My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 280


Chapter 280 Let’s Go to Hell Together

“Scarlet Emperor Evil Emperor Sword!”

For some reason, this name suddenly flashed through Qin Chao’s mind.

The Evil King Sword in his hand emitted a dazzling golden light as it swept out.

At the same time, a huge golden sword flashed in the air, splitting the Corpse Kings in front into two.

This Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword, was actually this sharp!

If that golden light sword had appeared again. He was afraid that none of the people in this match would be a match for him.

The Evil King Sword was indeed terrifying.

However, it was only an external object after all. If Qin Chao wanted to be powerful, they would need to continuously cultivate their own True Essence.

“Impossible!” The Sect Leader bellowed, “It’s impossible for such a thing to happen!” “What kind of sword is that? Hand it over to me!”

As he spoke, the Sect Leader’s figure suddenly flew into the air, emitting a piercing sound. In an instant, he appeared in front of Qin Chao.

At the same time, he slammed his palm towards Qin Chao’s chest. This palm carried a thick corpse aura.

“Diamond Palm!” Qin Chao had completely given up on the demonic energy in their body. Now, their body was filled with surging Buddhism energy.

This kind of power was exactly the same as the corpse aura; one positive, one negative, one positive.

The palms of the two clashed together, making a popping sound.

The energy wave was blown away from the place where the two had clashed, and many Corpse Kings were blown away.

Some cultivators were also barely able to control themselves as they were in a sorry state and did not fly up.

“You have offended Yama Minamiya, you must die!” The sect leader’s body was sent flying, but he didn’t know where to take it. He took out a large white soul flag and held it in his hands.

“Ghost Artifact!” Qin Chao’s eyes tightened as he could not help but speak.

This Ghost Artifact was also a type of magical equipment, but it was an independent type that had left the limits of Heaven and Earth. The Ghost Artifact was extremely strange. Its attack power might have exceeded that of a Heaven Artifact, or it might even be worse than a Man Artifact.

However, this was the Ghost Artifact that the Yama Sect’s leader had pulled out. It should be a very powerful one!

“Then your blood can be used as a sacrifice to this lost soul Yan Luo Banner!”

The Hun Luo Banner was the Ghost Artifact that the leader of the Hades, the leader of the previous generation, had inherited from the previous generation. After obtaining it, the successors of each generation would kill ninety-nine to eighty-one babies, using their souls and blood to honor the lost Yama Minamiya Banner and increase the resentment on it.

This Ghost Artifact had been in Shen Dong’s hands for a full thirty generations. That was to say, there were 2,430 babies on it.

Once these babies’ souls entered the Yama Minamiya Banner, they would evolve into the Evil Infant, which was extremely powerful.

It could be said that Shen Dong’s greatest strength was this Yama Minamiya Banner.

This was because other than the Evil Infant, there was also one other powerful thing about the Soul Abyss Flag, it could refine the human body.

His goal today was to capture Shen Qing and refine her into his corpse!

After becoming a zombie, not only would this beautiful ice water immortal meet his physiological needs, but she would also retain her strength and become an immortal late stage Nascent Soul Stage expert! And it was his exclusive master!

In order to obtain this zombie woman and allow Yama Minamiya to rise up again, he had gone to great lengths to come up with such a plan.

He had lured Hu Ke, Qin Chao, and these righteous and righteous people, all in order to let them slaughter each other and make him reap the rewards.

However, he didn’t expect that Qin Chao was very alert and discovered his ambush in the end.

However, this was nothing. After all, Shen Qing, the strongest expert, was defeated.

As long as there were the Undead Corpse Kings, Shen Dong would have the confidence to win.

However, this Qin Chao had once again broken his illusions. Who knew what kind of sword could activate the Undead King!

This damnable fellow has repeatedly prevented me from doing good things! Today, I will send you to hell!

“The Hun Luo Banner, devour him!”

Shen Dong stood in mid-air, holding up the huge white flag.

Soon, a small Evil Nascent Soul flew out from the white flag.

Blood and tears hung at the corners of these evil babies’ eyes. They let out wails as they hovered in the air.

“So, so scary …” When some of the girls saw these Evil Infants, they suddenly felt a chill run down their spine.

“What an evil thing!” Qin Chao frowned. When he saw these Demonic Infants, there was some light in his eyes. There were at least 1,000 Evil Infants flying in the sky. It could be seen how many babies had died for this ghost weapon!

The heavens could not accept this!

“Shadow Splitting Sword!” Qin Chao let out a cold snort as he swung the Evil King Sword in his hand.

Golden sword shadows appeared in the air, constantly falling. After reaching the end of the Foundation Establishment Stage, the true energy of Qin Chao increased significantly. The Shadow Sword split into one or two hundred pieces, continuously piercing through the floating Evil Infant.

At the same time, the Evil Infant also launched an attack.

They cried and then opened their mouths.

Blood arrows flew towards Qin Chao.

These blood arrows were not only corrosive, but also poisonous.

Qin Chao frowned. Before he could dodge, blood arrows with extraordinary speed had already landed on his body.

“Sizzle!” Green smoke rose unceasingly. If he did not have the protection of the Diamond Body, he was afraid that Qin Chao would have already turned into a pile of dirty flesh and blood.

