My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 119


“So, this is the amusement park!”

Dongchuan City, outside a large amusement park. Standing on the left of Qin Chao was Liao Shasha, on his right, Yu Lu. The three people were in a line waiting for the tickets.

Qin Chao was still in a black trench coat. Fortunately, Su Fei bought him a lot of this set. Although he was distressed for the broken one, at least, there are still another one that he can change into.

This black trench coat, as if tailored for him, when it put on his body, it was very appropriate. His wild aura was accentuated with a touch of cold.

On his ear, there’s an earpiece. This is to facilitate Liao Shasha, in all circumstances, to easily contact him. Prior to that, they have calculated the area of the amusement park. As long as they are all in the amusement park, there will always be a radio signal.

Today Liao Shasha was also gorgeously dressed, wearing a purple princess dress, with bubble skirt. Her legs wore black pantyhose while her feet pedalled on small leather boots. The little girl was not actually sexy, but upon Yu Lu’s suggestion, this outfit completely displayed her cute and loveliness.

As for Yu Lu, she wore a long beige trench coat, which hung on her fully developed thigh. Her lower body was dressed in dark jeans, which wrapped her very sexy thigh. Looking at these legs, Qin Chao would always swallow his saliva, remembering their night of passion where those thighs clamped on him.

But after that night, he never enjoyed such treatment.

Although Yu Lu’s heart can be hot as fire, her surface was always gentle like cold water, which can extinguish that fire.

“It looks very interesting….” Standing just outside the amusement park, Liao Shasha upturned her white neck, looking at the giant Ferris wheel, with eyes shining with luster.

But soon, she quickly saw the long line of people queueing to enter, and can’t help but pursed her red lips.

“Why the line is so long….”

It’s normal for Liao Shasha to complain this new experience. For her entire 17 years, this was her first trip to the amusement park. Since the last time where Qin Chao took away Liao Shasha from the encirclement of 300 people, while at the same time, knocking down more than 50 people and killing two people, no one dares to provoke Liao Shasha, as Qin Chao always stayed beside her.

So, going to school everyday become a routine and quite affair. This made Liao Shasha started to have other thoughts. One of the Korean TV serials that she likes to watch has its leading actor and actress in the amusement park. So, she dragged Qin Chao and Yu Lu to play in the amusement park in the weekend.

Thus, this is her first trip. But Liao Shasha has neglected one issue. The amusement park in the TV serial was very amusing, but in reality, they need to get in line to buy the tickets.

In particular, this was the weekend, where many people especially come to the amusement park. Looking at the long line of people, Liao Shasha complained in her heart that the one child policy came too late.

“Be patient.” Qin Chao said with a smile, “Now is the weekend, so everybody come out to play.”

“Really hateful.” Liao Shasha kept on complaining, “If I knew this ahead of time, I would have sent some people to buy us the ticket.”

“Shasha.” Seeing Liao Shasha’s agitated appearance, Yu Lu lovingly asked, “Should we go back tomorrow where few people will come?”

“Excellent!” Liao Shasha, hearing this, immediately jumped up, “We’ll just skip classes tomorrow!”

“No way!” These two words of Qin Chao immediately overruled this idea, “Lulu, you can’t just spoil her. If she wants to play, then she must earnestly wait in line to buy the ticket.”

“Bad guy!” Liao Shasha suddenly grabbed Qin Chao’s arm, wriggled her body forward, “Help me, I don’t want to queue.”

As Qin Chao was about to speak, the line in front of them suddenly bustled up. They saw a few boys suddenly thrust themselves into the front line, skipping the queue to directly buy the ticket.

“Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing!”

“Get in line! Don’t you know how to queue!”

“My, how could there be such shameless people like these!”

The people at the back immediately scolded, but the boys at the front quickly put up a face as they roared ominously.

“Fuck, this father is cutting the line, so what?”

Looking at these boys aggressive postures, the people in the back swallowed back their scolding words.

“How could they do this kind of thing.” Yu Lu shook her head and said, “Really lacking in manners.”

“Fuck, who’s the damned person that just scolded me?” The leader of these boys heard this, and immediately came over in a threatening manner, “Damn, confess, or I’ll beat the living shit out of you!”

Seeing this boy, Qin Chao smiled.

“Our tickets have arrived.” He said to Yu Lu and Liao Shasha, and then proceeded to take a step forward.

“Isn’t this Li Zhe’ang, young master Li? You came to play in the amusement park too?”

“Fuck, you….” Li Zhe’ang was swearing, he was in a bad mood today. Initially, he had asked Wu Xin on a date but was rejected. Without any other choice, he had to ask half of his classmates including Wu Xin’s friend to go out on a “school activity” so that Wu Xin can also come over.

His perfect date plan has now become a collective activity.

So what if he jumps in front of the queue, how could he Li Zhe’ang stood in a queue! Moreover, these people actually dare to scold him, a perfect reason to vent his anger.

He sneered again and again, but, who knew, when he looked up and saw the man, his legs immediately went soft and nearly fell to the ground.

“Qin, Qin, Qin Chao?”

