My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 177


Qin Chao was smiling towards these people, but the smile was cold. His murderous aura filled the room. Tang Ao slightly shivered as he watched the pile of broken marbles in front of him in a daze.

This guy, who exactly is he!? Qin Chao….Qin Chao….

Tang Ao called out the name in his heart twice. As if remembering something, his heart suddenly tightened.

Qin Chao! That legendary bodyguard! The mysterious and mystical bodyguard on Liao Shasha’s side! When Liao Dongkai went overseas, many forces tried to kidnap Liao Shasha.

He also secretly sent people to participate in it. The total forces of 300 people with guns, but all of them failed in the end. Not because of anything else, but because at that time Liao Shasha had such a bodyguard.

Later on, the most powerful underground force in Dongchuan City launched several attacks in a row on Liao Shasha. But in the end, one by one, they were thwarted by Qin Chao. That force was then thoroughly destroyed by this bodyguard. A powerful arms dealer in Dongchuan City disappeared just like that.

For this legendary bodyguard’s tale, Tang Ao was initially dismissive about it. But this time, when he came face to face with him, he can feel how formidable this bodyguard is.

He is just a bodyguard….Even if his hand is strong, and know some Kung Fu, he is just a martial arts person, nothing more!

Tang Ao comforted himself. He then gathered his courage and asked.

“Director Qin’s strength is not small….” Tang Ao pretentiously clapped his hands, “However, Director Qin is not a bodyguard who solve a problem with brute force anymore, but a Chairman of a big group who must know how to strategize! Now we don’t need your power, but your strategy! Director Qin, please tell us your plan.”

“Good, since you want to hear it,” Qin Chao pinched his cigarette and slowly said word by word, “Then I will tell you, my first plan!”

Qin Chao said, and suddenly stood up. A powerful aura exuded out of his body, making all the people present afraid to look at him.

“Everyone, listen up, the first plan is….” Qin Chao cleared his throat. When all the attentions were on him, he suddenly said, “I appoint Miss Yu Lu, as the Dafa Group’s CEO.”

“Huh?” Like everyone else, Tang Ao also went silly. All of them never thought that Qin Chao to actually make such a move. All the people have no doubt in Yu Lu’s capability. She was a top graduate from a well-known Financial School, and she also previously worked as the Chairman’s assistant for a long time.

If not for Liao Shasha’s lack of care, Liao Dongkai would never want to put his ‘right-hand man’ to become an ordinary babysitter.

Now Yu Lu has officially come out of her ‘retirement,’ and directly became the Dafa Group’s CEO! This CEO position signify that she has the real power!

Tang Ao was thoroughly transfixed. As Yu Lu became the Group’s CEO, his dream to become the Group’s Chairman was effectively shattered.

Qin Chao….This Vice Chairman tightly clenched his fists, I don’t believe that I, the dignified Dafa group’s Vice-Chairman, don’t have the means to deal with a little bodyguard like you!

“What? Do you have any objection?” Qin Chao looked around at all the faces before him, “If there are any doubts, you can put them forward to me, hehe.”

The crowd was all smiles. Even if they have different thoughts, they can only swallow it back to their stomachs.

“If there is no objection, shouldn’t you guys give your applause to celebrate the appointment of our new CEO?”

Qin Chao said and took the lead to clap his hands first. With his lead, all the shareholders and senior executives can only clap together.

This is the so-called ‘the new boss crack the whip three times,’ after showing his power and prestige first, they have to burn they desire, less the fire will burn on their heads.

“If there is nothing else, the meeting is adjourned. Dismiss.” When Tang Ao was about to speak, Qin Chao waved his hand, directly interrupted this Vice-Chairman’s speaking opportunity with a firm attitude.

The people immediately rushed to leave the conference room, leaving behind a few cleaners, cleaning the broken table.

Although Tang Ao was unwilling, at this time, he can only swallow it back to his stomach. As he left the room, he secretly cast Qin Chao a glance. Humph, the biggest shareholders is it? Soon, I will turn you into cold bones.!

Seeing all the people in the conference room disperse themselves, Yu Lu and Liao Shasha, two people finally breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Ok, the plan works perfectly!” The two girls glanced at each other, feeling very pleased.

“Qin Chao, thank you, for helping us complete the plan.” Yu Lu came over and hugged him, “If not for you, we really don’t know what to do.”

“To be able to serve the two beauties, I, Qin Chao, am honored.” Qin Chao patted Yu Lu on the back. Liao Shasha also came over, attached herself on Qin Chao’s back, leaned her head against him, and whispered.

“No, Qin Chao….I think you are the gift from the heaven for me….” Liao Shasha said such words for the first time, “Although you are quite hateful, if not for you, I probably would have died….”

“Don’t say that.” Qin Chao suddenly felt awkward, These two beautiful women seem to put their hearts in my hand.

But I can’t be responsible for these two because I already have Su Ji.

Qin Chao, for the first time, felt that he was a jerk, Alas, this is the side effects of cultivating the devil path.

