My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 195


“This is it!” Li Na pointed to a not very large storefront and said to Qin Chao.

Qin Chao looked up and was surprised to find it was just a plain rice-flour noodle shop. This girl is actually so enthusiastic to pull me to eat noodles here.

As he went out of the car and locked it, a uniformed female traffic police suddenly appeared next to the car and put a ticket on it.

“No parking here. Remember to pay the fine.”

That female traffic police vaguely seemed familiar to Qin Chao, her voice was very nice.

Using the aid of the street light, he took a closer look. My goodness, isn’t she the pretty investigator that gave her thanks to me in Guangyuan College, along with Captain Xie? How come she’s now a traffic police officer? (The police who investigate the suicide case in the earlier chapter)

“Hello, beautiful, don’t you recognize me?” Because he thought they were at least acquaintances, Qin Chao said hello to her.

Ai Xiaoxue’s mood was bad in recent days, several cases of campus violence made her ‘bruised and battered.’ Even Captain Xie was unable to continue to watch her anymore. Therefore, he asked people to put her to the traffic police brigade so that she can relax and won’t be too angry.

This girl was born to catch criminals. This temper of her was very well known by Captain Xie. That was why he transferred her to the traffic police brigade.

This broken Lexus, relying on its value, dares to stop anywhere it wants. If I don’t severely punish it, I will be sorry to the motherland, sorry to the people!

This guy is actually shameless enough, after his car was fined, he has the nerve to say hello to me? Humph, he seems to be a pervert, a rich idiot who drives around to pick up young girls.

She saw the very attractive young girl by his side, who put on a light makeup but was clearly a high school student. Very good, you, this guy, since you hit this great aunt’s hand, I am not going to let you off so easily.

Thinking to this, Ai Xiaoxue came forward and suddenly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and then very quickly cuffed one of Qin Chao’s hands. At the same time, she put the other one to her white and delicate wrist.

“Ah!” Seeing this scene, Li Na was startled and could not help but exclaim.

“Hey? Beautiful, what is the meaning of this? You want to forcefully bring me back to pay the fine?”

“You have the intention of molesting the police officer. Take a trip with me to the police station.”

With that, Ai Xiaoxue pulled her wrist. Who knew, Qin Chao’s arm was motionless like an iron column, which surprised her a bit.

“Are you kidding? When did I molest a police officer?” Qin Chao stretched out his hand to touch his nose.

“I am the witness here, no need for others to prove it! Come with me to the police station!”

With that, Ai Xiaoxue began to pull Qin Chao away. Li Na hurriedly stopped in front of them and said to Ai Xiaoxue.

“Police sister, you misunderstood….My, my brother always talks like that, he meant no harm.”

Toward a girl, Ai Xiaoxue’s speech was more polite, but still somewhat indifferent like before.

“Whether he is a good person or not, we will see it at the police station.”

“That….” Qin Chao suddenly flicked his arm back, which, along with Ai Xiaoxue’s loud exclaim, pulled her into Qin Chao’s arms. This beautiful female police officer was filled with heroic spirit. With a good figure, protruding chest and great buttocks. In particular, when Qin Chao pulled her into his arms and touched her waist, he realized that the woman has no extra fat on her waist, which seemed like the result of a year-round exercise.

“What are you doing!” Ai Xiaoxue instinctively pulled out a pistol from her waist and pressed it on Qin Chao’s chest. Li Na’s face went pale and exclaimed again and again.

“You actually assault a police officer!” The female police officer loudly said.

Smelling Qin Chao’s manly scent, Ai Xiaoxue suddenly went nervous and her body could not help but tense up. Because of this, she even forgot to push the safety button on the pistol.

Moreover, to her dismay, her nervousness made her hungry stomach growled. Ai Xiaoxue then remembered that she has spent a day patrolling outside without eating anything.

“I don’t mean anything.” Qin Chao hastened to loosen Ai Xiaoxue’s slim waist, he swore to himself that he was definitely not intentional (Author: Who knows).

“I just want to say, can you let us have our dinner first? You are hungry and my sister is also hungry. Why don’t we go after we all eat a bowl of noodles first?”

“Humph!” Ai Xiaoxue’s big beautiful eyes mercilessly gouged Qin Chao with a glance. She put away her gun, back to its holster on her waist.

“Fine, let’s eat first! After this, you are coming with me!”

With that, rubbing her empty stomach, she walked inside the shop.

Qin Chao had to follow behind, without knowing whether to laugh or cry. Oh my God, what is this thing! Why can’t I have a moment of peace!?

Just wanting to eat rice-flour noodle, yet, he ran into an unruly policewoman. It can be said that Qin Chao character is absolutely the best.

“Welcome.” When he walked into the shop, he found that it was not that large, it only has six or seven tables. Seeing people came in, the boss, a genial middle-aged uncle, quickly approached and greeted.

“Please take a seat, em….” The boss, seeing the gleaming handcuffs on Qin Chao’s and the policewoman’s wrist, suddenly froze for a moment.

“What is this….”

“Police case.” Ai Xiaoxue calmly said a sentence, pulled Qin Chao with her, grabbed a seat and then sat down. This hour was not the usual meal time, therefore, inside the shop, besides the shop owner and the two waiters, there were only Qin Chao and the two women.

