My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 247


A day’s work will soon be over. When Qin Chao brought the various supplies, small and large, back to the office, other people were about to get off work.

Under Li Xue’s stunned eyes, Qin Chao, with the bed on his shoulder, walked into the office.

“Is, isn’t this bed heavy?” With a somewhat silly look, Li Xue asked as she pointed at the single bed on Qin Chao’s shoulder.

“It is.” Qin Chao pushed the bed up a bit and said, “The boss said it’s made from solid wood, really sturdy. Manager Li will definitely sleep well on this.”

With that, Qin Chao looked for a spacious spot and put that heavy bed down.

“Bang!” Li Xue cannot help but startle. Listening to the sound, the bed was indeed heavy. Even if there were four people who lift it, they would feel very tired. Growing up, what kind of food that this guy Qin Chao ate? How could he has such a powerful strength!

After helping Li Xue put the bed in place, Qin Chao began to put the mattress. Since this was the job of an assistant, Qin Chao naturally did the full set. Qin Chao was determined to be an excellent assistant and, by virtue of his ability, get promoted, and then landed some ads campaign, thus, pocketing five million in one year.

Therefore, he put a special care in his work.

“Thank you.” Looking how busy Qin Chao was, Li Xue suddenly recalled some of her memory. Once upon a time, Yang Fan also took care of her like that, helping her arrange her bed and all.

The two figures gradually overlapped, Li Xue suddenly can’t tell who is who.

“Manager Li, we got a big problem here.” While arranging the mattress, Qin Chao said.

“What problem?” Being suddenly asked, Li Xue somewhat at a loss.

“This bed is too small, when we sleep together, it will be too crowded!”

“Qin Chao, watch your words and action!” Li Xue’s face turned cold, her good view of Qin Chao just a moment ago immediately vanished. Sure enough, all men are the same, “I am your boss, you should give me some respect.”

“Sure, at work, I definitely regard manager Li as my boss.” Finished putting the mattress, Qin Chao picked a cute pink bed sheet with Winnie the Pooh printed on it.

Although Li Xue almost always looked icy-cold, Qin Chao thought she should be a very cute girl.

“But after work, doesn’t manager Li need a friend?”

“Friend?” Li Xue slightly cocked her head, eyes flashed with cold, “Do you think you can be my friend?”

“Why not?” Qin Chao asked, “Does manager Li look down on me as an assistant?”

“No, I think you are an excellent assistant.” Li Xue, remembering Qin Chao’s ability, objectively said, “But I don’t like people like you, your character is too bad. I will not make friend with people with bad character.”

“Oh?” Qin Chao cannot help but ask, “According to manager Li, which character of me that is bad?”

“You’re not decent, pervert, and vulgar!” This answer from Li Xue was quick and to the point, directly giving a blow to Qin Chao.

His uncle, I thought I am quite good in manager Li’s eyes, but this is actually her image of me.

“Knock, knock, knock!” Just as Qin Chao was feeling dejected, someone knocked on the office door.

“Come in!” Li Xue said.

As her voice fell, a dress up handsome Zhang Chusong pushed open the door and entered.

This young man was holding a large bouquet of red roses, a genial smile was plastered on his face.

But when he walked into the room and saw Qin Chao and Li Xue, two people sitting side by side on a single bed, her handsome face suddenly turned somewhat white.

The two of them, the two of them….

Zhang Chusong’s hand slightly trembled, the roses shook like a burning fire.

“Manager Zhang?” Li Xue stood up, completely ignoring those beautiful flowers, “Is there something that you need?”

“I, I want to invite you to dinner….” Zhang Chusong reluctantly put up a smile, “I, I want to ask manager Li to go together with me in my car.”

“No need.” Li Xue waved her hand, “I can just go by bus. Right now I still have some work to do. I’ll go after I finish it.”

“Today is our company’s dinner party, no need to think about work, at least for tonight.” Zhang Chusong said, “Let’s have a good drink. Xue, I have known you for more than two years, but we haven’t had a drink together.”

Zhang Chusong said. His affectionate eyes even moved Qin Chao a bit.

D*mn this little white face (pretty face/pretty boy/gigolo (slank)), his killer eyes are powerful. If an ordinary girl sees his eyes, she would be tempted to offer herself to him.

However, the one standing before him was Li Xue, who has gone through a lot of things, not one of those inexperienced girls.

She frowned and said to Zhang Chusong.

“Manager Zhang, in the workplace, please call me my full name, or you can also call me manager Li.”

“Xue, why are you always this unfeeling to me?” Zhang Chusong did not seem to understand, his voice became somewhat impatient, “Yang Fan has been dead for so long, why are you still being so loyal to that guy!”

