My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 148


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This invincible Liao Shasha made Qin Chao’s lower abdomen fiery hot, very much inviting him to eat her.

Who could have thought, this Liao Shasha stubbornly wanted to take his life? But where did she learn all this? It was too powerful.

“Ahem….” Li covered Li Xiaoai’s eyes with his hand while placing his other hand on his mouth to dryly cough twice, “Do you want me to leave?”

“No need!” Qin Chao beckoned with his hand, “This girl must’ve been fed some kind of lust drug by that fatty, we just need to wait for the effect of the drug to past.”

“Qin Chao, you drop dead!” Liao Shasha finally stopped pretending, jumped up, standing on that Mahjong table, and angrily said, “You’re the one who was fed with the lust drug!”

“You see!” Qin Chao suddenly said, “The drug’s effect has worn off!”

“I, I’ll fight you!” Liao Shasha immediately jumped down toward Qin Chao; both of her legs clamped his waist, and her small mouth moved to bite his neck.

It was at that moment, from the outside suddenly came the rumbling vibration of a sound.

Then a deafening roar reached all the people’s ears.

“Who dares to kill this King’s follower! I want him to die!”

“Oh, no! That’s Wu Xin Luocha King!” Li’s countenance immediately changed, and hastily shouted at Qin Chao, “He must have known that Fang Mo was killed. This fellow’s ability is getting more and more powerful! Qin Chao, quickly run away with me!”

“No, we still have two little girls!” Qin Chao was holding Liao Shasha, “Running away is too inconvenient.”

“Leave it to me!” Li held out his hand and pulled out two small wooden figurines. His mouth muttered some kind of spell, and also pinched his fingers several times, and then loudly shouted.


Liao Shasha and Li Xiaoai’s souls suddenly trembled a bit, and then elongated, and finally entered those little wooden figurines.

“Seal!” Li received the two wooden figurines and put it in his bosom.

“My grandpa, why don’t you put me into one like that, it would be so easy to run away.”

“Don’t have many of these, I only brought two.” Li shrugged his shoulders.

When Qin Chao was just about to say something, the ground suddenly shook again. Li’s face became even more ugly as he repeatedly said.

“Quick, quick, Wu Xin Luocha King is coming!”

With that, he pulled Qin Chao’s hand and from the back of the villa jumped out of the window.

With a loud crash, two people smashed the glass and fell to the ground.

Afterward, Qin Chao’s whole body froze, because he saw in the air behind the villa, there’s a huge figure. That figure is at least ten meters tall, with a huge body, and a pair of long horns on his head.

Only after the two of them ran away did Qin Chao see his whole body. That figure is an ox-head giant monster. His body is covered with black hair, which was draped over with a set of red armor.

His pair of sun-like eyes were staring at the villa. Meanwhile, along with the breath, his nostrils spewed out green flames. This is what he cultivated, the Yin Fire. Any soul who is hit by this Yin Fire will be burned clean.

“It’s you!” That Wu Xin Luocha King saw Qin Chao at the distance, sniffed, and suddenly smelled the scent of Fang Mo from him.

This de facto ruler of Blissful City suddenly stamped his foot. The ground trembled and cracked open. The air filled with terrible pressure, constricting Qin Chao and Li.

Thousands of green lightning gathered above Wu Xin Luocha King’s terrible figure, looking like a strange monster. Then he opened his dripping with blood big mouth toward Qin Chao and Li.

“Run!” Li saw that Qin Chao was somewhat frozen, quickly pulled his hand, and made a quick escape.

“Your grandpa, why are we running!” When Qin Chao felt the aura of this Wu Xin Luocha King, his whole body immediately shuddered; his eyes suddenly lit up, and his fighting spirit spontaneously arose, “Let me fight him!”

“No!” Li this fellow was about to spit blood, “Did you lose your head to the Mourning Soul Stick! Want to fight against this Wu Xin Luocha King, your level of cultivation need to be in, at least, Golden Body stage (7th lvl)!” (Qin Chao is still in 3rd lvl)

With that, despite Qin Chao’s opposition, Li pulled up his arm and ran away.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Wu Xin Luocha King roared, his foot heavily stepped over.

This foot fell on top of that villa. The big luxurious villa, immediately crushed into rubbles.

The ground spread off strong vibrations, Li still pulling Qin Chao madly dashing away.

“No one can escape from this king’s hand! Leave your life here!” With that, Wu Xin Luocha King stretched out his big, truly exaggerated, arm, trying to catch Qin Chao and Li in one swoop.

With their size gap, perhaps his single pinch can choke the two people to death!

Although Wu Xin Luocha King’s body is so huge, his action is actually quite flexible, moving like lightning.

Qin Chao looked at the pressure coming from his huge palm, suddenly pushed Li away, and stood there like an iron tower.

Wu Xin Luocha King thought this man was already in despair, standing there waiting to die. He suddenly laughed, and closed his hand.

“Let this king devour you, and become part of this king!”

“Bang!” The next second, Wu Xin Luocha King was shocked to still. He saw a dazzling golden light suddenly illuminated out of Qin Chao’s body. This golden light was very strong, lighting up the entire green light of Blissful City.

Suddenly, all the spirits and ghosts that were touched by this light screamed in pain.

Meanwhile, Wu Xin Luocha King felt his palm being pricked by a thousand needles, immediately drew back because of the pain.

