My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 135


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“You’re joking, right….” Qin Chao’s face was bitter. He felt that if he drinks this soup, he would directly jump from the Devil’s Path to the Ghost’s Path.

That soup that was placed before Qin Chao rumbled with air bubbles.

“Let me skip this okay….” Qin Chao was unable to muster his courage. He’d rather fight with Kerry Dracula once again.

“No!” Several girls said in unison, making Qin Chao shocked.

“Holy sh*t, how could they suddenly formed a united front….” Qin Chao was helpless under such tyrannical pressure and had to bow down. Therefore, he held the bowl and braced himself like a tragic hero who died in martyrdom.

He wished his Diamond Heart Sutra to temper not only his flesh and bones but also temper his inside….

Qin Chao said that one sentence in silence. The people’s eyes were full of anticipation as the bowl slowly approached his mouth.

Just as Qin Chao was about to eat the soup, the Butler A Fu suddenly walked into the dining room and said to Liao Shasha.

“Big Miss, the young master of Zhong Family, Zhong Liangguo is here.”

“People from Zhong Family is here?” Taking advantage of the situation, Qin Chao’s eyes shone bright, and he immediately put the bowl down. This was the first time he felt that this Zhong Family’s person was lovable.

Seeing Qin Chao took this opportunity to put his bowl down, Liao Shasha didn’t pressure him anymore. Her anger has turned elsewhere.

“Zhong Liangguo! What is that animal doing here!” Liao Shasha scolded, “In the daytime, he sent his men to kidnap me! Uncle Fu, let the bodyguards chase him away!”

“Wait a moment!” Yu Lu waved her hand, stopping Liao Shasha, “Uncle Fu, how many people are they?”

“Just two men.” The Butler truthfully replied.

“Good.” Yu Lu nodded her head, “Welcome the guests. Since the Zhong Family people came here as a guest, our Liao Family are naturally not going to refuse.”

Yu Lu showed her capable woman trait.

“Shasha, Qin Chao, let us go to the reception room to meet with them. Wu Xin and the others, you can stay here, let Uncle Fu serve you. If you guys need anything, just speak with Uncle Fu.”

Once Yu Lu turned serious, even Liao Shasha have to listen to her words.

Thus, Liao Shasha and Qin Chao, two people accompanied by the nanny went to the reception hall.

“My dear fiancée, it seems like you don’t welcome me very much.”

Pushing open the door to the reception hall, they saw a young man gracefully sat there. He was surrounded by bodyguards dressed in black suit. These were all Liao Family bodyguards. Their complexions were ugly, and few of them even put their hands on their waists.

The news of their big miss being the target of kidnapping attempt by the Bell group was already heard by them. Therefore, the atmosphere was somewhat thick. But that Zhong Liangguo sat there calmly as if he couldn’t feel the pressure while his hands opened a hardcover copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Behind him stood a -black clothed, face withered, body thin as a skeleton- man

From the man’s body, Qin Chao felt a familiar aura. This aura, was cold and ghostly, like a scent of a graveyard.

“King of Hell (Yanluo) Sect!” Qin Chao loudly exclaimed in his heart. His eyes immediately became murderous, staring at that Mr. Zeng.

Mr. Zeng was very vigilantly aware of this murderous look. He immediately turned around and met Qin Chao’s gaze.

The two people stare at each other, their murderous gaze collided, and both of them simultaneously shocked.

This person was stronger than Zhou Deqiang (The previous King of Hell people that he fought in the restaurant)! Qin Chao has some apprehension. This Zhong Liangguo actually able to find such an expert and came here with ill intent.

He locked his gaze on Mr. Zeng, and he tightly clenched his fists in secret.

“Pei!” Hearing Zhong Liangguo’s words, Liao Shasha pursed her lips, pinched her waist, restored her big Miss appearance, and said, “Check yourself in the mirror before you urinate in public. Who do you think you are? Who wants to be your fiancée!”

“Hehe….” Hearing that, Zhong Liangguo didn’t appear to be angry, but laughed, “Little Shasha’s temper is so cute. But this has been laid down by both of our family elders. Your grandfather has been death for so long. As his baby granddaughter, little Shasha, you wouldn’t want to upset him, right.”

“Don’t call me little Shasha!” Liao Shasha was like a cat that was stepped on its tail, jumped in place and loudly shouted at Zong Liangguo, “I have a name. You must call me Liao Shasha!”

“Hehe, you’re my fiancée and in the future will share a bed with me as my wife. Calling each other with intimacy is as it should be.”

Zhong Liangguo straightened the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose with an air of scholarly refinement and gracefully said.

“Pei! Who wants to share a bed with you!” Liao Shasha madly stamped her feet, “I’m telling you, Zhong Liangguo, stop dreaming! Even if I, Liao Shasha, have to follow a dog, I won’t follow a moronic beast like you!”

“Hehe, Shasha always like to say angry words.” Zhong Liangguo moved his eyes and looked at the man behind Liao Shasha, Qin Chao.

“Is this that so-called Shasha’s bodyguard? Seems a bit ordinary….”

