My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 172


“What to do, uncle and aunt are here!” Wu Xin’s face showed some panic look, “Won’t they leave us alone even for a day?”

“These pair of beasts!” The elderly woman also revealed anger and frustration, “Xinxin, if that bastard dares to bully you, I, this old lady will fight her!”

“Grandma, don’t get angry.” Qin Chao quickly sent out his true qi to her body so it won’t hurt because of her anger, “Rest assured, I am, no one can bully Xinxin. However, grandma, later on, if my speech is too excessive, you can’t get angry, ok?”

“I won’t get angry!” The elderly woman nodded her head, “Child, grandma knows you are a good kid. I have stopped considering that animal as a son for a long time. I consider this as me raising an animal for forty years! If he tries to bully Xinxin, you can beat him, beat him so that he won’t dare to come here again!”

Seeing the old lady was so emotional, Qin Chao suddenly embarrassed. No matter what, the man has your blood; if I start to beat him….Forget it. My hands might be too heavy, if it goes wrong, my crime will be big.

“Grandma….” Wu Xin said, “Qin Chao gege is a very gentle person, never hit anyone.”

Hearing these words, except for the old lady, the several people in the room all shed out cold sweat. Especially Yu Lu and Liao Shasha, the two people could not help but secretly laugh.

Qin Chao is gentle? He already killed god knows how many people. Just now, didn’t he kill two people because of you? One is called Tiger, but the second one’s identity is more amazing, an underground gang boss named Yu Fan.

A person this violently bloody actually turned into a gentle person in this young girl’s eyes. I really don’t know how Wu Xin measures the word tenderness.

At this time, the knocking sound became more intense.

“Open the door! Quickly open the door!” The shrill female voice came through again, “If you don’t open the door, I am going to hit this door!”

In desperation, Wu Xin came out from the small bedroom. But Qin Chao grabbed her and said.

“Let me handle this, you stay with grandma. I will open the door.”

With that, Qin Chao walked to the front door and unscrewed the lock.

“Little mother’s skin, what took you so long!” When the door was opened, a woman’s head immediately came in. Her stature was not too tall, slightly pudgy, with a few freckles on her nose. This woman looked pretty good, if she was a bit thinner and without the freckles, she could be passed as a pretty woman.

Behind her was a middle-aged man. His forehead was somewhat similar to Wu Xin.

Behind them, there was also a man. This man looked handsome, dashing, and fashionable, with curly blonde hair and an imported Pierre Cardin suit. His hand was holding a pocket watch.

This incongruously dressed man attracted Qin Chao’s curiosity. Where does this guy come from?

“Who are you?” That woman looked up, expecting to see her dying mother-in-law. Instead, she was blocked by a tall and strong man, and she suddenly froze.

“Who am I is not important.” Qin Chao smiled, took out a cigarette and a lighter to lit it up. He put it in his mouth and said, “As long as you guys understand that, as long as I am here, nobody can get in.”

“Your mother’s fart!” That woman immediately pinched her waist and yelled, “F*cking b*stard, without measuring your ability you actually dare to put an act in front of this old lady. Don’t you know that if you’re putting an act you’ll be struck by lightning? You actually dare to stand in my way! I see you’re tired of living!”

“Yes, I am tired of living.” Qin Chao put on a genial smile on his face, flicked the cigarette ashes down and said, “Come, let me see how are you going to kill me.”

After that, Qin Chao added a sentence, “But, remember, if you can’t kill me, the one who goes to hell, will be you.”

After saying these words, without waiting for that woman’s crazy squeak, he backed it up by unleashing his murderous intent. This thick murderous aura was icy-cold which made other people uncontrollably shudder in fear.

Wu Xin’s uncle and Aunt were only able to bully Wu Xin that little girl alone, how could they have ever experienced this terrifying murderous aura from Qin Chao? If that woman said the wrong words or dared to hit him, that man would not hesitate to kill her.

“Wu Xin, you little mother’s skin!” The woman shivered and immediately changed her target, standing in the doorway and shouting out loud, “Are you living with a gangster now!?”

“Gangster?” Qin Chao could not help but say, “Hey you, old woman, you think too highly of me.”

“Old, old woman?” The woman widened her eyes; she was truly provoked by these two words. Unconsciously, she touched her face that was given many skincare products by her, Do my face already has wrinkles?

“Mr.” The man in the foreign outfit took out a clean handkerchief and clutched his nose, “You’re occupying the house owner’s and also preventing the owner from entering. This behavior is illegal. Oh my god, the smell here is really unpleasant.”

“That’s right! This is against the law! I will call the police and let them catch you.”

