Husband is Great Black Belly Chapter 66


“Sis, mom have cooked pig liver soup, she wants you to drink it while hot!”
“Where’s mom, why she let you to serve it for me?”
On Friday, I often to spend my weekend at home, this is the advantage study in local school, I can go home as often as I want.
“She went to Garden with father, go there to used the fitness equipment.”
“Oh!” I took the soup bowl from Yan Yan, “What a big bowl of soup, it will make me so full!” both of my nose’s hole are sticking with cotton, I could not smell anything, drink it without any interested.
“Who asked you to have nosebleed, a like Yellow River! Dad and Mom are scared to death because of you! And me too!” Yan Yan patting her chest, it is so obviously they are really feared with my nosebleed.
I put down the soup bowl in my computer desk, scratching my head, “Suffer from excessive internal heat.”
Yan Yan rolled her eyes, peek on me who is watching Detective Conan, asked, “What episode is it?”
“287th episode, Kudo acts in New York (The speculative chapter)!” the last chapter was Kudo acts in New York (Incident chapter)!
“Stills better for me to wait and watch it next week when this chapter comes out! Everything of j.a.panese is an evil, the anime only comes out once chapter per week!”
For this, I do also feel irritating, “That’s true! It is too tormenting!”
“Well, next week you gather all the three chapters to disk, I will bring it to school and watch at there!”
I nodded, Yan Yan although she not successfully entered Fu Dan, or others university but she still entered three-year college (professional training). She entered East China Normal University majority in managerial administrative. This year she graduated.
“Oh yeah, tomorrow is the reunion for the junior high school cla.s.smates, will you join or not, if not I must inform Xiao Fan first!”
I drank the soup, patting my hand, “No problems, the fellow friends reunions, cannot be short of me!”
Three years have pa.s.sed so fast, all the fellow sisters are already go to own favorite university, Xu Ying went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Da Shuang went to Shanghai Hai Dong Hua University, Xiao Fan went to Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, although Liu Li Jun only graduated from senior high but she also entering to vocational school with Xiao Shuang. Both of them admitted to good school too.
“En, you take your rest, don’t watch any anime, careful with your nosebleed!”
My little sister recently likes to nag.
“I know, you hurry go to busy yourself!” now she is busy to write resume, find a job.
Yan Yan just walked away, my phone is ringing.
It is a message.
I took up my cute Mitsubishi mobile phone, during this time, the phone still in green screen and there is no MMS, ring tones, even colors. This mobile phone was my present from Dad when I entered university, it cost 1980 Yuan. While Yan Yan is decided to have Nokia 3210 – the one with legendary arcade game.
I pressed the b.u.t.ton to check actually I don’t really need to look at it because I knew it was Kang Yu.
Now it is nine o’clock evening in Shanghai, while German must be three thirty afternoon, but if there is winter the difference of time must be about 7 hours.
It written: Miao Miao, now I have time, video call!
Video call!
I am shivering because my appearance now is similar with ghost due to my nose bleeding and swollen face, how can I see him! No! No! Absolutely cannot!
I faster replied him, “The web cam is broken, still in repair! QQ !”
I shut realplay, I log in into QQ, waiting for Kang Yu but he suddenly calling my phone directly.
I hurried pick his phone call, “Yu!”
Because of the science and technology improvement, addressing someone is simpler, so this is also one of the ways to show intimacy.
“Why your voice sounded heavy, catch cold?” He really have sharp ears, I just called him with one word, but perhaps because my nose is stuffed with cotton so that my voice sound little bit heavy.
I not dare to tell about my nose bleeding, because now is still… bleeding.
“I… catch cold little bit!” I answered him.
“It is serious? Have you eats medicine? Drink more water!” series of cautions heard from the phone.
“It is not serious, I had medicine also water!” I hurried answered him, or else he would be more chatty.
“En! This much better, don’t neglect to have meal and sleep because watching anime, you do not really have strong body…”
He is starting to nagging, I hurried to cut his words, “You, when will you back?”
“8 July, I will be arrived at Shanghai 8.15, Pu Dong airport, Shanghai—-the terminal number, German LTU airlines 3846!”
“Wait, speak slowly, let me take my pen and note it.” I Said too detailed.
“Noted what, before I go to plane, I will message you, you dare not to pick me up, humph!”
I not dare ah! I look forward, “Should I tell Uncle Shen?”
“I have told him, I will ask him to pick you up, afraid you muddleheaded and cannot find the terminal!”
He really understands me, I live until today, how many times I have went to airport, it was three years ago and after that I never went there anymore, when time comes, I afraid I really cannot find the terminal.
I still on phone while marking my calendar date, make circle in 8 July with red pen, counting the days, still more than one month to go.
Really tormenting!
“Yu, this time you come back, not go anywhere again, right?” we have separated for three years, just in case to experience again, I thought I really cannot endure it.
“Once I come back, I will start to flight, still go for internship three years, get the license and I will apply to stay and post in shanghai, rest a.s.sured, you must obediently waiting for me!”
I really feel happy to death, “En en! Of course I have obediently waiting for you.”
I could hear Kang Yu laughing voice through the phone, within three years, his voice has sounded mature and masculine, he really has s.e.xy voice it makes my heart little bit itchy.
I can’t help myself to say, “Yu, I miss you!”
After said, I really feel wanted to cry, I tried to control myself!
Kang Yu silent for while.
I feel little bit stress because his silence, then I heard Yan Yan’s voice calling me.
“Sis said to brother in law that I also need privacy, my computer is my private tool, it is not public-shared!”
I stunned, stood up, I rushed into Yan Yan’s room.
Her computer displayed Kang Yu’s handsome face.
I thud a moment, quickly I covered my nose because the camera is right in front of me.
Suddenly voice comes out from the computer’s speaker, “What happen to your nose!”
Get caught!