My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 203


The two men simultaneously shook as the transparent smoke floated out of their bodies and sucked into Hu Lili’s mouth.

As Hu Lili continued to suck more and more of that smoke, the two men gradually shriveled and soon, changed into two withered corpses lying on the ground.

Meanwhile, Hu Lili seemed as if she was taking drugs, feeling high and comfortable. She felt the demonic energy in her body increased a lot, making a great stride toward the three-tailed fox spirit.

“Is this the energy essence?” After digesting the smoke, Hu Lili became even more charming and beautiful. She blinked her eyes and looked at the two withered corpses on the ground.

“Ah….Scare me to death….” Even if she is a fox demon, Hu Lili still could not help but creep out by those corpses. However, after killing these two people, she did not feel sad nor remorse.

It seemed like she has begun to disregard the human life.

Is this the difference between demons and humans? Humans have to work hard and long. And even if they managed to be successful, at most, they can only have 100 years of life.

But demons can cultivate for thousands of years until they finally become Demon God, free and unfettered.

These words from her mother floated into Hu Lili’s ears.

“Humph, don’t blame me, you guys asked for this.” The corner of Hu Lili’s mouth suddenly hung a sneer. She flipped her hands and suddenly, two masses of green flame jumped out and fell on the two corpses, cleanly burning them as if they have never existed.

This Fox Fire was the Fox Demon clan unique spell, which they acquired from birth.

Just by absorbing two ordinary people, my demonic force increased a lot. If I absorb a few cultivators, I wonder how much stronger can I be? Perhaps I can immediately break through the three-tailed, four-tailed….And maybe soon reach the nine-tailed level!

Thinking of this, Hu Lili cannot help but be excited. She then suddenly remembered the great monk by Su Ji’s side, That baldy must be a Buddhist cultivator.

Humph, humph, I must think of a way to suck his energy essence! With this, I will have the ability to help mom take revenge!

Hu Lili nodded to herself and then quickly disappeared into the woods.

The woods went quiet again, no one knew that there was such a terrible thing in this place. Furthermore, an otherwise good girl gradually began to be corrupted.

Qin Chao did not know that his declaration of love early in the morning has caused such a big stir.

And the group of people that was stirred the most was the Sunan City underworld.

In a high-end spa center, Chen Si was soaking in a hot tub. No one was beside him. Even the beauty who served him can only wait in the other room.

People in the underworld all know the rule of Master Si.

When he was in a hot tub, no one can bother him.

But at this time, somebody came in and walked toward Chen Si.

Chen Si suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed the pistol on the marble counter next to him and pointed it at the incoming person.

“Master Si, that bodyguard is back”

That person coldly said without any fear.

“Little Shi….” Seeing that person, master Si put down the pistol and said with a smile, “I thought who would dare to disturb me, master Si.”

“I know master Si would not kill me.” The man called little Shi lightly said. He was around 20 years old, Chen Si took him from an orphanage when he was still a baby. Chen Si was an adopted son, moreover, he did not have a biological son. Therefore this little Shi was his adopted son.

In the underworld, people once spread a rumor about Chen Si’s inability to perform, but all of them were now dead.

Thus, in Sunan City, nobody would dare to question Chen Si’s ‘ability.’

“You are my trusted confidant. If you’re dead, who am I, Chen Si, going to trust?” Chen Si was over forty years old but looked younger than his age. He had a small pot belly, which he tried to reduce by soaking in a hot tub.

“Also, regarding a minor matter like this, no need for you to inform me personally. You can just ask your subordinate.

“Master Si, it’s not the same.” Little Shi was like a stone (Shi = stone) as he coldly said, “There is news that Qin Chao currently has a connection with the underworld in Dongchuan City. It is said that he and Murong Jiang have a good relationship.”

“That old fox Murong….” Master Si waved his hand dismissively, “Don’t worry about him, just do it. That old fox wouldn’t dare to go against me. Even if he dare, he wouldn’t do it just for the sake of a security guard.”

“Since master Si says so, then I will do it.”

“Em.” Master Si nodded his head, “Make it clean. Alas, this eldest son of the Su family has spent a lot of capital for many people, just to kill a security guard.”

“Okay. Rest assured master Si, just leave it to me.”

Then, without any hesitation, little Shi turned around and left the room.

“Humph, Qin Chao….” Master Si leaned on the bathtub again and squinted his eyes, “A little security guard like you, in my, master Si’s hand, I can pinch you to death….”

In Sunan City, master Si was quite powerful. In here, nothing that he cannot accomplish. But there was one thing that stuck in his heart.

And that was the death of his godson, Fang Hua!

Who exactly dared to pull master Si’s tiger’s whiskers! If I find that person, I will make him wish I would kill him!

Master Si touched the scars in his body, which were marks of his struggle in the underworld during his youth. These were the records of his glorious past.

Maybe I haven’t shown my awe-inspiring pose for a long time and people forget how I, master Si’s conduct things. Humph, this time, I’ll let this security guard as a warning for the others!