Then, that golden light began to converge into a form similar to a golden cloth, draping over Qin Chao’s body. Qin Chao’s appearance has changed, his upper body was bare, while his lower body wore black pants; his body was also marked with strange tattoos.

Meanwhile, his hair was longer, so long that it reached his waist.

The most bizarre thing was Qin Chao’s hands. One hand was shining with golden light while black smoke arose from the other hand.

“Devil Arhat!” Wu Xin Luocha King loudly exclaimed, his body shaking. The prestige of this Devil Arhat resounded throughout the three realms. Who doesn’t know the terrifying Devil Arhat? Especially the Flying Immortal Devil Arhat at that time, it’s existence is like a nightmare. Among the three realms and the five elements, no one is his opponent.

Thinking of this, Wu Xin Luocha King could not help but stare, thinking, ‘how could there’s a Devil Arhat in this Blissful City, is the above send him down here?’

But then he carefully observed for a moment, although this Devil Arhat gave him not a small pressure, his level did not seem to reach the Flying Immortal level (9th lvl). He didn’t even reach the Foundation Building (4th lvl). Because the one stood here, was just a little ghost!

“Hahaha!” Wu Xin Luocha King guffawed, “A little ghost dare to be so arrogant! Good, let this King eat you, and also enjoy your Supreme Buddha’s strength!”

With that, Wu Xin Luocha King held out his hand, his nose spat out flames, which rolled to his palm. He looked at Qin Chao, intent on smashing Qin Chao down with this flame.

“Boom!” This huge palm swung down like the collapse of the sky, pressuring on Qin Chao’s body.

Although Qin Chao’s body was covered with the golden light, Wu Xin Luocha King roared again and again, forcibly restrained the pain on his palm, and shot the green flame down to Qin Chao’s body.

“Ah!” This flame reached down to the top of his soul, the pain went straight to Qin Chao’s bone marrow, and his body can’t help but twitch. That green flame was like a demonic alluring woman, wrapping around his body, devouring his soul.

Qin Chao’s awareness began to blur because of the pain; he was no longer capable withstanding the giant palm pressing down his head, and immediately pushed down above the ground.

“Qin Chao!” Li was frightened into sweating out cold sweat. He was standing in the distance, unable to approach because of the fierce green flame.

“Hahaha!” Wu Xin Luocha King guffawed, “What Devil Arhat, so mediocre!”

At this time, within the small world of Qin Chao.

“Roar!” Luo De’s figure came down from the layer of black clouds. In front of him stood a statue of Golden Arhat, which exuding Buddha’s aura.

“This idiot, actually challenge the Lord of the Blissful City!” Luo De yelled, “F*cking make me speechless!”

But afterward, his expression changed, became quite pleased.

“However, this is indeed the conduct of my Devil Path’s people! That’s right, no matter how strong the enemy in front of you, all of them are paper tigers! Qin Chao, you inherit my will, becoming the Devil God, in this world, you are the strongest!”

Finishing that, with a round of laughter, he turned into a black smoke and suddenly disappeared from this small world.

And the Arhat opposite of him, at once, loudly chanted the Buddha’s name, and then slowly disappeared.

Meanwhile, the Devil tattoos on Qin Chao’s body suddenly lit up. At the same time, he opened his eyes, one gleaming with golden light, the other flashed with black light, truly strange.

With a growl, under Wu Xin Luocha King’s stunned eyes, his palm was slowly being pushed, followed by a surge of vigorous mammoth force, and finally his giant hand that was pressing down was pushed over the side.

“What?” Wu Xin Luocha King was startled, ‘someone can actually shake my power?’

While he was still dumbfounded by this godly kung fu, Qin Chao has already stood up.

The black tattoo on his body, as if alive, swimming back and forth on his skin like a dragon. At the same time, a blast of black smoke wreathed around his body, unceasingly rotating on all sides of him. His arms completely turned into a pair of black beast claws, and two lights glittered on his palm, similar to his eyes.

Meanwhile, the golden light on Qin Chao’s body was getting more powerful, it was as if a golden armor draped over his body.

A small black bell floated above Qin Chao’s head, issuing crisp tinkling sounds.

At this moment, Qin Chao’s soul was under Luo De’s control, his eyes were glittering with ominous light, while his murderous aura was strong like a sharp sword.

“Thou merely a little ghost king, dare to be so rampant in front of this senior!”

“Qin Chao” coldly snorted. Although physically he is small, his imposing momentum was surprisingly large, giving Wu Xin Luocha King a feeling of dread.

‘How is this possible, he is just a little ghost, how could he give this king such a terrifying pressure!’

Cold sweat trickled down on Wu Xin Luocha King’s forehead, he suddenly glared with his eyes, forced himself to calm down, and then fiercely said.

“Putting on airs! Let this king devour you!”

With that, he spewed out green flames, grabbed it with his hand and swung it toward Qin Chao.

“Just an ordinary Yin Fire, how could it be compared to my blazing flame!” Qin Chao actually scoffed. He held out his hand, a forest of White Flame immediately appeared, which then spookily jumped down burning in his palm

“This is Nine Secret Yin Fire, the most destructive flame!” Qin Chao said. That forest of white flame suddenly became more vigorous, and along with his laughter, began to hop out like a dancing devil toward different places.