My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 282


Chapter 282 Defending Mistress Saber!

Regardless of whether Qin Chao was from a demonic sect or not, it was a fact that he had saved so many sects today.

Furthermore, under the attacks of so many experts, he was able to maintain his invincibility and perseverance until now. Perhaps, his fame would soon spread throughout the cultivation world.

Especially since he was able to break Shen Qing’s Slash Heaven Sword, such wit and power was something that everyone admired.

“Mount Hua has expressed its gratitude here and owes Daoist Master Qin a favor. I will definitely repay you in the future!”

Since the Zombie King had already escaped, there was no longer a need for him to remain. Jiang Yifan faced Qin Chao and clenched his fists. Then, he pulled his junior brother and left with a leap.

“Emei also thanks Daoist Master Qin for saving us!” Qing Xiu was not the one who couldn’t distinguish between right and wrong. She said to Qin Chao, “Emei will definitely return this favor in the future. However, since you are in the Path of Demon, we will still be enemies the next time we meet. You are not a bad person. I hope for you, Daoist Master Qin, to leave the demonic path and return to the right path as soon as possible.”

After saying this, Qing Xiu left with his two disciples.

Yuan Meng held the treasured sword for her master, gave Qin Chao a deep look, and then left on the colorful cloud.

“The next time we meet, I will beat you up very miserably.” Mo Yangzi was still as haughty as ever. Even though he had exhausted all of his combat strength earlier, he was still calm and composed.

No matter what, Mo Yangzi would never let go of his pride.

“Big Brother Qin, I am Chu Feng. I welcome you to visit our Wudang Mountain from now on!” As for the little Daoist, Chu Feng stared at Qin Chao, his eyes flickering with admiration.

As for his martial uncle, Daoist Priest Jiu, he suddenly didn’t know where to go. Ever since the Zombie King ran off, he couldn’t see him.

“Qin Chao, if you want to return to the right path, the entrance of Piao Piao Peak will always be open for you.”

In Flower Mother’s words, there was already some intention of winning her over.

However, Qin Chao understood another meaning. Regarding the Floating Peak, did the flower mother have the final say? Now, what exactly was the identity of the flower mother on Piao Peak?

He had heard from Su Ji before that out of the eight great sects, the Floating Peak was the most unusual.

Within the Floating Peak, as long as you were focused on achieving Immortal Ascension, they were willing to accommodate any alien race. This included the Fey and the Devil Dao.

It was said that one of the Elders of the Floating Peak used to be the Devil King of the Devil Dao. Later on, after the devil king had comprehended the Dao Arts and seen through the secrets of heaven, he no longer wanted to kill anyone. He wholeheartedly cultivated the Dao, and then he threw himself onto the Floating Peak.

“I think I won’t go for the time being, but I thank the flower mother for her kind intentions.” Qin Chao also clasped his fists and said apologetically to the flower mother, “I’m different from you guys. I have worldly affairs.” So, staying in Su Nan City is my best choice. ”

“Alright, then we’ll part ways here. We’ll meet again in the future.” The flower mother did not act pretentiously and left with Bai Jiao.

“Qin Chao, you forced the Zombie King away with a false appearance. You want Mount Shu to owe you a favor? You’re not even close!” Shen Yu held onto her Nethermoon Sword and shouted to Qin Chao, “In the future, I will kill you once more when I see you!”

“Monster, don’t think that just because you defeated my Martial Uncle Shen that you will feel very powerful.” Xu Renfeng also sneered, “My Uncle-Master was defeated by your trick.” In terms of strength, she can kill you with one hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll kill you myself the next time we meet!”

“Feng, Yu’er, come back with me.” Shen Qing only glanced coldly at Qin Chao for a moment before she let out a shout and had her two juniors carry her away on their swords.

She couldn’t use her cultivation technique for the time being. She even needed the help of others to control the sword.

It could be said that today, the invincible Icy Jade Immortal was at a huge disadvantage in Qin Chao.

The other small sects also scattered like birds and beasts. Soon, only two people from Mount Song, Qin Chao, and the newly awakened Hu Ke were left on the field.

“Almsgiver, I have seen all that you have done today.” The Dharma Idol clasped his hands together and said to Qin Chao, “Therefore, I do not hesitate to expend my own Zhen Yuan to help my Benefactor break through the sacred art.” “I hope that the Almsgiver can continue to maintain this pure heart. Even though he is in the demonic path, he can still wholeheartedly turn to the Buddha.”

As long as he was willing to offer the Buddha, his Dharma Idol would also feel that it was not bad.

“Monk, you always meddle in other people’s business.” Qin Chao curled his lips, “Even if you don’t help me, I can still break through the sacred art.” Besides, you weren’t just helping me. You were saving everyone. ”

“Almsgiver is right, this humble monk has made his appearance.” The Dharma Idol closed his eyes and chanted a Buddhist prayer, “Amitabha …” As for the lady over there, I can see that you don’t have any malice in you. “But after all, it is an evil thing. I hope that you can convert to my buddhist faith, and I am willing to help you wash away the filth on your body.”

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid my lifespan will also be greatly reduced.” Hu was amused, “After I surpass my limits, I will be like an ordinary person, and I will have to experience life, death, sickness, and death.”