“Hey, isn’t this little Li Na? Why are you eating so late?” Apparently, the shop owner was familiar with the students from Li Na’s school. Especially since Li Na often came here to eat, therefore, they basically knew each other.

“Em, I take my friend to dinner….” Seeing the handcuffs on the two wrists, Li Na did not know what to say.

“Boss, what do you have here.” Ai Xiaoxue felt unbearably hungry; Immediately shouted out after she sat.

“The price range is five yuan to fifty yuan.” The boss said, handing them a list, “They’re all on this.”

“Little sister, what do you want to eat?” Ai Xiaoxue just cast a cursory glance at the list before she pushed it to Li Na.

“I want to eat the five yuan Zhuangyuan pot….” Li Na somewhat weakly said. She was still scared that the female police officer had pulled her gun on Qin Chao a moment ago.

“Okay, make it two!” Ai Xiaoxue immediately decided and gave the list back to the shop owner.

“Hey, what about me?” Qin Chao stared at her, pointed at his own nose, and asked.

“You are a suspect, it’s not your turn yet to eat. Just wait here obediently!”

“Why!” Qin Chao did not want to accept that, “A suspect also has human rights! Boss, give me the fifty yuan pot! Put extra rice-flour noodle in it!”

“Don’t give him!” Ai Xiaoxue’s temper flared up; She pounded the table and shouted at the shop owner, “If you give him the noodle, you will be an accessory to a crime!”

“Huh?” The shop owner was startled. He was an honest businessman, how could he suddenly become an accomplice?

“The police should not scare people!” Qin Chao took out a 100 yuan bill and handed it to the shop owner, “Don’t listen to her, I never heard people who broke the law because of cooking food for others. This is for the meal, keep the change, and don’t forget to add extra noodle.”

“No need to eat!” Ai Xiaoxue’s temper was not small. She slapped the table, stood up and shouted, “Now come with me to the police station!”

“Sit down!” Qin Chao grabbed Ai Xiaoxue’s wrist, giving it a downward pressure. That beautiful female police officer immediately felt a burst of large force pressuring her own body, making her sit back on the stool.

“You!” Ai Xiaoxue glared at him. This woman’s eyelashes were long and natural, without any makeup, just like a beautiful doll.

Especially when she glared at other people, which gave off ten thousand meaningful undertones.

But currently, Qin Chao did not think that Ai Xiaoxue is beautiful. Instead, he thought that she is quite hateful.

“You learned martial arts?” Ai Xiaoxue’s frowned but looked curious.

“None of your business, just sit down and eat!” Today, Qin Chao was beaten by Fa Xiang so he was already not in a good mood. Now, being the punching bag of Ai Xiaoxue’s venting, he became furious, and his speech could not help but carry out some of his anger.

“Eat what food!” Ai Xiaoxue’s stubborn temper, which cannot be changed by the pull from ten bulls, also came up. Her other hand immediately took out her type 92 pistol and pointed it at Qin Chao’s forehead, and then loudly exclaimed, “Go back with me, or I blast your head with this gun!”

The shop owner and Li Na were horrified, but did not know how to stop.

Li Na was filled with remorse, Why did I insist on eating noodle, if I go to the French restaurant, Qin Chao gege will not encounter this crazy police officer.

“Go ahead, shoot me.” Who knew, Qin Chao smiled, stretched out his hand to drag the pistol and post it on his forehead. He then said, “I want to see how you are going to blast my head. Come, I help you push the safety pin.”

With that, he reached out his hand to push the safety button and said.

“Okay, now you can. You just need to gently pull the trigger and my brain would explode. At that time, you will have to dodge quickly. Otherwise, the blood or the brain will splash on your clean police uniform, and it would be difficult for you to wash it.”

“You, you….” Ai Xiaoxue was dumbfounded. She realized that the man sitting in front of her was not an ordinary gangster. To her senses, the aura that came off of his body came from a highly trained man, which cannot help but make all her fine hair to stood on end.

He is very dangerous!

This was Ai Xiaoxue’s first instinct.

“What!” Qin Chao glared at her and loudly roared, “If you don’t dare to shot, then be obedient and sit down!”

The atmosphere suddenly became somewhat stiff. Ai Xaoxue, with a gun in her hand, looked at Qin Chao with a dumbfounded look for half a day. In the end, she succumbed to the pressure. She coldly humphed, withdrew her pistol and sat back on her seat.

“Boss, go make the noodle, I am really hungry.” Qin Chao nodded in satisfaction, took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth, lit it up, and then said to the shop owner.

The shop owner immediately ran back to the kitchen. Seeing Qin Chao unflinching in front of a gun, even though his hand was cuffed, the shop owner thought that he cannot afford to offend him so he better make his food quick.

Moreover, he saw that Qin Chao was unlike ordinary man so he deliberately added a lot more rice-flour noodle. He thought, As long as this master is satisfied and do not destroy my shop, that would be enough for me.

Qin Chao did not know that he was being regarded as a villain, still continued to smoke.

Li Na was like a well-behaved kitten, sitting next to him without saying any words. But Ai Xiaoxue waved her hand in front of her face to disperse the smoke and said with a frown.

“Don’t you know that it is rude to smoke in front of the ladies?”