My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 157


To tell the truth, Zhong Liangguo’s proposal did move Qin Chao’s heart. But if he was bought out, Su Ji will definitely sad….

Moreover, villa, sports car, these things count for nothing! In the future, when he succeed in his cultivation, becoming a devil god, wouldn’t he get anything he wants!? Why bother with this petty profit if it will turn his heart into evil!

“I cannot believe I am so valuable.” This sentence from Qin Chao made Zhong Liangguo’s eyes lit up. Sure enough, he also likes money. I, Zhong Liangguo believe that in this world, nobody cannot be bought by money. Even that insufferably arrogant Mr. Zeng, in the end, could not help but stare straight at my check.

Human nature, this is human nature!

Zhong Liangguo was pleased, but Qin Chao’s follow up words made him shocked.

“Compared to those things, I actually prefer to let you go to hell.”

With that, Qin Chao looked up and coldly glanced at Zhong Liangguo. This glance made Zhong Liangguo felt like he was in an ice hole, the chill went straight to his bone. He felt like the grim reaper appeared right next to his shoulder, and then the sharp sickle gently rested on his neck.

Slightly trembling, Zhong Liangguo immediately became hysterical and cried out.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

In this abandoned factory, Zhong Liangguo’s ferocious-ghost-wail like scream resounded in the air.

The young master has spoken, those sturdy men in black immediately raised their weapons and continuously shot at Qin Chao in the center. Bullets fell like rain, dense and numerous, making Qin Chao had nowhere to hide.

Qin Chao also did not want to hide, he just stood there and lazily stretched out his left hand in front of his body.

All the bullets were instantly slowed down until they all visible to the naked eyes and then hit Qin Chao’s body. One after another, those yellow bullets fell off the floor. The sound of bullets clattered on the ground resounded in the air.

“Is this a trick?” Brother Gang’s hand that was holding the gun trembled, “He, he is not a human, he is a monster….”

“Continue! Continue to shoot!” Zhong Liangguo was somewhat crazy, “I do not believe he is made of iron, shoot him for me!

“Useless.” Qin Chao said with an evil smile, “It’s just a waste of bullets.”

With that, he suddenly pulled out a 54 black star from his ring, “Now it’s my turn to shoot.”

“Young master watch out!” Brother Gang felt ominous, immediately pulled his young master to the ground.

At this time, the gun in Qin Chao’s hand rang. The first round of eight bullets have hit their targets, hitting the forehead of eight guys. Blood immediately poured out of their head, drowning in their own pool of blood.

If Brother Gang did not pull Zhong Liangguo to the ground fast, both of them would be among these eight individuals.

“This guy is really evil!” Brother Gang cried, “Quick, guys at the top!”

After his voice fell down, the glare of fire snake lit up in the dark. Qin Chao’s eyes lit up, looking at the impressive Gatling gun that was driven by a motor as it roared out bullets after bullets.

Qin Chao’s heart tightened, bad feelings covered his body. Since he entered the ‘Divine Concentration’ stage, his body would subconsciously send out warning signals to him if there was any danger.

Strongly believing this premonition, Qin Chao immediately jumped up from his spot and almost instantly arrived at the other side of the factory.

Those bullets were chasing his path. As they hit the floor, they splashed out an innumerable amount of dust.

Qin Chao was unable to resist such rapid bullets with his thought ability.

Qin Chao continued to run away from those bullets like a competitive running match.

Qin Chao has been running full two laps within the huge open space inside the factory. The ground has already became a mess, but not a spec of dust landed on Qin Chao’s clothes.

“Waste! I this father spent money for a Gatling gun, but you give me a fire stick!” Zhong Liangguo exploded in anger and shouted at his subordinates.

But at this time, the Gatling gun issued a small ‘klik’ sound. The gun seemed to be overheated, resulting in a failure. The just a moment ago howling like a ferocious beast, now fell into silent, lie there unable to move.

The two brothers scrambled to examine and fix the machine. But Qin Chao sneered loudly, jumped up from the ground toward the second-floor platform high above and stood in front of that two brothers.

“Playing this thing is cool right?” His appearance there made the two brothers froze in fear that they could not even lift their fingers.

“It, it’s cool….” One of the petrified brothers stammered.

“This father will also feel cool if both of you die!” Qin Chao stretched out his hands and broke their necks with his thought ability. Two ‘klak’ sound was heard, and the two brothers who were just now excited in playing the Gatling gun immediately became soft and dropped to the ground.

“Is this a trick….” Zhong Liangguo and brother Gang saw his hands movement and immediately scared shitless.

“Bazooka! Blast him!” Zhong Liangguo thought he still has a secret weapon and hastened to shout out.

“Whooz!” As he shouted, a blazing fire suddenly lit from the top shelves. Then, a missile propelled by fire flew in a slanted line directly toward Qin Chao.

The blast power of this missile was not small. Even if he dodge, he still cannot get away from it. Qin Chao’s heart beat fast, at this moment his alertness reached its max. In his eyes, that approaching missile suddenly slowed down.