“To celebrate our victory today….Let’s go out for dinner.” Yu Lu managed to put a smile on her face, “Come on, my treat. Qin Chao, Chairman Qin Chao, what do you want to eat?”

“Me, I want to eat the Company’s beautiful female CEO….” Qin Chao said, and deliberately licked his lips, as well as making a very evil look.

Qin Chao’s lewd face made Yu Lu uncontrollably blush.

“Bad guy….” Liao Shasha said with some resentment, “You only know how to bully sister Lulu….”

“Very well, I won’t eat the beautiful female CEO, let’s change it to drinking coffee instead.” Qin Chao licked his lips again and somewhat evilly said.

Yu Lu could not help but roll her eyes. But Liao Shasha, who did not understand the meaning behind it, asked.

“What are we going to drink? Ireland coffee or Brazil?”

“We’ll drink whichever stirs our passion!”

“Passion?” The little girl was at a lost, and Qin Chao, under Yu Lu’s murderous look, dryly coughed and said: “Forget it, let’s go eat barbecue, my favorite.”

“Barbecue….” Yu Lu pondered, “This city has one of the best Japanese barbecue restaurants, but that place is always crowded, let me call them first to reserve three seats.”

“No need!” Qin Chao waved his hand, “Why would we need to eat barbecue in such a high-class restaurant! Come on, I’ll take you to a good place where the barbecue is delicious.”

“Good, let’s go then!”

The Left ear street was not supposed to be a famous small street because it was far away from the business district and was previously inaccessible. But after some outsiders came and opened their street stalls, the street slowly boomed.

Especially since some folk artists cooperated with those small vendors to perform there. This created a unique scene in this once sparsely inhabited barren Left Ear street, which has now become popular. Every day in the evening, people would gather here.

Everyone would drink, chat, and goof off, to wash away their daily loads and exhaustion.

When the greedy worms in Qin Chao’s stomach move, he would often come here. But since Liao Dongkai passed away, this was the first time he and Liao Shasha came out to eat a meal together. Those chefs in Liao House, although their crafts were good, they were too orthodox, which clashed with Qin Chao’s eating habit.

A black Mercedes-Benz car arrived at Left Ear street but did not attract many people’s attention. The street food culture in Left Ear street was well-known, and many rich people came with their private cars to admire the scene.

Although Mercedes-Benz was an expensive car, it was not uncommon in this Left Ear street.

“There are so many people here….” Liao Shasha got off the car, and after looking around at the crowded street and a somewhat chaotic crowd, could not help but frown.

“The food here are many and delicious.” Qin Chao patted the little girl’s shoulder, “You two, follow me, don’t get lost.”

“Relax, we are all adults, how could we get lost!” Liao Shasha could not help roll her eyes.

“Yo, Master Qin is here!” Among the crowd who ate here, there were also many underground people. And many of them were Murong Jiang’s follower. Therefore, Qin Chao’s face was naturally familiar to them. Because even Murong Jiang revered Qin Chao as the big brother.

As for them – as ‘little brothers’ – seeing the arrival of their elder, how could they dare to be presumptuous.

“Master Qin, quick, please sit here!” Another little brother very graciously stood up and wiped up three chairs for Qin Chao and the other two.

“Thanks!” Qin Chao waved his hand, “We might as well sit down and eat together.”

“Ai! Master Qin, we don’t deserve it!” That gang member waved his hand again and again, “Master Qin, please eat here, I will eat on the side. Don’t worry, Master Qin, this Left Ear street is our gathering place, you can eat to your heart’s content, no one will dare to trouble you.”

“It would be hard on you then.” Qin Chao politely replied, which surprised the two women, Liao Shasha and Yu Lu.

The reason for Qin Chao to be so polite was to establish personal connections for Wu Xin. Although Mandala Bar has now been in the care of Wu Xin, if he did not help her paved the road, in the future, this innocent and pure girl would certainly be bullied often. That Murong Jiang was a sly old fox. Who knew if he secretly harbored any evil ideas.

“Master Qin!” The stall owner, who also recognized this Dongchuan City’s influential figure, quickly welcomed him and very enthusiastically asked, “Master Qin, your honorable self has graced my humble stall, it’s my honor to serve you! What does Master Qin want to eat? Just say it and I will get it for you.”

“How could that be!” Qin Chao hurriedly said, “This is a small stall, I can’t eat here for free. Don’t worry, you see, I’m sitting here with the female CEO of the Dafa group; very rich. This time, it’s her treat so you don’t need to be too polite. Bring us your most expensive and delicious!”

“Okay then!” Since it’s profitable, the stall owner was naturally happy. He repeatedly nodded and went back to his stall and started fiddling with the grill.

“I can’t imagine….” Yu Lu looked around and said in amazement, “Our Master Qin is actually so revered here.”

“Fortunately, fortunately….” Qin Chao touched his nose, “It’s actually not my choice, who told me to be this handsome and charming?”

“Pei!” The two beautiful women suddenly spat out at the same time.