My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 132



A sonorous sound of slap on the bandaged chin of brother Gang was heard. Although his face was swollen because of the slap, he didn’t say a word, still embedded in there like a piece of wood.

On the opposite of him, there was a proud young man in a white suit.

That man was good looking, an expensive gold rimmed glasses tucked at the top of his nose.

A smile hung on the corner of his lips, a cold and terrifying smile, which created fear from the bottom of a man’s heart.

This is the person in charge of the Bell Group, Zhong Liangguo.

Although brother Gang acted arrogant outside of here, in front of this elegant with a bookish look young man, he lost all of it.

Anyone familiar with this man knew that his innermost feelings were actually mean. Like a poisonous Scorpion, if he stung you, the toxicity will cost you your life.

Therefore, let alone a slap in the mouth, even if he stab him in the heart, brother Gang will not dare to fart.

“Do you know why I slap you?” Zhong Liangguo sat on a leather sofa, flipping through the pages of a hardcover copy of Sun Tzu, and asked without looking up.

“I failed to catch Liao Shasha….But also lost so many of my brothers….”

Brother Gang covered his face, so ashamed that he could not even lift his head.

“Wrong!” Zhong Liangguo sneered, turned a page, and said, “I hit you, not because you failed to catch Liao Shasha, but because before you even figured out the full background of that bodyguard, you hastily began your operation.”

He said, and suddenly clapped.

Brother Gang stood there, suddenly felt cold, like being inside of an icehouse, making his body trembled, and teeth shivered. After years criss crossing in the criminal world, he could tell that this was not a murderous aura, but more like a gloomy feeling when a ghost crawled up from the grave.

Brother Gang unconsciously turned around and found out, without knowing when, a man with the whole body wrapped in black clothes has appeared behind him. The man’s stature was skinny, at first glance, he looked like a skeleton.

Especially his eyes, which sunk so deep like a pair of black holes.

This man’s body is the embodiment of death, with one look brother Gang jumped in scare and almost fell to the ground.

“Who, who are you!” He jumped aside, subconsciously pulled out his gun, and pointed it at the black man, “Don’t harm our young master Zhong, otherwise, I’ll shoot you!”

With that, brother Gang moved a bit and stood in front of Zhong Liangguo.

The man extended his hand, and brother Gang immediately felt his whole body went icy cold, like lying inside an ice coffin. At this moment, a lot of negative emotions impacted his soul.

Sadness, distress, and depression. But also many bad memories, all crawled up into his mind.

Brother Gang, the man with blood cast in iron, suddenly screamed out loud, flopped to his knees on the ground, covered his face and burst into tears.

The pistol was thrown to the side by him and rolled under the table.

Seeing the crying appearance of his finest subordinate, not only Zhong Liangguo did not feel humiliated, he even felt somewhat excited.

“Indeed an expert from Yanluo sect, Mr. Zeng is truly skilled.”

Zhong Liangguo clapped his hands, “With the presence of Mr. Zeng, even if that so-called bodyguard is fierce, he would not be our matches.”

“Don’t forget.” That Mr. Zeng spoke. His sound was icy-cold, and a stomach-turning stench came out of his mouth. “We talk about the price first. As long as you pay, I will help you handle your matters.”

“Mr. Zeng is really a straight talking man.” Zhong Liangguo clapped again, a man in suit soon came out and handed him a cheque.

“Mr. Zeng, here is a cheque for half a million. If the matter is complete, there will be another half a million. However, I hope Mr. Zeng will fulfill your promise.”

“Rest assured.” After seeing the cheque, Mr. Zeng’s stiff voice eased a bit, “I am good at controlling the ghost. As long as my kids can enter into Liao Shasha’s body, this big Miss will naturally come under the mercy of young master Zhong. After controlling Liao Shasha, young master Zhong can control the entire Liao Family.”

“Good, then we’ll have a deal!” Zhong Liangguo gave him the cheque. With the cheque in hand, a small smile finally appeared on that stiff face.

“Pei!” Zhong Liangguo’s face was full of smile, but at heart he cursed, ‘What expert, isn’t he just the same as the other greedy at the sight of money men? No wonder they said money talks, I experience this myself.’


“Finally safe at home!” After fretting for half a day, Yu Lu finally managed to get Qin Chao two people back at home.

Not just Yu Lu, even Wu Xin and the other students who also waited at Liao Residence, seeing Qin Chao and Liao Shasha came back, they all sighed with relieved.

“Qin Chao, you’re okay!” Sitting in the hall Wu Xin, with red eyes, rushed over to hug Qin Chao and buried her head in his chest.

Feeling her two magnificent breasts pressing on his chest, Qin Chao’s lower part immediately reacted, which made him embarrassed. This big breasted girl will kill a man with this, no wonder people said it was a deadly weapon.

“Ahem, this, of course, I am okay….”

“Hey, hey!” The already woke up Liao Shasha immediately shouted with voice dripped in acid, “The one who was kidnapped is me, why would he be in any danger!”

“Humph, we will write this into Bell Group’s account!” The nearby Yu Lu coldly snorted. This sudden imposing aura from her made everyone secretly scared.