Qin Chao did not know that the godfather of the underworld in Sunan City has been eyeing him. Before his first day back on duty in Sunan City even finished, he was already bored. In contrast, his days in Dongchuan City were more interesting.

At that time, he would accompany Liao Shasha to school everyday and occasionally play a lone hero.

Perhaps, when I step into the path of Devil God, a dull day like this is not suitable for me anymore.

“Brother Qin, smoke.” Qin Chao’s admirer, the security guard Zhang Li walked out and offered him a Zhongnanhai cigarette.

“Whoa, a Zhongnanhai.” Qin Chao pulled one out and put it in his mouth, “This cigarette taste good.”

“Hehe, my taste is quite unique.” Zhang Li smilingly said and lit the cigarette on Qin Chao’s mouth, “Brother Qin, can you teach me one or two skills?”

“What, do you want to learn Kung Fu?” Qin Chao understood what Zhang Li referred to and therefore asked back.

“Yes, yes!” Zhang Li nodded his head and said, “Brother Qin’s Kung Fu is so awesome, even our school’s flower, teacher Su Ji was taken away by you. Us, brothers are so envious….”

“Humph, who’s envious here!” Before he finished, Chen Yingyang, with a sad face, twisted his ‘extremely slender waist’ as he walked out. His body subconsciously leaned toward Qin Chao, but he failed to lean on him because Qin Chao quickly dodged out of the way.

“You see, you, this heartless guy.” Chen Yinyang immediately started to choke. Tears hung on the corner of his eyes as he sobbingly said, “After leaving for several days, you already won’t recognize Renjia. Renjia has suffered many hardships for you, hu hu hu, did you forget it already?”

With that, he moderately hammered Qin Chao’s back with his fists several times.

“You have no conscience, Renjia hate you!”

“Zhang Li, you see this?” Qin Chao helplessly shrugged his shoulders, “Even if I have a powerful Kung Fu, I still afraid of ‘fake lady’….”

“Who, who is ‘fake lady!’” Chen Yinyang hammered Qin Chao twice, “Renjia is a genuine man.”

“Em, a genuine man!” Qin Chao can only cup his hands in obeisance to indicate his defeat, “I am afraid of you, okay.”

“You, this heartless guy, still make fun of me!” Chen Yinyang pointed at the several bluish marks on his face and resentfully cried out at Qin Chao, “You see this, when you’re not here, what has become of Renjia’s face?”

“What?” Qin Chao noticed the change in Chen Yinyang’s feminine face and could not help but ask, “Did your taste turn heavy so you played S&M with comrade electric baton Wang?”

“What are you talking about!” Chen Yinyang rolled his eyes, “We were beaten by other people.”

When Chen Yinyang said this, Qin Chao suddenly noticed the light bruised mark at the corner of Zhang Li’s eye. His heart suddenly sank and he coldly asked.

“Who did this?”

No matter what, it can be said that these security guards were his brothers. Hurting them is the same as hurting Qin Chao’s face.

“I don’t know, they are all local bullies.” Zhang Li also lit himself a cigarette and said, “These people became rampant these days. They would often surround the school entrance, threatening the students or provoking our security. The last time, one of ours could not stand it anymore so he approached them. They directly broke his legs. He’s now in the hospital. Electric baton Wang was so scared that he did not dare to go to work for several days.”

“Is that serious?” Qin Chao frowned, thinking that something does not add up. If this was not intentional, how could these bullies look for trouble at the school entrance?

“Em. The few of us who came forward to help got beaten too.” Zhang Li suddenly said with a smile, “But this bruise of mine was not in vain, I beat the crap out the two of them.”

“Ai, everyday fighting, when will it end….?” Chen Yinyang touched his bruised face and emotionally said, “Renjia’s white and tender face has been turned into this….”

Qin Chao managed to hold back his urge to vomit, he felt that Chen Yinyang was even more thick-skinned than him.

“Brother Qin, look, they’re here again!” When they were chatting, Zhang Li suddenly pointed his finger. They saw several people in various clothing began to gather around the school. But, whoever he was, they all carried a steel pipe, iron bar, or something like that.

They all came with bad intention!

Especially the leading person who wore a large mink fur coat, a sunglasses on his nose, and a cigarette in his mouth.

Seeing these people, several courageous security guards immediately rushed out of the gate carrying their rubber stick, blocking the entrance.

“Why are here again?” Zhang Li also took out his rubber stick and nervously looked at the people in front of him.

In the past, it was usually up to a dozen of people. But, today, they gathered more than 30 people.

It seemed like today they want to make a big scene.

“Scram, who the h*ll are you? You aren’t qualified to ask me, Liu Ye.”

That man in a mink fur coat flicked the ash from his cigarette and disdainfully said, “I, Liu Ye, come to see that….Qin Chao. Let him roll out here, I, Liu Yi, want to ask him a few questions.”

“Who do you think you are?” Zhang Li could not help but sarcastically say, “Do you think you have the qualification to see brother Qin?”

“If I can’t see him, you’re all going to be miserable.” That Liu Ye sneered, “Hit him!”