Zhong Liangguo seems not to put Qin Chao to heart, turned his gaze to the hardcover book, and casually said, “Shasha, if you want a powerful bodyguard, I can recommend this Mr. Zeng to you. As for this unknown person, you need to be careful of his ulterior motive.”

“Pei!” Liao Shasha angrily said, “I think the person with an ulterior motive is none other than you!”

“Shasha, how can you say that.” Zhong Liangguo flatly said, “In any case, you are my fiancée, sooner or later you will be mine. I don’t need to have any ulterior motive.”

“Zhong Liangguo, don’t go too far. You are in Liao Family’s place now!” Yu Lu unable to bear anymore and snapped back.

“Seems like you are just an ordinary Nanny are you not?” Zhong Liangguo casually said, “Or have you fucked that old fellow Liao Dongkai?”

“Zhong Liangguo, don’t talk nonsense here!” Although she was furious, Yu Lu can still maintain her reason, “If you come here for a visit, we welcome you. But if you are looking for trouble, sorry, our Liao Family can’t accommodate a big young master like you, please get out.”

“These words should not be said by an outsider.” Zhong Liangguo’s mouth turned sharp. He also said those words slowly, inciting the wrath of the two beauties.

“This is….Mr. Zhong, right?” Qin Chao finally spoke and lit a cigarette and then started smoking.

This simple act of smoking actually intrigued Zhong Liangguo because Yu Lu and Liao Shasha unexpectedly did not deliver any protest. In his impression, the two women very much hate cigarette.

“I’m sorry, you have no qualification to talk to me.” But Zhong Liangguo was too conceited, lowered his head toward the book and no longer gave Qin Chao a look.

“Hehe….” Qin Chao suddenly beckoned with his hand and said to Yu Lu and Liao Shasha, “This is the topic between men, you girls can go out.”

“Qin Chao?” Yu Lu frowned and took a glance at Qin Chao. Although she found his complexion was normal, his look has a trace of apprehension in it.

“I’m not going, Qin Chao, why do you want to get rid of me!” Liao Shasha didn’t have Yu Lu’s perception. This young girl pouted her mouth and discontentedly said, “As far as I know, the master in this place is me!”

“Shasha, let us go.” Yu Lu stood up and pulled Liao Shasha out of the room.

“You guys can also go with them.” Qin Chao sat on the sofa opposite of Zhong Liangguo and beckoned at the surrounding bodyguards.

These bodyguards truly admired Qin Chao’s ability. Even if he had hit them, they would not take it to heart. At this time, in front of the outsider, they don’t want to lose his face. Otherwise, if he looks them for trouble, that would be their own fault.

Thus, with a wave from Qin Chao, these bodyguards, one by one, left the reception room. They even helped him close the door on their own initiative.

“Now, I have this qualification.” Qin Chao smoked his cigarette, narrowed his eyes, not watching Zhong Liangguo, but looked at Mr. Zeng behind him.

“You’re just a bodyguard of Liao Family, aren’t you a bit overestimating your identity here?” Zhong Liangguo sneered, then he suddenly pulled out a chequebook from his bosom, wrote several digit numbers on it, ripped it and gently put on the table. Then he pushed that cheque toward Qin Chao.

“As a bodyguard, I know what you’re looking for. Take this cheque. I want you to disappear from Dongchuan City. Although you have some strength, if you want to fight against my Zhong Family, you are still severely lacking.”

With that, he leaned back and started flipping through the book in his hand, “While I’m still in a good mood, better take that cheque quickly. I don’t wish to be sent out by an ice-cold corpse.”

“I’d love to see how I become a corpse.” Qin Chao was not impressed, still sitting in the same spot. He seemed to smoke casually, but his full attention was placed entirely on Mr. Zeng’s body.

The pressure that he received from this man was not inferior to that Kerry Dracula.

However, when he fought with Kerry, he hasn’t cultivated his Diamond Heart Sutra yet. If that fight happened now, his odds would increase several points.

“Young man, don’t be in a hurry to say such angry words.” Zhong Liangguo put an air of an elder and dismissively said, “If you look at the numbers, you will be tempted. Everyone has his price, and you are not an exception.”

“Indeed.” Qin Chao spat out a smoke ring, “I am indeed very greedy, and very much fond of money. Toward a man who can’t even afford to buy a house like me, you can’t imagine how I yearn for money.”

“I understand.” That Zhong Liangguo very proudly smiled, as if everything was already in his control, and continued, “Take this cheque, and you can find a place and live your life in leisure for your entire life. You only have two paths. One is to take the money and make yourself disappear. The second path is, I make you disappear. However, I have no other choice but to give this money to you. Fortunately, you are smart, since you will not have this option tomorrow.”

“Looks like I don’t choose the first path.” Qin Chao said, reached out his hand and suddenly flicked the cigarette butt away.

The cigarette drew a curved trajectory on the air and then firmly landed on top of that cheque, leaving behind a big black hole.

No matter how much zeroes are written on top of it, this cheque is voided.

“It seems like your life is coming to an end.” Zhong Liangguo coldly said. His eyes narrowed, revealing an ominous glint.

What would happen next?

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