Qin Chao’s body suddenly relaxed, a more powerful force broke out of his body.

Breakthrough! Qin Chao’s whole body quivered, brimming with joy. At this critical moment, he suddenly made a breakthrough, entering the ‘late divine concentration’ from ‘mid divine concentration’!

Qin Chao did not know that Luo De has some credit in his rapid breakthrough. In the Blissful City, Luo De went out from the Yin and Yang Bell to possess his body, which stimulated the strengthening of his soul.

Otherwise, if relying on Qin Chao’s cultivation alone, he would still need five to six months to breakthrough to the ‘late divine concentration’ from the ‘middle divine concentration’.

For an average person, to reach the ‘late divine concentration’ from the ‘middle divine concentration’ would still need at least two or three years of cultivation.

Qin Chao’s progression was already fast, coupled with the Buddhist’s Diamond Heart Sutra, his level progression was like a rocket.

Moreover, every time he made a breakthrough, his power would strengthen a lot.

Now, in Qin Chao’s eyes, this missile seemed to slow down. Subconsciously, Qin Chao forced out the Yin and Yang Bell from his body to float in front of him.

That missile hit and exploded on that Yin and Yang Bell.

“Boom!” That Yin and Yang Bell shook and the missile burst out. Billowing heat waves wrapped around Qin Chao as powerful shockwave impacted his body. Numerous missile fragments were first blocked by the Yin and Yang Bell for a moment, and then broke through its defense and impacted Qin Chao’s body.

“Clang, clang, clang!” Like the sound of bell and percussion, the shrapnels bounced off from Qin Chao’s ‘Diamond’ body

Qin Chao was forced to take several steps back until his back finally against the cold wall. A huge cloud of fire rose, shattering all the window glasses to fall on the ground with crash sound.

“Hahaha!” Seeing this scene, Zhong Liangguo could not help but laugh.

“I do not care what kind of cultivator you are, under this bazooka, you would still fry into ash! Hahaha! Liao House, Liao House is mine!”

“Prepare to move.” Chiyo also made a signal to her men, three or four Ninjas suddenly appeared from the shadows. When they were about to make their move, a playful voice suddenly flew out from the cloud of fire, making people shocked and frightened.

“Young master Zhong, it’s still too early to say that, don’t you think?” Then, from the dispersing cloud of fire, a man in a black trenchcoat with the lower hem slightly burned appeared. First, he pulled out a cigarette and lit that cigarette with that flame. Then he waved his hand to pat away the flame from his lower hem.

“How, how are you still alive!” Zhong Liangguo was stunned. He felt his legs softened and could not wait to escape from this factory.

“Before I send you to hell, how could I die?” Qin Chao laughed coldly. To others, him coming out from the blaze of fire was like a terrifying devil god that crawled out from hell.

After he said that, Qin Chao jumped out toward the highest shelves. Seeing Qin Chao came at him, the bazooka in the hands of the little brother suddenly fell to the side. But when it fell, a flame was pushed out from its behind, a missile was unexpectedly pushed out.

“Boom!” The missile grazed Qin Chao’s leg and hit the wall on the other side of the factory. The wall finally could not withstand the blast and crumble, leaving out a big gaping hole. Faint moonlight sprinkled in and shone on Qin Chao’s body.

That little brother was extremely frightened, he backed away again and again. Finally, with a scream, he fell down from the shelves. He hit the ground and lie there motionless in his own blood.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s heartbeat excitedly accelerated. His imposing manner was too terrifying. Zhong Liangguo suddenly regretted, why would I mess with such a people! Cultivators, cultivators are really inconceivably powerful, why didn’t I open my eyes!

Compared to my life, Liao House means nothing! Even if I have the money, I still need to keep my life to enjoy it!

Qin Chao sneered and directly jumped down from the 20 meters high shelves, and then landed on the ground with a thud.

The ground slightly shook and also made the other people snapped out of their stunned state.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Watching Qin Chao walking slowly toward him, Zhong Liangguo was frightened out of his wits and tried to make a final effort.

Bullets poured out from around him. But this time, Qin Chao did not even stretch out his hand, letting all of those bullets hit his body. After he made a breakthrough, the power of Diamond Heart Sutra also increased a lot. When he reached the ‘Foundation Building’ stage, it was highly likely that his Diamond Heart sutra can smoothly reach the next level, ‘Diamond Skyscraping.’

The rattling sound of bullets hitting his body were clearly heard. In other people’s eyes, the rain of bullets poured onto Qin Chao’s body and bounced off with a spark. All of those bullets were useless as they all fell to the ground.

When they looked at Qin Chao, his body did not even suffer a scratch. In addition to the several bullet holes on his trench coat, he was basically unscathed!

Seeing all the bullets were invalid, Zhong Liangguo’s guts finally cracked.

He completely abandoned his distinguished and elegant demeanor as he bent on his knees, kneeling on the ground.

“I, I was wrong, please let me go….”