Having a backer, this woman nodded her head again and again, but also took out her mobile phone and said, “Boy, if you know what’s good for you, I advise you to get out of the way. Otherwise, when the police come, you will not be able to explain yourself!”

“Oh? Really?” Qin Chao showed a look of disapproval, lazily leaned against the door, lifted his leg to the other side, and continued to smoke, “Then call them, I want to see what will happen when the police come. It seems like this house is not in your name. When the police come, I wonder how people who tried to break into someone else’s house are going to explain themselves.”

“You!” That woman stared at him. She found out the man in front of her was not a pushover and could not help but come up with her own shrewish nature, “You b*tch, what nonsense! I am the owner of this house, which should be registered in our family’s name! Get out of my way, I want to talk with Wu Xin and the old lady!”

Qin Chao simply ignored her and continued to smoke.

“Good, you won’t make way won’t you!?” The woman breathlessly said, steeled her heart, and prepared to rush into Qin Chao, “I can’t believe I can’t get in!”

Qin Chao leaned his body slightly to the side and slid out his foot. The woman crashed into an empty spot and was tripped by Qin Chao. Her body swayed slightly and then stumbled to the ground, falling next to Qin Chao crying “Ouch! Ouch!” in pain.

“Oh, look at you.” Qin Chao fished out ten yuan from his pocket and threw it to the ground, “This is not-a-new-year-nor-a-holiday big gift from me. I assume you can’t return the courtesy so just buy a flower with it.”

“My dear, my dear, are you alright?” The middle-aged man was shocked and quickly helped her wife with a face full of concern.

“Stop!” Qin Chao lifted his foot across the door, blocking the man’s way. He glared and coldly said, “D*mn, your own mom is sick like that and you did not care. But when your wife just fell out, a simple thing only, and you’re this distressed? F*ck, are you a man or not? If you’re not Wu Xin’s uncle, I really want to strangle you.”

Being shamed and scared by Qin Chao, the middle-aged man stopped on his track, hung his head and did not say a word.

“Oh, you heartless man!” The woman was unwilling, shouting while lying on the ground, “Other people just scare you and you’re already afraid to come. I was really blind, this lady is a flower, how I could stick on a cow dung!”

“Flower?” Qin Chao could not help but curl his lips, “At most, you’re just a dog’s tail flower, having a place to stick is already lucky for you!”

“You scoundrel!” The woman who just sat on the ground cried out, “You hit me, you actually dare to hit me! I don’t want to live, I want to die here! I will turn into an evil spirit and I will make this Wu family suffer!”

“My dear, no!” The middle-aged man was scared, his face turned deathly pale, and he immediately urged.

“Good, good idea!” Qin Chao gave a thumb up, stretched out his foot and pointed the nearby door angle, and then said.

“Old lady, see this, why don’t you crash yourself here. Do your best and your head will immediately split, but you will not feel any pain. Come, I support your decision.”

“You! You!” The woman trembled with anger, huffing and puffing. She started making a scene, crying out loud, but also wiped her tears on Qin Chao’s trouser, “You have no conscience! You will get what you deserve!”

“What the….!” Qin Chao rolled his eyes and moved his legs away from her, “I don’t know who will suffer the retribution here!”

“Everyone, come here!” The woman immediately shouted as hard as she could, “Come and see, someone is beating people here! Everybody come and see!”

“Stop….don’t quarrel anymore….” After the woman shouted twice, Wu Xin who was hiding all this time finally could not resist anymore, came out of the room and said to that woman, “Grandma is sick, the noise will disturb her….”

Seeing Wu Xin came out, the eyes of that fake foreigner who stood outside the entrance immediately lit up.

Meanwhile, the woman was like eating aphrodisiac, suddenly sprang up from the ground, grabbed Wu Xin by the arm and cried.

“You little mother’s skin, I know you, this little tart is not a good thing! Very good, you actually looked for a gangster to cohabit with you and even hit me. Humph, I see you want your grandmother to die in anger and then you can take away the house isn’t it!”

“Aunt, don’t talk nonsense!” Hearing such a vicious remarks, Wu Xin was angry and ashamed, and she said in panic, “Aunt, you’re hurting me!”

“Let her go!” Qin Chao glared at her with a cold murderous look which wrapped that woman’s entire body.

That woman uncontrollably trembled and subconsciously loosened Wu Xin’s arm.

“See, see that!” That woman trembled but still shouted, “He threatened me! I, I want to tell the old lady about this!”

With that, she turned around and rushed to the bedroom.

“Aunt! No!” Wu Xin was alarmed and quickly pursued.