights to the same position in the Heavenly Eagle Company. The salary was also much higher!

This was definitely a huge temptation. For his sake, this Di Yang Corporation had invested a lot of their capital!

If he could earn enough money, he might be able to leave Su Nan City and go to other branches of Di Yang Corporation to get rid of his deceased husband’s rogue father.

Noticing that Li Xue’s heart was moved, the suited man lightly smiled and said, “Such a good condition, I believe Miss Li will definitely not refuse.” “However, Miss Li still needs to agree to one condition in order to achieve this position.”

You have a condition? Li Xue’s many years of experience in the shopping mall immediately made her vigilant.

As expected, there was no such thing as a free lunch. She did not speak, but continued to listen.

“We hope Miss Li can give you a 5% share of the Heavenly Eagle Group.” The suited man said on behalf of Yamamoto Michio.

Not only Li Xue, they had also secretly interacted with many of the Heavenly Eagle Group’s shareholders. Some have agreed to sell shares, but there are still a few hardliners who have disagreed. There were still some people who didn’t say anything for the time being as if they were waiting to see what would happen.

So that was their goal.

Li Xue understood in her heart, and she started laughing.

“Mr. Yamamoto is joking, I will absolutely not sell this shares.”

The shares of the Eagle Company, the joint property of himself and his dead husband, would not be sold to the Japanese no matter what.

“Miss Li, don’t make a hasty decision.” Yamamoto spoke again, and there was a hint of unrepulsiveness in his voice, “We are willing to offer twenty million to buy your shares.”

20 million! Li Xue was startled in her heart. She knew that according to the market price, the shares in her hand was only worth 10 million. These Japanese were too rich and overbearing. They actually offered twice as much!

Yamamoto Michio was also very satisfied with Li Xue’s surprised expression. He was determined to obtain this 5% shares.

But Li Xue still shook her head. This was her limit. If she sold it, there would be nothing left between her and her dead husband.

20 million. If she were to sell everything in exchange for it, Li Xue would feel like her hands were on fire when she held it in her hand!

“Miss Li, 20 million is no longer a small sum.” This woman actually dared to reject him! Yamamoto Michio’s eyes were filled with anger, and his voice became icy cold.

“Sorry, it’s not about money.” Li Xue felt that she could no longer continue the discussion. She stood up, slightly bowed to Yamamoto and said, “Let’s talk about this first today. I hope that Mr. Yamamoto can consider his business matters.” “I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Hmph, do you think our business can continue to work together after you leave?” Yamamoto Michio grunted coldly.

Li Xue, who had just taken a step forward, stopped for a moment. But soon, she returned to normal.

“It doesn’t matter, Mr. Yamamoto. There is a saying in China that there is no benevolence in buying and selling. “Then I hope that if there’s a chance in the future, we can cooperate.”

The Japanese are no pushover. Li Xue silently thought in her heart that it was better to leave first.

After she left, Yamamoto finally got angry.

With a slap, he shattered the wooden table in front of him.

“That woman is really shameless!”

“Mr. Yamamoto, don’t get angry!” His subordinate quickly persuaded, “For such a woman, it’s not worth it!”

“Hmph!” She thought that she was something. If it wasn’t to control the Eagle Group, I would have gone to her! ”

If Yamamoto had been a fire dragon, he would probably be spewing fire from his nostrils by now.

“Heavenly Eagle Group, Heavenly Dragon Group, and the entire Su Nan City will all belong to us!”

With a wave of his hand, Yamamoto Michio said to his subordinate, “Show me some patience and get rid of that woman!” “Before I finish her off, it’s her turn a hundred times. I want her to die a shameful death!”

With that, Yamamoto Michio laughed, “Hmmph, I want to let those shareholders who don’t agree to see what happens to those who oppose me, Yamamoto Michio!”

“Yes, Mr. Yamamoto, I will do it.” Yamamoto No.78, the chief of the Black Dragon’s Hall in China, had already controlled and tolerated many things. He gave the order, and the man did so without delay.

The last time he failed at assassinating a bodyguard and was killed cleanly, Yamamoto Michio was furious for a long time.

For this reason, he even specifically transferred a few Junior Mentors from the headquarters to help him sweep the tail in case something came up.

“Hmph, it was first the imperial court’s thousand generations, and now it’s this woman!” Yamamoto grabbed a bottle of sake from the side and took a fierce gulp, “These untactful women, one day, I will make you accept my joy!”

With that, he exerted force with his hand and forcefully crushed the wine bottle.

The wine flowed down his hand and spilled all over the floor.