Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 78


July, my marriage and Kang Yu, there still four months to go, our new house is done with the renovation, the guests list and also the venue are done, it just left to confirm for last time the travel agency for the honeymoon traveling. The hotel and the menu list also done, all the matters regarding the tables and also the banquet areas just finding a time to settle it while having the photo shoots.

At the last is… my wedding gown what must I wear during the wedding day?

For the fatty, this is really super big matters.

“Miao Miao, have you choose, how about this model?” Xiao Fan asked me.

Every during July, I am going out with my fellow sisters to Su Zhou – Shanghai these two places to choose the wedding gown.

This time we are visiting the 56th store of wedding gown store.

In front of the eyes, there are many models and also colors of wedding gowns but no matter which model I tried, all just not suitable, the trends for the wedding gown currently is the models without sleeves and showing the cleavage, I liked it but it really not suitable for me.

“You can’t wear the one without sleeves, how about this model, but it is little bit old fashioned!” Xiao Shuang also chose one for me to take a look.

“How about this one, it is the high waist babydoll model!” Da Shuang was at the other side of me.

All of them looked more excited compare to me, I just felt headache.

“Tired! Drink the tea!” now every times I see the white wedding gown I would have this word.

“Miao Miao, no rush, there still four months to go, still have time!” Xu Ying is comforting me.

I nodded my head, there are group of people came to following me out from the wedding gown store, I wanted to have rest in tea shop.

When I was in tea shop, suddenly Sun Ling spotted one store that specializing in Chinese costume, she was calling me to look at it so that I just came to have look, actually on the first I really felt not interested but when I saw at the window that displayed Chinese Gown shirt, my eyes shining brightly.

So beautiful!

“Woah! Is it similar to Ju Zi Hong Le / Ripening Orange that drama costumes!” Cong Li Jun said.

“Similar, but this one is more traditional, it even has very fine embroidery!”

A group of women are discussing about the costume from the outside the gla.s.s windows.

Inside the store there is aunty that saw us, the group of women seems to be interested with the costume so she quickly came to greet us.

I really couldn’t restrain myself to get inside the store.

We are following at her back and asking her many questions, once the aunty knew that I am the new bride immediately greet me, “Wearing wedding gown isn’t must now days, the formal gown also will do too as long as when wearing it looks beautiful. My store has designer with forty years experiences in making Chinese costumes, all the embroidery is handmade, the pattern is st.i.tch one by one, absolutely the machine production can’t be compare with our handmade, Miss, if you like it you can give a try!”

I moved.

Why must wearing wedding gown, as the Chinese we must wear Feng Guan Xia Pei* when married.
凤Feng 冠 Guan 霞 Xia 帔 Pei :something alike hat/tiara that wear by the Chinese bride in the ancient time.

“Miao Miao, you wear this one look beautiful!”

They are starting to encourage me.

“This one, since you are afraid to show skin, this is completely wrapped, won’t show your white skin and your rounded pearl figure, this must be suitable!”


“This is the Qing dynasty costume!”

Ling Li you are really understands my mind ah!

The aunty answered: “Yes, this is the clothing that used during the Qing dynasty, we are also sells the same hairpin which also Qing Dynasty and also others accessories, it is definitely looked prestigious.”

I was so excited until my hands shaking.

“How much it cost?” both of my eyes were gleaming brightly when asking.

“This must see what pattern you choose, the material, the cutting; if it is not too complicated or having special requirement the estimate cost will be about 21800, it will take 90 days for making it! We are also having home visit service!”

My eyes which is gleaming brightly suddenly dims without any light.

Too TMD expensive, this is robbery ah!

Now my hand was trembling and also my legs, I trembled and walking backward to the door, but my eyes just could not stop to see the costumes hanging on the displayed, we are also taking the business card from the shop.

I go home!

I go home, my house with Kang Yu.

Whatever since the renovation for the new house is done, the furniture is completed, my mom thought the real marriage is started so rather than I still staying at home doing nothing better packaging all my belonging and kicked me out.

So that finally I started to live together with Kang Yu.

When night comes, I prepared the dinner, I set the plate and chopsticks, don’t underestimate me, although I am not skillful, but once I have decided to focus on doing something, I really learn it well, include joining the cooking cla.s.s and learn how to cook isn’t giving me difficulties.

Seven sharp, Kang Yu at home, summer in Shanghai, the weather still hot even at night, he is wearing suit and his Pilot uniform, once he entered the room he sighed “Really comfortable!”

Of course it comfortable, the indoor temperature is about 26 degree very appropriate for body temperature of course it nice and cool.

“You back!” I really looked alike virtuous wife that takes his pilot uniform and also his working bag, put all the stuffs on the corner.

Kang Yu kisses my cheek, “En, I will wash my hands first!”

He takes off his suit and hanging it on the hanger, he walking to the kitchen and then I sit down with him and we are having dinner together.

“Miao Miao, your sweet sour pork are really good more you cooked it more better it is.” He is looked hungry.

“You eat slower no one will fight with you!”

To be honest how it does not taste good since I know he likes to eat, I have practice for many times.

I am not useless person!

“Miao Miao, hurry eat, later there will be people coming here!” Kang Yu added stir fry vegetable while talking to me.

“Will be people coming? Who?” I don’t know.

My mind still flowing with that gown but it is too expensive, he and I have spent lot of money for our marriage, most of the money is spent his, I really feel embarra.s.sing if I still spent and burdensome him.

Kang Yu eats two bowl of rice, he really has great appet.i.te, moreover when he eats his favorite dishes, at least he must eat two bowls of rice.

“Later you will find out!” Kang Yu is continuing eating and added the sweet sour pork.

“Well, should I cook another few dishes?” now is dinner time, since there will be guest coming here, naturally must invite them to eat.

“No need, they are not coming for eating!” his second bowl has already clean, not even singles rice left.

After having dinner, I hurry to clean up the dining table, wanting to wash the plates, Kang Yu said, “Let me wash it, you go to make tea!”

“Oh!” I answered him, since there would be guest coming, not having dinner at least must give them drink.

After I done with making tea, put it in table, I took melon seed from the snack shelf, served it in plate and Kang Yu phone is ringing.

“Miao Miao, are you really married to me, are you sure? Not regret?”

“I am sure, no regret! I will marry to you, who afraid who.”

“Not lie?”

“Absolutely no, who lies, then that person is b.a.s.t.a.r.d turtle!”

I feel my head has three black lines, every times I hear this ringtone feel not good but he does not want to listen to me, the development of technology actually not really good, why must he set this as his mobile phone ringtone.