Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 87


“Ou Yang Miao Miao, you have gone much too far, you have gone much too far, you have gone much too far…” There are about 500 words of ‘you have gone much too far’.

After Cla.s.smate Ling Li spoke, take a beer bottle and drink it until filled the stomach, and then slammed down the beer bottle, with force of fierce, the table being shook surprisingly three times. “You have gone faster one step than everyone forget it, after all you dare to go faster two steps, you say, do you want to die, are you wanted to die!!!”

Xu Ying comes as the peace marker, “Please calm down, don’t frighten Miao Miao, now she is pregnant woman!!”

“Miao Miao, how’s it feel being pregnant woman?” Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang are curiously, their face is getting closer toward me while asking.

I stroking my lower abdomen, “It just over a month, there is no much feeling, when smells something fishy, especially fish I want to vomit, vomit and vomit until I feel dizzy!”

When we had been having a reunion again, actually after back from honeymoon, wanted to distribute the souvenirs, but who knew it turned out to be announcement banquet, telling them that I going to be mother soon.

Kang Yu because I am pregnant, today he went to company for applying short-term international flight, so that he will have more time to accompany and taking care of me, if he cannot accompany me, Yan Yan would be the my guard, but now she is eating hastily at beside.

Liu Li Jie is stroking her chin, her spectacles is flashing, “w.a.n.g Ye’s arrow, really awesome!”

My face is beet red, humph once.

“So what do you want to eat, spicy or sour?” Zong Li Jun asked.

“The way you asked are too old-fashioned, this won’t work!” Fan Jun said, “I heard from my mom, when the pregnant woman is getting more beautiful, it is girl, an opposite it is boy!”

It seems, all of them are more excited to know whether the baby is boy or girl.

“What did Kang Yu say?” Sun Ling is helping me to fill bowl of Mushroom Soup, put it down in front of me, “Drink the soup, now you need to take care the nutrient.”

I nodded, “He said it is okay to have either baby boy or baby girl, as long as it is his ‘seed’!”

Other than Sun Li who spitting out beer, others are spitting out soup.

“He has said the important part!” Finally Liao Jia Ying explained.

“But I heard that Dong Bei people are weighted boys than girls moreover it is severe important!” Fan Jiao reminded me.

“This matter I do feel little bit worry, but this kind of matter, it is something that I could not do, the expert had said, giving birth to baby boy or girl, it is man problem, there is not our problems as women.”

He gave me what kind of ‘seed’, I will born that kind of, I am only a piece of land!

“There is nothing to be worried for, all of you aren’t witness how my brother in law looked alike when he knew big sister pregnant, simply to say he is exactly same alike hen, kukukukuku around big sister!” it is so obvious Yan Yan has done eating, she is starting to join the conversation.

“En! Can be imagined!” Sun Li looked at me with envious expression, “Miao Miao, do you know that you really have dog s.h.i.t luck, after all you able to catch this type good quality man!”

Good quality man?

“Do you know what kind of standard that set for most of today’s men? It is driving sport car, sharing a house, good fighter. Able to wash the diapers, brushing the old wall, knowing to repair computer, moving the refrigerator. Resist temptation, good at flattering father and mother in law (wife’s parent), being loyal to wife, stick with wife no matter when going out or at home, very obviously Kang Yu is this type of man!”

I got cold sweat….

Xiao Shuang has questioned, “So what is good woman standard?”

Sun Lin gulping her beer, “Got on hall, good cook, able to kill Trojan, flip over the wall, dare to fight the mistress, acting alike scoundrel.”

For once again I got cold sweat, it seems my strength only become good cook.

Ling Li seems to be shocked by me, after she drunk, she sighed, “It has been few years since I graduated from school, I rent house, the toilet seat has never been lifted in toilet…”

Ugh… This words sound so sad.

I cannot bear so I said, “It is you who has high requirement!” it is not alike no one pursuing her, since the university until today, at least there were few groups men, but none of them able to catch her interest, what to do.

People said, human life is alike sitting in one big bus, there must be bus stop that belong to you, while the left over men and women are those who missed out the bus stop. Some are excuse sitting inside the bus is more comfortable, not willing to get down, some are excuse does not know which bus stop, while those who are decided not to get married is the bus driver, every day sees people get in and get down, has been already so boring.

Suddenly she is shamelessly said, “I also want to get married, I also want!”

Others than she and Yan Yan, all of them have already had boyfriends, seeing her hatred expression, all are not dare to say anything to shock her.