“This is fate, young master Li.” Like meeting an old acquaintance, Qin Chao immediately went up to Li Zhe’ang and gave him a big hug. Qin Chao was quite enthusiastic, making Li Zhe’ang felt that he was caught in a pincer, the oxygen in his lung were squeezed out, and almost directly suffocated him.

“Cough….cough….” When Qin Chao loosened him, Li Zhe’ang held his red face and coughed.

The few boys behind him did not dare to come. They also witnessed the previous battle in front of the school between Qin Chao and 300 gangsters. The people who dare to provoke this man are the people who want to court death!

“Young master Li, aren’t we supposed to have a fight?” Qin Chao, with arms crossed, sneered, looking at the coughing Li Zhe’ang before him and said, “Do you remember, a few days ago in the cafeteria, you took a stool and hit me in the head?”

“It was a mistake, a mistake….” Li Zhe’ang’s mind tightened. He even forgot his cough and hastily said, “It was me Li Zhe’ang who doesn’t have eyes. You are a great man. Please let me off.”

“See, see what you just said?” Qin Chao said twice, lit up a cigarette, and leisurely smoked, “This matter, I have a vivid memory of it. Young master Li’s words that day, I still remember it clearly. I distinctly remember that you said you are going to wait for me.”

“Big brother, big brother you look!” Li Zhe’ang’s heart was like being grabbed by a cat, and quickly said, “I was wrong, I apologize to you. Please don’t take it to heart, big brother.”

“This matter, I’ll let it slide this time.” Qin Chao gave him a faint smile look, “I have to accompany the ladies to queue to buy the tickets first, and I have no time to deal with you. When I finish….”

“Big brother, why do you have to get in line?” Li Zhe’ang said, and quickly took a step forward and put three packages of cards into Qin Chao’s hand, “Today’s my treat. Big brother can just play, just play.”

“How could this be? This is embarrassing.” Qin Chao shook his head and acted as if he was about to give back the cards.

“No, if big brother gives it back to me, I’ll hit my own face!” Li Zhe’ang said as he held out his hand and violently slapped his face twice, “Big brother, you see, if you don’t accept this cards, it’s the same as hitting my face.”

“Ai, young master Li is too polite. I won’t refuse anymore then, goodbye.” Qin Chao then smilingly took the three tickets and walked toward the amusement park with the two beautiful women.

Li Zhe’ang breathed a sigh of relieved, looked toward Qin Chao’s walking direction, his eyes flashed a through a malicious light. ‘Qin Chao, today you gave me the humiliation. One day, I want to get it back ten fold!’ He thought.

“Hey, just now, we’re like robbing the rich to give to the poor!” This was the first time Liao Shasha saw the repugnant Li Zhe’ang in a difficult situation. Thus, she was somewhat excited and pulled Qin Chao’s arm to say.

“What robbing the rich to give to the poor!” Yu Lu, who also saw the previous scene from the side, can’t bear but roll her eyes, “It’s obviously taking private interest under the guise of working for the public!”

“You can’t say that.” Qin Chao touched his nose and said with a smile, “In any case, he bought this ticket by jumping in front of the queue. If we don’t take this small advantage, it would be too easy for him.”

“Your talking is too rude!” Yu Lu seemed to think about something, blushed.

“Hey, it’s obvious that you’re the one who have impure thought!” Qin Chao seemed to know what she was thinking about.

“You’re the one who’s impure! I, I don’t think about anything!”

“Sister Yu Lu, what are you thinking about? Why is your face red?”

“I….I’m not talking to the two of you.”

The three people noisily walked into the amusement park. At the entrance where they were checked for their tickets, they were given three paper tape, one for each of them to tie it on their arms.

“Don’t let it broken. If it’s broken, you can’t play.” The man who gave them the paper warned. This paper tape expresses the status of the card holder, so as to avoid people who don’t want to play but want to resell their card to other tourists.

“Huh? Then why it’s made of paper!” Liao Shasha asked. She was a bit worried, “If we play to intense, the paper will easily break!”

“Don’t worry!” Qin Chao was more experienced; When he was in college, he and Yang Shanshan have gone to the amusement park for the first time, “This tape is strong, you may not necessarily able to tear it with your hand.”

He suddenly remembered the memory of a long time ago. When he and Yang Shanshan went to the amusement park together for the first time, they were also given paper tapes on their hands. Both of them played cautiously until they were about to leave the park. When he tried to remove the tape, he found that the tape was so strong, and he can’t pull it away.

“Hei!” Just as he was relieving his memory, Liao Shasha suddenly opened her mouth and bit that paper tape hard. The paper was actually torn by this bite.

“Look, it’s broken.” Liao Shasha, seeing the look of consternation from Yu Lu and Qin Chao, suddenly pursed her mouth and said in resentment, “Huhuhu, it’s broken….”

“Comrade….sorry to trouble you, but could you give her another one….” Qin Chao was a bit embarrassed to ask for another paper tape to the admin man.

The admin was sweating profusely and quickly came up and tied another one to Liao Shasha’s arm.

“Em… don’t bite it again….”

“M, I’ll try my hardest.”

The three people were greatly embarrassed. Holly molly, what’s with this ‘try my hardest.’