“My body is nothing but a stinky leather bag. Only by being willing to part with this leather bag can I achieve good results.”

He advised.

“Don’t worry, I still have a lot of things that I can’t let go of. I don’t want to die yet.” Hu Ke shook his head, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Master.”

“In that case, I will not force you.” “The Zombie King was forced to leave, and this monk will chase after his breath.” I hope that the next time the Zombie King comes out, our Benefactor will be able to help. ”

The Scarlet Demon King Sword in the hands of Qin Chao was the bane of evil beings. Killing a powerful being like the Zombie King naturally required a portion of Qin Chao’s strength.

“It depends on my mood when the time comes!” If I wasn’t worried about Su Ji’s safety, I really don’t want to interfere in this mess. Now that the Zombie King is targeting me, if I come looking for you, isn’t that courting death!

Aren’t your sects supposed to have great masters? When the time comes, just send one or two of them out and get rid of the Zombie King. Why do you have to send out the younger generation? What a mess.

Qin Chao thought to himself but he did not say it out loud.

“Qin Chao …” After everyone had finished speaking, Su Ji walked over with reddened eyes. Under the dumbfounded gazes of Hu Ke, she hugged Qin Chao.

“Bad guy, I already said that I won’t let you come. Why did you still appear?”

“I’m worried about you. Little girl is so weak, I can leave you alone here.” Qin Chao hugged their woman tightly, and their hearts were filled with emotion.

We’re all still alive.

“You guys …” “You two are actually lovers?” Hu Ke covered her mouth as he looked in disbelief at the pair of man and woman who did not seem to have anyone else by them.

“Yes, let me introduce you. This is my woman, Su Ji.”

Qin Chao nodded, embracing Su Ji and introducing her to Hu Ke.

“Hello, Zombie Sis.” In the arms of Qin, Su Ji was exceptionally sweet. She smiled at him.

However, Su Ji still secretly felt that something was wrong. This zombie was very beautiful. He had to keep an eye on Qin Chao and not let him go off the rails!

That’s right, there seems to be an appointment for a year. Ah, how annoying! This year, without his eyes, Qin Chao will definitely not be honest!

Thinking of this, Su Ji was extremely upset. This year seemed to be very short for cultivators like them. But for two sweet couples, it was a year-long ordeal.

“I never thought that the Buddhist disciples would fall in love with the Devil Dao …” Hu Ke shook his head, “If those righteous sects find out, you two will definitely be chased by them.”

“It’s fine.” However, Qin Chao waved it off. “Although my cultivation is currently very weak, one day, I will become the most powerful demon god standing on top of the pyramid of the cultivation world.” “At that time, I’d like to see who dares to stop me from being with Su Ji!”

“Even if I die, I will die with you.” Su Ji was so moved by these words that she held onto Qin Chao’s waist without letting go.

“Go, Crow’s Mouth, we will not die!” Qin Chao pinched Su Ji’s delicate nose and said, “Therefore, you must wait for me. Once I break through to the Nascent Soul Stage, even if your master comes, he will not be able to stop me.”

Qin Chao was the Twin Devils. The difficulty of cultivation was several times higher than that of ordinary cultivators, but the mana in the realm was also several times stronger than that of ordinary cultivators.

Now that he had reached Foundation Establishment, he was already able to challenge a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

However, as long as he mastered the fifth level of the Nine Serenities Summoning Technique, he believed that even if he could not defeat Shen Qing next time, he would at least be able to fight her in a draw.

Therefore, what he needed to do now was to desperately increase his own strength and quickly refine his Yang Spirit from the Yin God to become an Immortal Soul.

“Alright, since you two aren’t afraid, I can only support you two.”

Hu Ke shrugged her shoulders. She left two people with a mobile number, “My name is Hu Ke, this is my mobile phone.” “I work at the First Hospital. If you need any help later, call me.”

After saying that, Hu Ke no longer hesitated and turned around to leave.

“This female zombie is pretty good.” Su Ji looked at the disappearing figure of Hu Ke and said to Qin Chao.

“Hmm, not bad.” This female zombie was an evil creature, but to be able to rid herself of her internal demons and even become a doctor, saving her life and healing her wounds, it was indeed rare.

“Well, you!” Su Ji was like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on. She jumped up and pinched Qin Chao’s waist a few times. “I told you she was so pretty. You must have some thoughts!” “As expected, you let me ask!”

“No way!” Qin Chao quickly explained, “I mean her character!”

“Hmph, don’t tell me she’s not pretty?”

“Hmm …” “It is indeed beautiful…” Qin Chao nodded subconsciously.

“Indeed!” Su Ji was filled with grief and indignation. “Qin Chao, I’ll fight you to the death!”

After speaking, Su Ji bit down on Qin Chao’s shoulders. Qin Chao hurriedly retracted their Vajra Sutra to prevent Su Ji’s teeth from falling out.

But now, Su Ji had bitten her painfully.

“Wa, what, you’re a God Horse?”

“I will punish you!” I’ll leave you a memento! During this year, you are not allowed to look at other girls! Otherwise, I will cut you into a thousand pieces with my knife! ”

“What the hell… Is that Saber Technique?”

“Defending Mistress Saber!”