Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 7


After finished with lunch, on the noon cla.s.s, we had sport as the first subject. I hurried to change my clothes.

During that time the sport trousers, girls hate it, because it difficult to wear, while the color was blue ash feeling so rustic. While both side of the trousers had snow white color border, no matter how to match it with other clothes, it still terrible, so that most of the girl were wearing the trouser during sport cla.s.s and change after cla.s.s ended.

When arrived at the sport field, all student were queue, and then count off themselves, the sport committee member should check the outfit before teacher coming, those who were not wearing trousers or sport shoes should leave the line and punished standing at beside.

After finished checking, teacher has arrived.

The teacher seeing me and smiled, I perplexed.

After that, he said to the entire student, “Today they were two students, both of them really made me so happy, to one surprise they were taking advantage during lunch break, practicing 400m running distance, while the speed of running really fast so that I decided next week to let them joining the region compet.i.tion, so they could compete for our school honour.”

I was trembling, when the teacher brought out about two persons, afraid he meant Kang Yu and me.

Then the teacher added, “later on in the future all of you should learn from these two students, the sciences1] subject should learn well, while exercising also important, don’t just study death book, strong body is more important.

There was student asked, “Who are those people that teacher mean?”

I unable to bear my step backward, murmured inside my heart, please not me, please not me.

“They are Ou Yang Miao Miao and Kang Yu, today both of them during lunch break were sweating lots while running at sport field, practicing running, seeing them teacher really moved, also felt so gratified.” Ai Xin Jue Luo, this surname if being mentioned would really long, it really shocking surname so most of teacher usually called him Kang Yu.

My heart was bursting into tears.

“Starting tomorrow afternoon, both of you will practicing during lunch break, I will carefully train both of you.” Teacher was looking at us, as if he has found long life goal, struggle, fist and tears.

I felt hard to reject, unable to extricate oneself from a difficult situation2], so I just cursed on Kang Yu for hundred and thousand times.

I also could not say because of kicking his leg, so I run.

I did really have hard time to say.

I also not see Kang Yu rejecting, or just barely hard to reject, I could see he really likes sport, every time after having lunch he would went to play football with others male cla.s.s mates, after all playing football still need to run, anyway for him there nothing to lose.

But I was different, after finished eating, I still want to have nap.

Because of this, I completely dome, inside my heart I cursed Kang Yu for countless times.

My life…. how could it turn so grief….

Because of this matter, it affected my mood for such long time, for the rest, I took deep breath and feeling alike to smash my head to table, making dead body posture, and then upright the book, as the shield in front of head, as for whatever teacher said, none of it entered into my ears.

It wasn’t easy for me endured till school ended, I was faster than anyone when tidy up my stuffs, just before I went out, I saw Kang Yu slowly-leisurely tidy up his stuffs, his expression was so happy, when looking at his eyes, it felt p.r.i.c.king eyes.

The devil inside heart crawls out.

My eyes burst evil looked, waiting until he back to my back, I would kick him severely.

He squishing sound, he has been already lying in the desk near the window.

Witnessing this, I quickly made my moves, I run as fast as I could, even I didn’t care my habit to go to toilet before went home, or when my fellow sisters were asking me to go home together, I did not answered them, I just run so fast alike wind to the front gate of school, after pa.s.sing for while, I dared to laugh hardly.

Vent my anger, I did vent my anger.

I made fist, malevolent!

I felt my mood increased much, I extremely happy walked heading to my home.

All Shanghai Junior High School are divided according to the region and which area you are resident in according to your household registration, so there will be your school where you will study in, so that everyone does not need to go so far from their house to school, walking to school is so common for students in here, of course there are also some who against the law of discipline, who haven’t reached 14 years old but riding bicycle to school.

Well, actually I considered as those who against and violate the discipline, but today I was not riding my bicycle because it was sent to workshop.

My resident permit is registered under my mother household, but the place where I live in and the resident area according to my resident permit are different, but not far. It so good that it only common outside boundary, that turned out to be separated by the line of abandoned railroad, now it known as Shanghai people Ya An prefecture of West Shaanxi highway——Hong Xu advanced of rainbow street.

During Junior High, both sides of the abandoned railway was green fields, the weeds were overgrown, the gra.s.s were taller than people height, every time when I was walking here, I able to pull the gra.s.s alike dog’s tail, humming and flinging it on my way went home, I always be in high spirit that time and also I like to walk in railroad surface line.

Today just same as usual…. But, played and played, I felt the urgency to pee.

1] 数 Shu理 Li 化 hua : abbr for math, physics and chemistry or science subjects.

2] 骑 Qi 虎 hu 难 nan 下 xia: who rides a tiger afraid to dismount (idiom)