This Evil Infant’s attack was too ferocious. Moreover, the thousands of Evil Infants in the sky were packed together. Each of them shot out an arrow like rain, causing Qin Chao to not know where to dodge.

“Hahaha, you see!” Shen Dong laughed maniacally. “If you go against me, this is the result!” In Qin Chao, even if you had the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, you would not be able to withstand the combined attack of thousands of Evil Infants. I will now give you a chance to join our Yama Minamiya, I will let you be my sect’s head protector! “What do you think?!”

Shen Dong continued to seduce Qin Chao. He tried to make Qin Chao his subordinate.

Although Qin Chao has repeatedly opposed our sect, but this guy is a talent. He had just entered the cultivation world not long ago, but he was already at the late stage of Foundation Establishment. If he was given more time, he would probably end up like Shen Qing, becoming a powerhouse of the cultivation world!

If he subdued Qin Chao and refined Shen Qing into a corpse puppet, then who in the cultivation world could stop the Yan Luo Sect’s recovery! Ha ha-ha, at that time, Yama Minamiya will not only be a demonic sect, but he will also be the number one sect in the cultivation world!

At that time, how could that fox girl from the Demonic Beast Sect not follow him?

How could these hypocritical cultivators of prestigious sects not worship him?


“Follow me and you can conquer the entire world together!”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not that ambitious.” Qin Chao laughed coldly and waved his hand, cutting off a few of the Evil Infants. “I am not blaming you, Doctor. I do not have the desire to conquer the world.”

“Then die!” Shen Dong fiercely roared and waved his Yama Minamiya banner.

More and more Evil Infants flew out from the white flag while crying.

In total, there were over two thousand Evil Infants floating densely in the air. Even the cultivators below felt chills run down their spine.

With so many Evil Infants, my God, how many babies were killed!

However, that Shen Dong appeared to not be ashamed and instead felt honored. He smiled evilly as he controlled the white flag to attack Qin Chao.

Two thousand Evil Infants spewed out blood at the same time. It was as if a rain of blood had fallen.

Wherever the blood arrow hit, black holes would appear.

Many cultivators hurriedly began to use their own defensive magic to block those prisons.

The defensive magical formation of a few people with underground cultivations was actually corroded by the blood arrows, causing the blood rain to splash onto their bodies.

Amidst the wails, the flesh and bones of these cultivators quickly melted, eventually turning into a pool of dirty blood.

Some of the female disciples couldn’t help but vomit after seeing this terrifying scene.

They were only affected by the blood rain. The real center of the blood rain was Qin Chao.

“You really take good care of me.” Qin Chao’s heart pounded wildly as his face remained expressionless.

Although he had trained in the Vajra Scripture, he was afraid that he would still be unable to withstand such an intense and powerful attack.

As for the Yin Yang Bell, this defensive artefact had also been shattered by the Fire and Nine Dragons Seal just now. If he wanted to recover, he would have to spend some time on it.

All of a sudden, Qin Chao did not know how to deal with the blood rain.

Although he knew military swordsmanship, he did not know the most basic defensive swordsmanship.

While he was in a daze, a rain of blood had already landed on his body, producing rows and rows of green smoke.

The Diamond Sutra’s defense continued to fall down, as if there was a voice constantly reporting back to Qin Chao.

Defense energy, 60%, 50%, 40% …

The true essence in his body was also constantly decreasing. The energy contained within this blood rain was too terrifying …

With a thought, the Evil King Sword in his hand suddenly shed its golden color and returned to its original black color. The Evil King Sword seemed to be saying something, transmitting it into the heart of Qin Chao.

“Evil King Sword, I’ll leave it to you …” The Evil King Sword in Qin Chao’s hand emitted an intense black light.

“Evil King and Half Moon Kill!” Qin Chao brandished a white light ball which was wrapped in a black light. The Half Moon Slaughter Ball didn’t fly up, but wrapped around the entire Qin Chao.

“Come on, let’s go to hell together!” With a ball of light, Qin Chao leaped up. The rain of blood fell on the surface of the ball of light and melted together with the energy of the Half Moon Kill.

Qin Chao’s speed was very fast. With the Evil King Sword under his feet, the Wind Riding Sword carried him and instantly rushed towards Shen Dong who was in the sky.

At this time, Shen Dong was still dancing the white flag. Seeing Qin Chao dashing back, he was also shocked.

He could feel the power contained in that Half Moon Kill. If it crashed into his body, it would definitely not be easy to withstand.

“Protect!” Shen Dong changed the direction of the white flag and the Evil Infants in the air immediately gathered together, forming a defensive net around the Evil Spirit.

“Bang!” Qin Chao did not care about the defensive net and crashed head-on into it.

The intense explosion caused everyone’s heart to quiver.

It was as if a huge fireworks display had exploded in the sky. Countless evil spirits turned into a ball of fire and fell down from the sky.

A black-robed figure was pushed out of the explosion. Impressively, it was the Yama Minamiya’s Sect Leader, Shen Dong. He was like a kite with a broken string, falling far away on the field.

The light wave from the explosion gradually dispersed, revealing the figure of Qin Chao. He floated in the air like a demon god, standing upright and looking down on all living things.