Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 72


Kang Yu’s mom comes quickly heading to my side, she grabbed my hand and patted it, “See this girl grows round alike pearl, really beautiful ah!” after said, she turned her back and shout loud to Aunty Zhang, “you say she is!”

Aunty Zhang coming closer, she looks at me, “She is, really grows to be someone prosperous!”

Again I got choke by my saliva.

Am I get time traveling or not!

The entrance in activity hall suddenly crowded, maybe because Aunty Zhang loud voice that attracting people to come, all people are looking at me.

“Isn’t she Shanghainese girl, how can she looks not same!”

“I see she is more alike our Dong Bei’s girl!”

“How can you know?” someone asked.

“Only looking at her body posture, you see her b.u.t.t!”


What with my b.u.t.t, I nervous!

“She absolutely can born son!”

I cough, choking with saliva.

Aunties, I really not believe if there is no Dong Bei’s girl who don’t have thin b.u.t.t, Ling Li is thin only covered by skin, moreover, inside my university most of the fellow students, normally those who come from Dong Bei are having tall posture, one by one is growing so alluring.

What kind of people they are.

“Why are you coughing? The Southern girl has weak body!” one of the aunty said.

I really shocked by them, one by one of them are looking me as if I am animal in zoo, I got shock until coughing.

“Don’t fright her, my Kang Yu takes very long time and difficult in order to wooing her, don’t scare and make her running away!”

Still coughing, keeps on coughing!

“Yu Er, hurry, bring daughter in law to home, I go to buy vegetable cook dumpling for you guys!”

“Mom, have said, no need to be busy, when the luggage put at home, we go to restaurant to have meal!” Kang Yu stopped his mom and also holding my hand, taking our heavy bags.

When arrived at home, this is really my first time come to his house.

The house not big, two rooms one living room, but the decoration really interesting and appealing, Kang Yu seems afraid I feel hot, he hurries turned on the air conditioner, not long after that he pour drink for me, cut fruit.

Suddenly I feel touched the Northern people are so pa.s.sionate.

I sit down in sofa, not that nervous as before, I remember I haven’t gave my greeting.

At the moment don’t know how to call his mother.

I tug Kang Yu, “What should I call your mom?”

Kang Yu eyes rolled, “How I call my mom?”

I rolled my eyes to him, “Mom ah!”

After said, Kang Yu calls loud, “Mom, Miao Miao calls you!”

His mother just finished serving the fruit, excitedly looked at me, “Heh? I… I don’t hear ah!”

“Miao Miao, say one more time!” Kang Yu urged me.

I dumbfounded, I haven’t married with him.

“Soon or later you must call, now is the time to practice for familiarize it.” Kang Yu whispered to me.

My face red, while looking with huge expectation for the future mother in law, shyly called, “Mom!”

“Aiya!” His mom is so happily answered me, “Good girl, hurry, eat the fruit, eat fruit!”


Kang Yu brings me and his mom to one of the famous restaurant to have meal, the restaurant has ManChu* characteristics, but the Menu quite surprising me. 满 Man 族 Zu :The Man tribe (also the minority ethnic in China) or part of Manchuria, the region now is referred to as Northeast China.

What Nu Er Ha Chi Golden Meat*, what Qian Long Spinach Tofu*, what Ci Xi Little head*, somewhat I feel this is not cuisine names but more alike eating people!

努 Nu 尔 Er 哈 Ha 赤 Chi :Nu Er Ha Chi (Nurhaci) is the first Khan, founder of Manchu (Jin dynasty) 乾 Qian 隆 Long : Emperor Qian Long is the sixth Qing emperor in China 慈 Ci 禧 Xi : Empress Dowager Ci Xi the Manchu Yehenara clan, was a Chinese empress dowager and regent who effectively controlled the Chinese government in the late Qing dynasty for 47 years from 1861 until her death in 1908

Kang Yu ordered few sticky and paste dishes, he said most of the Manchurian likes to eat, also ordered something named Dian Mao Zi (sticky mouse) which is wild red basil leaf steam bun and also steam bean paste bun.

At last he also ordered soup that named—-The best soup in the world.

I really curious what kind of soup that even named as the best soup in the world.

When the soup is served, I dumbstruck.

It is carrot and radish soup!

I coughed again.