“Manager Zhang.” Li Xue’s face fell, “Yang Fan is your friend, he is also my late husband, please treat him with some respect.”

“Manager Li.” From the side, seeing that the two was about to quarrel, Qin Chao said, “It’s getting late, you can finish your work at night. Anyway, you’ll be here for the whole night. Getting into the crowded bus is just going to tire you, let me take you with my bike.”

After thinking for a moment, Li Xue said, “Okay.” Presumably, she thought about her entanglement with the pickpocket yesterday. Since her own assistant was willing to take her, it should be okay.

However, Li Xue found something odd, if he could easily drive a Mercedes-Benz, why would he want to ride a bike? Could it be, it was all an act?

Actually, for Qin Chao, it was very simple; That Mercedes-Benz was Su Fei’s. Although his bike was not that good, at least, it was his. Now, he has a means of transportation that was even faster than his bike. But, he could not tell Li Xue this sentences:

“Manager Li, I will take you there with my flying sword. With a shout, we will be there.”

If he said those words, manager Li and Zhang Chusong would probably think that he was a runaway patient of a mental hospital.

When Li Xue agreed to go with Qin Chao, it provoked a jealous look from Zhang Chusong. Hidden behind this jealous look was hate, hate that made Zhang Chusong want to tear Qin Chao into pieces.

How could he not feel jealous? When he asked Li Xue to go together with him in his car, not only she refused his offer, she even came up with an excuse to work. But when Qin Chao offered to take her by bike, Li Xue readily agreed. D*mn it, what the hell is this!

Humph, Qin Chao, don’t think that you’re someone just because you have Director Chen as your backer. I, Zhang Chusong, am in charge of the HR in this company, I have many opportunities to make life difficult for you.

But, I have to think of a way to get him out of her office. D*mn , letting this guy be Li Xue’s personal assistant is too dangerous.

Just now when I came in they were sitting together on the bed, if I didn’t come, I don’t know what would happen next between the two of them.

“Manager Zhang, you can leave first.” Li Xue pointed at the door, “After I tidy up a bit, I’ll go to the restaurant and meet you there.”

Since other people have shown him the door, Zhang Chusong’s pride would not let him stick his face into other people’s cold ass. After secretly giving Qin Chao a stare, he left the flowers on Li Xue’s desk, turned around and walked away.

“Qin Chao, when we go out, I want you to throw those flowers away.”

Without even looking at those flowers, Li Xue calmly told Qin Chao, “Also, get away from my bed, you’re not allowed to sleep here!”

“Yes, yes, yes, as you wish, manager Li.” Qin Chao reluctantly stood up and then made an invitation posture toward Li Xue, “Manager Li, are you willing to take a ride with me?”

Hearing this, Li Xue could not help but reveal a smile and then rolled her eyes.

“Take a ride? Isn’t yours a bicycle? Do you think you have a fine steed?”

“Manager Li, this is wrong.” Qin Chao immediately argued, “My two wheels is much faster than that four legs.”

“Cut this nonsense, help me clean up this place and then tidy up.”

After putting the daily necessities in place, the two walked out of the door.

At this time, there was no one else in the company, someone has also deliberately turned off the electricity.

Winter night in the North usually came early. Although it was only around five o’clock, the outside window was already dark.

Outside their office room, a vague moonlight came through the window, which stood out in this eerily quiet place.

Li Xue’s courage was basically small, seeing this scene, she could not help but stand behind Qin Chao and put her hands on his shoulders.

“How, how could they turn off the light.” Li Xue’s voice slightly trembled, trying to make her eyes adapted to the dark environment before her.

But Qin Chao did not care, his eyes can see in the dark very well.

“We came out too late, they probably have gone for half an hour. Even the security guards have gone with them. No one on duty, that’s why they turned off the lights.”

“Let, let’s go.”

This night, the office was dark and quiet. Li Xue could not help but think some of the terrifying office ghost stories.

For example, before their company took this floor, there was another company. The boss of that company was very harsh, they called him Yama behind his back.

His demand was tough, so the staff’s work pressure was hard. A little bit of poor performance will immediately result in wage deduction or outright dismissal.

However, the most severe one was that he was a pervert. There was a fresh graduate attractive girl who worked as his secretary. One day, he locked her inside his office and forced himself into her.

In her despair, that girl directly jumped out from this 11th-floor window.

Later on, she heard that this girl would often come back. Everyone on night duty will hear her cry. One day, when that boss worked until late at night, he inexplicably died in his office.

Li Xue’s body turned cold, she suddenly remembered something.