Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 8


I am type of person who live alike clock, every morning at six o’clock I should go for pee, after school ended, I need to go to toilet. I can’t hold myself when I need to pee.

November 1990 Shanghai was extremely cold, the weather was extremely cold and the frequency of pee were increasing more often which really torturing, I thought to hurry fleeing home to settle it, but I could not make it, both of my legs were so tightly closed, afraid if I loosen it, I could not hold back.

Things would not work, really not able, would be hard to endure, the only thing was to ignore the public health matters, at sudden I took a big stride forward, rushed into those tall weeds, while panic looking surrounded whether there were people or not in near, when ensure there was no one, immediately took off the skirt.

Just squatting when about pee-ing, there was someone shadow unexpectedly appeared.

I did not dare to go until deep inside the weeds, afraid there would be insects or worms, mouse or others animal so that I just choose edge side of the place, there just little weed to cover, so never expected there would be someone walked over and happen to look at me.

Once able to see clearly, I crumbled, face turned pale.

Instantaneous hold in the pee, pulled the pant, shocked for moment and run thousand miles.

The urine was warm, the weather was cold, and then sudden white smoke curl upwards.

After pee feeling was so comfortable, especially during the winter, after comfortable feeling there would chills feeling, I did experienced chills but my chills was double.

Because that person was not stranger, he was Kang Yu.

I realized and caught his blank stared, I so sure that he saw it, he saw it really and very clear.

At that moment, I really wanted to suicide, My brain tried to search and find whatever the reason in order to convince him that I was not doing pee pee, but instead I was doing something related to public health, for example was irrigating the farmland&h.e.l.lip;..

At last, I had very strong thought —–why world not directly doom.

Of course, earth would not perish just because I intended.

I was totally screwed.

“Ugh&h.e.l.lip; Do you also want to have pee for moment&h.e.l.lip;”