This Yu Lu is definitely not as simple as she looks! As he looked in her eyes, Qin Chao couldn’t help but think that he once had sex with this woman.

But soon, her facial expression changed. Like a gentle touch of a spring breeze, she softly said to them.

“Everyone is frightened, so, I will cook you soup for dinner.”

Everyone gasped, how could she changed so fast!

“Good, good!” Liao Shasha merrily jumped, “I like sister Lulu’s soup. Qin Chao, you can also show off your skill for everyone to see!”

“A big bad bodyguard like you can also cook?” Liu Yan and the others obviously did not believe this. After showing his power at the Amusement Park, these students fully admired Qin Chao’s strength.

Even Li Zhe’ang, as he looked at Qin Chao’s figure, his eyes filled with awe.

This man is God-Devil-like. He didn’t dare to provoke the opposite party anymore, for fear that when this fellow angry, with a simple slap, he would immediately be beaten to death.

“Of course, I have personally tasted the soup that he made!” Liao Shasha casually beckoned with her hands, “I drank in one gulp.”

Qin Chao was speechless. He couldn’t believe this girl, who he had busted his ass to save, just when she was safe and sound, immediately began to goad him.

“Believe it or not, I can send you back to those gang of criminals!” Qin Chao gave her a stern look, and angrily said, “People will later say that you are raped and killed! And then raped and killed again!”

“Humph! Why don’t you try it! Come on, try it!” The little girl strutted her chest out then aggressively took two steps forward. Her vision was still locked on Wu Xin. For quite a while, this cow girl still taking the chance to continue leaning on Qin Chao’s arms.

“Pei, with such a small chest and bad temper, how could those criminals have any interest in you.” Qin Chao quickly launched a counterattack, directly destroying Liao Shasha’s combat effectiveness.

“You, you!” She angrily stomped, “Go, go make the soup!”

“I will help prepare the soup.” Wu Xin finally lifted her head, blushed and said, “I can cook too.”

“Good….” Yu Lu didn’t reject this request, “Come along then. As for the other, you all can wait at the dining room. Uncle Fu!”

Yu Lu clapped her hands, a middle-aged man housekeeper immediately came and nodded at Yu Lu.

“Miss Yu.”

“Take these children to the dining room. We’ll make a dinner in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Miss Yu.” In Liao Residence, Yu Lu’s status is very high. Even the Housekeeper spoke to her with respect.

He immediately led the rest of the students to their luxurious dining room.

Yu Lu, Qin Chao, Wu Xin, and Liao Shasha, the four people came to Yu Lu’s special kitchenette.

“We are going to prepare the food, what are you doing here!?” Seeing this tag along little girl, Qin Chao can’t help but quip.

“I also want to make soup, why, are you telling me I can’t?” Liao Shasha brusquely rolled her eyes.

“Shasha want to learn how to cook?” Yu Lu was somewhat excited. Liao Shasha likes to play video games, especially the fighting games, which are the things that boys love to play.

But Liao Shasha was not too keen on girly things.

Hearing Liao Shasha now wanted to learn how to cook, Yu Lu was pleased.

“Em, looking at you all, I also want to learn.” Liao Shasha exclaimed.

“Yes, you should!” Yu Lu started to nag, “Us women need to learn how to cook. Now a lot of girls don’t know how to cook, this is not right. Wise people said, if a woman wants to enter a man’s heart, she needs to fill his stomach first….”

Although Liao Shasha seemed indifferent, her heart actually moved by this. She stole a glance at the nearby cutting the vegetable Qin Chao. ‘This guy appears to like sister Lulu, is it because sister Lulu’s cook is delicious?’

‘Humph, I Liao Shasha do not lack in anything! I have the look, the body….em, the brain!’

‘Cooking is not amounted to something, in big miss Liao’s hand, it is an easy thing to do! Humph, Qin Chao, you’d be surprised!’

After thinking about it, Liao Shasha immediately pulled out the ingredients, picked up a pot, and started to prepare a sumptuous banquet of refined soup!

“Hey, hey, hey! The gas flame can’t be so little, it will explode!” Looking at the carried away with excitement Liao Shasha, Qin Chao immediately widened his eyes and shouted.

But it was too late, with a bang sound, the gas flame surged upward. The purple cooking pot was thrown upward by the flame and was about to hit Liao Shasha’s head.

Luckily, Qin Chao was quite nimble. He reached out his hands and steadied that purple cooking pot, firmly grasping it in his hands.

“Shoot! Qin Chao pointed at the burnt out black spot on the wall and scared the stunned Liao Shasha, “Do you want to cook soup, or to explode this place!”

“Shasha, are you alright?” Although Yu Lu felt bad about the kitchen, she was more concerned with Liao Shasha.

“I, I am alright….” Looking straight ahead, Liao Shasha said with a dull voice.

“Shasha, this is how to use the stove….” With patience, Wu Xin came over, and step by step taught Liao Shasha how to properly set the gas.

“Wow, awesome! Let me try it!” Liao Shasha immediately inspired to approach the stove and play the gas by turning it left and right. Everyone was scared silly, thinking, ‘Shoot, if this continue, there will be a bigger explosion, and nobody will be left standing.’

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